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  1. a=#(3,2,1);b=a;b[1]=1;why a becomes #(1,2,1)
  2. Procedural Map Idea: Studio Map
  3. n00b question: bitmaps in encrypted max scripts
  4. meshop.turnEdge problem
  5. Explode script needed(for baking purposes)
  6. Rotating the camera target around the camera
  7. Custom attributes iteration
  8. material editor help
  9. Help needed with controller expressions/script
  10. about rollout, need help!!
  11. Verts to face creation script?
  12. need help!! about ExposeTranform in sample of Max SDK 9
  13. Can we change the color of a button's text?
  14. URGENT: set mix curve on falloff map
  15. How to control NetRender Window ?
  16. Newby very stuck on XRef script problem
  17. New Article on - Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet
  18. How to identify Cameras?
  19. One control keyng world coordinates, not local....
  20. Two vertices at same position
  21. Spinner controllers for FOV, Target
  22. selecting objects by name
  23. Material plugin interface problem
  24. How to change the background color of DotNet checkboxes in listview
  25. Problem with listbox eventhandler call
  26. SDK wizard problem
  27. Plugin Script name, transform self reference
  28. DotNet NumericUpDown Control
  29. max 9 garbage collecting
  30. #preRender isNetRender
  31. Subobject selections in objectsets?
  32. Working with skinOps
  33. CustomAttributes and instanced objects
  34. set noWarning in CollapseNode
  35. Need help determining vertex normals
  36. How to transform local space into world space in SDK
  37. Help identifying a script.
  38. Can an alpha channel from one bitmap be copied to another bitmap?
  39. Check number of lines in a text file?
  40. Trackview ui Layout and toolbars
  41. A little help please.
  42. Holes on my procedure object models
  43. Setting Render Element filename on pre-render script?
  44. Trackview Controller Names...
  45. Bone Constrained by Parent, Help
  46. Problems with DotNet ListView .topItem property
  47. Copy with Maxscript different from Standard Max copy
  48. How can I drag the dialog window?
  49. Move vertecies to surface?
  50. Macro recorder control via mxs
  51. vray physical camera fov math?
  52. Coordinate System Measurements
  53. Crash in 2010 (not 2009-) - scripted plugin, ui link + ui access during creation
  54. Accessing Render Element channels after rendering?
  55. macroscript error
  56. How to output a node's properties to a file?
  57. Link Constraint using getnodebyname
  58. BVH importer?
  59. MAXScript dotNetController font help please
  60. Pre-Render Script - What Frame am I rendering?
  61. How to print all elements?
  62. EncryptScript() breaks my script
  63. Examining a dll plugin
  64. A question of XML proportions
  65. how can I add ComboBox to DataGridView?
  66. Do not Show Frozen In Gray
  67. MultiSubMaterial is obsolete and is visible only for backward compatibility.
  68. Bug?
  69. Access to Vertices of a Bone
  70. Materials to XML
  71. Any way to build my startup dll?
  72. wheel turning
  73. Trackbar Key Filter Tool
  74. fumefx velocity
  75. paste instanced controller
  76. convert faceselection to normals
  77. Syntax Highlighting in the maxscript interface
  78. [MAXScript] dotNet combobox doesn't show up its listbox when asked to do so
  79. creating hi ik (familiar title isnt it?)
  80. Tranfering Maxscript bitmap to DotNet image with Alpha Channel
  81. On linking node properties
  82. Rollout: dotNetControl order
  83. Xbox Controller input
  84. Selecting object from outputed text
  85. VirtualStore not being used by Max 2010?
  86. Change pre-multipla alpha for TGA render jobs.
  87. 3ds max and stl file
  88. change a Node's Class ?
  89. Auto Rig
  90. DotNetClass [System.IO.DriveInfo]
  91. SDK Video Tutorials (for Max.NET)
  92. KeyShifter
  93. Are DotNet ListViews behaving different in Max 2010?
  94. Rotate with selection center pivot
  95. script mouse pan zoom?
  96. I want to DIY my own SteeringWheels
  97. problem updating vert colors after polyop.SetMapVert
  98. Access the "Raytracer" Tab with maxscript in RenderSetup Window
  99. Populating a listbox using SelectByName
  100. Simple Plane Tool...
  101. Auto update spline Text with a Tape Helper length?
  102. enable/disable safeframes
  103. Remember scroll position?? DotNet WebBrowser
  104. Coordinator system
  105. Online 3Ds Battleship
  106. Script needs to be evaluated twice for it to work
  107. with colors
  108. Object ID?
  109. Select all spotlights
  110. How do I change the time configuration using MaxScript?
  111. Is there a way to hide the script actions until they've finished?
  112. openFile filename_string - creating a list of missing frames
  113. removing missing procedural maps.....
  114. addNewXRefObject and merge window
  115. Selection by size of triangle
  116. String in String (odd question :P)
  117. Unique variables
  118. Detect callbacks
  119. addModifier causing system exception
  120. Atmospherics and Pflow
  121. moving object along local axis ?
