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  1. mi_car_paint passes like mia_x
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  4. After modeling interior design is good to have a quick quality rendering.
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  18. Rendering Light trails?
  19. multiple shaders for seleced subD faces
  20. got weired on flat shading
  21. how do I get volume fade under water with refraction?
  22. physical sky & sun w/ fast skin
  23. pfx lines not rendering to edge of frame
  24. Displacement Errors
  25. blobby particles not rendering fully in mental ray
  26. Mental Ray doesn't render non-rigid objects
  27. Mia_X Output Passes and ToneMapper - Simple Exposure
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  37. MIA transparency
  38. ramp shader specular highlights
  39. Question about color swatches and gamma
  40. Maya 2008 caustics issue?
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  44. Simulating individual lights with HDR Reflection Cards Using Ramps and Images
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  48. swiming texture problem
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  50. Blue Specular Highlight... why?
  51. Importons and Irradiance Particles
  52. Mental Ray Distributed Bucket Rendering - Lightmap Baking
  53. Mr DISP 0.2 error
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  55. mental ray approximation
  56. Trouble to get a render 3500x2625 in Mental Ray
  57. Very tricky Question for mip_render_subset use...
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  64. Baking w/ MR + farm = major artifacts, farm idling
  65. Quick and Dirty Maya Render farm?
  66. sun/sky render blank BG posible?
  67. Simbiont shaders in maya 8.5
  68. keeping virtual Userframebuffers
  69. how to achieve better caustics with this?
  70. Final Gather File Help
  71. 16 GB of Ram
  72. Transparency with triple switch network?
  73. image tutorial: mix8layer + 2 mia_material + alpha mask + bump
  74. FG is killing me and my computer :)
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  80. Shaders not calculated in Final Gather
  81. Shaders not calculated in Final Gather
  82. Trusted Render Services
  83. mental ray automatically calculate energy in maya
  84. 6 Tone Toon, Interpelation Q.
  85. MR sun/sky shadows on mapped leaves
  86. Lense shader/tonemap for framebuffer
  87. phenomena Bump with mi_car_paint&mi_metallic_paint
  88. Rasterizer Quality | Visibility Samples - Shading Quality limits
  89. Transparent materials / refractions limit!
  90. Maya 2008 SP1, I cannot save in Open EXR format...!
  91. where is the pointcloud.h !!
  92. Overwriting finalgather file
  93. Strange error message
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  97. Leaf Plant Shader
  98. need help. rendr passes with hdri image
  99. How do you get the soft fuzzy feeling? :)
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  101. Maya Luminance depth preset
  102. Blocked out renders? Glitch?
  103. Rendering Smooth Animation
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  105. pfxToon question..
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  108. Mia glass not transparent in alpha
  109. AO and Displacement
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  113. maya fur - too many attribute maps?
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  116. Struggling to batch render using the hardware renderer
  117. mip matteshadow
  118. mip matteshadow
  119. Photons Not Spreading Evenly From Area Light
  120. using samplerInfo pointworld y(altitude) to color input of shader
  121. the Ramp shader
  122. mia Presets from 3DS Max
  123. Render Stopped Working?????
  124. .map file and Mental Ray Satellite render problem
  125. X Max Ctrl Studio: Ctrl Buffer for Maya 2008sp1 filtering issue.
  126. basic fur question
  127. Lume in Maya 3.6 mental ray
  128. orientating an object with vectors
  129. Render FGmap only and not the frame?
  130. Maya Hardware Render Buffer
  131. PFX History causing crash in MR on converted poly
  132. Mental Ray Texture Updating Issues
  133. Camera matching tool
  134. Inner Workings Of MR 3.6
  135. convertfile.bat
  136. Interpolated reflections issue
  137. Framebuffer postfix naming
  138. rendering occlusion pass
  139. Fur Batch Render Problem
  140. Mental Ray: Strange black squares!
  141. how can i do a motion blur pass in MR?
