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08 August 2011, 06:15 PM
I usually feel really unconfortable when I have to ask such thing, but I have to rig a worm and an apple (done in Lightwave) for a simple 30 seconds' animation for a school project. I tried several times with LW, but it is obviously not the best app for rigging/animation. Can someone help me please? I could supply the files (lwo, obj, whatever).

08 August 2011, 06:24 PM

08 August 2011, 07:09 PM
Some of us manage rigging in there just fine...

But you'll probs get more help here...

08 August 2011, 06:09 PM
Ok, I understood the principle of "boning"; now as for the animation, which lasts about 1 minute.
In the first scene, the worm must creep inbetween the grass of a forest for some 10 seconds (I've made a sequence of 20 frames for its stride, which must loop, naturally), lamenting he's hungry (I've made some facial morphs, but I cannot find anymore the morph mixer in LW10!); should I repeat the creeping animation's frames for 10 seconds, or what?

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08 August 2011, 06:09 PM
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