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  1. SSS and Bump in Mental Ray?
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  21. Deep Paint 3D and DeepUV
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  26. Re:Mat Editor to Hypershade
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  31. DGS shader alpha channel behaviour
  32. maya-avi's and compresson
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  35. sample's info
  36. FG Question
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  40. Dust & Caustics & Alpha
  41. Question: Final Gather: Baking Lighting into Nurbs Objects
  42. Lighting & Raytrace: Candle Noise
  43. What Founction Of Raydisplace Shader
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  45. maya image planes are messed up!
  46. A|W's Network Rendering annoyance
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  48. Directional Lighting
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  50. "Rendering" Mental Ray artifacts
  51. Command line rendering w/Mental Ray?
  52. An Exception has occurred....
  53. GI tweaks and settings...
  54. DGS_trans_Problem_Need Help!!!
  55. smooth skin binding/rendering problem
  56. Getting Z-depth from Fluids
  57. Various questions.
  58. MR object particle instancing BUG! Workarounds needed...
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  60. global illumination problem
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  62. Shading: Atmosphere
  63. New procedural textures
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  65. help with maya5 mentalray!!!
  66. Design texture??
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  68. Maya Vector renderer? Is it possible to achieve a toon shader like effect.
  69. shifting UVs on animated surface
  70. Can one do shader glow in maya/mental ray...
  71. Mental Ray: won't render softbody dynamics...
  72. MR network rendering
  73. Frustrated with image layers :(
  74. contact shadows using distanceBetween node
  75. Stahlberg´s Skin Shader
  76. Blooby Particles & Alpha Channel
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  79. Fish eye lens shader for MR for MAYA?
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  83. can i mirror copy fur effect
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  86. I Pray to God...
  87. need help from mental ray user
  88. Rendering via internet interface?
  89. Baking tutorial for MR???
  90. Shader for sequin covered cloth?
  91. searching for some hires asphalt textures..
  92. Trasparency shadows problem in mr
  93. Texturing: preventing a projection from appearing on both sides of a model
  94. FG & GI problem in Maya 5...Please Help!!!
  95. UV mapping.
  96. Animating a texture via particles?
  97. hypershade
  98. light gof with MRay
  99. Mental Ray is my Restart button.
  100. New glossy/blurry reflections tutorial!
  101. different textures, same uv layout?
  102. Mental Ray "Gi Shadow" Compositing Problem
  103. Decay Regions and Mental Ray LightFog?
  104. Anyway to reset render global connections?
  105. Controlling Camera Attributes with an Image?!
  106. network rendering programs
  107. reflection/shadow passes
  108. Controlling strenght of displacementmap?
  109. mayarender_with_mr locks up between frame 30 and 50
  110. mayarender_with_mr locks up between frame 30 and 50
  111. Contoured Shadows
  112. Real-Time alpha problem
  113. Fisheye lens shader for MentalRay
  114. New DGS question
  115. how to get only Z-depth
  116. Final Fantasy Shader
  117. Final Gather usefull for animation?
  118. Displacement problem - triangulation failed
  119. Messiah Studio Render with Maya?
  120. can you chain displacement maps in MR for Maya?
  121. - mental ray Volumes?
  122. Dots Per inch?
  123. DGS problem
  124. LOD w/Mental Ray?
  125. Slimey Surfaces
  126. Texturing: routing a TGA alpha though a projection node?
  127. mental ray, z depth & combustion3?
  128. Light Ignore object
  129. questions about fur.
  130. Does MR work with AVI textures?
  131. Can i render my Normal map inmaya?
  132. Layer rendering problem
  133. Does MayaVector render Particles and Blobby surfaces?
  134. Black Hole AntiAliasing
  135. render CG animation for a real movie.
