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  1. Original Game:Dark Future Project
  2. BattleTech Movie
  3. New website finally up!
  4. London Calling!
  5. Sci-fi HL2 mod seeking Concept Artists
  6. :: Department 7 ::
  7. Original Game: Seasons of Sorrow
  8. Introducing amateur game project
  9. PC Game requires 3d models and artwork
  10. Nanite Studios-Short sci-fi Film Project
  11. Space Sim Game need 3D/2D Artists (Startup)
  12. Lets play!
  13. Looking for modeler and animators
  14. MOD: Seeking Project/Team Lead: Apprehension for UT2K7
  15. Digital Artist-Backgrounds for RPG Maps
  16. The Anthill Aces project is looking for 3D modellers and animators.
  17. *Game Art* BF2 Mod Help Needed- Concept Artists
  18. Original Game: New Worlds Project
  19. Short Film "Enigma" (45mins)
  20. Need Texture artist/ Modelers For a Half-life 2 Modification.
  21. fighting game for Eurographics competition
  22. Texture artist for Infinity ( next-gen / sci-fi )
  23. Art needed for a computer game
  24. Private Game - Cow Game
  25. Game Mod: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm (UT2004/UT2007)
  26. Alienboy and Flog: The Movie-Need modellers
  27. Dark Future Project -> JOIN US!!!
  28. CyberCreatures Battle League
  29. The Arias Protocol, HL2 mod, needs help
  30. Anyone would join for a [high-level] Myst fan game?..
  31. Advanced Game Project hiring
  32. DVXuser Hero-Fest - Film makers seeking visual FX artists
  33. omiQron - Restless Eternity [Cg Movie Project]
  34. Elite Recon - HL2 Mod *Hiring*
  35. Need For Speed MW Animation
  37. Would anyone care to help me out?
  38. Short Film - The Begining
  39. Game project
  40. Short film - Groggy Champion
  41. Programmers Needed for Serious RPG Project
  42. Game MOD: Ultimate Empire at War
  43. Looking for a 3d artist to help on a space piece...
  44. Lumpy - Animation Series
  45. Music for your project
  46. Eternal Silence Mod Looking for Artists
  47. Short Film Project: Need CG artist! =)
  48. Open Source: Universal Humanoid Models
  49. do you need a green screen extraction?compositor available!
  50. Need Help:: Pills spilling out of Medicine Bottle
  51. [Original Game] Fierce Talon looking for animator
  52. Feature Length collaboration
  53. Red Online MMORPG
  54. Simple 3-d help needed.
  55. Background/Color Artist Need for Urban Online Comic
  56. Recall to Hell searching Animators
  57. Imagin Seeks CG Artist and more...
  58. RnL(Hl2 mod) is hiring
  59. Original Game: The Delicate Petals of Pandora
  60. HL2 Mod: Daylight
  61. Total Conversion HL2 Mod: Fortress-Forever
  62. Forever Bound Half Life 2 Mod
  63. Over-Run
  64. Illustration: Personalize 39 port-a-johns
  65. Circle Of Amu- Teaser
  66. Searching for a team to work on animation series(ANIME 3D)
  67. [Gmod] UAC:Warfare looking for modeller (concept inside)
