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11 November 2003, 10:55 PM
Pulled from Maya, so it doesn't die.

I'm gonna add a "Rosetta Stone" section to the docs to allow users comming from other apps to find stuff quickly.

Here's a translation of the constraints you mentioned:

Point = MoveTo
Aim = Target
Orient = Align
Parent = DynamicParent or Align[Linear|Tri|Quad][Abs|Rel] or MoveTo+Align or motlib.FakeParent

These are all functions that can be used in an expression. There currently is no menu item or the like to add constraints as in Maya, but there are advantages to the way we have it set up. By using them in expressions you can explicitly set their order of evaluation. Also because everything that can affect an object's motion is in one of two places (either in the Setup->Effects list or Command->Expression list) you don't have to go digging through several levels of dialogs or graphs to see what is affecting what.

I'll give you another one: Set Driven Keys:

PercentStep( PercentRange( input, inMin, inMax ), outMin, outMax)


motlib.Remap( input, inMin, inMax, outMin, outMax )

again these would be entered into an expression (or script) and attached to an object's channel or used as input for another function.

To use the proverbial example of bicep's scale being driven by the rotation of a forearm:

Bicep scale: 1.0 -> 1.5
Arm rot: 0.0 -> 3.14 ( ouch, that would hurt )

the expression would be:

motlib.Remap( [Arm : pitch], 0.0, pi, 1.0, 1.5 )

this expression would then be tied to the Bicep's scale.

Ron Griswold

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