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  1. Motion Graphics/Comp work with After Effects
  2. How to incorporate CG objects into 'real' videos?
  3. single trackpoint to maya?
  4. Playback difference between mov and mp4 [H.264]
  5. Any of you clever bods have any suggestions on whats missing from this comp?
  6. Working with vray shadows
  7. Cinematics that look 3d but with 2d illustrations
  8. Add 3d Object in real footage
  9. Maya Renderman Pass Compositing
  10. Point Cloud Pass, Normal Pass & UV Pass
  11. Renderman Shave & haicut pass
  12. how to track body deformations and comp them on live footage!
  13. Emotion - Fashion Clip
  14. How to make something like this? (Resident Evil movie)
  15. Issue bringing an unmatted render into After Effects
  16. Mental Ray & matte/shadow compositing issue
  17. Shadow catching with invisible geometry using Maxwell and Maya
  18. Compositing
  19. Short Film
  20. Camera response curves
  21. How can I get z depth from maya painte effect brush?
  22. [nuke] Stereoscopic 3D shine emitting from a logo
  23. Tutorial: Editing a Music Video
  24. vray physical camera and composting workflow
  25. Human eyesight visual angle in aspect ratio/focal length (3D Cameras)
  26. Replace footage in PFtrack 2011?
  27. Problems with Multipass Compositing -how do I merge these layers?
  28. Linear Workflow/EXR and After Effects Question
  29. Premiere can't change resolutions
  30. How should I do this comp?
  31. Doing a silhouette scene
  32. PREMIERE frame skips on LOOP
  33. 32bpc float vs 16bpc float vs 16bit int?
  34. Premiere H264: Can't "limit data rate" ??
  35. motion vector in Maya and After Effects
  36. Principles of Compositing Course taught by Blue Sky Studios Senior Compositor
  37. Render Buffer, Framebuffers and sampling concepts
  38. Best Production Techniques for Object Tracking
  39. Renderman EXR/Passes Options
  40. vrimg to exr ... cant see my render elements ?!
  41. Learning motion graphics
  42. 3d stereo conversion !!!
  43. overlay problem after effects
  44. How do you compose HAIR?
  45. How do compositing packages handle sampling?
  46. Tutorial: Color Grading and Styling with Colorista II
  47. Tracking against a blank background
  48. How to delete parts of an image using alpha of another imag?
  49. save to mysql from after effects
  50. vfxtalk completely gone now?
  51. Digital Compositing Mentored Training starting this weekend
  52. Moving scene in pf track 2011
  53. MatchMoving Problems
  54. Practice Compositing
  55. blood in post
  56. Need Help with Green Screen Composite Test
  57. 123d catch for camera projection
  58. greenscreen, moving plate, cg OH MY!
  59. NukeX won't recognize depth from Maya 2013
  60. Tutorial for maya / vray or mentalray / nuke
  61. Nuke Godrays Pass (Maya)
  62. Compositors Multipass troubleshooting checklist
  63. AA issues with Vray passes
  64. Proper DOF in Nuke
  65. after effects to SWF problem
  66. Blending real shadows with cg shadows
  67. Arrow Hits in Live Footage
  68. Training or tutorials on beauty retouch in Nuke?
  69. Can`t find tutorial on color matching the shots
  70. XYZ WPP VRAY MAX no Z Info
  71. Crazy strange issue uploading to YT
  72. Vid Tutorial: Color Grading an entire Edit or Sequence
  73. Automated photo-strip
  74. 3d projection in Nuke questions
  75. Need expression help with matching CG to flickering footage
  76. 3D Motion Tracking questions...
  77. Camera from Max to Nuke FBX problem
  78. ink (watercolor) rendering/compositing
  79. Need Help
  80. Best encoding workflow for 3d images to video
  81. how to composite image in nuke or ae into a 3d scene from maya
  82. Premiere pro pixel astect importing avi?
  83. Nuke and Vray passes
  84. tutorial on compositing?
  85. AO pass vs AO shadow pass
  86. Vray and Max: Multi-Channel EXRs
  87. PFTRACK 2011 help!!!
  88. Compositing over facial features workflow
  89. Shooting for matchmoving: Best camera movements
  90. Brain Expose Composition
  91. Building "construction" special FX?? help!
  92. alfa mask in autodesk composite
  93. editing movie clips question
  94. how can I impove my comp??
  95. Image blur Prob. on scale down in After effects
  96. Pipeline issue (Premiere - After Effects)
  97. combining occlusion and shadow in photoshop
  98. export stereo left and rigt to one bluray
  99. Zblur and Motion Blur Workflow
  100. Footage for Reel
  101. Image sequence workflow qustions
  102. upscaling precomp in after effect cs6
  103. Nuke preview to RV or Framecycler
  104. lense flares guidelines
  105. Sharper edges through ZDepth map in Photoshop?
  106. How can i create image sequence in nuke?
  107. Matte Fringing
  108. Advanced object removal in Nuke - tips?
  109. Camera projection Vray for Maya to Nuke
  110. Rescaling a 3D scene based on a FBX-file with camera in Nuke
  111. Vray Multimatte Issue
  112. Maya 2013 UV Pass in Composite
  113. Pftrack 2012 - using solved trackers in a second take
  114. Scan effect in nuke?
  115. Correct render resolution for 2.35:1?
  116. Division/Subtraction in Eyeon Fusion
  117. Introduction to Multi-Pass Compositing
  118. Robot eye replacement in Nuke, PFTrack & Maya?
  119. AE CS6 adjustment layer
  120. Why Boujou lost frames exporting for AE ?
  121. rendering and comping
  122. After Effects fringing even after properly interpreting footage
  123. How to compse double layers glasses
  124. Boujou Solving Camera problems! Help!
  125. PFtrack Object tracking?
  126. Houdini to Nuke deep compositing workflow
  127. How to make a perfect Rotoscoping? Help!
  128. hairtrix composite...
