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  1. original game : recruting artists
  2. I need an alien.. possibly a UFO aswell
  3. Chinese Sword Design
  4. 3D short film: Conceptual artists needed!
  5. Animators for HL2 Mod project wanted
  6. Music Video - The Bleeding Alarm
  7. HL2 mod- SOURCEBALL
  8. Under the darkness
  9. WW2 Tank Simulation Seeking Low-Poly Texturers/Modellers
  10. Looking for Manager(s) (For Indie Game)
  11. Point of Existence Mod Team Hiring Modellers
  12. Point of Existence Mod Team Hiring Modellers
  13. Warriors of the Apocalypse mod experience
  14. 10 second project
  15. trailers for text books
  16. Low Poly modeller required for Warscale
  17. THE GABRIEL STRAIN -- Scifi Collab
  18. Mesh creater wanted for Splinter Cell Map
  19. Reca|| to He|| - Looking for Animators, Texturers, Concepters...
  20. suzuki rendering
  21. Insurgency Mod looking to fill Art-related Positions
  22. Small GBA/PC game on free time
  23. Delta Team wants YOU!!!
  24. HL2 Project D.R.A.C.T.E.N (Modelers + Animators Wanted)
  25. Artists for CnC Generals style RTS needed.
  26. 3D Animation Film short: Start-up Studio
  27. CellarRoom is looking for a 3d logo/avatar etc
  28. A Little Help Please :)
  29. Concept Drawers wanted
  30. RealCommand: WW2 3D RTS Seeking Devs
  31. Highpoly modlers wanting to break into the game industry
  32. Help Needed For 3d Animated Film Project
  33. Punic Wars
  34. Help Wanted: Videogame With Major Distrubution, Looking For Talent Of All Types
  35. Looking to team up/form professional relationships for future...
  36. Need concept artist for our game.
  37. I will light your scene/object for practice, Maya 6/Mental Ray
  38. Music Composer / Sound Designer available for collaboration
  39. Looking For Flash Animator For 2-3 Minute Project
  40. Comic Book Colorist Needed
  41. need concept artists and modelers
  42. John Woo Style Action Animated Short
  43. Concept Artist(s) Needed
  44. 3d Modellers needed for modern day RPG
  45. Anyone want to do some game characters ?
  46. looking for people to join "system"
  47. Myth-adventures of the Muses needs help
  48. Animated short needs a little help
  49. Game Mod: Goldeneye Source seeks 3D Artists, Coders.
  50. Demo pitch - Birthstar update
  51. Movie Intro Animation
  52. Online Strategy Game Needs Models
  53. Animation Project
  54. Game-Dreams Looking for 2d/3d Mappers
  55. In need of Mappers, animators, and more for Hl2 Mod.
  56. Nus:R team on the lookout
  57. anyone interested in animating a strip
  58. BF2 Mod - We need a modeller
  59. Sketch Artist needed
  60. Concept artists for a TV style guide/Bible
  61. DME looking for animator and texture artist
  62. Animators Wanted: RTS Game
  63. Seeking skilled modelers and\or texture artists!
  64. BIG project needs Artists
  65. Seventy Six - Extream Action Short
  66. I will model character if you send a cool fantasy concept
  67. I will model character if you send a cool fantasy concept
  68. 3D artists wanted for KICK ASS SCI-FI/ACTION Short: "Praxis"