  68. UT 2007: Eikadia Dracten Recruiting (Animators, Texture Artists, Zbrush, Maya 3D)
  69. "Tysus & Ziana" short film now recruiting
  70. Want to see your models in a game?
  71. HL2 MOD: Cosa Nostra
  72. New York 1660 in 3d.
  73. Original Game: Mythros, a team vs team RPG
  74. Seeking collaborator for comic or animation
  75. Game Modification Seeking Members!
  76. Original Game: Zeq2
  77. Short film: Sanctuary
  78. Extremesoft is looking for helpers
  79. Horror Short Film (24p dv) needs some CG work
  80. Short Film: The Light
  81. AFR Animation Film (We have SGI Rendering Power)
  82. Modellers Wanted For Scifi Space Epic, Immediately
  83. Live action short-"Horus"
  84. MYST-inspired Game: 'Devokan'
  85. User group chicago
  86. Any Manga Artists Needed
  87. Sci-Fi Computer Game Project requires 3D art
  88. Original Game: Red Online
  89. Need a character Rig?
  90. "Fall of Rome" Team Project
  91. Feature Film: Agent Fat
  92. Fantasy Comic starting (big potential)
  93. Öresundsbron (Commercial) /Private project
  94. Southern Rise - UT2K7
  95. Photorealistic 3d Canyon Request!
  96. Transient Shift needs a few more people to complete!
  97. 3D modellers needed for RPG Development
  98. Voice Actors Wanted for Animated Film
  99. Feature Film- The Rememberable(Working Title)
  100. Texture Artist Needed For Film
  101. Help! SpiderWeb Needed for Short Film
  102. Digital Paint Ball seeking character modeller
  103. -Future Combat Warriors- Needs Your Help!
  104. Voice actors needed for a short animation
  105. Sector 13 / Near Complete Space Combat Game
  106. Battlefield 2 US Civil War TC recruiting
  107. Looking for 3D Artists...
  108. amnesty international spec commercial
  109. Team based CG shorts - Concept artist needed
  110. Short Film(video paint): Odysseus, Nobody
  111. Extremesoft is looking for helpers
  112. Online RPG - Seeking Manager, Artists, Programmers, Web Developer
  113. A learning project - for fun :)
  114. Dreams: Essences of Life (PAID- 3d Artist needed)
  115. Need Material and Shader Artist..Collab..Trade
  116. 2d Illustrators and Texture Artist Needed For Project Blue
  117. photographer - looking to collaborate...
  118. 3rd Person Shooter - Talent Needed
  119. Talents (2D/3D) for CD-Coverartwork Alternative/Rock
  120. Eternity's Child (CG Short Movie)
  121. Visual effects talent needed for Max Payne film...
  122. Indie game dev. team seeks some more active members!
  123. Modelers needed for a SupCom mod
  124. Short Film: Divinity
  125. VFX needed for short scifi film (unpaid)
  126. Sound designer looking to collaborate with good animators
  127. Video Game: Fatal Breed is back. PC RPG Demo looking for artists. (2D and 3D)
  128. Little Big Adventure - WIP CG movie
  129. Starcraft Chronicles
  130. Film Noir HL2 Mod
  131. Character development - an idea!
  132. 1944 D-Day looking for texture artists (Models already unwrapped)
  133. Nine Peaks 30min movie ("short")
  134. So who wants to make an Indie animated Movie?
  135. Animator looking for Modeller
  136. Character designer and storyboard artist - London based
  137. .:: Twisted Logic Studios Looking ::.
  138. Looking for talented partners for project
  139. Black logic studios - 2D texture artist
  140. In search of 3D Modeller/Animator for Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory machinima sequence
  141. =Alien Abduction= Short
  142. Fetch | Cg Short.
  143. need partner for comic
  144. Game Mod EoG recruiting
  145. my first work from 3de maxs!!!
  146. 3D Naruto-Based MMORPG Standalone - Need More Team Members
  147. Free CG Magazine
  148. Composer looking for projects
  149. The Divine - 2D, 3D, Sound Effect Artists WANTED
  150. Movie about Near Death Experience
  151. Full Length Movie Help Needed
  152. Need Mocap?
  153. Original Game: The Divine
  154. (PAID) Pixel Artist needed for RPG
  155. In search 2 team members
  156. Wanted: Animation/Character Design Artists for Monkey Island - inspired game
  157. Multiplayer FPS Game: Perfect Soldier
  158. Need help on my short film...
  159. Crazy Afternoon - Composer for hire|Music for license
  160. Needed, Charactar artist and animator
  161. Open call ->Transformers Collaborative project
  162. The "Origin" needs your support!
  163. Kynskavion Twilight - Seeking additional team members
  164. whats the point of this forum?
