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  1. assign shortcut in script
  2. how to make things difficult
  3. How do you find the max/min of an selection?
  4. 'refreshing' point cache after changing cache file via script
  5. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 003: "Foot Prints"
  6. Return all objects with morph modif. as array
  7. generate ui on rollout open ?
  8. Store function in scene
  9. keep UVW-Map Gizmo-Position on Origin
  10. Splines unstable?
  11. select every other edge
  12. How to place objects randomly along a spline?
  13. ScriptButton to Parameter Collector?
  14. Script for the "Rigging the Legs and Feet" tutorial in max 7
  15. Problem with maxscript selection
  16. Approaches to storing character rig info in an object?
  17. Scripting/Modelling: Intersection of 2 edges
  18. help on treeview activex control
  19. Type error: dependsOn needs a MaxWrapper
  20. Open files in a folder. Opens next as you close one
  21. Replacing Bitmaps with Similar Filenames
  22. Getting object elements out as seperate objects
  23. choosing frames from a avi file
  24. Help: Arrays and DeleteModifier
  25. How to change default name on object creation?
  26. req: Change the 3 icons Pivot in Main Toolbar
  27. Editable_poly preserve UVs?
  28. SoulburnScripts Updated July 1st 2005
  29. 3d crowd
  30. Flash in floater
  31. how to assign id to selected poly face?
  32. Create Own meshsmooth modifer - faaster
  33. Add to toolbar
  34. Loop Select Script for the EDIT MESH
  35. Voice Keys!
  36. level 1 scripted plugin
  37. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 004: "Zipper Up"
  38. max shutsdown when undo context is used
  39. Init rollouts problem
  40. Luminance
  41. BaoAutoChamfer a script to smooth edges using threshold angle
  42. 'rotate pivot only' for dummy(rdg)
  43. a couple of quick animation maxscript Q's
  44. prob with loop assigned controllers instancing
  45. Help me Please !!!
  46. Accessing Maxscript utility properties from C++
  47. Move biped keys
  48. Get Bitmap Info
  49. Viewport Control Like Luxology's Modo
  50. Render effect update prob
  51. How to greate a Multi/Sub-object
  52. Maxscript Exporter Problem
  53. Command-Line rendering Problem.
  54. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 005: "Lightning Bolts"
  55. VOTE!: CgTalk Maxscript Challenges 001-004
  56. Scripted Controler Help
  57. Object Slicing
  58. Correlative position help
  59. How to display selected poly's id in the Lower left corner
  60. Accessing render time
  61. Help: ActiveX
  62. Render effect label problem
  63. bunch of high poly modelers trying to use our little brains.
  64. bounding box
  65. How does it open another script by help button?
  66. Callbacks : stopping process
  67. Is there a way to access Bip FIGURE MODE?
  68. a program flow issue...
  69. A few camera related questions...
  70. $cameraName.near/farCameraClippingPlane
  71. BVH Importer ?
  72. moving objects in a secified area
  73. Anyway of checking if it's an instance or reference?.
  74. Position_Constraint offset value
  75. listview event handling confusion
  76. selecting veticies based upon an array
  77. comparing two arrays
  78. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 006: "Object Photo Album"
  79. scripting vertex animation not easy
  80. Returning used and unused smoothing groups.
  81. Free Automated Hand Rig for max
  82. Ring and loop?
  83. stop render
  84. AppData / ParamBlocks / Things
  85. Answering Max dialog that pops up
  86. Trying to access Hair FX Script commands
  87. Setting a rotation in parent coords on Biped bone ?
  88. Dropdown list items from textfile
  89. saving array down to disk
  90. Flame Spawner
  91. Menu operation
  92. Object's coordinates exporter / Help
  93. Object's coordinates data exporter / help
  94. How to turn on and turn off selected lights?
  95. texture bake before render using callbacks
  96. Cricket Fans everywhere
  97. Track view display access
  98. objectsets and single objects
  99. Remove all vertex light in scene...
  100. Subobject:4 Select by Angle problem
  101. Script Controller Recursion/Storing Value
  102. QuickMat 0.1
  103. I need help with a script and I have no experience in scripting
  104. buttons that effects a slider
  105. This has to be possible! (need an expert)
  106. Grouping parameters
  107. Storing co-ordinates of vertices of a spline
  108. Fitting cylinder to vertex selection
  109. Custom "noise" controller
  110. v10 engine scripting
  111. Script that repeat itself every frame of a render
  112. Macro_BakeTextures.mcr
  113. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 007: "Laser wars"
  114. Unique id for splines
  115. Orientation for Boids when Flocking
  116. Modifier adjustment
  117. hide unhide rollout
  118. Scrubbing
  119. Animation Script Help
  120. Newbie Question 1: From Max's "How to" tuts
  121. Is this doable
  123. CustomAttribute Script Error (HELP)
  124. fbx weirdness!