  136. batch rendering info
  137. Surface Approximation
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  139. texture mapping messed up with MR filter
  140. Mental Ray Gurus Unite! nonlinear displacement shaders
  141. Can I do this?
  142. Rendering in maya? Is that normal?
  143. subsurface illumination shader problem
  144. How do i do reflective textures in 4.5
  145. Mental Ray Output Shader?????
  146. Rendering Tips
  147. MR Area Lights prob
  148. Netscale network render
  149. Command Line Rendering
  150. Gooch Cell Shader v1.0
  151. So anyone else been able to get in touch with
  152. render targa sequence
  153. Lighting changes between viewports during render?
  154. Re:render_tranvol201.xpm
  155. Rendering audio out with an Avi
  156. Mike World
  157. Rendering for HD resolutions
  158. MR motion blur artifacts
  159. Ah ha! Work-around for 'useBackground' shader + FG shadows!
  160. caustic problem, please HELP!
  161. applying any effects in maya renders?
  162. paint effects Rendering
  163. Global Illumination Radius?
  164. I need help figuring out a Rendering problem with Fur in Maya
  165. Pharr Skin Shader v1.0
  166. what to bake?
  167. contact (dirtmap) - alpha
  168. New MentalRay shaders
  169. Getting started w/ Mental Ray
  170. any depht shader for MR????
  171. "triangulation failed for..."
  172. simulating caustic and realistic glass?
  173. Re:Freeze2 shader from highend in maya 5?
  174. Big texture problem!
  175. error 011105 in MR - HELP!
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  177. shadow?
  178. mental ray & cg?
  179. Dr. Julian
  180. Stainless Steel Shader
  181. Glossy Shader v1.0
  182. Re: Diffraction shader question
  183. Mental Ray LED Render
  184. GI_Joe Skylight Texture Problem
  185. Oren Nayar Shader v1.0
  186. Hdrshop+lightgen
  187. Problem with ocean texture and Mental Ray.
  188. BIG sparkling problem
  189. blurred transparency ??? help need
  190. serious troubles with mayatomr plugin
  191. Iguana - a new global illumination rendering engine for Maya
  192. Errant UVs on smooth
  193. Velvet Shader v1.0
  194. caustic flickering
  195. emit light
  196. subsurface scatter for mac
  197. Mray Displacement on Poly
  198. GI Question
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  200. In a shading and lighting class
  201. Error message: no triangles in tessellation
  202. Who knows MR?
  203. New Rendering Software
  204. Freaking Maps are gone!
  205. Shadow in HDRI
  206. Tiling a big image and joining it?
  207. Problem with rendering glow
  208. mentalrayGlobals.preRenderMel
  209. Mental ray command line flags
  210. FG Rebuild
  211. image range problem
  212. set .rayhosts rendering computers
  213. mr batchrender startframe
  214. vray for maya
  215. Shaders for Mac OS X?
  216. Shader: Dirtmap: Help
  217. MR_transparency Shader
  218. Please READ the MAYA FORUM RULES thread at the top of the Maya forum
  219. mental ray displacement help
  220. MRay - one scene two diferent results: HELP!
  221. transparent rendering
  222. ground shadow question
  223. Turtle Renderer
  224. Mental Ray BIG render
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  226. Fur: Combing?
  227. can i render fuilds in mentalray
  228. Equalizer maps: ?
  229. Mental Ray problem
  230. Batch render with mental ray ( not the usual problem)
  231. How to remove .bot in all texture names?
  232. Animating with FG and GI
  233. "MentalRay is not registered yet"
  234. controlling intensity on MR physical light shader
  235. Dielectric artifacting problem
  236. Output file format help please
  237. facing ratio issues
  238. MR Displacement Thread - Ask your questions here and maybe someone can answer them...
  239. Normal maps for Mental Ray
  240. shadow casting light
  241. MR Motion Blur Incorrect
  242. Break Light problem
  243. Rapid Motion Blur
  244. squeezed rendered image
  245. :Shader Plugins: UPDATE
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  248. Particle CLoud Shader
  249. Are there any Mental Ray tutorials for complete beginners?
  250. Ati 4.2 Drivers