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  1. Find shortest distance by angle?
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  4. max script Installer
  5. Collapse multiple splines to one...?
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  7. Vertex selection change
  8. Max8 Script Help: Don't Anti-Alias Against Background
  9. mrArchMaterial and System Error
  10. Havok 3 solver problem
  11. Determining whether an object is an instance?
  12. Generate Triangle strips
  13. Scrollable text-area type field?
  14. Reading ascii files?
  15. Revolutions along Circular Motion Path
  16. Reading rotation keys
  17. Wire Parameters + Array of Dummys
  18. rebuild mesh low poly
  19. Setting biped head rotations
  20. treeview in dotnet: is there an easy way to get all an items children
  21. Creating a function for a for-loop
  22. maxscript control question
  23. How to hold a mug in the hand?..please
  24. Detaching elements into individual objects.
  25. using vocie-o-matic to drive a rig
  26. Storing information (Arrays in Scene)
  27. Callbacks being ignored
  28. Selecting object by raytraced material
  29. CSolver Simple Problem
  30. Generating UI dynamically?
  31. Formatted Print before max 9?
  32. Help with custom geometry, simple object
  33. Last export path name [Max9]
  34. Callbacks and Render Scene Dialog
  35. Keeping track of merged objects
  36. Extracting the Master from a Referenced Node
  37. having trouble converting a string to a class
  38. Getting an obect's node
  39. On/Off controller for Car Rig controllers??
  40. Getting the names of map channels?
  41. manipulating Lookat_Constraint with MaxScript?
  42. Rollouts Construction
  43. how to know integer is power of 1 or 2???
  44. Select Faces based on normal?
  45. Export animation to poser
  46. Make objects face the viewport.. could use some help
  47. Python + MXS
  48. Help me!!!
  49. Custom Attributes Question
  50. CoordSys confusion.
  51. Reactor controller: get the master controller from the controlled slave
  52. Copying texture map
  53. Custom attributes and App data. Memory leak?
  54. spinner values and functions
  55. Havok Tutorial?
  56. Please Help? Moving Objects With Images
  57. spring controller question
  58. dividing
  59. save as dialog
  60. Rotation values and spinner
  61. Dynamic object list
  62. BitmapTex RGB_Color_Map not exposed?!
  63. Problem Attaching Particles to Point Helpers
  64. CgTalk Indenting
  65. Smart Chamfer?
  66. Scripted Modifier and Node it is attached to?
  67. mxscom and Max9/ultraedit
  68. Good source for .net controls info?
  69. Watch IK rotating bone
  70. Vert Number Problem
  71. Hair.ExportDRA()?
  72. Script that uses Extrude Edge - But locks height to 0?
  73. Ring skipping with gap of 1
  74. memory leak
  75. Random Scale Objects script?
  76. SDK: Fractional time values?
  77. update listbox in another rollout
  78. Why are helpers so slow compared to geometry objects?
  79. Rotate towards the direction of travel
  80. Problems with group export
  81. Simple Script for rotate a PointHelper?
  82. Collision Map Generator.
  83. Small script mass renaming objects.
  84. Free book about 3DSMax SDK
  85. Problem with Script Controller
  86. scripted geometry sub-object
  87. Attaching Two Meshes
  88. Run maxscript on file loading...
  89. Improved path deform (with not so improved garbage collection)
  90. several *.obj importer
  91. Resizing the viewport...
  92. wiring vertex colour to custom attributes
  93. one mat per image?
  94. Staying within a function
  95. Bitmap merging...
  96. Strange behaviour running a script in an empty scene
  97. Dual screen viewport setup
  98. VS2005 and 3dsMax9 How-To?
  99. Can't access with Maxscript
  100. SetBipedRot Sets #QNAN
  101. Net Render Job Submit
  102. script controller not updating
  103. SubClassing .Net Classes??
  104. Convert Mel expression to Maxscript - Help
  105. rollout problem
  106. Doscomnand and shellLaunch dont work with $max
  107. 3ds Max SDK Documentation survey
  108. MaxScript + BuckBurner = unknown error
  109. SetSelectFilter by
  110. question for " rdg " Particle Lights
  111. Check for errors and clean me up.
  112. viewport redraw
  113. getKnotPoint doesn't work in time context!?
  114. Max 9 SP1 encryption
  115. Sorting ListView
  116. Rename a layer - how?
  117. Feather simulator for max
  118. MaxScript newbie question - test if object exists?
  119. Maxscript Inputs??
  120. round float value?
  121. Visual C++ 2005 express edition
  122. undo xrefs.addNewXrefObject
  123. GW Text that works like "show statistics"/(7 key)?
  124. Custom Attribute - Redefine spinner limit?
  125. Doing an Ivy generator in maxscript like the one of Thomas Luft.
  126. Dialog Menu's
  127. How to use add_path in Path Constraint?
  128. automated workflow using editable poly
  129. map vert / geometry vert relationships
  130. Refine Splineshape usage?
  131. Edge position
  132. My first try at maxscript and need help!
  133. Data input to max script
  134. different self Illum. value for each object, but all same material
  135. Plugin UI Problem
  136. Either dynamically generating paramblocks or making locals persistent?
  137. spring controller
  138. enumeratefiles problem/question...
