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  1. Deleting every other keyframe of camera data
  2. change Objects Up - Axis to Y instead of Z
  3. how to add a custom-attribute for mtl editor?
  4. MaxScript Remember Values
  5. Rotate camera with spinner error
  6. intersectRay issues
  7. NodeEventCallback issues
  8. Problems going from GI to FG
  9. unwrap_UVW.setVertexPosition - Problem
  10. initialRolloupState in plugins
  11. create a line between centers of two spheres?
  12. XForm wrapped to "Sub-Element Pivot Rotation Modifier"
  13. rollout dialog not showing
  14. Random selection between 3 or more set numbers
  15. Camera matrix?
  16. cube array
  17. Bone Tools - Create End, Script?!
  18. Double Clicking...
  19. I want to determine two pieces of information about a scene...
  20. unicode symbols in maxscript
  21. Change render using MAXScript
  22. Max script controller lagging in viewport
  23. activate deactivate using checkbox
  24. Shade Unselected Toggle
  25. how to: GPU rendering via MAXScript
  26. Align button to right side in a dialog
  27. triangulate spline
  28. Undefined Variable
  29. Snap Key to Frames script?
  30. Deforming point along its normal
  31. create custom Button
  32. Vray 2 MAXScript
  33. Is it possible to make custom parameter panel?
  34. polyop.movevert with softselection gives different results than when moving by hand
  35. birth script with particleShape issue
  36. Is is possible to program a button (physical) to activate a command in 3ds max?
  37. suggestion for a open source project.
  38. Dotnet: Updating a UI control from a different thread
  39. Macro problem?
  40. Maxscript Help - External Txt file Selection Set
  41. How to open .chm file to specific page?
  42. need help making a plugin...please
  43. Vertex, indices numbering
  44. VErtex, indices numbering
  45. FK to IK...calculating the IK twist?
  46. Treeview Checked node Selection in dotnet
  47. Problem with registry methods
  48. Need help with Logo Animation :)
  49. Convex Hull Script
  50. How <bitmap>.hasAlpha works?
  51. Eventhandlers in an xtraTreelist
  52. problem whith this line "paramWire.connect c1.pos.controller[#X_Position] c2.controll
  53. write info to a txt file
  54. MAXScript slider question
  55. dropdownlist - how to grow
  56. BUG with lights in MR animation
  57. Finding the objects that has a instanced modifier
  58. Attaching a Rollout to another Rollout
  59. Swatches - Adobe Kuler .ase Importer script
  60. Locking % keys to Spline features...
  61. scanned twice in a loop :/
  62. Enabled checkbox from another rollout but state doesnt change
  63. dropdown not updating
  64. dropdownlist please help with this :D
  65. Callback #ModPanelSubObjectLevelChanged Not Working
  66. DotNet Treenode.tag Property?
  67. MAXscript connect attribute error
  68. deleting a category
  69. object position = mouseclick?
  70. Rotation Issues
  71. Custom file extension in Maxscript
  72. Merge Bones
  73. n00b having troubles selecting just what he wants...
  74. Grr... m.diffusemap = myBitmap
  75. Dividing a Mesh into a grid
  76. selected keyrange lenght?
  77. adjust the "viewport clipping" with maxscript
  78. how to find the closest knot in a shape to a point3 value?