  165. Need help for a short cg film
  166. Overwatch RPG/Survival Horror seeking artists
  167. tikal
  168. Tiny, Vampire/Gothic themed project - one concept, one model
  169. Angels movie teaser shot with F950
  170. Short Film : Holiday Shear. Blender project
  171. Looking for voice actors
  172. Original Game: Genesis RTS Demo--Seeking Texture Artist
  173. Streets of Desire needs artists/Developers
  174. I need a team!
  175. help needed
  176. Game Project - Miniture 3D Models and Artwork needed. PAID
  177. Computer graphics artist required
  178. Carpathian Crosses
  179. FX needed for gamespot-featured "Press Start" movie
  180. Assyria - Single+Multiplayer RPG - Seeking Modellers (High and low poly) + Texturers
  181. Join the Origin_ help to create demoreel
  182. Eon Challenge - Charcter Animators Needed
  183. Collaborative team needed for CGI still shots!
  184. Feature Film project looking for remote team members...
  185. Nick NiCad - Community Project
  186. Help on projects wanted
  187. CGTalk Comunity Project: The world 1,000-100Million years later
  188. Swedish Gaming Group - Projekt Night Terror Looking For Concept Artist *in swedish*
  189. hashiriya "street racers" mod for hl2
  190. Game MOD: kousoku battle
  191. Help Wanted!
  192. Need modelers and voice actors - 3d feature length movie project
  193. Character Texturer and Animator for Game (RPG)
  194. Childs Play - CG Short
  195. Need people to collaberate with on CG DIY Sci Fi short film
  196. Maya Character Animator - Lighting Demo Reel.
  197. Anyone need a Animator?
  198. Project Wish - Needs all types of Artists/Modelers/Animators/Texturers/etc.
  199. Gameplay prototype: looking for character models
  200. Animation shop Kingston Ny
  201. Maple Meets Maya Hiring!
  202. Demo Reel Building
  203. Goldeneye: Source - Jobs Open
  204. MUSICa - The birth of a new MMOG - Help Wanted
  205. Bohica Studios and Talon 1-5 recruiting!
  206. WWII era Weapons/Character modeler and animator needed
  207. need 3d character
  208. Call For Talent: Character Modelers
  209. CG Shortfilm: Operation Lynx (TV Serie)
  210. 30 Second Animation Pitch for Investor
  211. Interested in making a Halo 3 trailer?
  212. help wanted, halo 3 short film...
  213. Realistic Textured Models Needed (free)
  214. Feature Film: Heroes, Villians and Everything In Between
  215. RPG Game Development Project
  216. Upcoming Indie Game - Seeking 2D artist and more
  217. WWII Warship Combat Simulator Project (12/19/06)
  218. The Lawyer
  219. anyone interested in a small project?
  220. Multiple Artists Needed for Game Development Project!
  221. Multiple Artists Needed for Game Development Project!
  222. Small design team
  223. Anyone interested in making a comedy animated cartoon? Animators,writers,etc. welcome
  224. Bomb Studio - Worth the Blast?
  225. Looking for a team of Artists
  226. Flashgame RPG, Wortitle: KNIGHT
  227. Set Designers/Modelers Wanted
  228. "A Flock of Goths" - Need Modeler & Rigger
  229. SciFi Film: ENIGMA [char animators needed]
  230. Digital comic book project needs artists
  231. Project set in the temples, palaces and forests of ancient India
  232. Help Needed For A Game Developpement
  233. zombie animation
  234. Wrestling anyone?
  235. Demon Descent (Fantasy Project)
  236. Concept artist and storyboarder needed to collaborate on high profile music video
  237. looking for a team to do a animated movie with
  238. Seeking VFX & 3D Artists in the Toronto area.
  239. We need 3d artists and concept artists for project
  240. Fantasy RTS - Valandor - Screenshots, Videos included
  241. Maui Alien City
  242. 3d Animator Needed For Flash Game
  243. New Show for TV.
  244. The Siege of Ilum needs you...
  245. Brand-new Must See footage of The Divine
  246. FanFilm Help Needed
  247. Looking for Sound designer for a cartoon 3D short animation
  248. Seeking Artists in all game dev related fields.
  249. Holy Key
  250. Colonial Ceremonies and Trials - BSG-77 (large images)