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  1. mysterios feature in mental ray : miSpectrum
  2. mysterios feature in mental ray : miSpectrum
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  9. [Help]: use Maya to create watertight meshes
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  11. Network Render Setup?
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  19. different textures on both sides of the plane
  20. Theory about type of shader (lambert, phong...)???
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  24. Motion Trail
  25. photons checkbox problem
  26. Simple question: env textures with MR shaders
  27. mental raybump maps
  28. Believe it, 99.9% success PLAYBLAST!
  29. is there a realtime renderer for maya?
  30. GI, raytraced shadows and transparency?
  31. car paint tutorial , MR 6.0 HELP!?
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  33. maya does not render?!?!
  34. Emit diffuse emit specular with MR shader
  35. Mentalray FG hangs at 99%
  36. grid of animated dotted lines?
  37. piping imf_disp howto
  38. Sample info/shader question
  39. Mix8layer and SSS fast skin
  40. Revise old topic: Surface of an ice... glossiness of dielectric material
  41. Shadows problem
  42. playblast problems
  43. Diamond shader and light setting HELP :cry:
  44. How to configure MentalRay Standalone?
  45. Velvet shader with MR?Which shader do you choose..
  46. camera specifig lighting
  47. Terragen To HDRI File (HDRShop) To LM File LightMapGen For Maya Mental Ray Rendering
  48. ctrl_ray bug
  49. Avoid Maya7 render-folders
  50. *NEWBIE* Need help to setting my scene with MR
  51. Wireframe Render?
  52. What am I doing wrong with this shader?
  53. FUR shadow maps problem...
  54. car paint???????
  55. MR bump sometimes renders inverted
  56. What toon shader do U use ?
  57. What Toon Shader do U use ?
  58. Using ctrl_shading to get the lambert effect(I have set as frans said but fail)
  59. creating your own HDRI's ...WITH A MAYA SCENE?
  60. PreRender Mel
  61. Has anyone run into this error?
  62. Texturing advise please!
  63. Strange Maya 7 Camera viewport/render view difference
  64. file format preference?
  65. movie render problem
  66. Ambient Occlussion and combine into one render shot???
  67. Starry universe...anyone with experience ???
  68. reflection exclude edemioooom!!
  69. Where is my renderlayer/pass control in Maya.7 (or my maya error?)
  70. Using Xcode for MR shader compiling
  71. Render only the ambient type???(sorry I cant explain more in title)
  72. Mental Ray Breaks & Disappears
  73. Only render fur?
  74. batch render from DOS??
  75. Motion blur hair and paint effects
  76. Rendering with Final Gather
  77. Mental Ray Rendering Problem
  78. Using Displacement Maps with Misss_Fast_Skin
  79. Displacement Shader
  80. OSX Batch Rendering Command
  81. Animated shader
  82. movie texture render problem!
  83. Normal Map Question
  84. blurred reflections / Shadow reaction material
  85. Tricky baking question (or maybe just a render issue?)
  86. Particle cloud problem when rendering on a farm
  87. Global Illumination mapping in animation
  88. cam motion import
  89. recieve ambient occlusoin only?
  90. Job render ??/
  91. Tile Rendering for Dummies
  92. Shadows not casting on object
  93. Mental ray network render:???
  94. weird reflection on dgs object URGENT HELP :((
  95. Mental ray render option disappeared ?
  96. HDRi in Maya 7
  97. Mercury and Water Mental Ray Di-Electrics?
  98. mental ray bake referanced
  99. "Cheap" soft shadows?
  100. how to make cg sea .?
  101. Light 'bleed'
  102. Measurement in MR rendering?
  103. Questions about render layer.. oops. a new question from me :)
  104. spotlight w/ fog through hole
  105. Bump combiner problems in maya 7
  106. How to "Disable" or switch the Antialiasing sampling Quality of Maya to 0 ?
  107. Mental Ray Integrated Menu
  108. Video as a Texture.?
  109. DMap Shadows, mray and point light
  110. Mental Ray Satellite Rendering weirdness
  111. Combining two meshes, a problem for the pros...
  112. mental ray integration
  113. mental ray jaggies problem
  114. opaque and transparent amb_occ objects
  115. Include, Exclude object in lighting
  116. wich program best of render manage
  117. Rendering artifacts
  118. ugly batchbake
  119. Ambient Occlusion and Mental Ray
  120. how to make the transparent really transparent
  121. mental ray rendering with software settings
  122. question about raytrace shadow?
  123. Maya to Mental Ray Displacement
  124. Command Line rendering glitches
  125. SSS in a full scene...Test and result
  126. Trying to Render for
  127. The light Info Node
  128. IBL preventing complete transparency
  129. help with renderman for maya displacemnet
  130. re searching for commercial MR hair-fur shader...
