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  1. getSaveFileName and saveAsVersion problem.
  2. How to select objects from materials ID?
  3. Translate C# to maxscript of StandardInput.BaseStream, Encoding.UTF8
  4. Executing Python scripts from the command line
  5. how do you refer to "this object" (script controller)
  6. Matrix3 to matrix 4x4
  7. --Type error: Call needs function or class, got : undefined -- please help
  8. Select group cameras?
  9. global custom attribute definition id already exists
  10. Need help finishing / debugging script
  11. Create .bat file
  12. About 3dMax export Skeleton
  13. material import script - sample slot
  14. [MAXScript] An Odd Error - Code Works But Not When Used In A Function
  15. Sample Animation Track
  16. Loading HWInfo dll problem...
  17. Hit test on helper
  18. Writing long text file - slow :(
  19. Pivot transfer between objects
  20. Change default Mouse Wheel behavior
  21. Retopology from the UV mesh
  22. Parameter change label
  23. viewImage() - Doesn't Function Via Script
  24. not sure if possible
  25. Align To Quad part2
  26. Get interpolation points from spline
  27. Relax
  28. Refering to Listbox Items as button
  29. Randon element ID - not same ID for the neighbours
  30. Rollout from Struct - Access buttons/fields
  31. Calling ComboBox functions remotely
  32. Type error: Call needs function or class, got undefined
  33. #callback code - Help
  34. Master Point Controller Keys with Unwrap UVW modifier
  35. render via script brings different output (pay for help)
  36. Problem with maxscript containers
  37. At some computers it's working, at some doesn't!
  38. Cycle Layers and Keyframes
  39. Load Animation with a Spinner
  40. select object with missing bitmaps
  41. select object with missing bitmaps
  42. How to make button response when rendering?
  43. accesing modyfiers after collapsation
  44. Read information about rotation of bones
  45. [SDK] Add keys to controllers
  46. DayLightSystem
  47. vray mat reflection subdivs based on glossiness
  48. Xrefs within group as an xref
  49. help with dynamic rollout duplication
  50. Two skinOps.ReplaceVertexWeights in a row ?
  51. Executing maxscript ans python via Sublime
  52. UVW_XYZ_Wrp
  53. Script to change multisub ID to specific MatID?
  54. Get COM object in mxs and dotnet
  55. Distance Conditional in a For Loop (Lights On/Off)
  56. Change mouse cursor outside from a dotnet listview
  57. Can select camera via script in this way?
  58. Save file copy as
  59. Turning on off multiplier curve/ease curve
  60. Break and Weld UV's on 100k tris meshes
  61. Please Help
  62. bakeBiped script - Make 2013 compatible?
  63. how to trigger action after given time amount ?
  64. Using a Variable for selections
  65. Xform matrix from vectors like lookat?
  66. mzp moving file to wrong $temp
  67. unwrap load
  68. Camera zoom extents... again
  69. Initialize material as bitmap-texture from image-file
  70. Reorder an object array
  71. closing duplicate .net windows
  72. How do you get empty Container nodes
  73. My first script - need advice on improving it...
  74. Make preview script - speed issues
  75. Stuck creating a box?!@#! it so basic...
  76. break uvs along uv seams without unwrap ?
  77. [SDK] [c#] Iterating on a DLL using Visual Studio ('unload'/'reload' Assemblies)
  78. Middle Middle Middle
  79. Help improving a script
  80. getting started with .NET (c#) in MAX
  81. Diffuse material, inconsistent behavior?
  82. Keep Apart Objects
  83. Closing Import Dialog Box's
  84. Clone nodes between two points relative to spline
  85. Saving tool defaults across sessions
  86. How to Install Encrypted Script?
  87. Drag and Drop Material/Texture from dotnet listview to Materialeditor
  88. get selected mtl from Slate Material Editor
  89. Integer displayed with fix digits amount
  90. Deleting rollouts on modifier with CA
  91. Speedup remove duplicate item from listview
  92. Please, Help me fix this script error MEDIT OUT OF RANGE
  93. Looking for a few beta testers to try my exporter...
  94. Adjust vert normals between two meshes
  95. Project Settings problem
  96. rotate values seem to add together
  97. MAXScript Editor,Why not show Calltip?
  98. MaxScript Object name
  99. [SDK] [C++] modifier that changes topology
  100. How to call color selector directly without colorpicker
  101. How to call color selector dialog automatically
  102. Findout if trackview has focus
  103. Get the node from inside a custom modifier code?
  104. Property inspection?
  105. position controller for objects in array?
  106. Point_cache
  107. How To Work With maxObjectTab?
  108. Math op
  109. How can I calculate this?
  110. Align Pivot to Z minimum?
  111. count animation key on selected objects
  112. Align Pivot to Minimum Z?
  113. Custom Quad menu for specific class
  114. make 3ds max models Interactive
  115. A few questions for the masters...
  116. HELP measure in percent closeness to predefined pose
  117. Broken dockable toolbars
  118. What kind of plugin to add an additional rollout to materials, etc?
  119. [HELP] - Random Height/Width/Seed?
