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  40. How to make them more realistic?
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  44. FG map file name regex?
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  52. Water doubts
  53. Rendering Glitch
  54. Mental Ray edit light decay
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  59. about 3ds import
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  63. Black Dots
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  67. my works in maya.mentalray
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  71. // Error: Cannot find procedure "updateMayaImageFormatControl"
  72. Hair System wont render
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  75. Maya Satellite OSX
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  86. white blinn is black
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  104. Displacement format .map ?
  105. why are depth IFFs unreadable?
  106. Cameras
  107. miss specular bug?
  108. how i can do this jet shader?
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  110. Enable mr production shaders for maya 2010 on osx?
  111. Shall I go with Maya's MentalRay?
  112. Maya user spotLights
  113. rmanRenderRadiosity and "Final" pass classes.
  114. RGBA 32bit vs RGBE 8bit
  115. URGENT !! ice cream bar ??
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  128. setting up lighting
  129. Motion Blur Pass with Fusion?
  130. Any way to use object to occlude geometry in render??
  131. Severe Linear Lighting Confusion
  132. gamma correction and mia_material
  133. Texturing fractures
  134. VANILLA shader ??
  135. hires need uv and texture map in mormap map?
  136. mode need smooth to get normal map?
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  138. LWF Vray for maya and nuke
  139. help with image size please?
  140. displacement maps in Mental Ray
  141. Wow. Lighting is hard...
  142. Maya Volume Light Batch / RenderFarm problem
  143. mental ray production shaders - whats wrong here?? HELP PLEASEE!!
  144. Shave and Haircut Creates Disk Cache?
  145. mip motionblur -should have motion steps, how can i blur spins?
  146. Fluids and volume camera shader not work...
  147. rgb half vs short
  148. Indirect Lighting with rman studio
  149. Can I apply a texture across multiple instances
  150. Relief Mapping shaders for Maya
  151. 2bit alphas
  152. Physical geometry modifier that functions like mia_roundcorners?
  153. rendering paint fx grass in MR
  154. Renderman for maya - material/object ID?
  155. Map a texture through shadow colour with physical sun & sky?
  156. a beginner/super noob question
  157. backburner on one machine?
  158. Depth Pass for Particles
  159. Maya Displacement to Polygon Conversion Help
  160. what res should i choose for pal widescreen?
  161. render a wireframe on my geom help.
  162. Mental Ray: 3D Motion Blur
  163. Photographic Exposure ?
  164. mia_ciesky
  165. I hope you like Newbie questions.
  166. to make physical sun and sky shadow soft
  167. Rendering for film
  168. Mental Ray HDR Light Blobs
  169. Super ugly physical sun and sky renders. What am I missing here?
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  171. Normal + Bump Map
  172. baking Mental Ray Shaders
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  175. Shuting down when render is finished
  176. Black Self reflections
  177. IBL weirdness in Maya 2011
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  180. ZDepth Ydpeth Xdepth
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  182. MultiTexture Map in Maya???
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  184. Help with Vector Rendering
  185. Have a problem with maya command line render
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  187. rendering images out
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  189. Camera attributes
  190. fluids & lights
  191. Texture reference object issue
  192. Terminal rendering in OS X?
  193. Jaggedness in Mattes( Vray4Maya)
  194. convert to .map format
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  196. lm2DMV - Missing Max Displacement
  197. Help casting detailed shadows while using Mental Ray's Global Illumination.
  198. physical sun and sky of Mental-ray
  199. fresnel effect and chrome
  200. marerial X specular highlight
  201. Physical Sun/Sky: How to not render the sky (I just want a black matte)??
  202. EXR 32Bit super white pixels / dots
  203. sampler info node
  204. custom decay on FG-bounces, why is it impossible?
  205. help! renders come out with a black line
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  207. Layer Override Bug w/ Boolean Attributes? (2009)
  208. Reflection set in mnatalray
  209. Maya Clipping Plane
  210. maxwell motion blur problem
  211. automatically keep image in render view
  212. Pixar point clouds in maya
  213. Fog Light Rays
  214. Mental Ray satellite 3.8.1 64 bit problem
  215. Normal pass from Fluid ?
  216. choosing the right camera
  217. Gray... Gray... Gray...
  218. Renderman / Shadows
  219. Maya batch render consuming lot of memory
  220. background shader
  221. QiuckTime Render
  222. Tips to improve the realism of this outdoor scene...
  223. mia_material refraction problem
  224. Maya Render Help
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  226. good way to have a good look !
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  228. my render is looking very strange
  229. Crashing while rendering in Maya 2011
  230. Gaseous Bubbles
  231. baking Mental Ray lighting
  232. Troubleshooting advice...light intensity in renders changes when I move camera?
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  235. realistic leather in vray
  236. Rendering HQ with Maya
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  238. Is the source code of ctrl_buffers avaiable?
  239. Mac OS 10.6.4 flickering like crazy.
  240. Artifacts in hair using 3dlight
  241. Lambert with a movie attached doesn't render
  242. MAYA for Post / Compositing
  243. MR sun & sky w/clouds producing ugly shadows
  244. displacement maps in mental ray
  245. proplem with displacement
  246. fixing normal map gamma
  247. Linear workflow for gamma help
  248. mia material as clearcoat
  249. Batch render specific stereoCamera
  250. worldPosition without samplerInfo