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  1. Need a 2D brainiac
  2. MINI CHALLENGE: 20 awsome Cyborgs, waiting to be modelled
  3. Scifi ships space, stations and rest - modelling team wanted
  4. Welcome to the new Collaborative team projects forum
  6. Music Video : Project - M
  7. Project Info
  8. Short Film: Space Age
  9. 2D/3D artists needed!!!
  10. Short Film, Possible Series: Need Help!! Animators Needed!!
  11. ProjectFY
  12. Trent's think tank....
  13. storyboard artist and character designers
  14. Does anyone even come here
  15. Star Trek: Special Editions
  16. Concept Artist Needed For Project
  17. Sector7 needs Alien modelers and skinners.
  18. Original Game: (Unofficial Space Quest 7 game) needs help.
  19. Short : T1970
  20. Original game : Eclipse (Jet racing - shoot'em up)
  21. 3D First-Person-Shooter: Needs an 3D Modeler
  22. Massive Lotr Character Request
  23. Snowboarder Face needed
  24. New to the Forum, I have a favor to ask: CG short film animation concepts...
  25. UltraViole(N)t- help?
  26. Vendetta Studios is filling a few positions
  27. Nedd you guys to make 3d logo for me
  28. Game MOD: Dragonlance TC for Baldur's Gate II
  29. New Jedi Order CGI Film help needed
  30. Original Game: PolyGods GameDev
  31. Co Labs to work with this Collab forum...
  32. Should we close this forum?
  33. help me with story
  34. maybe i should post like this
  35. Collaborative team project forum has a project of it's own.
  36. Logo Competition Challenge for commercial Car Racing Sim
  37. 4 spots open
  38. What Co Labs is, what it hopes to be, and the rest...
  39. Need modelers for 3D RPG
  40. Animator Wanted
  41. Unreal Fortress 2003
  42. action/adventure game need modelers and animators
  43. The Exodus, a movie project...we need a texture artist!
  44. short film (need nice ppl)
  45. Short Film: STARWARSy City
  46. New Animated Short - InTheDeadOfNight
  47. Military Reenactment Mod Studios
  48. Model help..
  49. Brainstorming for the Collaborative Team Projects forum's mascot
  50. game resource: generic model & animations & textures to share
  51. Looking to pair up with..
  52. Jurassic Park Fan Film, Needs awsome CGI artists!
  53. Concept Artists Needed
  54. Concept Artist For Alient heads :-)
  55. The Maker: Short Animation
  56. Pro-life 30 sec short
  57. RTK Project Reanimation
  58. messiah?
  59. Short Film: "Z52" Looking for help.
  60. Does anyone want my doodles? ;)
  61. make your own short!!!
  62. The Opera R2 mod for UT2003 is looking for texture artists!
  63. modeling job
  64. Volunteer Concept Artists Needed
  65. Star Trek Command Crew
  66. Need a 3D Dragon modeled (Challenge)
  67. Resident Evil Animation Artists
  68. RTS Project looking for additional artists (project already underway)
  69. Mod Recruitment
  70. 3 positions open
  71. 2d Character Designer Needed
  72. RTS: 3D Models One Community needs help from another
  73. Q3 mod - action/adventure, singleplayer, sidescroller
  74. Abenmael, a MMOG looking for creative people.
  75. Original Game: -THE ANCIENT GLORY-
  76. 3ds max users - students - Philippines : looking to form a team!
  77. hello everyone! 3d designers required
  78. Short film: Intelligent Life
  79. Short Film: The Zeta Project
  80. iNvasion Works Studios - Job openings (unpaid)
  81. Professional Music for your Demo Reels!
  82. Original Game: X˛
  83. Modeller+Skinner Needed
  84. Motivation
  85. awesome attempt
  86. MOD: Warcaft III
  87. A question regarding a Mod and recruitment
  88. Our game project: Kalandae.
  89. team for australian short film
  90. 2D artist needed for a DigiPen game project.
  91. Original Game: Enilno
  92. Need free modelers
  93. OBE loking for artist (concept, 3d)
  94. Model Wanted
  95. willing to help...
  96. Looking for 3D artists (Vancouver Only)
  97. Looking for advice from collaboration groups
  98. The Library Project
  99. Anyone need music?
  100. Over The Top is Recruiting!
  101. Ninja Model
  102. Writter looking for artist to work on crime comic
  103. i can work of 3d modelling!!
  104. i need some decent background music..
  105. coders/artists for 3d game development
  106. Game Idea About to Go into Development!
  107. Half-Life / Opposing Force Model Commission
  108. Feature Film: Project Angels
  109. Wanted: skin mapper
  110. I'm searching for developers
  111. SW Fan film project seeking help!
  112. any game art concept you want modelled???
  113. search guy(read the message)
  114. Shadowdale - Dark Metal
  115. Looking for character sketcher - Characture family
  116. Original Game: RIFT
  117. Indie game seeking texture artist
  118. Gaming League Design Looking for CG artist
  119. Game MOD : UT2003 "majestic 12"
  120. Creating your own world
  121. 3dsmax UVmapper needed. To help me!
  122. The Assassin - Movie Production - Looking for more members!
  123. Original game: A Post-apocalyptic western
  124. Need 2d Artist for Game art Competition
  125. Simple 3d/3d art site looking for free working Admins
  126. 2d & 3d artists wanted for freelance project!