  69. Robotic Arms - Deferred payment
  70. 3d artist modeler - animetor - text..... and another
  71. Programmer seeks artists for "Hostile Planet"
  72. Troopers: Dawn of Destiny is looking for an Animator/s
  73. Looking for collaborators: Various Projects
  74. Business Minded LWavers
  75. Musician available
  76. Short Film: Postcards
  77. Game Mod: Gundam Project: Universal Century
  78. looking for Artists
  79. HL2 mod seeking artists
  80. Atonement RTS/RPG - Seeking Artists
  81. No More Room In Hell (Half-Life 2 Modification)
  82. Cataclysmos MMORPG
  83. Angels Fall First: TC Looking for Artistic help!
  84. Short Film - A War Story
  85. How can CGTalk help with Collab Projects?
  86. Project Status & Recruitment
  87. Help Wanted & Collaborative Project Listings
  88. Open volunteer 3D artist/animator position / Lone Wolf Online freeware MMORPG
  89. HalfLife2 MOD Concept Artist recruit
  90. Anyone interested in contributing storyboards for a new short?
  91. Help for producing Cartoonish Comedy Movie...
  92. Frog Animation Project
  93. Animators needed
  94. Need modelers for short film "Snowball's Chance in Hell"
  95. p.d. Project Frankenstein
  96. Game Project: The SoulKeeper - Animators and Modelers wanted
  97. Project Frankenstein - 3d animated short, horror/action
  98. Frog Returns Animation Project
  99. Reign Of Militias - A Cyberpunk RPG [ANIMATORS/SKINNERS/TEXTURERS]
  100. Want to redo the Sound and/or Music on your animated short?
  101. CG PFlow Driven Space Battle - Any Help Appreciated
  102. maya explosion fx expert needed to help with student pro
  103. A RISING THREAT - Need more texture, modelling, and animation artists!
  104. collabrotive movie- Heroes United
  105. Battlefield 2 Mod Seeks Texture Artist
  106. A call for artists
  107. Wanted: Modeler, Animator, Texture Artist
  108. Underwater Stereoscopic Short: Monk Seals
  109. Dreams-EoL(RPG) needs 3d house models
  110. 3D modeller needet for a computer game
  111. Need help a cg film
  112. web project: Face anatomy
  113. Various artists needed - 2D arial view online spaceship game (3D textured)
  114. Looking for voice actors for a short animation
  115. Lead Animator Required for FarCry MOD..
  116. Animated Film 'Ultraviolent' Seeking All Artists
  117. Mod-Project and possible follow-up
  118. -PON-The Zelda inspired mod for HL2.Concept Artist recruit.
  119. Age Of Wonder
  120. Crossbeam Studios Entertainment : Modelers Needed
  121. short film-techboom! reqd:concept artist
  122. Vengeance Is War - fps/tpa game needing 2d/3d artists
  123. looking for programmer
  124. Feature Film - Star Wars Sith War
  125. CG for Cable Horror Series: No Experience Required
  126. webcomic/comicbook, colour artist needed
  127. (Programmers Needed)
  128. Kite, a collaborative short film.
  129. (Software Developer needed)
  130. artists needed for game pitch
  131. (recruiting Members)
  132. Post-Apoc / Cyberpunk MMO Project: core members seeking more (media/info inside)
  133. Ex-10-cEntS (catchy term) Existence is looking for your aid.
  134. Animation Short
  135. Game weapon and character modelers
  136. Looking for 3d artists to help with Final Fantasy 6 Fan Film
  137. Possible Script Reviewer and Helper?
  138. developper required (for a small tool)
  139. Lunatics - Strategy Turn-Based Shooting Game (More 3D, 2D guys and Animatiors needed)
  140. CG Indie Feature
  141. Reca|| to He|| - Hiring Skybox Designers | Skinning Artists
  142. Short Film - Return of Pink Five
  143. Need a great name
  144. CLanlogo MAker search
  145. 2D Artwork for a Space Ship Mulitlplayer Online Role Playing Game needed
  146. RPG game: 3D animator required (possibly paid)
  147. Short Film: -Blood Pool-
  148. Star Wars - Feature Film Project
  149. Assault On Precinct 13: The Game
  150. Project Medieval Knight Recruiting
  151. Star Wars fan film- Not feature length, for God's sake
  153. Sci-fi, erotic and horror together!
  154. Looking to form a team of designers for...
  155. multiplayer 3D diablo clone looking for artists (public testing soon)
  156. URGENT: BRAWL seeking rigger/animator
  157. 3D/ VFX Artists - Toronto (GTA)
