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  1. Movie Visual Effects Collaboration
  2. Well Established Video Game Team needs Riggers & Animators !
  3. Digital Artist Group In Portland Oregon
  4. Offer: Sound designer & Composer available
  5. Original Game: 3D Fighting Strategy & its own Game Engine
  6. Earthwave Studios are seeking!
  7. Looking for a Modeler
  8. Offer / Lighting compositing
  9. Seeking Animator
  10. 3d Artist Looking to work for Short Film.
  11. Looking for CGI Dinosaur Animators
  12. Seeking artists for 90 min animated film!
  13. Big Action Title in need of 3D Modeler and Texture Artists
  14. Indie PS3 Project seeking Artists (unique IP, terms available)
  15. 3D Modeler, Texture Artists, Animators for Action&Open Worl Game wanted !
  16. Future Filmakers -food for thought.
  17. short film
  18. Looking for a composer for a short Robotech fan film
  19. Short Film: KAIJO
  20. Looking to get involved in the Mod Community
  21. 3D modelers, texture artists and animators needed for museum installation
  22. 36 Stairs - Short Film
  23. Anyone intersted creating a Law and Order SVU episode?
  24. Concept Artist wanted - Next-Gen Female Character (volunteer)
  25. softdistortion's VFX2 mission- MODELERS NEEDED
  26. Short Film: Hick!
  27. Converting 2d film to 3d (stereo). Looking for intrested artist.
  28. Free Roam Studios Recruiting for upcoming Horror game ( Indie )
  29. Animator needed. little girl for graduation project
  30. Pro composer
  31. Big Indie Game looking for Modelers, Texture Artists & Animators
  32. In need of a character artist and sound people for short animation series!
  33. Music composer available for game/project/short film/feature
  34. "Lighthouse Keeper" - short film - help wanted - various artists
  35. Music Video - Pro Bono
  36. Looking for character models to texture
  37. Action&Open World game in need of animators & Texturer !
  38. Futuristic Arcade Shooter! ~iphone indy dev~ Recruiting volunteers!
  39. openOutcast - now recruiting 2D/3D talents
  40. Looking for volunteer Artists
  41. Composer / Sound Designer Available
  42. Need 3d anim. short for Portfolio Boost
  43. dinosaur rig needed
  44. B & W animation ( Running Free )
  45. Looking to build a team for new animation series
  46. [ARC Infinitum] PS3 Independent Game seeking Artists!
  47. Hick - Short Film Project
  48. Helicopter Animation
  49. Feature looking for riggers
  50. Attack of the Space Zombie Ninjas - Trailer
  51. UDK Demo Collaboration Project
  52. Unity in Toronto: Sci Fi Shorts
  53. One Small Step
  54. International Conflict-Indie
  55. Free Roam Studios Recruiting for Highly Anticipated "The Hunted: Paroxysm" video game
  56. Entropia Universe Game Planet: Planet Postmoderna
  57. Matte Painter wanted to collaborate with Photographer
  58. 3d Environment and Prop Artist Looking for Film.
  59. Seeking collaborator on my Gray "Alien" character (for a film)
  60. Muse e-magazine looking for team
  61. Wreckage looking for lead developers
  62. EVI is looking for Lighters and VFX TDs
  63. Nuts for Pizza Short Film
  64. softdistortion's VFX2 mission- MODELERS NEEDED
  65. Aquiris gX and Unity 3.0 "Bootcamp"
  66. NOVOS -- A Science Fiction film
  67. FX/Foley sound artists recruit
  68. Help needed with Character Animation (Samurai Pizza Cats).
  69. Cloth Simulation artist - for Short Film !
  71. Creature Model Needed Vfx02
  72. ZBrush artist for SHORT FILM !
  73. collaboration
  74. ::collabnews::
  75. Shader/Texture Artists Needed
  76. 2d fighting game needs 3d character modeler.