  127. Looking for a bored texture artist....
  128. Short Film: Matte Painters, help my hole is not big enough!!!
  129. starting compagnie need help
  130. Dwarf model
  131. Original Game Project: The Unknown Hero
  132. Updating the sticky?
  133. Starting a web and graphics design studio
  134. Non Paying Position: VFX Artists
  135. CG Short Film in Production
  136. Seeking Skilled 3d Artists for a large MMORPG
  137. Maya Texture Artist needed!!!
  138. Recruitment: Parasytic Moon game: Dissonance
  139. Raiders Terran Kirusin Project Assembly
  140. New idea
  141. Over The Top Needs Help!
  142. Novel 2 Film: Pre-vis team needed
  143. Character Development artists needed
  144. hey everyone "im new"
  145. Freeware/Shareware long game project: Crescent Dawn
  146. Riggers wanted!!!
  147. Give my "Age Of Chaos City" light... please...
  148. German SciFi Project
  149. Anyone in the UK want to do a summer project?
  150. Project Reprisal
  151. Heeelp
  152. artist looking for game team members
  153. Ya Like RPG Games? Well heres your chance to help make one!
  154. Searching ideas for an art group
  155. Original Game: DTW, team already made, need more.
  156. Star Wars FF Desperation!!!
  157. Art team seeks Animators
  158. my paiting use illustrator hope someone change them in 3d
  159. experimental design studio
  160. Looking for animators for video game!
  161. 2D Art Work for New Game
  162. Flash/Shockwave 3D On-line Card Game Team Sought
  163. Video game: animator wanted
  164. Feature Film: Subdivision,Colorado
  165. Game Project: Track and Field : 3D Models
  166. matrix style animation project: seeking 2d concept
  167. Mappers/Texture Artists needed: BADLY
  168. Who's interested?...
  169. Star Wars Fanfilm Project Needs 3d Artists...
  170. UT2003 "Make Something Unreal" Contest
  171. UT2003 MOD "Bullet-Proof" looking for Animator & Player-modeler/-skinner
  172. Cinematic Demon showing sequence-20 seconds to make people say WOW!!!
  173. UT2k3 Mod - Needs help
  174. ShortFilm - Horror - Concept for the evil/bad guy
  175. CgReference
  176. CgArchives - The child of my insanity
  177. || New Job Opening - Conflict In Somalia - Animator, Skinner & Modeler ||
  178. Bay Area Game Development
  179. Animation Engine (2D)
  180. need music?
  181. Alien Culture is seeking Artists & Modellers
  182. Seattle Mod UT2k3 Existing or new mod group
  183. human powered race game seeking ppl
  184. Need Game Modeler
  185. UT2k3 Vehicles Mod
  186. Artists needed to help finish up cute little game
  187. Modelers and Programmers Wanted!
  188. Over The Top Needs You!
  189. Compositor looking?
  190. Modeller needed for 3D Game...
  191. blockfighters, a semi 3d space shoot em up
  192. Unreal Fortress 2003 Needs animator
  193. Game Mod (UT2003): Red Orchestra
  194. Creative Artist Wanted
  195. Need People
  196. Character Designers Wanted for Microsoft Presentaiton
  197. Looking for Animators - Modelers - Pros at FX for Video Series
  198. Short Film: Versatile 3D talent needed
  199. First Person Shooter seeking 3D Art Assets
  200. Radical Visions
  201. High School Project
  202. Adobe Illustrator - Photo Realistic vector art project
  203. Dimension Productions seeks Digital Artists
  204. Nemus Development Group : looking for Programmers
  205. Help out Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses
  206. Content for Website - Last Day Project
  207. Game proposition for artists !
  208. Help with fan made T4 film....
  209. 3d Project Planning
  210. 3D Studio Max Game Artists needed
  211. Help with character design
  212. Site logo - Clan-project Surrender or die
  213. The FPS Reprisal
  214. HEROPHOBIA needs teammembers
  215. Horrorfiction and a fantasy movie
  216. Non Profit: The Little People [Needs 2D People]
  217. Stick Man
  218. Proyecto en espaņol, busco voluntarios
  219. Game Modellers and Texturers Help Required
  220. Texture Artist needed
  221. Buscando Artistas 2D & 3D Argentinos
  222. 3D animatoin help please
  223. Polar Bear Development Studios hiring 2d artists
  224. Recruitment for UT2003 TC
  225. Childrens TV show- Australia
  226. HL2 Shyoma: Modelers Required
  227. Non-Profit: Weapon Modeller
  228. Short Film: Templars
  229. WarCraft III Mod ( alredy in progress )
  230. Graphic Artists Needed For Animation Movie Partnership
  231. Original Game: oldschoolgame
  232. Short Film: Testing the waters for Silver Squirrel
  233. Creating Game Mod for hl2 - Artists help
  234. For writers... scriptwriters network
  235. Texture Artist Wanted
  236. The Age of Darkness
  237. Weapon Modeller and Photoshop Wiz needed ASAP!
  238. an Unreal Fantasy...
  239. OC recruiting
  240. Need Modelers/Texture Artists for PC/Xbox/GameCube game
  241. Star Wars Fanfilm needs CG Artists
  242. Valhallah - artists
  243. Need artist for a webdesign..for a future gallery website
  244. Cut Scenes: Character Animator/Modeller needed
  245. Forsaken Time
  246. XBOX/PC Innovative First Person Shooter
  247. HL2 Mod looking for modellers
  248. Short: Things that go bump in the night
  249. Ironman Offroad Championships
  250. Animator needed for game demo