  125. Storyboard manager
  126. Generating Custom Geometry...
  127. Selecting all unhidden objects (except a few)
  128. How to render RenderElements with Script !?
  129. Get vertex normal from Editable Poly
  130. Showing Example Code
  131. selecting faces [editable mesh] that lie within a radius of a given surface point
  132. Custom Plugin-Modifier
  133. Save on Render Finish
  134. getting the amount of UVW channels
  135. Grid float format
  136. how to see the render time via max script?
  137. creating a script like this
  138. Transforming a vertex selection?
  139. Problem with skin and bones
  140. shifting rotation from parent to childbone
  141. Duplicate with different seed
  142. Returning ray intersection...
  143. Object in camera cone ?
  144. Splines script
  145. edit_poly modifier woes
  146. vertex selection in skinmorph mod
  147. random select script?
  148. how do you rotate an object about its local z axis with maxscript?
  149. SoulburnScripts Updated Aug 8th 2005
  150. Parameter Wiring Syntax
  151. Bones size
  152. how do I create a Custom Attribute slider?
  153. finding the average midpoint of different vectors?
  154. my copy/paste poses in skinmorph tool
  155. problems with merging objects with duplicate materials
  156. Start new shape
  157. Move to surface
  158. Getting the multiple normals of each vertex
  159. New Script:
  160. Any script to automate render for different max files ?
  161. make unique
  162. Simple questions regarding materials
  163. milliseconds to ticks
  164. Create face from parallel lines
  165. Create face from parallel lines
  166. Flocking alignment to surface
  167. Texts from the Listener output pane to other files
  168. grabbing part of a name
  169. Don't Affect Children
  170. Evaluate too much!
  171. Saveing 16bit tiff
  172. Picking a vertex: Cannot find a solution:
  173. Mouse Clicks Catch?
  174. How to find the angle betwen two lines
  175. Edit Poly modifier - insert vertex?
  176. How to add text in a inside a multiline string
  177. unwrapUI mode
  178. Trigonometry basics!!
  179. nurb point surface
  180. How to access the Normal Align tool???
  181. Flipping Faces in Editable Poly Objects
  182. Calculate vertex 2d position?
  183. Changing Rollout Colour
  184. making morpher keys via maxscript
  185. ActiveX hittest?
  186. Improved Outliner for Max
  187. Centering objects on single axis?
  188. Net Render jobs
  189. SubAnim RCMenu? How?
  190. [MATH][WIP] accelaration along path
  191. Delauney triangulation
  192. couple of new tools
  193. Box2 of selected object screenspace?
  194. newb script controller question
  195. Exporting vertex data to a file
  196. Import Banking
  197. Wish for a script
  198. Custom Attributes Export via Max SDK
  199. destroyDialog & callback
  200. How to access vertex illumination
  201. Spline to tube script
  202. I want a script like this, please read in...
  203. Help with Maxscript
  204. Could any one write a script: to create a sponge
  205. Bitmap alpha
  206. viewport guide lines
  207. Magpie to drive Pen-Attribute bone setup?
  208. wheel animation
  209. mesh edge cleaner
  210. List of open dialogs/floaters
  211. reading "on" or "off" in a text file
  212. getting number of quads and tris
  213. maxscipt command for choosing objects meshes as morph targets.
  214. Accessing the default sound
  215. max and SQL ?
  216. Comparing Arrays
  217. Color changer?
  218. Question about the vertex paint modifier
  219. Playback
  220. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 008: "BACK TO BASICS: Bitmap to Planes"
  221. Does this exist ? is it even possiable ?
  222. link object to vertex script problem
  223. Removing redundant materials
  224. advanced max script editor
  225. Snap 2D,2.5,3D to quad menu
  226. raytrace information?
  227. Object Oriented programming in maxScript
  228. Problem with MSXML Activex
  229. Maxscript for Paint Deform button
  230. Open Material/Map Browser & Navigator?
  231. Replacing an object while retaining hiearchy?
  232. ResetScale
  233. How 3dsmax use back-face culling ?
  234. Script for relative effect
  235. File methods
  236. Interpolating between two quat values
  237. Modified Jostick Manipulator
  238. Disabling scene redraw
  239. Very wierd bug
  240. Cut with Rotation Viewport
  241. Modifiers
  242. Free Script : Lipsync for Morph/Bone based Facial Setups
  243. Dynamic Time range for max 7?
  244. disabling undo crash
  245. Setting focus on a UI element on rollout open
  246. Floating Window Scripts
  247. Is there a key frame clean script for Max?
  248. Morph Targets from External files?
  249. is defraction scripting possible?
  250. Changing Shadow type