  77. Seeking 3D Artist for Student SciFi Short
  78. Want to make the COOLEST Sci-Fi short film ever!
  79. Short Film Collaboration
  80. Technical Artist needed for short film.
  81. Heavy Metal Tribute
  82. Looking for models for destruccion master class
  83. 2-1/2 page animation screenplay available
  84. Nuts for Pizza - Shading / Texture Artist!
  85. Project Acro Racing seeking Character Modelers
  87. Feature Film Project
  88. Short film in making..
  89. Looking for Collaborators for a Comedic Fantasy Animated Short
  90. Cassette Tape and Case model for Art Project (C4D)
  91. Jacqueval Treyds: 3D Fantasy Short
  92. 3D Artists Wanted
  93. Pixel project seeking modelers
  94. 3D Render artists wanted for a promising short film (live action)
  95. Short Horror Film : A Hut In The Middle Of The Forest!
  96. Needs recruits for a CG short
  97. 3D PC Game Collab using 3ds Max, Unity, etc.
  98. Collaborative iPhone game project -- ready to start immediately
  99. Help with project ideas.
  100. help with rigging characters
  101. Looking for hobby game/movie projects
  102. Wreckage is looking for concept artists
  103. Short Collabo Student/Grad
  104. [RPG] project: Boundless Seeking Artists for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Game
  105. Seeking Concept Artist...
  106. **Reality Check**
  107. Rats crowd, full cg shot
  108. [Non-Paid] Wreckage is looking for concept artists and 3D artists
  109. Talents for a big adventure to learn and improve portfolio?
  110. Create visual effects integrated with model photographs
  111. G-XIII - CG Short Film
  112. Irirangi the spirit talker
  113. Sci-Fi Trailer for personal project...
  114. Collaboration idea for improving demo reels
  115. PUSH - Short film needs visual FX
  116. Wanted: Web Designer
  117. Short PVP fighting Game Project (~6months)
  118. Wanted: 3D Modeller & Animator
  119. looking for concept artist
  120. hellraiser: cenobite chronicles
  121. Candid Pictures - Short Film
  122. music video
  123. Looking for a Ilustrator/Cartoonist for my new animated 3D short film.
  124. white wolf
  125. Looking for Rendering Artist for mutual portfolio work.
  126. Small Animation team in Australia
  127. Established Team needs passionate -Animators- for modest Sci-Fi FPS
  128. Indie Developer Crankshaft Games Needs Character Artists
  129. User Congratulations to softdistortion
  130. Looking for 3ds Max Skinner (Collab)
  131. Interested in retopology practice?
  132. Need Animator to animate a Centaur
  133. 3D Modeler looking for projects
  134. PUSH - Short film needs visual FX help :)
  135. Cthulhu: 3D stereoscopic shortfilm -> Concept Art needed
  136. Transformers fan movie: "The key to vector sigma"
  137. "FOR HIRE" - 1 minute Action Sequence
  138. Live Action Non Profit 'Halo' Film
  139. 3D Environmental Artist Looking for Projects
  140. To GrimFandango poster
  141. Return to Mana - Fantasy Coop RPG looking for Artists
  142. Arenas Fan Film Animation Project - Kickstarter
  143. :: Indie SciFi Films List ::
  144. Peace One Day AD
  145. 2D comic style artist needed for a stylised live action.
  146. The Automat - Short CG Animation
  147. I'm lookingfor a modeller and an animator.
  148. The Animated Short Film "Slug"
  149. Animated short help needed
  150. looking for someone to help with a John Carter Project
  151. Rigger needing a modeler to finish Character
  152. Music composer available for game/project/short film/feature
  153. Short Film: Hope's Journey
  154. Do you need any music or sound work for an animation?
  155. Wedding Bliss
  156. Bright Spark - CG Short
  157. Anyone from the Stockholm area interested in starting cg project?
  158. Zombified
  159. Hansel and Gretel
  160. help needed in war movie ...
  161. Digital Painters requested
  162. who would provide his 3D animation?
