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  1. Capturing Geometry Issue
  2. Death eaters in Houdini
  3. New to Houdini
  4. Motionfx and Copy
  5. Materials on Refracturing objects
  6. Fluid Simulation
  7. Hollow riggid body
  8. Ground Fracturing tutorial...
  9. Any recommendations for books for learning Houdini?
  10. Editing Multiple Keyframes
  11. Texture Error
  12. Making self colliding brush
  13. New to Houdini / user groups
  14. No upRes nodes. Plz help!
  15. Integer Frames Motion Blur
  16. 3ds max & houdini camera
  17. Houdini Rendering Help
  18. xyz symmetry in houdini?
  19. Exporting from maya to Houdini with alembic: Partical Fluids
  20. Emitter Spread
  21. Houdini always promting to select geo
  22. Houdini 13 Released
  23. MorphingFX digital asset
  24. Find and process distance between fracture primitive/pieces
  25. Dynamic simulations & how to handle data
  26. ptexture node in '13
  27. Hair braid
  28. Houdini Crashed while rendering a fluid sim
  29. Houdini Sphere renaming issue
  30. Houdini Apprentice HD vs Full HoudiniFX?
  31. Is Houdini Engine viable for production?
  32. Does Apprentice allow Renderman?
  33. Shadows on backplate
  34. cmiVFX reveals a secret technique in new Houdini Snow System video
  35. ActiveValue Houdini points in fracture expression HELP
  36. Frima Studios - Procedural Game Art in Houdini
  37. voronoi fracture geo disappears?!
  38. Houdini in DreamWorks Animation
  39. Demo reel
  40. cmiVFX Releases Exciting New Houdini Mograph Methods Video!
  41. Houdini nodes evaluation order
  42. Houdini passes Maya?
  43. Shading in Mantra?
  44. cmiVFX Just Released Speedtree Collections With 3D-Coat and Houdini!
  45. Sample scene file for Mantra render engine
  46. HDK Writing COPs Color White = 0.0078125?
  47. cmiVFX Brand New Houdini Compositing Video Just Released! + 70% OFF DISCOUNT
  48. cmiVFX Just Released a Brand New Arnold for Houdini Video!
  49. camera Export from Maya to Houdini?
  50. Bullet Sim in Houdini
  51. Can't see temperature grid from Houdini VDB
  52. Hello super nice Houdini users
  53. Houdini/Mantra Rendering Service Beta Test
  54. Fluid FX with Houdini online workshop
  55. Procedural racetrack creation in Houdini - video
  56. Houdini Facial Hair Grooming Video
  57. Houdini Artist Biographies
  58. Houdini unable to read .bgeo file simulation
  59. Fracture in houdini
  60. Fluffy Pyro
  61. Blizzard energy beam help
  62. Houdini to Maya
  63. VDP Density Ramp
  64. Resize simulation domain?
  65. Houdini default reset?
  66. Image transition to fluid
  67. Houdini FluidFX Course
  68. Completely new to 3d animation - HELP
  69. Learning Side Effects Houdini
  70. How do Particles to leave a trail of geometry in the form of a tube?
  71. Vex
  72. Blendshape preview
  73. How to write custom tools in Houdini
  74. which Houdini is right for me?
  75. Digital Domain's Robby Thomas on the role of mentors in VFX
  76. Houdini Artist Johnny Farmfield on working with attributes in Houdini
  77. New Houdini artist profile: Niels Prayer
  78. GridMarkets Render and Simulation Submission Tutorial
  79. New Houdini artist profile: Charles Trippe
  80. modify groups
  81. Houdi Artist Phill Mayer on creating ink effects
  82. New Houdini artist profile: Scott Pagano
  83. Studios that are using Houdini and team size
  84. Houdini FX how to..?
  85. Houdini Pyro Fire Tutorial by goodmanhoudini
  86. Deep Image Workflow And Automated Movie Generation
  87. GridMarkets at SIGGRAPH 2016
  88. Dirt simulation
  89. Cycle VR - Houdini VR Student Project by Kaki Hudgins
  90. Phill Mayer's SIGGRAPH 2016 Presentation: Creating detailed ink in water simulations
  91. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Javier Meroņo
  92. VR Artist Kevin Mack's SIGGRAPH 2016 Interview
  93. VFX Supervisor Jeff Ranasinghe on Deeps, Dependencies and Automated Movie Generation
  94. GeoSims' GridMarkets Presentation at SIGGRAPH: Creating 3D Cities for Film
  95. How to create cigarette smoke, a Houdini tutorial by Alessandro Pepe
  96. Houdini Artist Pingo van der Brinkloev on creating knitting assets in Houdini
  97. mantra to composite
  98. Houdini Artist Florian Bard on how birds fly
  99. Advanced Displacement Techniques for Materials in Houdini
  100. fit range unclamped
  101. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Erik Ferguson
  102. Hwat node to use to make grow effect for personal project stiv
  103. How to make perfect line (split u shape)
  104. How to approach this?
  105. Animal Logic's Matt Estela on DOPs - new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile!
  106. 5 great tips for Houdini Smoke effects.
