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  25. Transparency when Render Pass
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  42. Shader-suggestion
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  50. "Can't resolve light links, ignored"
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  53. Renders of Game's Vs. Movies & Cinematics
  54. Hidden compound_Shader_Maya2013
  55. Does baking in Maya2013 support lens shaders now?
  56. Any Vray for Maya (not Max) tutorials to avoid flame flicker with moving objects?
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  61. Premultiply / Black Matte Problem
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  66. replicating a mia_photographic_lense in post
  67. which sampling values affect MR baking?
  68. Tilt shift lens recreation in Maya
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  70. Making a material completely invisible
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  80. Help rendering insect wing
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  138. Maya Air Render Fail?
  139. motion vector(blur) pass in maya 2009 to nuke?
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  151. Formula for applying light
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  154. Shave + Mega Tk Gorilla Fur
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  160. Please vote for better integration!
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  171. iray, Spacetrace, possibly others...
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  191. Display Layer Script?
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  201. baking haze into textures
  202. Vray Tutorial on Creating Materials
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  205. Checklist for Realism
  206. Lamp color on Surface
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  211. black frames instead of MR passes
  212. overall VRay Gamma issue
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  221. Any experienced Backburner users?
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