  79. How to align a Helper to a Poly sub-object selection? Scripting needed?
  80. Custom Shader
  81. Hair Fur stat files
  82. cropped Error Message
  83. User Defined Properties: Find/Replace Editor
  84. UIAccessor and the Command Panel
  85. change fov with modifier
  86. startup script keeps opening toolbars
  87. Passing External Variables to Background Worker
  88. Help with Layer Manager!
  89. Script works fine on 2011 not on 2009
  90. Wait for backgroundworker
  91. focus on active viewport
  92. Find direction of modifier's gizmo axis
  93. openBitmap undefined
  94. GlobalIllumEnable property
  95. How do you load max files from a maxscript?
  96. Suppressing "Overwrite file?" dialog..
  97. Unable to convert: undefined to type: Integer
  98. visual maxscript editor
  99. C# for Scripters?!
  100. 'Collapse To' All Geometry
  101. How to verify hierarchy?
  102. Normalized Hermite Curve Interpolation
  103. Save / Load Animation ?!
  104. Undo bug in max 2011?
  105. noob question about simulations through scripting
  106. MAXScript Reference Incomplete!!!
  107. Scene flagged as dirty
  108. subroll expand event
  109. referencing maxObjectTab data in script controllers
  110. Splitting a bone
  111. Checkbox in DotNet Datagrid
  112. Detecting nodes with motion?
  113. On Select - Go to Previous Modifier-Subobject?
  114. Sorting dates
  115. pixel width of text in UI
  116. PostModifierAdded Bug?
  117. GetMaterial from face
  118. Max file parameter
  119. Any meshsmooth/turbosmooth type scripts with "in between" iterations?
  120. Problem with CAT
  121. backgroundImageFileName and active viewport
  122. Changing value of WPF property
  123. problem running script from command line
  124. 3d Max Maxscript Essentials Book question
  125. Tooltip from HWND of a button?
  126. Error Importing DLL to Maxscript
  127. Help with callbacks and dotnet treeview control.
  128. accessing all maps in specific or one channel
  129. Tutorials on Script Controller
  130. Accesing and moving vertices in editable poly
  131. Maxscript 101 - Free Online Training
  132. Is humour allowed here?
  133. Max - open file thumbnail!!
  134. Beginner question - retrieving rotation data
  135. custattributes+listbox
  136. Hinge poly face from specific edge?
  137. Image Viewer with Gamma Adjustment?
  138. Custom viewport HUD
  139. escape characters in file paths
  140. Find and replace Asset Paths recursively in a given folder.
  141. Interface updates while busy
  142. call own fn (function) from input text file
  143. Growing Particle System?
  144. unwrap uvw modifier - callbacks on move/rotate/scale?
  145. Dontnet .update() dosent work in win7
  146. 1.qnan
  147. How I can do for loop in reverse by x number?
  148. transform matrix / in coordsys / at time Question
  149. writing and executing .py files from maxscript
  150. Default max TCB visualization in custom script
  151. maxscript - Weld vertex selection to the last selected vertex
  152. "Merge Transforms" with XrefObjects
  153. Grid Slicer help
  154. Removing default attributes
  155. assistance with for loop having an undefined value
  156. how to get vertex index by map vertex index.
  157. Vertex Position
  158. thePainterInterface.getHitPointData
  159. Edge Spin
  160. Scripted Plugin, Spinners, and Auto Key
  161. RotatePivotOnly not working
  162. RTTassist - 3dsmax toolset for RTT automation.
  163. The Viewport Maxscript Editor - NEW
  164. network save for vray ?
  165. Generate displacement map from modifier.
  166. GoZ Startup macro
  167. select subobject by number
  168. OLE Syntax
  169. Scripted custom exporter script
  170. Help needed for gear script or expression
  171. Disable modifiers through DatagridView
  172. wiring Z_scale with expression
  173. Custom Attribute Variables
  174. Treeview node checking on formload
  175. change selection listner on rollout
  176. MAXScript rollout styles
  177. Timer doubt
  178. Rotate orthonormal basis
  179. setINIsetting simple help please!!
  180. overwriting default Custom Attribute values?
  181. Accessing objects with scripts on attribute holder.
  182. How To Read fumefx cache (*.fxd)
  183. CameraMixer
  184. Accessing the SKIN modifier
  185. rendUseNet rendSaveFile
  186. Retrieving Rollout's UI color?
  187. How does Max know where to put holes in poly'd splines?
  188. remapping animation
  189. Unknown property: "setPrefAngles" in Controller:IKChainControl
  190. Dot NET tab rows
  191. This MAXScript is not working
  192. access parameters in CA
  193. evaluate angle with mxs
  194. querybox message disabling second time
  195. padding unused bytes in maxscript
  196. Path Constraint Timeline
  197. extracting bitmaps from promaterials using maxscript
  198. variable assigned to object
  199. How to manipulate with smoothing group buttons of EditableMesh via UIAccessor
  200. Object creation
  201. Skin Modifier won't connect bone to mesh
  202. Joining Particles by Line/Spline?
  203. loop through all slots in material
  204. Maxscript V-Ray material creation?
  205. Copy Controllers Between Max Scenes?
  206. Can't get Dialogbar to stay docked after restart...
  207. How to use those Afterburn methods
  208. about User-defined Plugin paths loading order
  209. Collect reference obj
  210. getclassinstances selection
  211. How to setup LB_GETTEXT??
  212. DotNet Button loses EventHandler...?
  213. SetFlow MAXScript error (3ds 2011)?
  214. Scripted Shape Plug-ins
  215. Bone transformations, special case?
  216. TCP listener for iPhone controller
  217. Position particles at the same distance along a spiral
  218. .net Socket Permission?
  219. Script kills MacroRecorder somehow, why?
  220. Link end effector
  221. [Script request] - Manipulate multiple tangent weights
  222. TIF saving bug...
  223. how to remove empty entries of an array ?
  224. Load other file extension into Maps slot
  225. RC menu that close dialog differently but in one click
  226. access to the port is denied
  227. Export 16 bit precision floating point
  228. New script - Bitmap2Script
  229. Script for "set project folder" damaged?
  230. iSurf v0.2b : A free script for max
  231. Run a script ,A warning,Why?
  232. saving renders without frame numbers
  233. Bitmaps Left Open?
  234. any function lib for dealing with date?
  235. Tweaked MipMaps in 3dsmax Viewport ?
  236. Normal Transformation, Skinned Model
  237. SHA1 and MD5
  238. Tessellate
  239. Base64 encoding/decoding
  240. Scripted plug-in: how to define valid inputs?
  241. Dotnet Tooltip Idea...
  242. callbacks on Move/Rotate/Scale tools?
  243. Passing arguments by reference to my custom maxscript function
  244. Time Logging...
  245. converting to point3 array
  246. Skin modifier - applying the vertex weights
  247. Checking a bitmap's alpha value
  248. determine material type
  249. Renaming Materials that are duplicats
  250. Simple script for selecting objects by visibility?