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  1. Pouring Salt to mimick water
  2. Shake information
  3. Is houdini worth learning? (3dmax/realflow/AE/PS user with no programming knowledge)
  4. Monitor Burnin tricks?
  5. bad camera solve with boujou
  6. determine unknown [old] codec... help!
  7. Having Trouble
  8. Good track in Boujou turns out bad in Maya
  9. render passes, order + operation
  10. Help !
  11. Demo Reel towards Advertising
  12. roto snow or not
  13. Premier & Encoder CS 4 question (EDIT: figured it out. thx)
  14. 3D Tracking: Lens Distortion Workflow
  15. position pass macro
  16. new reel....WIP
  17. compression for web
  18. Animatics. Help me please!
  19. Boujou or Matchmover
  20. Resize and Deinterlace
  21. Please help to solve this with Boujou...
  22. Choice of editing software
  23. Hair and fur & Z-depth
  24. Lock Down Camera or 3D track?
  25. what editor/ compositor to use after batch render?
  26. Usebackground & mirror reflection
  27. problem with footage from FC PRO on MAC to Premiere on PC
  28. (fusion) how to make a mask with a keyer but without much nodes?
  29. mokey - imagineer systems - Tutorials
  30. vray compositing, how to get floor reflection as alpha? (help needed,images included)
  31. canon HV40 to finalcut and back?
  32. Depth of field adjustment over time?
  33. Autodesk Matchmover 2010 Help
  34. Do Maya Users need Nuke?
  35. Help with live camera and still images
  36. Change render resolution for camera shake
  37. 3D formats supported by Nuke
  38. Muzzle flash help...
  39. Rendering CG for PAL Video (fields)
  40. 10 Bit YUV color footage and 3D
  41. LightWrap for AE —OSX
  42. Luma key extract for compositing rim light.
  43. this may be a dumb question but....
  44. Premiere length of time adjustment
  45. Issues Syncing Render Frames and Audio in Post Software...
  46. combustion 2009 ?
  47. need Help! 1280x720, 25fps bluray!
  48. how to change video and audio bitrate in after effects CS4?
  49. Stablizing 2 Perf DPX footage in After Effects
  50. Adding additional reflections in Fusion
  51. question on exporting motion vectors from mental ray to nuke
  52. [Camera Matching] - Outdoor Scene euipment?
  53. Freelance Matchmove/Layout Artist
  54. Nuke Primatte Node problems
  55. actor / CG Object Interaction
  56. Compositing, putting them all together
  57. data speed bitrate 244401 kbit\s?
  58. manual tracking in PFTrack 5
  59. WMV to DVD
  60. Glass opacity & color tint in Compositing
  61. V-Ray Glass Compositing
  62. Timewarp Effect Techniques
  63. Creating a camera that flips the image in Maya
  64. Transitions in After Effects CS4 - Need help
  65. Cgi Ufo
  66. (ASK) The best way to track my scene
  67. Nuke tracking problem
  68. Hey, question on bringing a 3Dobject/animation into a 2D world
  69. Calculating film back for matchmoving
  70. compositing books?
  71. Help with Color Stabilization for a time lapsed video
  72. reflection pass in 3Ds max by mental ray
  73. dedicated nuke Forum
  74. Edge light bleed using passes or in comp?
  75. tracking object surface & replacement
  76. Compositing Help
  77. Leran 3D Comp in Fusion
  78. edius and affter effects ...
  79. best way to stretch a shot
  80. Fill up missing frames in a sequence
  81. Compositing a luminance depth pass in nuke
  82. HDR files and linear workflow
  83. in Maya - Can you assign faces to different layers?
  84. 3D tracking on a green screen witch color for the tracking markers ?
  85. lut question
  86. Objects in front of an actor
  87. Reg : Blue matte reflection on the water
  88. 1280x720 to PAL 16:9 Widescreen possible?
  89. Sequences in Nuke
  90. VooCAT Studio camera tracker beta testing
  91. (stealing) camera moves!
  92. Adobe Directorrrrrrr?
  93. what is Kodak DLAD
  94. Trying to brainstorm, please help
  95. Best Composing program in the market ?
  96. Composite paint on empty canvas!
  97. Friendly tip to the "which product" n00bies...
  98. Is the perspective right?
  99. Boujou + 3ds max
  100. color problems on tv
  101. Compositing 3d into a video
  102. lightwrap plugin - Fusion 6
  103. Tracking moving object in static scene(1 still camera)?
  104. 3D compositing w Matte Painting
  105. Compositing Mistake In Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen?
  106. Stereo 3D with realD goggles
  107. Mattes out of MentalRay for Maya....Object Id's, Label ids?what to do
  108. HDR FX1 1440x1080 FILMBACK/CCD dimensions for MAYA Please!!!
  109. Sony HDVFX1 matchmoving in MAYA
  110. What format should I use for my demo reel?
  111. Wax 2.0 - Rate it?
  112. Placing my 3D object into a real life video
  113. straight vs pre-multiplied
  114. 3d polarized
  115. Stereoscopic Tutorial Product
  116. rectilinear lenses
  117. how does bit depth look like?
  118. boujou track
  119. Help with compositing..
  120. Shake Compositing Scripts- generell question
  121. Shake script not opening- help please!
  122. free Nuke webinar but what is 10 am PST?
