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  1. substituteAllString command broken in 6.5???
  2. Changing shading dymatically
  3. Pls explain about python , how can i use for maya?
  4. find the 4 corners of a SUd-D patch
  5. convert sound to animation
  6. Hotkeys question
  7. Query about values returned via filterExpand
  8. Utter Frustration with MEL please help me
  9. python script editor History?
  10. changin data types for variables
  11. MEL fix for shelved cylindrical and sphereical mapping bug
  12. modelPanel with own view handling
  13. MEL Modelling
  14. Clearing reference transform edits?
  15. Isolate / Hide / Render selected tools
  16. MEL a way to read light of an object
  17. outliner help
  18. mel noob question
  19. Separate window for reference images?
  20. query if an attribute is muted?
  21. problem with for loop and lattices
  22. MEL Newb Help
  23. File i/o question (newb)
  24. How to move a joint to another joint by scale and rotation only and not translation?
  25. graphUI (alias created mel script)
  26. version control
  27. Create Editor Similar to Connection editor
  28. Extend the glow
  29. time stopping
  30. completely remove dragCallback on iconTextButton
  31. pointOnCurve question (coordinates to parameter conversion)
  32. New To Mel - Quick Question
  33. Display selected vert name
  34. Assigning an expression fails...
  35. expression not updating
  36. Adding to a strip of particles in Mel
  37. ramp = linstep?
  38. Calling a procedure within a MEL script from a custom attribute
  39. .NET in Maya (similar to Max 9)
  40. MEL Script, Shader Painting
  41. blend a sphere with a cube. script req?
  42. get ID of Nurbs CV point?
  43. MEL-Problem: faceNormalOutput
  44. [Python]bug with maya.cmds.skinPercent?
  45. Pymel - python and mel working together
  46. system command
  47. Safer Delete History
  48. dynamic vertex selection
  49. Setting particle attrs
  50. Maya commands across a network?
  51. how do I make colored UI on linux?
  52. changing Quality To Production Quality via mel
  53. fopen and 64bit
  54. align local scale axis to the rotation axis...
  55. Strange behavior of my mel
  56. changing namespace via mel
  57. copy object at vertices
  58. city building up
  59. Squiggly Particle Motion?
  60. Cleaning up variables
  61. replace reference in MEL?
  62. Finding Object's Shader
  63. execute script based on currentFrame
  64. littel big question
  65. source myscript.mel
  66. Shelfbutton name
  67. query keyboard with mel
  68. marking menu on right click??
  69. Links to nice MEL reels
  70. Distance Attribute Creator
  71. MEL books for FX artists?
  72. polyEvaluate one face?
  73. Removing a Specific Reference Node
  74. "Unable to start debugging"
  75. random scale Y?
  76. Updating MPxDeformerNode when time changes
  77. Reset Scale Attributes
  78. changing diffuse value trough a loop
  79. is VC++ the only compiler?
  80. Question on maya connection
  81. dgMod.createNode("transform") doesn't create a thing
  82. Need help with script syntax
  83. need help with procedure
  84. show poly objects and joint nodes in the hypergraph window?
  85. how do i convert .BMP to .XPM on linux
  86. Copy/Paste multiple joints keys
  87. Interactive mel execution, performance
  88. How To Automated Snap Together Tool Script
  89. Anyone ever used Appverifier on a Maya plugin?
  90. Conditionnode
  91. total noob
  92. ZJ Mel Scripts?
  93. query last command in undo queue
  94. Query modelPanel size?
  95. How can I get Maya to write out a text file
  96. Tangent CV
  97. how to synchronize 2 rig controllers?
  98. new to mel, Help?
  99. Accessing artPuttyCtx functionality in batch mode
  100. MenuSet
  101. Mel Newbie
  102. Isolate selection!
  103. Random Constrained Movement on Y
  104. New to Mel
  105. Get Local Rotation One object relate another
  106. Keyboard Autofire
  107. Problem Installing OMToolbox
  108. undeclared variable
  109. searchReplaceNames
  110. Find objects visible to camera
  111. Eric miller's muscle system
  112. connect a variable to an attribut
  113. UI building - radio buttons and loop
  114. attrFieldSliderGrp offers no slider!?
  115. proj management issue
  116. Mel "system" command?
  117. query if the modelPanel is not camera?
  118. How to add influence object in the API?
  119. How do you create UIs for character controls selection?
  120. Questions Regarding MEL
  121. Curve guided texture painting
  122. Calculate Transforms
  123. parent switching
  124. Very Simple Motion Capture?
  125. String + String = Float?
  126. Python vs MEL, simple Question
  127. Converting Rotations into Vectors
  128. is anyone care to build a tiny script for me?