  107. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Adam Swaab
  108. Tips on getting started with Houdini
  109. Multiple Selections in a Tree View popup
  110. New Houdini Artist Profile: Varomix
  111. Any linux users here?
  112. Unofficial Houdini Discord server.
  113. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Ramiro AMK Fernandez
  114. How to simulate rigid bodies moving through pipes & bake for Unity.
  115. uiS[cript]Py uispy is being made availible for free download
  116. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Alvaro Segura
  117. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Maxime Causeret
  118. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Heribert Raab
  119. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: David Cunningham
  120. Thinking of Houdini
  121. Houdini Apprentice Version Mantra Renders
  122. RBD Sim
  123. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Hernan Llano
  124. GridMarkets supporting Houdini 16
  125. Houdini Amorak / How to change opacity ak visibility of the mesh i am modeling?
  126. How would you approach modeling soft surface (for example character face) (Houdini Am
  127. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Alex Halstead
  128. Tilted view in Perspective view (no cam)
  129. How do you offset the wavetank in a moving ocean flat tank sim?
  130. Resistance is VuTile
  131. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Erwin Santacruz
  132. Container Not Filling - Can't Get Divergence To Work. Please Help. (Scene Attached)
  133. hidden geo affecting render
  134. H16 Network Rendering Issue
  135. Refraction Problem Rendering Ocean
  136. H16 Bake Agent Geo gone
  137. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Manuel Casasola Merkle
  138. Re-sorting model polygons
  139. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Ehsan Parizi
  140. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Saber Jlassi
  141. Retopo in houdini?
  142. Tread Creator
  143. Veins
  144. Katamari Behavior
  145. San Francisco Houdini User Group
  146. New GridMarkets Houdini artist profile: Serjan Burlak
  147. H16 Simple Knit
  148. Quick Crack
  149. Opus Grid
  150. Thawing Time Lapse
  151. VEXpressions
  152. Houdini Training Vol.1
  153. Popping in Fluid
  154. Hard surface modeling with soft blended boolean operations
  155. H16 Radial Joiner
  156. Houdini Pipeline TD position Blur Studio
  157. Atoms Crowd - New crowd simulation software
  158. Quick Slice
  159. Houdini freezes when rendering oceans
  160. PyroFX Dry Ice
  161. HeightField geometry data driving shader?
  162. Multiple UVsets on the same geometry
  163. Houdini plane problem
  164. searching for a little bit of 3ds max functionality in Houdni
  165. Flip Fluid Explosion?
  166. mark attribute expressions with colors (as in the IDE)
  167. Velocity on Positive and Negative Axis Flip Fluid
  168. Velocity Variance with FLIP Fluid
  169. Modeler And Flux developer. Need help
  170. Mari (Unreal) shader inside Houdini?
  171. Flux 1.0 at a reduced price
  172. newbie houdini interface trouble
  173. how do you set up Houdini for dual monitors
  174. error in popwrangle
  175. Combining simulations in Houdini
  176. Atoms Crowd PLE is available
  177. Compile shader command missing with Pixar Renderman 21.6
  178. Grenade/Small Explosions
  179. Icecream cone HDA
  180. Muffin Top
  181. Direct Modeling HDA for Houdini 16.0 and 16.5
  182. Voronoi Regions
  183. Free Tutorials for learning Houdini (Rigging, Animation, Technical Methods)
  184. Entagma Live! - Masterclass at Everything Procedural - 23/24 April 2018
  185. Deformation of copied object
  186. Houdini Engine for 3ds max
  187. Houdini Tv melting
  188. CellGen Medical Animation Substance
  189. Live Action/CG Tutorial in HOUDINI 16.5!
  190. Create water droplets on moving car
  191. the viewport manipulation of houdini is slow
  192. Question regarding Houdini Shader-s (Textures from Mari)
  193. Modular Toy Track HDA
  194. 40% off Houdini Tutorials.
  195. Live Action/CG Houdini Training 50% off...
  196. Group node won't add selected edges - noob question
  197. How difficult would it be to do something like this in houdini?
  198. Particles emitting inside geometry instead of outside?