  139. Selection Position Matrix
  140. Scripted Materials + Mental Ray
  141. filepath picker?
  142. nodePreDelete Callback Problem
  143. number rounding
  144. Recursive Relinking Bitmaps Script
  145. Automate change of Paths of VRay Proxies
  146. Scripting idea? (underscores instead of spaces)
  147. new to maxscript- viewport grab task
  148. Accessing elements from different rollouts
  149. Quick Text Question!
  150. Maxscript is forgetting my variables?
  151. Rotation in WorldSpace to Object space?
  152. How to copy a XRef object group as instance?
  153. Opening fig file on keyed biped resets timeline...?
  154. Question about using PressButtonByName
  155. QNR it's perfect to multi cam netrender
  156. Binding a slider & spinner to same value.
  157. CustomAttributes Virtual Array Questions:
  158. movekey defusemapamount.controller = undefined??
  159. Deleting PFlow via Script
  160. list of objects
  161. Exiting Isolation Mode
  162. Set Bitmap = undefined
  163. mesh/object exporter for flash
  164. Accessing the Falloff Shadow / Light bitmap
  165. exporting a multisub material with each sub material and maps used???
  166. How can create toolbars Panel use maxscript?
  167. deleting a number of omni lights
  168. World scale affecting my reactor sim?
  169. LightRigger BETA
  170. Maxscript Problem
  171. Finding point on spline close to mat or quat
  172. Using LengthTangent?
  173. how to store format " " result as string?
  174. radiobuttons change following rooloutsettigns?
  175. Sorting sub materials in multisub based on their slot name
  176. Menus in Max
  177. creating xrefs in maxscript
  178. animate visibility for large number of objects
  179. array parsing question - 2 arrays involved
  180. Class parameters in scripted plugins
  181. saving data-adding CA to the root or to the global tracks
  182. Minimizing/Maximizing 3ds Max Window
  183. Popup Menu... Is it possible?
  184. 1 box... more than one material ID's assigned... how to find its submaterial names
  185. DotNet Arrays
  186. how to store a 2d array in a CA
  187. Create Bounding Box Script
  188. Colour access in Scripted Plug-In?
  189. align bones
  190. Cloning nodes
  191. Skin Mod & Morpher Mod help
  192. Param Collector and Morpher Ques?
  193. Colorpicker question
  194. interface question: want user to input certain values for each layer
  195. materialbutton doesn't support drag/drop
  196. Creating and aligning objects to vertexes
  197. Deriving direction vector from rotation keyframes
  198. Selection Filter drop down list - cfg?
  199. weld knots
  200. Max SDK: Transforming a Mesh
  201. performance and memory usage of my script
  202. Gathering names and creating files
  203. Problems Cutting Geometry To Fit Polygon
  204. paramWire with delay can it be done ?
  205. render to texture style scrolling rollout ??
  206. creating controls on rollout depending on number of layers in scene?
  207. dubugging: how to
  208. move a selected group of objects to mouse point
  209. maxscript wont execute
  210. Beginner BIPED question
  211. Access and monitor IKChain controller enabled state
  212. "Excel Spreadsheet in Rollout as Extended Viewport" Problem
  213. Recursive problem
  214. how do i change tangents on selected keyframes?
  215. plugin mesh Grief
  216. moving in coordsys local in script controller
  217. dinamic custom control creation
  218. Disabling single radio buttons....
  219. SoulburnScripts Updated Aug 2nd 2007
  220. Scripts won't load in Max9?
  221. releases Rotation scripts.
  222. Locks move/rotate/scale
  223. Basic Scripted Geometry Problem
  224. Get Local transform in Maxscript
  225. CrossProd causes system exception.
  226. Possible to script a front/back toggle for view?
  227. Renaming Biped Parts
  228. create a script controller variable. How to?
  229. preventing errors inside a script controller
  230. How to collect modifiers controllers into an array
  231. Script to clear smoothing groups & assign to 1?
  232. renaming objects in names corresponding to their order after some are deleted
  233. script_questions
  234. excel in dotnet webbrowser
  235. activeX TabStrip Colors and removerollout question
  236. Question about "getDir"
  237. DotNet and auto conversion
  238. New MXS Editor
  239. best way of showing messages and warnings to user...
  240. maxscript: how to rotate bip01 anim 180 degrees
  241. Facial rigging scripting expression controller too slow...
  242. Can't find modifier's gizmo
  243. Problem with include
  244. random rotate
  245. Possible to improve this SoftSelect Falloff Script?
  246. Adding and removing modifiers to nodes using the SDK
  247. Getting the world transform of a gizmo
  248. Help with ease in/out calculations
  249. disable dialog updates during script run
  250. import spreadsheet to animation?