  131. maya software and mentalray only render the last created object
  132. Photo realistic product rendering
  133. Maya Project Help
  134. Help with render layer..
  135. Rendering Fur causes Maya to crash
  136. Black spots in rendering?
  137. Matte Image Plane
  138. Output render layer to a PSD file?
  139. light linking with fur??/
  140. Surface Sampler Question
  141. global illumination map/resolution change
  142. SSS download?
  143. HELP~maya 7 hair system render prob
  144. how do i render frames that are not compleat sequance
  145. Render an ID pass?
  146. Render pass
  147. mental ray rendering with software settings
  148. strange problem in maya,Please help me
  149. Rendering stops when using Mental Ray
  150. motion blur artifact
  151. maya fur doesn t cover the whole surface
  152. From Maya to Combustion problem
  153. Would be glad for some pond guidance :)
  154. problem with bump map render
  155. Nurbs fluid shape
  156. Ice cube texture
  157. claymation molded look texture/shader?
  158. bump map error????
  159. Screen saver, rendering problems?
  160. fur shader that work with ctrl_fur??
  161. what geometry shader do??
  162. Mental Ray problem with file based material...
  163. irradiance map use in Rederman 1.0 plugin
  164. Saving seperate Alpha mask files
  165. Rendeman With Maya Funk
  166. Difference between Ambient & Reflective Occlusion
  167. frame-juddering on play-back
  168. Mental ray.. Motion Blur not working
  169. tips to render a car ?
  170. Hardware render problem
  171. Fluids - AO?
  172. Misss fast simple maya and Mix8
  173. render won't show up
  174. Parti_Volume and IBL in same scene possible ?
  175. OBJ import texture trouble
  176. Chromatic Aberration with dgs?
  177. Need help with network rendering!
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  179. strange alpha problem for mask
  180. VRay 1.5 and VRay for Maya
  181. l-glass, anti-alias with transparent and diffuse...HELp
  182. How to get zDepth in Reflections?
  183. Fur animation rendered in rasterizer(and motionBlur) mode of mr get weird result
  184. MR Satellite with CUSTOM SHADER
  185. A number of question about network render with MR....
  186. Simple way of creating shadow
  187. Angle between normal and geometry normal > 90 degrees
  188. setting up a scene for rendering
  189. Command Line Render with prerender MEL
  190. Final gather & HDRI VS. Ambient Occlusion & basic lights
  191. FG/HDRI kills my details
  192. Shave & Haircut for Maya - Spotlights only?
  193. STP Import leaving gaps when rendering
  194. Targa Lossless compression
  195. Clip Maps in Maya?
  196. Command line rendering bugged in maya 7.0?
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  198. Mental ray Occlusion Tweak
  199. Maya 7 render layers
  200. Alternative to HDR Shop?
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  205. Rendering Techniques - environment
  206. Problem with Mental Ray
  207. problem rendering layered shaders
  208. basic MR question: vector, scalar...using them for what?
  209. imgcvt doesn't work? 6.5.
  210. Could anyone help me with water LUME shader for MR
  211. Maya Hardware Render Buffer
  212. Render Shadow Only In My Floor
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  214. Heeeellllllppppp!!!
  215. Rendering with Mental Ray book now available.
  216. Propeller effcts?
  217. Mental Ray problem
  218. 4.5 to 5 Set NURBS Tesselation issue
  219. Problems with Mental Ray Materials and Alpha Channels
  220. Light-Linking with Mix8Layer and ctrl_shading
  221. problem with SSS on multiple objects
  222. Mental ray on dual dual core system
  223. Mental ray Shaders - cross platform problem
  224. Image sequence renders black
  225. Wing commander style jump
  226. rendering cludes
  227. Photorealistic Apple question
  228. Mental RAy warning
  229. need mental ray book or dvd or beginer
  230. Shave and a Haircut MR shaders
  231. Dielectric plus bump?
  232. Maya not rendering the camera I'm telling it to...
  233. Free HDRI maps
  234. How to illuminate homogeneously?
  235. Light effect like this
  236. Mental Ray -Error message- post them here
  237. Moving an object textured with a projection is very slow
  238. flickering shadows in mental ray, final gather
  239. My maps doesnt plz
  240. pCloud not accepting local noise in mentalray
  241. Render Layers - File Name Prefix override
  242. Render layers not overrideable
  243. strange Cube in Fluidclouds
  244. HDRI emit light along with regular lights
  245. Some questions about texturing
  246. Final Gather Question
  247. JS_Normalmapper
  248. What is correct method to render animation?
  249. Rendering with ambient occlusion
  250. Can't find "message" attribute in a lightShape