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  1. Big update on project
  2. Character development HELP!
  3. CHICK BAND MUSIC VIDEO: Mannequinass
  4. Game MOD: Quake 4 - Weapons Factory: Revolution
  5. Insurgency Mod Looking for Artists [Screenshots Inside]
  6. A New Project???
  7. Original Game: Shattered Faith - Texture Artist Wanted
  8. VFX short Film based off superhero characters
  9. [Wanted::Outlaws & Lawmen] We're Recruiting!
  10. The Divine - 2D Artists/3D Modelers Wanted - (Screenshots Inside)
  11. Short Scenes: Pygmalion Computer Graphics Project
  12. Help
  13. Short Film: FLOYD DROID
  14. Talented Animators Needed
  15. Movie/Game looking for Animators & Modellers
  16. 4K Short Film: Postcards From The Future
  17. Small Group
  18. Logo animation needed
  19. Modelers, Mappers and Sound Needed for PVK2 Mod!
  20. SOS oh the insanity!
  21. Game MOD Echoes of Glory seeking coders
  22. Cartoon Town Sim Needs Artists
  23. WIDDERSHINS movie project!
  24. Buffalo & Oxpecker animation project
  25. 'Only The Strong Surive II: Delusion' - An action packed machinima short film
  26. short film: "VOID" needs a storyboard artist
  27. The Last Great War seeks artists of all sorts to help.
  28. "Blue Lollypop" looking for LANDSCAPE artists!
  29. indie feature needs animation
  30. New Star Trek Machinima Series Needs Help
  31. 2D artist/gfx artist needed
  32. Recall to Hell team is searching for you!
  33. Film Documentary - Ellen G. White (False or Inspired?)
  34. Nine Peaks film
  35. Free Animation Project Management
  36. Half-Life 2 Mod: Megaman: Source needs some assistance.
  37. Mod Team Texture Artist Needed
  38. Lighting help with an 'lego' style arcade game - already have publisher
  39. Who wants to draw a friend of mine
  40. Half Life 2 Mod - In Need Of Flash Help
  41. PackageMen
  42. Painting: Team Painting, 1-2 artists!
  43. Cold fear (video game) like short film - high quality creature design
  45. Halloween short film
  46. Help! We need someone to rig a couple models!
  47. [MOD] Character modeller needed
  48. Dragonball Adventures
  49. "errÁns Alba" [cg Animated Movie Project]
  50. Frantic Games looking for talent (Screens Provided 56k warning)
  51. 3D Artists Needed
  52. Nuclear Dawn needs concept artists!
  53. i need help with my fanfilm
  54. Positions Available for Revolutionary HL2 Mod
  55. Original Game - Night Parade (Ontario)
  56. Animus Alloy Project: Crew Needed
  57. PoN a hl2 fantasy modification.
  58. Quake 3 standalone MOD looking for ANIMATOR
  59. Dino-Instinct (HL2 Mod)
  60. Half-Life 2 MOD - Nightwatch: Source seeks talented individuals.
  61. Game MOD : "Space Combat" : Sci-Fi universe looking for cooperative artist.
  62. Possible "Seoul" Halflife 2: MOD - need interested parties
  63. Concept Artists Needed for Dark Future
  64. Star Wars CG project
  65. help needed for game developement
  66. 10 Min. Short- SUBJECT:07401 (cg/liveaction integration)
