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  64. misss_physical transparent
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  67. Final Gather help
  68. Use BackGround anti-alias?
  69. Making a Crystal Shader(Deadline in 24 hours)
  70. outline shaders
  71. does not return a struct
  72. Animated Visiblity. Please Help
  73. where to see what is wrong?
  74. Rendering spec passes
  75. Highly reflective black object
  76. How to disable color bleeding ?
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  80. fresnel effect on obj x/y/z axis
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  88. Anyone know where to find Cell/Toon Shading Scripts?
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  90. Backlight shining through skin to hit tongue
  91. what does cycle check mean?
  92. please help !! serious trouble
  93. Jozvex link down?
  94. wool shader
  95. RCFG 0.4 warn 542002: angle between normal and geometry normal more than 90 degree
  96. Fabric Shader
  97. Command Line mulitple Files
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  100. Jozvex site ???
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  104. just another dirtmap question...
  105. MR and 16 bit images
  106. Error: Free memory is low. Memory exception thrown
  107. Andy Hayes new shader
  108. IBL (Image based lighting) problem
  109. fire-breath effect
  110. Photon Map Missing!
  111. Maya NPR shading
  112. how to bake animated sequences ?
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  114. Consistant Gorund texture resolution on pan from further distance to close up.
  115. dielectric material problem
  116. another dielectric material problem
  117. strange letters when rendering, error...
  118. Urgent issue with MR + FG + Invisibility
  119. Digital Tutors Fundamentals of mental ray
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  128. Problem with rendering
  129. Mentalray transparency? ploblem need information.
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  134. Alguien Puede Ayudarme?
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  141. Mental Ray problems
  142. Flicker, flicker everywhere!
  143. FrancescaLuce help us with new shader!
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  146. Copying UVs
  147. How To imf_copy .map
  148. Controlling Displacement Depth?
  149. Re: Poly Plane shadow problem
  150. Layer Passes and Frame Buffers
  151. fire_breathing
  152. Animated Light Fog Images on a spotlight?
  153. sticky 3d procedurals?
  154. Can I save a "4up" psd file?
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  156. Single Scattering Shader
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  159. Maya and Brazil ....
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  166. Turtle 1.1 beta
  167. batch baking a lightmap sequence with MR
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  173. basic shader tutourial or introduction??
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  176. Volumetric rendering
  177. MR Grass and SSS Tests
  178. Return of the OpticalFX and the usual problems with flickering
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  182. Screwy Renders
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  184. Maya skips Mental Ray
  185. New Max 7 SSS skin, physical MR shaders to Maya MR Shaders
  186. Any one seen a decent cloth shader?
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  191. Distorted rendered Image
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  194. problem with raytracing and ocean shader
  195. all i wanna do is chrome legs :cry:
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  204. openmosix cluster for rendering....
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  207. Texture Size
  208. Noob Question About Rendering
  209. texture Projection problems
  210. Change color based on time
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  237. Anyone knows a Good Blood Shader???
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