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  1. Combining lights
  2. Dear Mental Ray Gurus!
  3. problem rendering fur
  4. ctrl_buffers shader and tonemaping
  5. light-centric linking question again!
  6. another bug in render layers?
  7. help with phenomena
  8. Maya->Indigo Exporter
  9. mental ray sss not batch rendering
  10. Too much light in mouth...
  11. mentalray gold shader
  12. gouraud shading??
  13. Render Layers vs Render Settings
  14. exterior rendering with Mental ray
  15. saving uv map and transfer them..
  16. Maya Hair PaintFX in Mental Ray HELP
  17. mentalray VertexColor shader
  18. Shader Frustration -Need nightside Lights
  19. Batch Rendering
  20. Error with MiSSS mentralRayTexture
  21. buffer with alpha
  22. physical_lens_dof question...
  23. cloudy plastic material
  24. Primary Vis not working?
  25. Transparency from image files
  26. ibl with light and photon
  27. Particle instances to regular instances
  28. image based blending?
  29. fur problems
  30. Error: Cannot find an available port - whats this?
  31. mr and subdiv tesselation in batchrender
  32. showing displacement in open gl ?
  33. UV Mapping a whole Character
  34. free textures
  35. Command Line Render - specifying version of Maya when multiple installed?
  36. quick ctrl.rays question
  37. help using an awsome shader Floze used in the fruit bowl challenge#1
  38. MIB_glossy simple question
  39. Batch render problem. Urgent.
  40. Rendering Problem Please Help!
  41. SSS how to fix
  42. surface shader eating up memory
  43. UseBackground Shader With Alpha? (For Cards)
  44. Render farm purchasing
  45. toon lines cast unwanted shadows
  46. command line rendering and render layers
  47. projecting a black to white ramp along the camera's zAxis
  48. Grainy Shadows/light with MR
  49. MR photolab
  50. howto nail the flowing texture
  51. rubber & plastic material in MR
  52. layered shaderr in MR?
  53. Characters behind the globe
  54. starfield motion blur
  55. Choosing between multiple inputs
  56. How transfer HiPolyTexture to LowPolyModel?
  57. little help with l glass
  58. transparent shadows
  59. Mental Ray has Vanished!
  60. Creating A "Big Ball Of Water"
  61. Weird misss_fast_skin render output
  62. Shaders and Particle Instancer - Can you use more than one shader?
  63. Mental Ray Rendering Memory Woes
  64. occlusion problem!(too sharp shadows)
  65. Camera Settings and POV. How can I get a true 90x90 degree POV for a 6 image cubemap?
  66. environment map, sky dome and hdri
  67. Gi Noob
  68. (New Maya user) render problem
  69. Transparency with velvet type shaders?
  70. Nice chrome effect how?
  71. Poly to SubD in Render w/ Mental Ray..
  72. Help - More than 9 lights do not light in scene
  73. Just reinstalled ... Now having trouble getting certain MR shaders to load.
  74. Mental Ray Shaders on Server
  75. Reflection of light cast-Trouble!
  76. Occlusion Transparency
  77. mental ray 3.5
  78. Rendering speed, Fur
  79. gold hue from sun
  80. dielectric blocks raytracing?
  81. shaders missing in command line render
  82. Batch Render Failing
  83. Problem: buffer with reflection
  84. MR batch bake hangs at "translating frame"
  85. Saving shaders and shadinggroups issues
  86. faking occlusion
  87. transparent parts in a layered shader
  88. How to light a scene for Gamma = 1.8 in Mental Ray?
  89. Saving Final Gather Rays
  90. Controling normal map depth in render time
  91. Crashing renders *.renderInfo*
  92. Rendering Shadows of a Targa file
  93. AO stripes in Photoshop
  94. Maya Renderers
  95. Hair and Fur in MR
  96. ctrl_shading question
  97. How to render a mesh in maya.
  98. misss_fast_shader & FG (pic)
  99. mentalray problem with toon outline~! help
  100. Realflow liquid mesh in a glass bottle....
  101. Shave and hair cut with maya software rendering
  102. Xdof mental ray wont batch...
  103. Reflection render pass problem?!
  104. Refract Light Fog?
  105. PR batch placement node issue
  106. Flat/vector look?
  107. Photorealistic Renders
  108. Compressing > Animated GIF
  109. Layer render problem (Maya 7.0.1)
  110. A better method to fade objects?
  111. leather material (ctrl_shading + mib_glossy_reflections)
  112. different colors for different elevations
  113. HPS type lighting
  114. Bad Render
  115. Shader A in the light, but Shader B in the shadows...helllpp
  116. vector render problem
  117. Maya incresing scene size for MR=slow renders
  118. Renderman vs MentalRay - a quick rendertest
  119. Ambient occlusion works with displacement?
  120. Normal Map Rendering
  121. problems with dgsBump and dielectricBump?
  122. MR Standalone Network Rendering Problems
  123. -rd switch ignored when rendering commandline
  124. BEER froth
  125. render stops/stalls/halts after first frame ??