  67. Warhammer 40,000 Codex Project Help
  68. Ancient Battles
  69. need a story
  70. Crystal Core is Looking for a good 3D Artist
  71. LF: Lighting & Effects artist
  72. Instinct Studios-Animators,Coders, and Modelers needed
  73. collaborate to bring bounty hunter to life
  74. Looking for concept artists...
  75. Building Giza in 3D
  76. MOD recruiting for Pro Portfolio (Unreal 3.0)
  77. Animated Short: Transit (working title)
  78. Help urgently needed!!!
  79. Star Trek Enterprise Continuation Project
  80. Star Trek Unity Update for September
  81. Racing game needs new / more graphics
  82. Need two 5 frame gui particle effects, 300x75 in pixels for our game
  83. CG war birds/live action footage, with perks
  84. 10-Minute Short Comedy Script Available
  85. Original Game: Fierce Talon
  86. [MOD] Goldeneye Source - Postions Open
  87. Creative Production/Assets Management
  88. Fantasy, epic trailer (JBG imagination)
  89. Request: Illustrator for Detailed Storyline
  90. Original Game: Ultimate Wrestling Challenge
  91. 2d Art for RPG Interface
  92. vfx help
  93. testimony
  94. Killer Planet movie project - Invitation
  95. Short Film: TimeOut
  96. Available: High Quality NURBS Modeler (looking for cinematic project)
  97. 5 Blades
  98. Original (Inspired) Game: Project Xenocide
  99. Partner for Cop movie wanted.
  100. Music Composer offering services
  101. Short Action Film: Martial Arts, Car Chases, Explosions... with style!
  102. CG Subway Train Model for Live Action Short
  103. Hollow Hill Project - looking for Team Members
  104. Arcayne : Burning Defiance MOD Seeks Skinner
  105. Thoshiro [HL2-Modification]
  106. Online Flash RPG
  107. [Indy-Game] Next Gen FPS Project Recruiting
  108. Computer Game: Spacecrafts - The Role Playing Space Crew Management Game
  109. Help found a Media Studio
  110. Rigger looking for MODELLER
  111. Student Film: Sun-Up Show-Down Looking for 3d Lighter
  112. Solar System Studios - Looking For Team for Project Destiny A MMORPG/RTS
  113. Game MOD: Pandaemonium
  114. Rigger, Animator, Muscle Simulation- Help Needed
  115. looking for texture artist to help finish game
  116. Lookin for a modeler! check out the sketch
  117. Need some one to texture level (pics inside)
  118. concept and texture artist needed
  119. In need of a player model/arm model. *Sketches*
  120. Project: White Rock in need of Modelers
  121. 3D Artist for Infinity, a futuristic open-ended game (paid)
  122. looking for a musician ...
  123. Original game : Natural Selection:Source
  124. Goon World
  125. Post 2151 Romulan Wars
  126. Epic Space Opera seeks character modelers, riggers, etc.
  127. Wretched Abandon: Modelers, Animators, Artists Needed
  128. Modelers Wanted!
  129. Recruiting: Angels Fall First
  130. Incoming Source Game Development Project
  131. Artist wanted for first-person-shooter
  132. Star Trek: Unity Promotional Trailer Release
  133. New collaborative projects: Heroes United, Wirkin and D. Ascetic - Visit our forum!!!
  134. Ravensbourne CVA Teams
  135. Traditional Artist Needed for Short Film. Payment Possible!
  136. K'ai Opera- Got modelers, need animators
  137. I can help if u need ppl
  138. 3D Sci-fi VideoClip - Help needed
  139. Original Game: Project Xenocide
  140. Looking for artist
  141. Co-modeling Proyect
  142. WANTED: Artists for Indi Film FX
  143. Request for 3d modeller / animator for Star wars film
  144. Seeking Pre-Vis Artists :)
  145. Modeling rigging
  146. Artists for World War 2 Tank Sim
  147. Looking for 2d artist for Xmas Card
  148. Star Wars Fan Film- COncept Art Needed
  149. Over-Run Recruiting
  150. Short Film : "Shards of Asgard"
  151. The project;
  152. The project; "I stared at the screen for 10 minutes and couldn't come up with a name"
  153. Musician offering help for CG movie
  154. Resistance and Liberation looking for artists
  155. Need concept artist. Anyone interested?
  156. 1944 D-Day - Recruiting (Huge 56k Warning)
  157. Looking for a concept
  158. Game Mod: Ground Zero (RPG) -image intensive
  159. Need some artistic help
  160. Ministry of Combat - Looking for new members.
  161. Original Game (MMORPG): Etherea: Dark Genesis
  162. Original Game: Liberatus (RPG)
  163. Crux of a SHOW REEL
  164. Short Feature Film: SAAA (Swedish)
  165. Looking for Concept Artist...
  166. 3D ATTACK is looking for...
