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  1. Corporate Anarchy - cyberpunk rpg/fps for half-life2
  2. (Graphics Designers)
  3. Original Game: Strive on Conflict
  4. Expanded Universe Mod for Star Wars Battlefront
  5. Serious Game Project Looking For Help
  6. projet francophone -*- game production recruting 2d/3d/prod/sound artists
  7. Original Game Project: Staff Needed
  8. Blades of Blood: The Foretold Ninja - Game Mod.
  9. Original Game : COLONY 51
  10. Greg Bear supported mod/game of EON
  11. Game Mod: Insurgency for HL2 looking for an Animator
  12. Looking for Mod help
  13. [French Machinima Based On Doom 3]
  14. Want to join a gaming group
  15. Short Film - The reality behind Lawn Gnomes
  16. Indie MMORPG development group, looking for:
  17. concept artist needed (character design)
  18. Dracten - Half Life 2 Mod - Wanted Texture Artists
  19. Warcraft III Starcraft mod, 2 years in dev, want more art help, pics
  20. Space Quest I mod for DOOM3
  21. Game Mod: Space Quest for DOOM3
  22. 3D Modeling/Animating Help Needed
  23. Game Mod: "Epidemic" for Doom 3
  24. Original Game: Sky and Beyond MMORPG.
  25. freelancer for car models
  26. Feature Film: Untitled, Fantasy, w/investors
  27. 3D Skybox Artist Request
  28. Talent visual effects all rounder/team needed (CG, compositing etc).
  29. Any body need original music/sounds?
  30. 'Once' MMORPG looking for Concept/2D artists
  31. what game would you like?
  32. Science fiction cg-movie project: "Omniscient"
  33. Game MOD: The Dark Mod, Doom 3
  34. In progress RPG: Ending World - recruiting. SCREENS included.
  35. Advanced GFX mud looking for new talents
  36. TV Series: Starhyke (3ds max artists, texture artists, animators req'd)
  37. Pre Production Positions Open CGI (Director, Artists, Writers, Storyboarders etc.)
  38. WW2 RTS Project : Graphics Artist needed
  39. children tale "The Soldier and Death"
  40. Music in animation
  41. GAME MOD: Shadowed Fates for HL 2- WE WANT YOU!
  42. Game MOD: Doom 3 Fortress - Modeler needed
  43. Original Game: Looking for GFX artist
  44. Half Life 2!
  45. Airships/Zeppelins as Buses in the Sky
  46. New here, but...
  47. original game : search 2d/3d low res artist
  48. Game Mod Echoes of Glory
  49. 2D/3D Animators wanted! Short film, NYC
  50. Game Graphics Needed
  51. Game artist looking for some character work
  52. Searching Texturers
  53. Game Mod: Dracten: The Lost Game for Half Life 2
  54. Game Mod: Insurgency Mod now looking for Vehicle Skinner!
  55. Hereafter mod team
  56. Buhi Ako [group webcomic]
  57. Character Artist for mod (BF2)
  58. Gangland looking for Character modeler
  59. Sapphire Scar Doom 3 mod looking for Modelers & Animators
  60. Sapphire Scar Doom 3 mod looking for Modelers & Animators
  61. CG Artists Wanted - Serious Project
  62. "A Hard Life" project ... looking for artists ...
  63. Original Game: Final Dawn
  64. Original Game : Last Rytes - Looking for Set Artists!
  65. Original Game: Last Rytes - 3D Artists Needed!
  66. Far cry the Cerebrus Protocol: Location artists and modellors needed
  67. Hl2MOD: Terra:Choose Your Destiny
  68. texture artists needed! (lots of easy texture work)