  123. Shadow pass Max 2010
  124. How do I change the colour of a shadow pass
  125. does Nuke come with keylight & primatte?
  126. Any one can tell me how to do such amazing cloud?
  127. Prob compressing Video (SUPER) [I chose a stupid resolution - can i fix this?]
  128. Converting AVCHD (.mts) to lossless easy-edit format
  129. Suggestions for more realism on motorbike composite
  130. smooth transformation from 3D to 2D
  131. how import alpha images combusiton
  132. what mathematics expression does AfterEffects use ???
  133. smokey trail
  134. 60fps to 50fps possible?
  135. Maya question about render layers and compositing
  136. boujou camera solve check
  137. Getting spinning helicopter blades to look right
  138. White line around my tiff files.. After effects.
  139. how do you put a 2D character in 3D space?
  140. Interactive previewed magic wand tool (implemented as Blender script).
  141. fastest compositor?
  142. Z-distanges between 2d layers (AE)
  143. Question about Maya 2010's Toxic and MatchMover
  144. render passes
  145. Make 3D models realistic
  146. why are some cg elements multiplied, whereas the rest is added?
  147. How to remove Frame blending?
  148. Match Camera
  149. Logarithmic scale
  150. ObjectVR software
  151. boujou - aspect ratio
  152. Apply lighting pass
  153. Color Alpha pass.
  154. chrominance vs color difference keying
  155. compositing construction meshes
  156. can you save multichannel exr with 3ds max mental ray(2009)?
  157. Fixing the blends
  158. Avid Media Composer tutorials?
  159. How do you make HDRI most effective?
  160. Icarus tracking
  161. Fixing matchmove object scale.
  162. Matchmove fighter jet fly over
  163. Z Depth in After Effects
  164. Audio not in synce after compressing in Sorenson Squeeze 6?
  165. Windows Media Player
  166. CG with real video
  167. Easy Selecting in Photoshop using Self Illuminated Materials
  168. boujou tutorial - Using Masks
  169. Making DVD Question (pixel aspect ration &
  170. screen vs maximum (lighten)
  171. Using Fractal noise in combination with FumeFx?
  172. what's the point of add-mix separate control?
  173. Blood and liquid simulator
  174. why if I render premult background color affects the comp?
  175. Compositing on rendered architectural image
  176. Matchmoving two hand held 2-d shots. Best approach?
  177. help! background turned white
  178. Fusion removing track points
  179. 24fps to 25fps output is jerky..
  180. Is Toxik worth learning?
  181. Compositing for distant aerial using depth map
  182. Tutorial: Create an Anaglyph 3D Animation (watchable with 3D Glasses)
  183. Looking for 3D artist -short film
  184. 3dmax - need software for batch rendering different scene material setups
  185. Match-moving & Camera-Tracking
  186. compositing
  187. MatchMover 3D view - problem
  188. Splicing two movies together in Adobe Premiere
  189. Maya modelling reel
  190. Frame lost
  191. matchmoving and depth of field
  192. Boujou 5.0 and Helper Frames
  193. Combustion for Stereoscopic work.
  194. Recommendation for new 3d artist?
  195. RPF camera data / Alpha's
  196. IFF or TARGA for compositing in AE?
  197. Ron Brinkman's "Masters of VFX" series
  198. fusion or nuke?
  199. Toxik and Refraction
  200. Removing Object From Footage
  201. BOUJOU in MAYA
  202. Ramen - Open Source Compositor devel.
  203. About Boujou face tracking
  204. Lens Adjust External Sequence in Boujou5
  205. Is this a typical DOF issue and isit in my 3d or compositing app?
  206. matte in 3D
  207. 3Dsmax mental ray daylight HDRI custom sky
  208. Maya Instance -OR- Reference
  209. boujou. basic tracking.
  210. Composition with image planes...
  211. Problem with focal length
  212. Livello 0 - Radici (Official video)
  213. Multiply compositing problem.
  214. Boujou: adjust camera/ space?
  215. IBL Rotation to match plate
  216. rotoscoping tipsīnītricks (fusion)
  217. How to make an Alpha on Shake ?
  218. Free Download links for multicam footage??
  219. Vray Passes and composite help
  220. Newb with easy framerate question.
  221. Matchmove glass
  222. how to remove track marks ?
  223. Compositing Pipeline
  224. How made this effect in after effect ?
  225. Punch through body?
  226. Best 3D Application For Rendering in the future?
  227. Photoshop and Gamma are no friends!
  228. Help Pls..
  229. exporting HD720 from premiere?
  230. After Effects: sapphire plugin problem
  231. demo reel question
  232. Free Tutorial Series on Nuke X
  233. playing a quicktime in a home dvd
  234. Rendering problem in MAYA 2010
  235. Refracted surface replacement
  236. Compositing challenge
  237. Matte Opacity: Black Holes issue
  238. Materials ... in render, or in comp?
  239. camera preset and HD reolution.
  240. Here is my first run at 3d composite into live footage
  241. Adding alpha PLEASE HELP!
  242. Boujou Nodal Pan Workflow tutorial
  243. tracking canon 5D footage
  244. composite behind footage
  245. Motion Transplanting
  246. Car Sound download
  247. making green screen work
  248. Pass With An Overlap?
  249. alternative to deep canvas
  250. Advanced keying in Nuke