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  1. How to display selected object name in viewport corner
  2. menu to rollout
  3. progressBar and sleep
  4. Wiring in a local coord sys.
  5. Problem with getting material data
  6. cant get my head around pickPoint
  7. MatManagerBETA
  8. 100 polaroids > 100 materials AUTOMATION?
  9. Shelllaunch issue
  10. Custom Attributes InitialRollupState
  11. Passing a function into another function?
  12. Grow a structure from metal plates
  13. Siggraph 2008
  14. creating help button
  15. creating help button
  16. What development folder do you use?
  17. how to use .bmp as icons (with mask) in DotNet Listview
  18. Where can I find all the parameters ?
  19. .value constraint property actually doesn't work
  20. How to rotate more than 180?
  21. Database Integration
  22. Move subobjects:vertices
  23. EncryptScript in 3dsmax 2008 doesn`t work, why?
  24. Encrypting Script Files in max2008 doesn`t work
  25. how to trigger on rollout resize event only when i want it to
  26. problem using "Case Of" expression...
  27. scale controller's speed test
  28. Connecting to a MySQL database, why doesn't it work?
  29. Help with text in viewport is needed
  30. Problem with applying Chunk pivot orientation to particles
  31. Biped joint info access??
  32. Scrubbing the trackbar without clicking+dragging on it
  33. print layer name as its hidden / unhidden
  34. PEN Control objects beta.
  35. What's wrong with this line of maxscript?
  36. DotNet Video Player?
  37. copy complete group
  38. Editable Poly: Triangulate Selected Faces, how can this be so hard?
  39. Create mesh only from vertices?
  40. Camera Scripted Plugin Dilema!
  41. UnRegister a Menu
  42. dotNET menu's broken
  43. Particle birth script not aligning
  44. Toggle BOX Mode / See though Button
  45. MacroScripts aer being truncated by max
  46. Delete a MacroScript in Max (completely)
  47. Script for "Selecting Faces by multiple ID's"
  48. wierd problem - difference between selecting geometry & selecting helper
  49. attach a dialog to the Timeslider possible?
  50. Can I save changes made in XRef Scene (by using tree.children[…])
  51. mergeMAXFile (dublicate dilog)
  52. PFlow Script Operator editor window colouring
  53. Help with translation to maxscript ... thanks
  54. sticky rollout - how to create a second rollout that sticks to the first like
  55. MPassCamEffect
  56. diolague system exception
  57. Adding a very simple modifier to the modifier list
  58. Getting a subanim from a value
  59. Simple questions difficult to me
  60. Need help to save vertex position to TXT file
  61. Create a material type
  62. macroscript mystery behavior
  63. Randomly assign material IDs
  64. GetCurrentSelection vs $selection as array
  65. Leg Rig Exploding
  66. Matrix3 transforming viewport
  67. Problem rendering branching splines
  68. What's the maxscript equiv. for shift-dragging edges ?
  69. Can you extend a Helper object to create other objects
  70. A bunch of MAXScript questions
  71. getViewportDib
  72. registerRedrawViewsCallback
  73. float_script supported in Max7?
  74. detect primaryVisibility change?
  75. Pre-Render
  76. Xref Object rotation question
  77. test if path is valid?
  78. Animating frame Output Size...
  79. DX scene shaders question
  80. Basic auto rig
  81. execute and variable scope
  82. Lost a UV function
  83. Querying bone orientation problem
  84. Loop trough all objest and print transformation
  85. Open dialogue for several files at once
  86. Some help pleas
  87. deleting layers in mixer
  88. Anime Controller for parameter in cust Attrib
  89. Optimization ideas needed
  90. A button that makes animation
  91. Applying parenting in a When construct
  92. Help converting max 9 dotNet to max 8 activeXcontrols
  93. Writing the contents of an Edit Box to a file.
  94. Autorig
  95. ReadString from BinaryFile
  96. Any ideas on animating splines??
  97. Aligning objects on push of a Button
  98. error: "attempt to access deleted scene object"
  99. exposeTM with wire to offset rotation ?
  100. Getting Quicktime or AVI frame length?
  101. Deadline delete Tile Script
  102. Maxscript basic question
  103. Strip all usedMaps() paths
  104. How to convert Max's transform matrix to Maya's trans. matrix?
  105. Float and Double ranges
  106. paramwire question
  107. listview itemclick event doesnt respond when ctrl is pressed
  108. Pre-Render Callback Halting for user input
  109. Select/deselect random objects?
  110. Aligning only the pivot of an object using MAXScript
  111. Setting Listbox item colours?
  112. nodeJoe hypershade for max
  113. Rig transfer from Maya to Max
  114. setFaceNormal?
  115. grid to bitmap
  116. Bitmap rotated objects
  117. shift+enter stopped working
  118. How to replace character in a text file?
  119. any rollout inside a new floater ?
  120. Display highest map channel on object?
  121. Weight Tool
  122. Rollout problem
  123. how to adjust the quality of rendering using maxscript
  124. menu register help
  125. "bubble chamber" particle system
  126. Silo cut tool
  127. Slow splineshape() code
  128. 1 material, 5000 objects+random selfIllum?
