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  1. use misss_set_normal to add maya bump to mental ray
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  17. Final Gather Map on a Network
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  22. Playblast makes windows crash!!!
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  24. does MR max shaders can be converted?
  25. creating projection reflected colors in Ocean shader
  26. Mesh will not render using Mental ray Approximation editor
  27. Wonky Ambient Occlusion in Maya 8
  28. Maya 7/8 Render View Problem
  29. Maya doesnt want to render!
  30. point light converts in area light better than spotlight?
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  33. MiSSS_Fast_Simple Velvet
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  35. Using a .bat file for rendering
  36. MentalRay: HDRI - settings/speed = challenge
  37. no z depth in animation
  38. Rendering with no lights?
  39. Question about MR
  40. sss shader flickering...pls help
  41. weird misss issue
  42. Baking fg with different maps
  43. Batch Rendering problem
  44. Mental Ray and Two Dual Core CPUs
  45. Baking a camera Projection to a Texture.
  46. Motion Blur makes the rendering white
  47. mayas "polyGeoSampler" doesnt work!!
  48. ZBrush -> Maya...distorted! Why?!?
  49. Satellite with megaTk shader issue
  50. Getting a studio shot look
  51. Recieve Shadows on Invisible object
  52. I have layeredTexture and i need to get Alpha Gain ?
  53. Setting Format PAL and NTSC in Maya
  54. UV Snapshot in Vector render?
  55. Animating texture loop
  56. write lightmap from constant shader
  57. Final Gather on alpha plane
  58. Error rendering fluids with MentalRay/Maya 8
  59. So how do you use the new Catmull-Clark stuff in Maya 8
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  61. Long animation with HardwareRender
  62. Wire on Shaded rendering
  63. Renderman problem
  64. DGSFresnel from UsefulPhenM7
  65. maya 8 64 bit Benchmarks
  66. baking of caustics?
  67. water/ocean shader: envWaterFog 1.0
  68. Anyone got a mayatomr.mll Patch from Alias?
  69. When baking final gather results the backside of objects are black.
  70. Foggy Environment
  71. blurry reflections in maya8
  72. useBackground shader / render stats - cast shadow off, no shadow recived either.
  73. Day Light
  74. Maya 8.0 light/shadow problems
  75. Empty UV set map1
  76. Camera projection on instancer
  77. camera aim and motion curve
  78. common command line flags
  79. Raindrop Scene for Maya?
  80. Amazing Raindrop Scene for Maya? Vray-->MR?
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  83. Defuse path?
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  87. fun with mental ray 3.5
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  90. Mental Ray Shader Sintesys Skin
  91. Area Light not visible in Mental ray
  92. Final Render for Maya
  93. Help with UV Texture Editor
  94. misss_fast_simple + spec
  95. duplicating bin in hypershade
  96. Fog Problems
  97. simulating night moon with Parti_Volume
  98. Phenomenon for Maya 8 resolved
  99. Export to MI - transform values are rounded off
  100. Q: Photoreal Shading of piece of paper?
  101. Status of Maya 8 x64 MR shaders?
  102. complete frustration can someone tell me what is going on here?
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  105. creating MR phenomena
  106. Maya 7 render layers problem
  107. Vray for Maya discussion
  108. ctrl_rays and maya8/mr3.5
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  110. A problem in rendering please help me
  111. Render Settings Window is Blank
  112. What is the point of render layers
  113. Best solution for large number of fur characters?
  114. Nothing renders (textures, fur, etc.)! path problems!!!
  115. misss_fast with MR standalone
  116. paintfx - sample density not in attribute spreadsheet
  117. FG multibounce.
  118. How to assign bump in DGS?
  119. maya ocean shader displacement parenting issue
  120. custom shaders and satellite
  121. ctrl_timestamp
  122. Tips on rendering Hair and Fur in Mental Ray?
  123. MR won't batch render
  124. Volumetric AKA Godlighting in Maya using Mental Ray GI and FG
  125. volume scattering through colored glass
  126. Final Fantasy Look
  127. md_aperture problem
  128. pond reflection
  129. Distance Falloff in Reflections
  130. renderman - rfm image sequences cease to work
  131. IPR window fails to pop up at all?
  132. Fluid Shader colour v's incand.
  133. New to displacement NEED HELP!
  134. mental ray custom includes
  135. scene cache flushed asynchronously
  136. Convert to file texture can't anti-alias anymore
  137. Unwanted light
  138. Animated Textures problem
  139. Maya Render Layers acting CRAZY
  140. How do I render different Hardware and Software Render Layers
  141. where i can get good render Multipasses tutorial?