  163. Short film - Goblin encounter
  164. pls, help me on collaboration
  165. Voluntary Work
  166. big book of monsters
  167. Where to start?
  168. "For Hire" - 1 Minute Action Film
  169. Concept Designers needed for Lord of The Rings Project
  170. [Collab] Steampunk Animated Short
  171. Seeking 3D Artists to Collaborate on Mobile Game
  172. Team leaders looking for Talent - Look here
  173. Facade | (Original) Futuristic 3D First-Person Adventure Game
  174. BATESIAN - the collaborative feature film
  175. collaborative "your film festival"
  176. Legend of Kalimar
  177. Looking to design an animated youtube cartoon
  178. Homer`s Odyssey Steampunk version
  179. Need music for your project? Pro composer available
  180. Looking for Partners/Collaborators
  181. Love Maker - Matte painter, graphic designer needed
  182. 3D model request; a winged skull
  183. [Wanted] Game Developers for Sandbox Game (team of 8 so far)
  184. Touch Free - Animators needed!
  185. Reality, a Modder-Friendly Version of The Sims
  186. Texture Artists Needed For short animation
  187. Sci-fi CG Short :: Concept artist wanted! (spacehips)
  188. Ask: Simple paint sketch need it
  189. Get your models/scenes, textured, lit & rendered for your portfolio (collaboration)
  190. Ancestors CG Short
  191. Water Specialist
  192. Theory Animation's new series
  193. DragonQuest (Temporary title)
  194. Story & vfx heavy youtube shorts
  195. I need a model and textured for me to light!
  196. Help Texture and Shade Finished Short Film
  197. Madrid ! Anyone near?
  198. Looking for a rigger to rig Star Wars Characters (personal project for portfolio)
  199. Texture and Lighting Artist looking for fun collaboration
  200. A cool ray trace game development, interested?
  201. Post-apocalyptic Source Engine (game/mod)
  202. Full 3D Animated Movie
  203. Seeking VFX Artist to help with a student film
  204. Composer seeking sci fi/drama project
  205. Something NEW for 2013~!
  206. Awarded Film Composer interested in collaborations
  207. Short film: The Unknown Horizon
  208. 3d artist wanted in collab on fun print piece
  209. Mario Parkour
  210. Original Game: Drifters RPG
  211. Seeking 2d artist for conceptual art - Video Games
  212. Modeler/Texture artist wanted for Real-Time Strategy Game
  213. An idea over 10 years in the making, has got to big to handle on my own...Help!
  214. Looking for artists for a game project!
  215. Character Artist wanted for Polycount Escape Challenge
  216. Composer (BMW, FANTA, EA GAMES)
  217. Project Divinity
  218. Looking for a 3D Animator
  219. LF Graphic Artist & Rigger/Animator
  220. Shroud's Burden - Ancient Games
  221. Original Game: Drifters
  222. Looking for a Modeler for Indie Toys Prototypes
  223. Independent Filmmaker looking for Matte Painters and Nuke Compositors
  224. Programmer looking for artist to complete a Shmup game
  225. ANOMALIA Short film, Wildlife Crossing, with top professionals on board
  226. For Hire 1 Minute Film - Round 2
  227. London Sketch & Concept Art Group
  228. Artist wanted for game jam
  229. "Content-less" Online RPG Project - Starting Small(ish)
  230. Stargate: Special Forces
  231. LEVEL Zero looking for worldwide artists
  232. Is there anyone can help me to make the OBJ output with texture and animation?
  233. Talented Artists for Game Dev Think Tank
  234. Game Development Think Tank
  235. No Paid Job Postings
  236. ECO-2 / Concept Artist Needed
  237. perhaps some 3d modeler would like to take a crack at this?
  238. Composer looking for collaboration
  239. Small team looking for new talented members
  240. Looking for a Partner for a game
  241. Programmer looking to partner with a 2D artist for making a small game
  242. Project Hope: searching for artists
  243. Drifters: Prophecy and Destiny
  244. Storyboard Artist Looking For Experience
  245. Anyone subversive and political here wanna help with something
  246. OpenSource: The first Mars Colony
  247. Looking for a partner for a mecha board game
  248. [Not 4 Pro]Ever wanted to see your work in a game?
  249. Remote Collaboration Birds of a Feather
  250. Platform game - modeller