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  6. Plastic Material ALA Mr Potato Head
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  41. Help me CGTalk, you're my only hope!
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  52. Tonemap
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  57. Email Note When Render Is Over - Apple Osx
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  65. Transparency Based On Distance
  66. GI anf FG in a "use background-shader" room
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  141. Normal Mapping in Maya 7??
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  147. mib_glossy_reflection.
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  150. fluid ocean with reflaction
  151. Mental Ray .map files.
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  153. Bryan'sRoom
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  165. Batch Render quits without completing specified Frames???
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  168. Dribble Shader
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  182. Transparency
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  189. creating a realistic CD
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  227. fire in a barrel
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  234. My Melscript tools share <<RenderBatcher v2>>
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  237. ambient occlusion missing
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  241. Multi-Pass Rendering
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