  129. I need some help with PFTrack.
  130. My Short film After Effects
  131. Importing 3D .OBJ text into NUKE
  132. Compositing with Super 8 footage?
  133. connecting auto feature button missing in pftrack 2012
  134. Tutorial: How to remove Video Noise
  135. Track rotating object
  136. Premiere - 1080 in a 720 comp?
  137. Specular and Zdepth pass problems out of 3dsmax and AE???
  138. VFX Tutorial: StarCraft II Real Life
  139. Removing track marker that has reflection over it
  140. Ways to get painting-style post-processing?
  141. 3D Studio Max render frame + Boujou Frame rate ?
  142. Animated Z-Depth Focal Point
  143. Eyeon Fusion H.264 render issue.
  144. VFX Tutorial: How to smash someone into a million pieces
  145. Open EXR workflows
  146. Handling After Effects Curves
  147. Create a 3D background/environment for a real car
  148. no alpha channel in shadow pass
  149. Why can't I track this simple footage? (Basic camera move/pan)
  150. VFX Assignment
  151. Vray passes all dark, sRGB?
  152. PFTrack
  153. problem with keying
  154. Combining 2D Flash animation and Live Action
  155. How to get a perfect Chroma Key - Every Time!
  156. PFTrack undistort with lines: problem
  157. Stick 3D CG Prosthetic on a Guy's Forehead
  158. Can't display backgnd. on Photoshop transparent PNG's
  159. Z-depth and motion pass, different layers for diferent objects?
  160. Export from nuke to avid, what is the best format?
  161. The impossible key - help!
  162. looking for some composition feed back
  163. Cube map to vertical cross
  164. velocity pass in aftereffects
  165. Help needed: Linear color to AdobeRGB ASAP
  166. Augmented reality mockup conundrum
  167. Motion Tracking Solving
  168. Pftrack object tracking
  169. Batch convert tiff16 to openEXR?
  170. tracking in nuke using maya informations
  171. Set extension and camera mapping
  172. Compositing as a Career
  173. Strobe effect in Nuke
  174. AE cs5.5 cloning accross sequence
  175. Having Trouble Merging...
  176. Drawing and Compositing
  177. How do i create this effect...
  178. Avid: 23.976 project and 24fps movie
  179. Transform Garden of Eden to Dead Garden of Hell
  180. Help! PFTrack when activate Trim feature stop responding.
  181. Stereoscopic Container & Compositing Info
  182. Looking for Inspiration - Alternatives to Kinetic Type
  183. OCIO workflow
  184. Troubles with rendering camera motion paths for compositing in Nuke.
  185. Material ID - Max to after effects or nuke
  186. tracking zooming shot
  187. Energy Rings - best approach?
  188. Digital re-lighting of Greenscreen footage - On-set prep!
  189. How to do this
  190. Can't create Coordinate Frame Hints in Boujou
  191. The Best Way to Track This Skateboard Kickflip Video?
  192. Film editor
  193. pfTrack virtual prop problems
  194. 2D people for matte painting
  195. Compositing Career-HELP
  196. Vray for Maya help
  197. I give up. Going to look like a noob asking about this one.
  198. any help would be awesome!
  199. Another question about Compositing Career
  200. Best Way to get into Rotoscoping (AE CS6, Mocha)
  201. editing stills in a interesting way for showreel
  202. Nuke: reading MR .zt depth files?
  203. .vrst and Fusion 6.4
  204. Workflow Avid + Nuke?
  205. PFTrack object tracking
  206. PFTrack OT with survey data
  207. Paperman Style
  208. 3ds max compositing help
  209. Help Me :)
  210. camera tracking/matchmoving problem
  211. Composite CG Shadow over Live Action
  212. Wire mesh and roto issue
  213. Photoshop "Blend RGB Colors Using Gamma:1.0" works in AE but not in PS
  214. Extreme long shot to Extreme close-up?
  215. Is it possible to teach yourself compositing from books and the web?
  216. Using keyable objects
  217. After Effects replacement / Nuke getting cheaper?
  218. VRay Composite Halos (NON-alpha area)
  219. Render layers: when effects go beyond alpha
  220. After Effects CC - Horizontal Errors in Image Sequence Render
  221. Motion tracking lighting & shading feed back
  222. CG object reflecting in live footage
  223. Matchmoving gopro footage
  224. [Adobe Premier] How can I use cursor keys to move clip position
  225. Matchmover points behind the camera
  226. Removing GI flicker in AE
  227. Material ID in nuke
  228. Nuke-use Card3D in conjuntion with deep channel
  229. 11 soldiers into 50?
  230. ST:Into Darkness - VC Element3D
  231. Stereo for 3d tvs
  232. I am have a hard time with tracking
  233. 3D projection
  234. fresnel and roughness pass
  235. Traveling Blooms (Car surface)
  236. vray render passes comping in nuke problem
  237. How to make project 1080HD 50fps in Premiere
  238. Edit a sequence in After effects
  239. Pink and Blue render type???
  240. 3ds max + Vray render elements + Photohop
  241. I need to match colors from HP display(not calibrated) to a Dell display,itspossible.
  242. Figure out a photos FOV using software ?
  243. How to Create a 3D Movie
  244. Arranging many pictures.
  245. Boujou tracking marks on a greenscreen
  246. After Effects Tutorial - Demon Eyes
  247. NukeX composition help
  248. Boujou RE-distortion ?
  249. Nuke Mari workflow
  250. Nuke is not using all resources in the render farm