  126. Fur...render NTSC format...screwed up
  127. hdri tutorials
  128. Oren-Nayer for MR?
  129. Call for Models for a manual/tutorial !
  130. How to create (realistic) glass shader ?
  131. Shimmering FG Photons
  132. MR-Batchbake causes problems with references using namespaces
  133. Maya Render Queue?
  134. Maya Render Queue?
  135. Premult
  136. batch_render whont render, but vju port does
  137. Black spots in my render
  138. geometry shader to read .mi files
  139. light in the mouth??
  140. animated shaded to Wireframe
  141. MR-GI/FG artifacts help
  142. Flesh Referance, Textures, Shaders?
  143. mib glossy reflection
  144. Rendering from Maya Terminal is OSX
  145. mental ray - render passes - newbie
  146. Occlusion work with close environment?
  147. Maya network render
  148. Color Offset for mental ray bumpmap setup?
  149. to exclude ibl texture from the render
  150. Hair Occlusion Pass??
  151. Problem with batch render
  152. Rendering problem using Hair cut and shave
  153. MR versions of Colour remapping utils
  154. Turtle renderer puts dozens of attributes in the channelbox
  155. MR Standalone Output Render Directory
  156. problem with batch file calling other batch files
  157. HDR Lighting in closed rooms
  158. delete unused node && reassign shader to selected face
  159. Paintfx in production
  160. Proxy, reference objects rendering?
  161. Share: Wireframe rendering by pfxToon in Maya 7
  162. .bmp converted to .map and Mray outputs all blue
  163. mib_reflect with bump?
  164. hardware render bug
  165. Renderman SSS
  166. Mental Ray Texure to file
  167. Stop Sign Shader
  168. Having trouble rendering a reflective surface WITH preset ref picture
  169. shadow map cache ?
  170. quality-quality
  171. 2d bump map with fast sss doesnt work
  172. bach render and mental ray
  173. curse of the dreaded MR black spots
  174. File name prefix and Render layer problem.
  175. Rendering Audio with Animation
  176. mental ray Shader Reference
  177. hdri troubles
  178. batch render mental ray animated trim problem
  179. clouds from outerspace - earth view
  180. unwanted alpha on DGS materials
  181. What´s the best way to make a chrome shader?
  182. mental ray for Maya book
  183. not rendering on both cpu
  184. Batch bake issue
  185. cant render sound file
  186. the useBackground material dont work in RM
  187. mi_car_paint_phen & HDRI IBL light
  188. mental ray dvds?
  189. sweat and saliva ?
  190. Need help! sorry it's kinda long
  191. ctrl_rays
  192. MR Physical light issue
  193. Car Logo shader
  194. Batch Rendering problem
  195. Bizarre problem in which Maya is compressing AVIs...
  196. Animation to movie format?
  197. flicker in Mental Ray
  198. Orthogonal cameras and Mental Ray bugged up?
  199. artifacts with paint effect rain
  200. Maya 7 for linux question
  201. MuhHair + Shave + IBL even!
  202. MR Displacement - weird shadow behaviour of sides.
  203. mrliquid
  204. how to render only the alpha (MR)
  205. Image with "Value" attribute
  206. Maya Net Render
  207. wireframe render
  208. Finalgather all but hair ? How ?
  209. ctrl.IBLsamples ?
  210. Illuminated car headlight - mental ray
  211. no specular highlights with FG on
  212. displacement + alpha to render thickness
  213. rendering of polygon with wireframe in hidden line and transparency
  214. fluids shadow pass
  215. Saving Final Gather Rays
  216. rendering management system..
  217. render window resolution setting
  218. miss fast sss and displacments
  219. refraction no reflection
  220. OrenNayar Shader in MentalRay
  221. Normal mapping probs!
  222. Changing object attributes IN a mi file from command line
  223. Scene Cache Flushed - A quick question.
  224. sss abort the mentalray rendering..pls help
  225. Use Background Shader Problems
  226. useBackground with caustics??
  227. heavy particle instancer - rendering/memory issues
  228. render a CLIP in Renderman?
  229. Sequence or movie for texture (MR)
  230. ctrl_shading used as a rim shader?
  231. Anybody?!
  232. Maxwell Render plugin for Maya problem
  233. uneven distribution of FG
  234. Pleeeez HELP!!!
  235. shave and haircut-NOT rendering with FG(HDRI) and GI?!
  236. Help with water partial translucency
  237. Miss Fast SSS, is it possible
  238. Specular Alpha??
  239. That next level
  240. mentalRay command-line flags!!
  241. I have 2gb of memory
  242. Yellow Areas in Rendering
  243. Object based visibility-linking ?
  244. What kind of mental ray shaders ?
  245. anisotropic, blinn, lambert, phong... What is best suited for for metals, plastic,etc
  246. Character Scale and GI theory
  247. Maya Paint Effects question!
  248. mental ray error
  249. texture maps to Maya from Zbrush
  250. Tension Mapping