  69. Webdesigner wanted!
  70. Short Film: Final Outpost
  71. Original Game - Fierce Talon - seeking 3D modelers
  72. CRABTREE VFX SHORT: Maya artists needed
  73. Black Comedy: CRABTREE VFX SHORT
  74. Nanite Studios(ex. DarkVortex), Looking for Concept Artists
  75. Original Game - Midnight Manhattan seeking Character modellers
  76. 3d Artist Sought
  77. Looking to exchange models for rigs in XSI
  78. Texture Artist for RTS Game
  79. Game MOD: Fighters Unlimited
  80. Shattered Existence mod in need of concept artists
  81. Recruiting For A License-Based Mod
  82. Texture/UV Artist needed
  83. Damnation Project - Looking for Matter Artist
  84. WW1 Mod Searching for more modellers
  85. Game MOD: Master Sword Continued
  86. Looking for Lightwave collaborator(s)
  87. Original Point 'n Click Game: "POC"
  88. Kinda wacky idea
  89. In search of a concept artist.
  90. Original Game: Slaughter Online
  91. Looking for new recruits.........still
  92. MMORTS: Sigma Triad, looking for artist and sound engineer
  93. Very Exciting Film: FATAL BREED. Get Involved!
  94. Mafia Game : Stratagy Game, Looking For Staff
  95. "Paul and His Bananas" needs you!
  96. Game MOD: Dark Mod for Doom III
  97. UT2004 Mod: Weapon Modelers and animators required
  98. FFV Mod want you...
  99. personal animation: need a char rigger!
  100. Half-Life 2 Mod based on WW1: Requesting talent of all forms
  101. seek hi-res character for technological demo
  102. Need truck mesh for pttm game
  103. Short Film: Digital Glass & Set Extensions
  104. Omniscient: short cg film looking for environment designer
  105. We need concept art for building a game.
  106. Searching artists for continued development of mmorpg
  107. Mercury-Sky in need of Artistic Talent
  108. To all 3D-Modellers
  109. ThirtyMinutes
  110. Texture artists & modellers needed for FPS/RPG game
  111. Original Game: Star Space Online MMO
  112. Still Image or Short Film: The CG Rebellion
  113. The Award Showdown : A Steven Spielberg vs. George Lucas Animated Short Film
  114. Project Raven looking for a few more members
  115. Half Life 2 Mod, Futuristic Fantasy
  116. Fantasy Characters and Environments
  117. Team Project
  118. The War of Time: Collaberative Team Project
  119. CG exchange!
  120. Want to help make a MOD? Consider this...
  121. Short Film: SuperWurst
  122. Iraqi Deliverance is looking for members
  123. Project - Dragonlance
  124. Guitarist Video Game...need help with models
  125. Masters: Why are you doing this?
  126. Remake project "Spore" needs graphical assistance
  127. UK - Looking for help starting a mod. "The After Effect"
  128. Short Film: "The Veldt"
  129. Original Game: Open-Source MMORPG titled The Grey War
  130. Game MOD: Aftermath
  131. PierArch: Story for comic...maybe soon a 3D film/show
  132. STARTUP COMPANY - Now Hiring - Now Staffing - Join in!
  133. Short film:Axe of Vengeance
  134. Seeking artists for new 3d resource site.
  135. Cg Opening Title Animator! Urgent!
  136. Searching a modeler for a creature...
  137. (FR) Original Game - Pro ambition - Looking for 2D Graphist/animator
  138. "Tribute to Darkness" - Looking for Character/Weapon Modelers and Skinners (maps too)
  139. Original Game: Onin Wars
  140. Online Gaming Service: Gamers Playground
  141. GameMod: HoldOut (HL2)
  142. Original Game: Mysticora Battles
  143. GameMod: Umbra Pax (HL2)
  144. Short Film: Eva Corrupta
  145. Feature Film: Project Galaxy QX: First Light
  146. Movie: The Lord of the Mojo [Beyond Imagination Limited]
  147. Need help with building computer game.
  148. [Short Film] - Project I.C.E [Celshaded Science Fiction Project]
  149. Anyone wanna hook me up with a 2d image? :D
  150. game mod: Apprehension needs additional artists
  151. Looking for scenes to light
  152. Short Film: War of the Worlds (Working Title)
  153. Logo Animation
  154. titan village: Game Project - Need 2d artist/animators
  155. In need of ambitious people:
  156. Original Game: Space Quest 7
  157. 1944 Indie Game :: Recruiting
  158. 3d SciFi/Fantasy Comic, call for 2d painter
  159. realistic urban spaces
  160. Voice-over needed..
  161. Just a way of offering myself...
  162. Wheelie Evolution: 3D Still collaborative image
  163. Concept Artists: for Wretched Abandon (sci-fi)
  164. Project:Wyctil
  165. modelling needed for a gamedev project!