  142. Mental Ray error
  143. How do I create a sky in Mental Ray?
  144. dgs material blurred reflections
  145. mip_matteshadow Final Gather Shadows
  146. Wireframe/contour shader on cached geometry
  147. Exponent problem
  148. How do you stop mental ray from crashing?
  149. Illuminati
  150. openexr from maya to aftereffects workflow
  151. How to disable shadow when using physical light in an area light
  152. Could anyone compile JS_FlatColor for 64bit win
  153. heavy scene won't render in mental ray
  154. HDRI Background
  155. Batch Render Problems
  156. revolve texture - then project
  157. mia_material inside reflection
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  159. render layer partitions?
  160. Does Maya software render normal maps in 2008??
  161. Help! Render Settings Disappear!
  162. mia_material_x and glow
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  164. Photons and portal lights
  165. incorrect framebuffer zdepth output
  166. reflection over a distance
  167. Camera projected transparency problem...
  168. Mixing and matching MR and Maya shaders
  169. Bump in mib_illum_cooktorr shader
  170. Shave + MuhHair
  171. displacement problems
  172. creatng a fuzzy contour - samplerinfo.facingRatio?
  173. excluding objects in AO
  174. Any idea ?? how to ..
  175. Disable automatic update of swatches
  176. Merge objets than "blobby", possible ? In intersection
  177. Render Brightness
  178. How do I link reflections
  179. Final gather multiframe in 3ds max?
  180. Linking custom shape attr to color
  181. Contour shading in Mental Ray issue...
  182. Mental Ray Error??
  183. Normal Map instead of bump Map
  184. Mip shadows trans how to
  185. Mental Ray Maximum Render size
  186. Command line rendering taking longer than Maya 'Render View'
  187. Maya Fur & depth of field
  188. Rendering a refernced file = incredibly slow?
  189. Iron man movie armor material
  190. Lights not coming through
  191. Fog Light
  192. miOverrideSamples causing Crashes
  193. my object isnt catching FG rays
  194. simple pass shader with maya 2008
  195. Motionblur (MR) on extruded surface along path...?
  196. Approach for doing both vector and depth blur in post. What type of depth channels..?
  197. Depth Pass that works with Fluids?
  198. Specular_Slot
  199. satalite Rendering
  200. Cell Shading on Maya help...
  201. RenderMan-compliant renderers - questions/licensing
  202. trying to run jblur2d on osx maya 2008-
  203. mia_material transparency
  204. mentalray standalone
  205. Anyone exposed mr Proxies for Maya?
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  207. MR approximation Displacement to Polygons
  208. Fur renders too dark
  209. please help: rendering effects behind transparent objects
  210. Photon cap
  211. Please someone teach step by step how to use Mentalray standalone
  212. mental ray can not render crease surface??
  213. Amazing VRay Realtime Rendering
  214. Maya Fur doesn't show behind transparent glass...
  215. sss skin shader error
  216. Imported obj file - no refections??
  217. JS_multilayers, MIA , and Bump-Maps - Possible Bug?
  218. fluids and particle cloud(s/w)
  219. Rendering On The Mac Is Very Slow...
  220. Multiple Frame Buffers and Motion Blur
  221. network render problem
  222. blurring a texture
  223. displacement occlusion.
  224. Is it it really not possible?
  225. mental ray - hdr environment setup
  226. render a buffer to render view
  227. Physical Sun and Sky - Tone mapper problem
  228. Batch Rendering and Particle Caches
  229. Mapping Reflectivity with the MIA material
  230. Usings Ramps To Create Procedural Textures
  231. EXR from Maya renderglobal is big.
  232. Use environment variables with MR...
  233. compiling shaders on xp64 without visual studio
  234. JS_panoramic 64 bit version
  235. Flickering on fine details
  236. Controlling Reflections
  237. A simple way to good results with physical sky.
  238. Rendering Layer Dilemma
  239. Mia material display problems
  240. DOF Through a reflection
  241. mia material's transulency + final gather = artifacts/splotches? known issue in 8.5?
  242. Metal Shader - mr - Layered Shader - Connection Editor
  243. little black box artifact
  244. Rendering EXR trouble
  245. Motion Blur problem
  246. vray and sub-d
  247. Urban Environment Training Issues
  248. HDRI workflow tips?
  249. Textures changes during rendering
  250. importing 3dsMax shaders into Maya