  120. group to dummy
  121. unwrap uvw not applying to multiple selection
  122. trackBar filter, need help
  123. Open Material Library in Material/Map browser
  124. How could I access the skin parameter of the Loft
  125. Connect dummy with a spline based on distance...
  126. Language Question
  127. In-Viewport Trajectory Handles (sneak preview)
  128. Challenge: Looping through Nested nested Xref scenes
  129. copy/paste base
  130. filter string for version number
  131. Recursive functions to find property
  132. Could c++ rewrite the loft compoud object?
  133. fileName without Path
  134. Execute maxscript safely from external program
  135. batch convert to previous max version ?
  136. Help with maxscript UI selection
  137. How to get the current object from inside a C++ Max SDK modifer?
  138. Function to merge meshes
  139. [help] how to move vertices incremently with mouse
  140. Get Max font?
  141. Face Vert Coloring to Vertex Vert Coloring
  142. euler xyz, quat, and matrix3
  143. Include() and encryption
  144. 3dsMax 2013 64-bit project (Unicode conversion): LNK2001 and LNK2019 errors...
  145. Stuck on simple array append
  146. Select or hide all groups?
  147. paste edit poly modifier not working in maxscript?
  148. Super simple, how to create splines from selection (in array)?
  149. PFlow - Create and Apply Materials on the fly
  150. Updating scripts from network on startup
  151. Why use"Copy as RTF",Program No response?
  152. Retargeting script controller targets post-merge
  153. .NET SDK unique instance/form
  154. Speed Space Follow
  155. Problem baking IK with maxscript
  156. Layermanager problem
  157. loadMaterialLibrary for max file
  158. Help with old Maxscript in Max 3DS 2014
  159. Is there a way to create or delete an object?
  160. set Vertexcolors fast (in a big poly/mesh)
  161. Please help me with script
  162. Loading Material to Material Slot from Library
  163. collision position script controller help
  164. Script Controller Owner
  165. convert normlized vector to rotation matrix
  166. Help with Aligning all objects Pivots
  167. select edge under cursor
  168. sp5 bug in SKinOps
  169. Dynamic Parenting and Animatable Pivot Scripts
  170. Issue with maxscript thinking $ is a symbolic path
  171. Recast IViewExp to IViewExp13in C#
  172. More noob questions:
  173. selecting flipped faces
  174. Import Name Conflict
  175. display selection in dotnet listview when it's out of focus?
  176. Tooltips causing windows to be sent behind 3ds Max window
  177. Groups to mesh
  178. [sdk][C#] ExportToFile options?
  179. [SDK] Object translation / rotation frustration
  180. Spinner Needs More Decimal Places?
  181. passing multiple arguments to dotNet fns without breaking mxs syntax
  182. ProTrajectoryHandles released!
  183. C++/Plugin problem
  184. maxunzip woes
  185. copy mirror options keeping the scale
  186. Replace bitmap with vrayHDRI node slate editor?
  187. 3ds max 2013(win32) SDK download link
  188. Countdown timer to fn?
  189. #preSystemShutdown grief
  190. take given item from array
  191. Loading *.ui via script
  192. Script Controller coordsys
  193. I need help with a simple thing, I guess
  194. Loading *.mpl
  195. Export explicit normals
  196. Non-blocking viewport/object transformations
  197. compare filepaths to pattern
  198. DotNet Image
  199. snapshotAsMesh
  200. I need help with one last thing
  201. search greatest number
  202. Levenshtein distance (mxs version)
  203. coords in gradien ramp map
  204. [C#] a .dll with persistent settings?
  205. [C# SDK] Get Properties through api
  206. API for Slate Material Editor (C++/C#)
  207. dotNetObject "maxCustomControls.win32HandleWrapper" missing in Max 2015?
  208. State Sets Composite View
  209. Set the size of icons in dotnet Treeview
  210. Universal GET HASH
  211. Resizing a bitmap
  212. Exporting using .net
  213. Dynamically adding/removing rollout parameters?
  214. Another Mini Script Challenge
  215. map channel to edit normals : need speed
  216. "unresolved external symbol" when using/referencing MNMesh
  217. Get control over gui elements by dynamic rollout counts
  218. Maxscript Editor Minimes everytime i evaluate
  219. uvw convert to edit poly selection
  220. Inertia expression?
  221. getinstance for external files?
  222. Render issue,max bug or vray bug?help!
  223. Get/set hair selection via maxscript
  224. [BIPED] Change the Biped Height
  225. - free distributed rendering of 3ds max scenes over the world
  226. place a point3 on the line between 2 pos values
  227. place a point3 on the line between 2 pos values
  228. intersectray with a BBox of a group
  229. Creation of Custom Attribute Problem
  230. Curve control for IK squash-stretch shape?
  231. close_enough confusion
  232. Artifacts on white areas of image button
  233. Using imgtag in a rollout creator
  234. Refreshing bitmaps from disk
  235. [BIPED] Align Biped Fingers to bones from FBX
  236. Dialogbar UI not accessable
  237. Render all state sets
  238. vechicle Rigger
  239. string compare and convert to integer
  240. Syntax error at ) expecte while -explanation?
  241. break multiple splines
  242. fatal error RC1015
  243. "pretranslate" for a point3 value?
  244. setProperty in renderelement?
  245. loop inside loop?
  246. readvalue from getAppDate don't work by some types
  247. rotate so Z axis is along vector
  248. Morpher Extract Button
  249. Unable to convert: [0,-150,0] to type: Quaternion : Help please
  250. how much screen(view) take object in %