  129. grow thorns on a tree
  130. Nesting Columns/Rows?
  131. FloatSliderGrp Question
  132. MEL commands for MentalRay and maybe a flag like "-showallFlags" ?
  133. how to print this "
  134. API Command to do colorAtPoint ...
  135. Webbrowser call and OS X dashboard
  136. textField Help plz
  137. hyperPanel error
  138. Incremental Save script V1.0
  139. Set Translate Pivot to Rotation Script???
  140. The tedious task of converting mel to python...
  141. Retrieving Global Coordinates of an Object?
  142. Strangest problem with mel ever
  143. Mass texture reference script
  144. Sparking Shader concept
  145. a couple of syntax problems
  146. How to Start?
  147. Plugin: Mel Editor For Eclipse
  148. Rendering timestamp
  149. Position and rotation based on reference objects
  150. GUI Interface Help
  151. set the extension type in render globals
  152. Python & Maya API question
  153. Mel script to change/update a shelf icon?
  154. Iterate through selected objects? (selectedNodes gives annoying output)
  155. Duplicate with transform an animate Object
  156. random offset/movement?
  157. Querying the type of light
  158. random naming
  159. python package
  160. Euler angles to unit vector
  161. selecting objects in a series-aargh!!
  162. mayabatch??
  163. Grouping in object as they are created
  164. Sticky Marking Menus?
  165. LightLinking Bug removal with MEL??
  166. find ":" in shadernames and delete out ?!
  167. Play order of frames
  168. Help with trimmed NURBS surfaces
  169. suggestions
  170. Nested Procedures & Function
  171. Absolute maya root.
  172. Paint Effects MEL
  173. GUI Help: Control to select attribute
  174. help me with Character Set
  175. Calculating Distance between two objects?
  176. Python - Switch / Case statement
  177. own headupdisplays
  178. How to Programatically Align a Joints X Axis to the Joint Itself?
  179. pointOnCurve my first newbie mel
  180. Match Rotation Axis?
  181. query scene units (centimetres or metres)
  182. rescale an object by link to camera's focal length ?
  183. Selecting a Control runs a Script? Howto? (i have no idea what its even called)
  184. Switching tabs in the Render Settings Window
  185. Maya mulitiple opening sessions in Mac ?
  186. autoload mel scripts?
  187. help needed:rendering maya files as .psd layers
  188. rendering sub regions high res
  189. Dynamicaly build UI
  190. How do I get the numbers of CV's on a curve??
  191. maya 7.0 to 8.5.
  192. Is "polyColorPerVertex" a bug?
  193. Naming problem
  194. List user created namespaces only
  195. select drive dialog
  196. How to Return Array of String from a function
  197. create object at frame 50 , should not exist before frame 50
  198. Proj management: textScrollList
  199. Assigning texture
  200. Menu Display>ObjectDisplay>Template: What is that command?
  201. Scale command scales at what percentage
  202. delete specific faces?
  203. query and setting per vertex weight color?
  204. Replacing the RM menu "Complete Tool / Select All"
  205. cacheFile problem
  206. counter issue with select?
  207. code only works in stages??
  208. syntax problem with variable in expression
  209. why is this proc executing?
  210. MEL Studio Pro and Maya 8.5 or 2008 compatible?
  211. is it possible to name hairSystem and the output curves whithout renaming comand?
  212. Quick expressions question
  213. Changing default selection action
  214. Vairables in Icon Path
  215. Custom Rightclick Menus?
  216. keep a button pressed
  217. Querying whether a key is being pressed
  218. quering maya folder?
  219. an attribute to control the amount of frames that it takes to animate an object.
  220. Forearm Twist: Multiply/Divide vs. Expression
  221. floatSliderButtonGrp width question
  222. pickWalk and lights
  223. Change attributes of multiple objects
  224. connect expresion to multiple object attrb
  225. Unable to build Maya 8.5 plug-in.
  226. script jobs and attribute changes
  227. average the length of a selection of edges ?
  228. Changing selectType automatically when a scene opens
  229. scripted renderglobals batchrendered result in one frame rendered over and over again
  230. Mel command what changes spacing of lines in Grid of UV Editor?
  231. BakeResults
  232. global string problem:"requires a constant value"
  233. multiple commands button
  234. polyPlane vertex attribute setting
  235. MayaClockDemo, how to fix recording ?
  236. Documentation on hidden commands?
  237. Getting/Setting attributes with a Single Wildcard character?
  238. How to pass arguments when button is pressed
  239. animated fractal speed is too fast
  240. Test Field Focus Out
  241. Browse Field in MEL
  242. Browse Field in MEL UI
  243. API: compute function not invoked
  244. adding attributes and sliders
  245. move keyframe
  246. setAttr -unkeyable true...what does that do?objecyt remains keyable
  247. Print to the Command Response?
  248. [Resolved] Calling Python Functions from within a Marking Menu?
  249. fprint not accepting "\n" new line character
  250. What is required to get paintable weights on a custom deformer?