  166. Game MOD: City Havoc: Half Life 2 MOD
  167. The Jedi's Journey: Puppet/CG "Star Wars" Spoof
  168. innovative movie making idea
  169. Graphics Artists Needed For 'Myst-Type' Game
  170. Game MOD: Methrid - The War for Tempus
  171. Another 3d model editor
  172. is looking for Python Coders!
  173. Music Composer / Sound Designer available for collaboration
  174. Feature Film: DORK OF THE RINGS (seeking animators)
  175. Original Game: RPG-FPS Hybrid Seeking Concept Artist(s)
  176. pictures for a short story
  177. Looking for Concept Artists/3D Modellers
  178. Jack Kalibur: Recruiting Modelers and Programmers....Worth a Look!!!
  179. Original Game: Jack Kalibur: Recruiting Modelers and Programmers....Worth a Look!!!
  180. The Grand Space Opera Music Video!
  181. Fortress Forever : A TF Mod for Source : Recruiting
  182. Turning 20th Century Painting into 3D
  183. Talaus Online - Concept Artist needed...
  184. enyone as crazy in texturing as i am in modeling
  185. enyone as crazy in texturing as i am in modeling
  186. The Last Great War looking for artist (HL2 Mod)
  187. from novels to cg movies
  188. Texture Artist Needed (XSI Preferred)
  189. Level Builders needed: Eternal Lands, MMORPG
  190. Looking for a 2d artist!!!
  191. In need of CG artists for Short Sci-Fi Movie
  192. Mistlands online RPG looking for artists
  193. Star Wars: The Final Apprentice
  194. Academy of Art 3D Animators
  195. Help Out A growing Gmail community
  196. LW Animation artist needed to join video game team
  197. Freebie CyberPunk Card Game Needs Art
  198. search help for a short sci-fi cg movie
  199. YaGEM, character modeling help.
  200. Seeking 3D Modellers/Animators: Online FPS Game
  201. PA comic concept needs YOU!
  202. Collaborative 2D art project Zoom Quilt - Very Fun!
  203. Animated Mini Series: Conflict Diamonds (modeler & texture artist)
  204. Recruiting for Spatial Fear Sequel (for HL2)
  205. Send your Animations for TV screening
  206. LOOKING for other MOVIE goaled artists..
  207. Black Dragon HL2 Mod Requesting assistance
  208. Looking for a texture and Max material artist for a small project.
  209. Game MOD: City Havoc: Half Life 2 MOD
  210. Looking for Sci-Fi 3d artists
  211. italian short moovie: we want you!
  212. ApolloStudio recruiting.
  213. Hydrophobia Mapping Team Recruiting
  214. ANIMATION - VErY BASIC RIG NEEDED. wll pay $$
  215. atom breaker demo - coder required
  216. Artists needed!!
  217. Fan based Fallout project seeks graphics artists and people skilled in animation
  218. Short Animation: Alien Prison
  219. Shirowproject HL2 team members needed
  220. Printed Poster: Theme for a Relay for Life Poster
  221. Short Film: "Kite"
  222. Short CG Film: "Kite"
  223. Feature film - Warrior Sisters - Concept designer required for small creature
  224. Looking for Character Modellers and Texture Artists.
  225. head modeler needed for MOD
  226. Mech Commando: Operation Killzero & Speed Check
  227. Birthstar: Frontline, proof of concept; Artists needed!
  228. Game Artist looking for a worthy Mod
  229. Untitled Scifi Project (previously know as ICE)
  230. The Obstacles: Short film project
  231. Convert Studios, looking for people.
  232. Human Evolution - Search a graphic designer
  233. Music Video : animation help needed
  234. 3d Modellers Needed
  235. 3D Fantasy MMORPG seeking texturists, character modelers.
  236. Looking For Team Members
  237. Massive Multiplayer RPG! Graphic Designers Wanted!
  238. kitt Knight Rider car idea
  239. Seeking Car concept designer for HL2 mod CARBALL
  240. "Fallen Angel" Game Demo Team needed
  241. 3d modeller for Artistic RPG
  242. Wookiees Jawas and the rest
  243. Looking for 2D/texture/photoshop artist for collaboration on charaters project
  244. Mixing it up
  245. Music video : CG / animator required
  246. ---> Paradise Lost Recruiting <---
  247. CG film, will pay for concept art! (Fatal Breed)
  248. Original Game: Paradise Lost
  249. Architecture 3D modelers needed
  250. Real-time coherent raytracer: looking for detailed indoor scenes