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  1. mental ray and sub-d's
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  9. Help
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  23. Sun in the making!!!
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  25. Help needed in improving Render quality
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  27. Ambient Occlusion
  28. What pass does Bump go in?
  29. Grunge maps
  30. "contour_only" mr node?
  31. Renderman for noobs?
  32. Help B4 I Shoot My F/n Computer!!!!
  33. Maya Layered Textures
  34. Maya Layered Textures
  35. Vertex Baking for SOFTWARE Rendering
  36. Hardcore Mental Ray Trouble shooting
  37. does DGS Shader "UV shiny" do anything?
  38. glass issue solved -renderman-maya
  39. Writing a plugin...
  40. I need the best render plugin for this...
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  43. candlewax shader?
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  45. Batch rendering with MR
  46. cross section lines through clipping plane
  47. 3 Point lighting with Fake GI?
  48. Dirtmap for Linux??
  49. mental ray Motion Blur issues
  50. shadows from a 2d image on a plane
  51. How to save baked vetices??
  52. Plz help me to create this shaders
  53. Need shader guidance for mech lens
  54. nvidia CG plug in render shaders?
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  56. Ice shader
  57. Whats wrong with my render size?
  58. Woodgrain preview?
  59. mental ray - Print Resolution Rendering
  60. 3d text
  61. glass issue renderman improved
  62. use background without Z channel?
  63. Combining two transparency maps
  64. Showing Render Times
  65. Porcelain Shader tips
  66. rendering 300 dpi
  67. Fish scales shader
  68. baking textures in mental ray
  69. Animating Texture Change
  70. Magical node swap?!
  71. mental ray crashing with multiple uv sets
  72. how do i make transperent shadows with MR materials?
  73. Does MR/HDRI support animated texture maps?
  74. anti aliasied depth pass in MR?
  75. using hdri with mental ray for car rendering
  76. reactive particles not rendering in HW
  77. Painting with Photons - Mental Ray for Maya
  78. help
  79. Rendering Subdivsion Surfaces.
  80. laser blast..
  81. Game sprite rendered edges
  82. Inklines not showing up in contour shaders
  83. trying to achieve soft shadows
  84. mray: Flickering on "some objects"
  85. Shadow problems on near surfaces
  86. Irradiance Settig with SG DGS_Material & DGS_Materil_Photon
  87. Global illumination exposure range
  88. HDRI - High Dynamic Range Image
  89. env ball reflection mapping
  90. subScatter for MR shader pack Updated
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  94. MR tutorial
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  97. Need help creating a morning sky....
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  101. cant apply texture
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  105. skin shader ?
  106. maya mental ray and shave&haircut
  107. Camera eye fish lens shader?
  108. Problem rendering a Seq in MR
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  110. realistic windshield glass
  111. dialectric material & reflections
  112. Metal realistic shader. How?
  113. environ sphere texture dissapears.
  114. z-depth???
  115. RENDERMAN: expression for fractal
  116. surfaceLuminance Node behavior query
  117. aluminium with dgs-shader?
  118. z-depth + compositing
  119. dirtmap in linux?
  120. Network rendering? I need speeeeed
  121. Mray Bump Issue
  122. Faking Volumetric Lighting in Maya w/Mental Ray
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  124. MR shadows?
  125. show me da way (UV EDITING)
  126. Turning off self shadowing?
  127. mayarender_with_mr
  128. mental ray ink lines not showing up in render.
  129. any tips for speeding up rendering times?
  130. Procedural Cloth?
  131. Tassellation in MR?
  132. render test
  133. honey shader - help needed!
  134. volumetric lights
  135. Mental Ray worflow (rendering sequences)
  136. rendering fog with layers/zdepth
  137. Rendered model vs. working model
  138. raytracing noise
  139. MR Ambient Light
  140. Fur Error Question
  141. Jiggle & Fur... Can I Use Them Together??
  142. toonshade problem
  143. DGS_MATERIAL on Mental Ray for Maya
  144. Cancel Render...
  145. Global illumination
  146. Fur render errors...
  147. Rendering for Movies
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  150. Mental Ray + Fur
  151. Skin Shader in Bonus Tools Booster and Mental Ray
  152. Batch render with MR
  153. MR | Fog(Area)Light with Volume Caustics...
  154. Studio Lights...
  155. optimizing windows xp to render in maya?
  156. problem with mental ray?
  157. are custom shaders really faster?
  158. Super Chrome surfaces
  159. How to connect bump info to DGS?
  160. Shadows dont appear in Reflections
  161. what reflection env do you use?
  162. How to input sequence of images as background
  163. How do I light fur to composite woth MR GI images?
  164. Anybody know how to do multipass rendering using maya efectively?
  165. Fading from one shader to another on one object??
  166. render pass and reference : NEED HELP PLEASE!
  167. good reflection effect on the car model
  168. Depth of Field w/ Vector Render?
  169. 3D texture prob
  170. Maya's mentalray like a standalone version
  171. Mental ray not rendering anything.
  172. Shadows in MentalRay?
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  174. TGA and Rendered layer question
  175. architectural lighting: GI/FG vs simulated GI
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  177. rendering completed but not really completed
  178. rendering a mirror?
  179. no transparency?
  180. Problem with my Ambient occlusion pass through MR
  181. start new batch render after finishing the first one?
  182. Runtime error with Sampling?
  183. Show Last Render
  184. Why is "energy" not linked with "light color"?
  185. Baking Shadows?
  186. Question: Farm rendering
  187. Rendering Movies
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  190. subdivision
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  192. christmas shader
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  195. RunTime Error?
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  210. The blue planet
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  213. Programing Mental Ray Vol 2, anyone have this book?
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  229. light based shader
  230. pointCameraZ
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  232. My Fur shifts place when rendering
  233. Mental Ray Fog???
  234. subdiv motion blur
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  243. flickering floor animation
  244. Softimage shaders in Maya?
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  246. Anyone know of a Clay shader?
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