  158. 2d Sprite Artist needed for 3d-ish RPG
  159. Dawn of War: Thousand Sons ....looking for illustrator
  160. Spacecraft Simulation: Looking for a 3D Modeler
  161. CGI/Visual FX Pro Needed - Will Pay
  162. Trojan War, Resident Evil(HL2Mod)
  163. Recruiting For A New Animation Project
  164. Need 2D art for shareware games. Will pay.
  165. The Mekong for Operation Flashpoint 2
  166. Anime Artist needed for Video Game
  167. Wanted 3D Artist's For Animated Movie
  168. Concert Crowd Scene
  169. Searching for Model Texturer/Skinner
  170. Final Escape
  171. CG Artists Required For Time Travel Series
  172. Post apocalyptic?
  173. Opportunity Knocks
  174. Bloodthirst modification - Looking to expand the team
  175. Galaxy B.C. -- Blender Project
  176. Looking for help on animated film
  177. Composer & SFX Designer: Seeking Project
  178. Lone Wolf Online - A med fan freeware MMORPG looking for volunteers
  179. Short film: Game Show
  180. Eternal Silence Looking for artists
  181. The Lordz: Napoleonic Total War 2
  182. PSEUDO EGO -- Scifi and something more...
  183. 3d Animator needed for game cutscenes
  184. Original Game: Fantastic Voyage
  185. Multimedia/Game Project is hiring texture and animation artists
  186. Pirates Vikings & Knights 2 Needs You!
  187. Wipeout mod for Unreal Tournament 2004
  188. MMORPG Artist Job Open
  189. Help needed for a 3d based Animated Indian Moral Stories
  190. Revolt! A Battlefield 2 Modification is looking for Artists
  191. artists needed
  192. Short Animated Film - Collaborative Project
  193. I need HELP!
  194. modeller for short animated film wanted
  195. INFALLIBLE THE MOVIE (Live action 30min Movie)
  196. Short Film (45mins): ENIGMA
  197. 2d monster Artist needed for RPG
  198. CGtalk FILM Collaboration, calling all people!
  199. Original Game: Vatan (gameplay video inside)
  200. Serious 3D Game Development Project Looking for Help
  201. Modelers Unite, How Good Are You?
  202. small 3D & 2D short film
  203. Project GalaxyXQ - First Light
  204. Apprehension: Unique UT2k4 Mod seeking Concept and 3d Artists.
  205. Creativespeed: Racing to the limit
  206. Zelda INSPIRED mod for TES;oblivion
  207. I need help!
  208. 1944 Indie Game New Content (56k Warning) Join Now
  209. compositor looking for a short scene
  210. Skinners/Unwrappers needed!
  211. Modeler Wanted, Bring This Guy To Life!!!
  212. Web Show: Nostradamus needs Motion Graphics Artist(s)
  213. sci-fi short "BLUE LOLLYPOP" needs CG artists!
  214. Modeler wanted for short film character
  215. 3d Rendered Interiors needed for VideoGame
  216. 0 A.D. -- Game Dev Project -- Seeking Texture Artists and Animators
  217. looking for yukikaze and macross models for rc project
  218. Ankh Entertainment Job Offers - for the upcoming MMORPG, Legacy of Cyaron.
  219. Animators/Modelers Wanted
  220. "Stars of Call" space simulation between Elite-like and RTS
  221. Urban Terror Wants You!
  222. HL2 Mod: Troy - Divine Playgrounds
  223. need a short walk cycle, everything already set up
  224. DESTINY - CG Short Film
  225. Feature Film: Les MisÚrables
  226. 3d artists required for 3d chat project
  227. Game Mod: Inuyasha Mod
  228. LOTR models wanted
  229. Digital Paint Chain Image !!
  230. 3D Artists Needed for Post-Apocalyptic RPG
  231. Can someone help me by modelling a microphone?
  232. Project "Genius at work" - Let's do it !
  233. HL2: GoldenEye: Source
  234. Urban Games recruiting.
  235. TERRA GENETRIX - A Collaborative Science Fiction and Future Project
  236. Original Game: Web based Dungeon Master remake. Artists welcome.
  237. Original Game: Webbased Dungeon Master remake needs artist
  238. Original Game Design - MAFIA
  239. Wretched Abandon HL2 TC: Artist Needed
  240. Sword Battling Mod need an Animator
  241. Fan Film: Batman 1989 Prequel - I need your help!!
  242. Need design contrubutions to a fun character!
  243. Need Help Making 3d
  244. FanFilm: The Next-Generation of Heroes 2 - (Need 2D Artist)
  245. Concept design for 3d Short
  246. matrix spoof needs an intro scene (somewhat simple)
  247. Morgue texturing needed for "Don't Drink and Drive" commercial project
  248. Any Digital Painters out there with some free time?
  249. Maya or Max Animator for Game Mod wanted!
  250. Looking for a modeler!!