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09 September 2011, 12:55 AM
Hi to all

I wanted to make a 1-2 minutes presentation of a architectural place (trade center).
some of shots are below and i need some help to know how to direct my camera movement and make some creative shots .

i just want to show one floor and the main idea is to encourage tradesfolks to come and participate in presell process .
so we need some awesome presentation of this place .
if you didnt realize the place from Images , just tell me some principles of directing in these projects or give me some linkes that may help .

i remember a very cool dialogue in movie MONSTERS VS ALIENS : I may not have a brain, gentlemen, but I have an idea

please share your Ideas with me even your not sure about them .

09 September 2011, 05:45 AM
It's hard to make vendors feel what you're trying to convey with a simple fly-through, especially the venue in the footage won't be populated or dressed like how it will look during the convention, with all the booths, people, and overall excitement. If you can do that, then it'll be a lot more effective.

But if not, you'll have to rely on aesthetically pleasing lighting, and a sense of immersion during the fly-through. Perhaps a fly-through isn't the best idea if you want immersion--maybe a walk-through instead.

As for lighting, you should just look at online references of existing convention centers/halls and look at how they light their venues. Don't just light it arbitrarily based on some aesthetic notion, since different venues serve different purposes. For example, you wouldn't light a romantic restaurant the way you'd light a children's daycare center, or a hospital the same way you'd like a 5-star hotel. Think about the purpose of the venue and what kind of emotional/psychological effect you want the people walking around it to feel.

09 September 2011, 01:00 PM
thanks for your time .
modeling and texturing and light and rendering are in progress and my reference about light and render is a trade center in spain (images below) .

my main issue is on camera movement strategy and i think this section belong to directing .
for example what`s the best technique to focus on elevators or how we can show that there is a huge shopping center and so on .

I want to make some sense like ALEX ROMAN Presentations . working on different levels : close ups and focus on details , medium and long shots .

09 September 2011, 05:01 AM
I find it would be best to do the fly-through/walk-through similar to the way a human being would experience the venue--just walking around, looking at everything, as opposed to impossible angles, heights, and speeds (but going through walls is probably ok). It's more or less a psychological thing, where fly-through tend to feel more technical instead of a more intimate "you are there" kind of vibe.

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09 September 2011, 05:01 AM
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