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08 August 2011, 10:17 PM
Hi Folks!

Iím working on a 3D cat in Maya 8.0 and it has been giving me trouble. Iím using Maya Fur and rendering with Maya Software. The fur is lit with two spot lights and shaded with auto-shading, although I do NOT have raytracing nor depth map shadows checked. The problem Iím having is that when I render out an animation, some of the fur appears to be semi-transparent because I can see the shape of the catís foreleg geometry under the coat of fur. Iím pretty sure I made the fur dense enough and thick enough, so that shouldnít be the problem. Itís also opaque, so I canít figure out why it looks transparent. The actual model even has the same texture as the base and tip colors on the fur.

Any thoughts? I wondered if it was a lighting or rendering issue, but Iíve searched Google, and canít find an answer. Maybe I was using the wrong keywords. I thought maybe using MentalRay would help, but it comes out worse than Maya Software because I donít know what Iím doing with that and canít find the right settings to improve the grainy look.

If you have any tips to offer, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is a Maya Software render of the animated cat: I guess because of the resolution, the transparent fur is difficult to see, but it's there if you look close.


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08 August 2011, 10:17 PM
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