  122. batch Bitmaptexture Generate empty jpg file
  123. Can I add materila to the sphere come from manip.makeSphere
  124. Batch convert .max to .3ds?
  125. A good book
  126. tanslate MXS into SDK
  127. Layer Manager
  128. Lost Map? finding missing plugin instances.
  129. closest point on spline
  130. Autocomplete code in Maxscript editor POSSIBLE!!!
  131. Mesh Linking via TM and Birth Script
  132. Automated Material Editing
  133. Maxscript auto-select convex edges
  134. loops not evaluating until successful?
  135. How to access Last Rendered Image ?
  136. How to get an XYZ coordinate on a surface randomly
  137. random selected keys
  138. loading custom toolbar with its scripts?
  139. plz help
  140. [help] random selection of quads...
  141. Custom Slider Controller
  142. Problems with script operator
  143. mousetracking and capturing keys
  144. Help with tools?
  145. OpenFlight access
  146. AearonSetup Help
  147. Is there anything like dropDownList in .NET?
  148. MyRecentManipulatorGotStuck
  149. Set Key script equivalent?
  150. Looking for a way to do a "soft" camera clip
  151. Using .NET forms launched by scripted plugin
  152. Select objects with scripted controllers
  153. render RPF channels not working correctly in Max2008?
  154. Animatable pivot
  155. dotnet ui controls - chaos
  156. Place an object on a face using shortest edge?
  157. Unfolding poly animation....
  158. Skin on multiple objects
  159. Scripted Manipulators - Snap?
  160. Trying to make normals, matrices, and cross products do what I want
  161. modifier parameter type
  162. Optimized bounding sphere?
  163. position object like the autogrid options
  164. Script for custom Xref Import
  165. Can't instantiate a Window "System.Windows" :(
  166. mergemaxfile ($Camera01).... how to?
  167. Hide camera name in viewport?
  168. Pause/Continue?
  169. Painter interface "End paint session" doesn't work?
  170. Volume from 4 points?
  171. Moving Editpoly Faces in Local Space?
  172. Question about, calling local values between functions.
  173. Floating Viewport
  174. Access base class parameters of script extended class from c++ ?
  175. Out of memory when I use a new in a plug-in
  176. Job Assignment window events
  177. Force bones in IK chain to NOT inherit parent scale.
  178. Sliders controll
  179. newbie requests maxscript help
  180. Real Time Renderer
  181. Charts (bars) & Pie data feed
  182. luxrender exporters
  183. Array problem - What do I do wrong :( ???
  184. letterbox script
  185. Adding Expression or Script Controller
  186. luxrender exporter
  187. qsort problem
  188. Sticky keys (keyDown) in Max ??
  189. Param wire sub-anim picker
  190. Edit params of multiple selection same type objects
  191. wheel rotation script
  192. Maxscript - loop - wait for finished rendering?
  193. Seamless IK to FK problem
  194. how can I make an instance from an xref?
  195. Get nodes sharing instanced modifier?
  196. Add a custom rollout to editable poly?
  197. Align uvw map to vertex and edge
  198. Exporting skeletal animation
  199. Getting triangles of a polygon
  200. How to Count Render Time?
  201. XtraTreeList
  202. Macroscript error turning lights on and off
  203. Skin vertices
  204. pos in world space TO screen point2 value
  205. How do I Script - Specifying Gamma Output when Saving Rendered Thumbnails
  206. Max 2010 maxscript evaluate bug?
  207. Increase length of spline
  208. scripted plugin, showing 2d text on viewport, and few questions~
  209. Small question about Orientation Constraint.
  210. get bone node from skin modifier?
  211. problem with temporary meshes
  212. Limit effect in Taper Space Warp
  213. Scripting for hidden modifier properties
  214. need dotNet example of embedding SWF movies in rollouts
  215. filenameFromPath in max 2010 does something weird
  216. environmentMap file question
  217. New maya type menu system for 3ds max
  218. MacroScript Recording limitation?
  219. volume select alternative?
  220. Proportional Plane Error popups in Max 2010 :/
  221. Removing XRef Materials from scene
  222. dotNet SDK support vs. ephere Max.NET?
  223. "Don't Affect Children" mxscrpt cmnd---Where in reference?
  224. Select vertices from skin > edit poly mod
  225. listview select subitem
  226. backburner Error: Duplicate Job Name
  227. Looping a tool....
  228. scripted material map in viewport issue
  229. Get all viewports using Max SDK
  230. FilePathFinder
  231. Merge with children
  232. Help with spline segment
  233. seed scope?!
  234. what does PointGather do?
  235. Macrorecorder .... gone?!?!
  236. vert>get tvert
  237. need help about material!
  238. Duplicate Animation Layers
  239. can you tell weather a property's value is Worldunits or Time?
  240. Biped and bone export
  241. return new vertices/edges/faces after polyOp?
  242. SDK IPainterCanvasInterface_V5
  243. Dynamic Rollouts
  244. Scripted custom attribute and linking?
  245. World UV to unit vector?
  246. Mouse/keyboard input detection
  247. Urgent - Convert string to color?
  248. Simple code doesn't work in a Button!
  249. Align Slice Plane to tangent of curve
  250. Recursive Reset XForm