  167. Star Trek: Unity - November Update
  168. Game MOD: Quake 4 Fortress - HELP WANTED!
  169. Star Wars Fan Film: Grievous, Force unbound
  170. Morguefile magazine
  171. The EVON Project
  172. Game Mod: "Warp: Dimensional War" - Seeking artists
  173. The Bible - Genesis
  174. Looking for artist for Demo project.
  175. Return of Pink Five Vol. 2 - 3d Modelling/Texturing
  176. CG backgrounds wanted for feature film
  177. Project GiL enviroments needed
  178. I wanna make my 2D character design into 3D. OMG, help!!
  179. Need help with a Uni project, quick photoshop job...
  180. Over-Run Recruitment
  181. Game Design students project ">System_" is looking for 3D artists
  182. CGI Help requested for The Emperor's New Clones
  183. CG effects/Shader coder needed for established Mod Team
  184. Star Trek: Unity - December News
  185. I need an animater please.
  186. The Invisible Man Fan Film
  187. Fan Film: The Invisible Man
  188. Sci-Fi project seeks CG animators, some pay $$$
  189. Not a "project": Helping each other out. Concept-artists look within.
  190. Generals Space Conquest: Birth of Earth Federation
  191. EAW - Gundam Mod - Need modders
  192. Mech: Battle Assault needs prop modeler.
  193. Mod project: Sci-Fi Wars to the Starfleet Command 3 game, seeking for modelers...
  194. X-Com: UFO Defense Project
  195. Game MOD: Quake 4 Fortress
  196. Original Game in advanced stages: Art Dept. Openings.
  197. needs human skull model
  198. Lazarus HL2 Mod seeks help
  199. Need some help promoting a website for cg freelancers.
  200. Game MOD: Oceans
  201. Looking for some help - large project
  202. Extreme Realism- Help wanted
  203. Reconstructing the garden of EDEN
  204. Independent Sci-Fi Action Film Project in Hawaii Seeks Artist
  205. [FarCry MOD] Character modeller and animators needed
  206. Game: Orb (Action/Adventure title)
  207. RPG seeking 3d artists!
  208. Concept Artist Needed
  209. Starship Concept Help
  210. 'KITE' Requires concept artist(s)
  211. PVKII mod needs Animators and more!
  212. I need somebody to do something for me.
  213. Cgtalker Collage
  214. [HL2DM: MOD] Recruiting
  215. Dead Regiment - Game in need of artists
  216. 1944 D-Day : Recruiting to finish E3 Demo
  217. German Artists / Deutschland
  218. I like to do something...
  219. Birthstar, GDC Demo
  220. EAW - Mini-Race pack
  221. I need a team logo for paintball will pay money
  222. New Game: S2D2
  223. Clover Studios Recruiting.
  224. Helpp!!!!really Need It Plz Read!!
  225. CG Group
  226. Mechwarrior Movie Project
  227. Mod Help : FAMAS inside
  228. Request.. (hope this is leagel in this forum)
  229. Seeking 2D Artist for Original Game: Hero of Allacrost
  230. Getty_images_comp
  231. Theft
  232. Need help for free rig for animators
  233. Short Film : Office Game
  234. Game MOD: Deus Ex Project HDTP [high definition texture package]
  235. Rising Ember (Recruiting)
  236. Freeware Game Dev Team In Need of 2D Artist
  237. compositor / 2d effects artist available
  238. UberHardware custom BIG RIG design project
  239. There making a movie and need your HELP:
  240. Looking For a 3Ds Max Artist
  241. Short Movie: Domination
  242. Short Movie : Nostalgia
  243. concept artist
  244. Anyone 3dmax artist who can help modeling
  245. need people for a small mmorpg
  246. Project Lost Tomorrow recruiting
  247. Space Animation Movie Series, Recruitement
  248. Heavenly Bodies Demo & Movie Trailer|Nest Egg Studios Projects
  249. Dark Future Project - Artists needed fast
  250. Indie film needs CG artists