  129. Sort camera's keys selection range on timeline
  130. Continuous check of keyboard.shiftPressed
  131. Check face for texture values
  132. Self references in Script Controllers?
  133. Instance Controller
  134. Why it didn't run?
  135. Dumb question - changing an object's material at a given frame
  136. Trouble: AddNewKey () not returning a key
  137. Zip Files
  138. Next MeditMaterial Free Slot
  139. Looking for MAXScript/SDK methods handling mouse interaction
  140. triggering event
  141. Setting rotation keyframes for X, Y Z angles
  142. ...cache (post-process) function ??
  143. Long filenames in DosCommand
  144. Using MaxScript to exceed 100 extrude segments
  145. What on earth is going on with include file paths?!?!
  146. problem with netRender
  147. Is it possible to access the "render region" region using maxscript?
  148. how to make a maxscript trial?
  149. Hot keys in Max script editor?
  150. Interactive bitmaps
  151. merging multiple xref objs with duplicate materials
  152. controling Springs (global xSpringArray) ??
  153. Freelance Help
  154. insertTime on world track
  155. Verlet integration ?
  156. Spline with varying offsets
  157. IscriptCTRL ??
  158. help with Fake spring !!
  159. File Stream problem.
  160. InstanceMgr - Modifier Instances
  161. object emitter for Parray
  162. Display progress on standard render progress dialog
  163. Getting sorted verts from edges
  164. Associative arrays in max
  165. Scripted Helper Plugin - DisplayMesh
  166. Remove multilisbox selections
  167. Control some option in viewport config through Script
  168. Don't you just love it when....
  169. Why this line doesn't work?
  170. Vertex Count Display Helper...
  171. Changing color when select different component
  172. Shockwave Flash ActiceX Object Events donīt working
  173. Enter and listbox selected item doens't work?!
  174. Different state of a button
  175. quick constraints - help !
  176. -- Unable to convert: undefined to type: Float
  177. How to calculate transformations in an object space?
  178. Security of encrypted scripts
  179. IsAnimationPlaying ?
  180. Button on main toolbar run a small script
  181. #filePostOpen callback fires when max shuts down
  182. Float Script for Brake Lights along a path constraint
  183. How to get values between keypoints in animations
  184. hide/unhide objects in specific viewport ???
  185. Detect objects within X radius?
  186. Move verts in their local coord sys
  187. Optimizing my script & Assign Controller to materials?
  188. Particle Alignment
  189. MXS Tic Tac Toe
  190. Controller Keyable property causing problems...
  191. Make docking toolbar could be displayed in Maximize mode
  192. [REG] script for importing many 3ds models into the scene...
  193. variable visibility issue
  194. Storing Render Times from a Render Farm
  195. saving and loading alot of information to a external file, the proper way??
  196. Make nodes invisible in layer manager?
  197. Dotnet question.
  198. accessing CVCurves for export
  199. SetUserProp problem
  200. Birth to center of polygons with orientation
  201. Bones driven by flex modifier
  202. Docking Dialogs
  203. Finding Unique object with ID?
  204. simple collision
  205. Preview render time change callbacks
  206. Extend Edit_poly
  207. ATSOps: What file type is each entry/asset?
  208. Extracting a script from an object
  209. Colored Buttons
  210. Particle emmiter problem
  211. Rotating an object parallel to a spline segment.
  212. MXS Game Of Life
  213. Floating animation interface idea
  214. little help pliz ( color vertex)
  215. Accessing Submaterials with Gradientramp
  216. "Skin.Always Deform" in script?
  217. Extending Structs
  218. Delete duplicated objects help needed!
  219. need help for archi render
  220. Conquering flipping when mixing biped and custom bones
  221. Spline point positions in world space
  222. Adobe AIR - Possible uses in Max?
  223. Sub Object Level Names?
  224. .net question
  225. Motion Flow Script Rotation BUG
  226. Pro Boolean Scripting Problems
  227. Mirror vertecies.
  228. Pflow emmiter assign
  229. Close/Min/Maximize A Rollout (createDialog) with MS
  230. How to construct a Mouse object in .Net
  231. intersectray and shadowing...
  232. simple "for in selection" script not working
  233. DX Display of scripted (delegate) material
  234. import files - name conflict
  235. render to avi - change codec?
  236. "Convert File Paths to UNC" checkbox?
  237. Self-updating Custom Attributes
  238. Add Button to Render Scene Dialog
  239. XML parsing/reading using dotNet
  240. Syntax help needed - using " in maxscript
  241. save bitmap imperfect/lossy?
  242. Viewport Drawing Problem
  243. Editor Keywords
  244. if/then/else_jumps
  245. <Bitmaptexture>.filename doesn't get bitmap
  246. CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 020: "Build a Better Tool"
  247. Syntax help needed - using " in maxscript
  248. Determining locked viewport in render scene dialog
  249. Userinput in A Flash ActiveXObject
  250. Pflow - Final Step Update. Not Executing