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  31. How did Sprite Studios create the look of Monster Samurai
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  37. Hdr + Animation
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  57. Mental Ray Contour
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  61. Time Killer!!!
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  66. Question: Keeping Image Based Lighting Data
  67. Rendering Animation in Final Gather (Shorting Time)
  68. Iff pixel aspect ratio on Digital Fusion
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  75. FREE SOFTWARE (easy machine chooser for MentalRay Satellite for Maya 6.5 & 8.0)
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  77. how do you linux users get by?
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  131. final gather or global illumination or both
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  133. FG "glitter"
  134. Export all layers to toxik
  135. Render Filename Expressions
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  138. Problem with buffer_api
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  141. Physical Sky in Max 9,any chance porting to Maya ?
  142. 2 x dual core cpu = 4 threads ?
  143. cam data
  144. cmd line render with maya 7, but maya 8 defaults.. HELP
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  148. Need help! please reply...
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  151. Mental Ray displacement only calculates once
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  196. render joints
  197. surface luminance Based Color
  198. Ripples
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  202. Killing burning by shader...
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  207. light intensity at 0 but still illuminates
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  214. REALFLOW meshes with render farm (RENDERPAL)
  215. Caustics from Ocean Shader
  216. Standalone Fatal Errors
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  218. 3d Stereoscopic
  219. Specular links
  220. Multiple UV sets and referencing
  221. Hardware render buffer
  222. Area light attribute:high sample,low sample,limit??/
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  224. More color bleeding...
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  226. environment fog maya 7
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  234. Toggle on/off textures
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  236. Height map shader or creation of. Kinda like Z-depth but not "world space based"...
  237. camera
  238. Override filter,contrast thresh hold, light sample on receving object?
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