  142. t2s shader weirdness
  143. Sub-d's keep aborting MR render!
  144. Volumetric shader tutorial
  145. Water or Glass for RealFlow
  146. MR ignoring 'Visible in refractions'
  147. Refractions on SSS
  148. global illumination problem
  149. smooth lighting effect...
  150. Any other render engines for Maya ?
  151. tonemaping in post
  152. STRANGE Output problems using field rendering
  153. Noob render path info
  154. Intel vs Athlon, render differences
  155. Crash during MR Network render!
  156. ctrl_shading and ctrl_buffers
  157. Rendering With Mental Ray On A Mac Doesn't Work
  158. Diamond Animation and Compositing
  159. multiframe mode in mental ray 3.5
  160. HELP!!! KEYING PHOTONS is it possible!!!
  161. render alpha-matte in overlapping geometry
  162. I need a fast solution.
  163. Paint Effects overlap geometry
  165. batch render crash/ MAC OSX
  166. texture problem, pls help
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  168. Q:Archiving Maya file with texture images
  169. Override Mental Ray Satellite
  170. Raytraced transparency not 100% transparent
  171. HOW? toggle visibility of obj outside frustrum?
  172. Cannot batch-render an animated IBL node
  173. Why does alpha cast shadow?
  174. Rendering Layer..
  175. Need Help with batch render Problem
  176. Rendering 300ppi for printing ?
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  178. MiSSS_Fast_Simple and Displacement map together? How?
  179. Contrast Brightness Issue
  180. Normal Mapping Woes (Please help)
  181. FinalGather rendering animation problem
  182. Hypershade noob. How to make a chrome shader in maya.
  183. solidFractal with texture Reference object
  184. Lightmaps?
  185. FG_Collector available ?
  186. passing in parameters and executing batch from web?
  187. multistreak particle+rgpPP+renderman for maya problem
  188. Batch Render: Paint Fluids Tool
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  190. Help With Rendering
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  196. Renderman - DelayReadArchive, LOD and ram
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  198. even light from all sides
  199. xp64 combatible issues with shaders?
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  201. Batch render isnt working
  202. enable HW render (force)
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  204. gg_mrclasses compile for winxp_x64 - 64bit - gg_spherical
  205. bump map filter
  206. Help to grasp ''sampling''?
  207. Help to grasp ''sampling''?
  208. How to achieve this great wet skin look
  209. bizare batch render times with FG
  210. about path material..
  211. Export Objects on Demand in Maya MR
  212. Dl3d toon shader
  213. bake filetextures alpha channel
  214. refractions problem
  215. Specify witch layer to render via command line
  216. Number Logic function
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  218. Turtle??
  219. May Renderers
  220. transparent SSS
  221. I need an edvice in render box for Production qualtiy
  222. What about shaders like these for maya?
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  225. strange rendering-problem!
  226. Anyone use Maya 4.5 and have a way to make Mental Ray 1.5.1 work?
  227. How do you remove jagged edges in render?
  228. Seperate shadow and diffuse
  229. Texturing my tiki mask. How do you...
  230. Maya 8 - MentalRay AreaLights
  231. Rendering Reflection
  232. shadow pass damn slow
  233. I'm beginning to make my Boat Dock, and i imported my tiki mask to the scene and THEN
  234. Vector Renderer: Matte Opacity and Occlusion
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  236. Primary visibility and Render Layers workflow
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  240. after every render..output window.
  241. Maya 7 Render Layer problem
  242. easy network render software
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  244. // Error: No object matches name: .imrOptions //
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  247. opticalFX help
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  249. Need Help Baking!!!
  250. urgent question about parti_volume