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  1. HL2 Entropy mod recrutes
  2. Dark Blood: Apocalypse Tomorow
  3. Soccer (Football) Fans
  4. Senior Level Environment Artist
  5. UT2004 mod 'WoE' seeks character modeller(s)
  6. New magazine "Identik" looking for artists......
  7. I'm looking for a few decent Maya people
  8. 3D texture/lighting specialist urgently sought
  9. Concept Artist for Space Station Design
  10. 2 projects - need MAX ppl
  11. MylesArt Visuals Searches 3D Animators
  12. Silent Hill Mod Half Life 1
  13. Texture Artists needed
  14. Short Film Texture artists needed
  15. Far Cry Mod Dark Blood: Apocalypse Tomorrow Hiring
  16. Looking to make an animated DVD
  17. Game: 3D RPG Adventure Demo. Texture artists needed!
  18. Empire, 3D illustrated/animated story
  19. 2-D adventure game: Character animator needed for Wild West comedy-adventure
  20. (Armed Forces) 2D and concept artists needed
  21. HELP wanted- Warhammer 40K Vehicle/Close quarters combat HL2 mod
  22. For beginners or anyone interested..
  23. Black Hawk Down mod. could use help
  24. Professional Composer Available
  25. EVOLUTION: Winners! Totitch & Fellah
  26. Evolution: A Collab Contest
  27. Ut2k4 Mod Recruits!
  28. Serching 3D artist for completing Shoot'em up
  29. [UT2004] Forsaken Time
  30. Evolution: Looking for modeller who can do cartoons
  31. Evolution: Jeroentje's concepts
  32. Boeing 747 project
  33. Looking for a figure artist for comic book project
  34. B-Movie
  35. Evolution: Max4d concept
  36. Evolution collaberation - looking for 2d artist
  37. Evolution: PSYCHON's concepts
  38. Any modellers in the NYC area?
  39. Boomstick Studios' Heatwave Mod
  40. Any programmers out there?
  41. Indie team searching for 3D artist
  42. Evolution - Teyon's Concepts.
  43. UK Film School Maya Modellers for Short Film - 'HOPE' - small fee
  44. Evolution: Sherpa
  45. Evolution: simple alien 2D concept to model
  46. NeoSpawn Games needs Programers!
  47. Evolution Lordrych's Concepts
  48. Half Life 2 Mod Needs Artists
  49. Evolution: Xi Lin
  50. Condor Film Group Seeks Maya Modeler
  51. Project Reprisal
  52. Evolution: Cartoon character models needed!!
  53. Level Builders wanted!!!
  54. Evolution: female characterdesigns
  55. Superhero Fun Project
  56. Natural Selection: Infestation (A Fan Movie Project)
  57. Game MOD: Homeric Epic
  58. Any Ninja Turtle Fans here wanna help out with a 3D Project?
  59. Living the Good Life: (Ride with me/artists unite)
  60. Bay Area matte painter needed for project
  61. I need a 3d designer to help me in my game
  62. Looking for some modders...
  63. 3D Maya animators urgently needed for indie film
  64. Feature Film: Fear People
  65. Game: Texture artist & modeler needed.
  66. HL2 Modification - Recruiting
  67. Free Game Every Friday:
  68. High Quality Character Modelers Wanted
  69. Polar Bear Studios Hiring 3d Modelers for Term Project
  70. in search of voice actors
  71. MOD hiring.
  72. A project in the works...
  73. EVOLUTION : Xav will design, Slythis will model :D
  74. Short Animated Film: Help Needed!
  75. New Sci-fi Short Film.
  76. Armed Forces
  77. Green Devils: Crete 1941 a FarCry mod
  78. MMORPG Team Recruiting Artists/Modelers - Only those with sufficient time!
  79. Evolution: Warrior Girl
  80. Silent Planet HL2 Project looking for new talents -
  81. Original Game: Final Domination Seeks Talented Concept Artist(s)
  82. 3D Modeler / Artist for Japanese Style Game
  83. Evolution: Edco's concepts
  84. Evolution - EBKen's concepts
  85. 3D Model of Planet Earth
  86. Evolution: Xi Lin's Lover-bot needs a modeller
  87. Looking for Sound/Music Designer *Urgent*
  88. Need Modeller/Animator for a Cartoon-like Game
  89. Game Mod: Worst Winter
  90. What a wonderful world ,movie idea
  91. Project FY ( Screenshots inside )
  92. Evolution: 3 character concepts
  93. Classic Gaming Revisited
  94. Low-poly modelers needed for 3D Space Opera (it's an actual opera)
  95. Programmers who know unreal engine (UT2K4)
  96. Evolution : aminator's entry
  97. @Aminator
  98. Toronto Studio
  99. Wanted: 3D Character Modelers (Fantasy,Sci Fi)
  100. MMORTS seeking artists (2d and 3d), screenshots included
  101. Evolution-Shawn's concepts
  102. Industry Sound Designer / Song Composer seeking to colaberate with 3d artists.
  103. Industry Sound Designer / Song Composer seeking to collaborate with 3d artists.
  104. HELP NEEDED - Star Wars Interface Work (Graphics)
  105. Flash Animator Needed
  106. The Icarus Project -heavy image load-
  107. NeoSpawn Games needs help with Twisted Fate!
  108. DarkVortex: Help Wanted.
  109. Character Modeller
  110. Eden Eclipse UT2004 Mod hiring
  111. "Evolution: HotDog"
  112. Gangland needs skinner! Our Battlefield Vietam Mod Gangland needs some skinner, if yo
  113. Looking for collaborators/advice for 3D Modeling/Animation project
  114. Black Dragon Needs Your Help (Again)
  115. 2D Matte Scene Designing
  116. Looking for a Maya texture artist
  117. RPG Project looking for Modelers and Animators
  118. dbz mod
  119. Guns 'n' posers a short animation
  120. Seeking short, COMPLETED animation projects---any style!
  121. Dragonball Z RPG Project looking for Programmers
  122. Help
  123. The Premonition: Star Wars short already in Post in need of Character Modeler(s)
  124. Looking For A CG Team for a "Matrix" Fan Film and Original Projects.
  125. [Lands of Lore] Programmer needed
  126. Artists, 3d modellers, animators, website designers
  127. Large-Scale Game Dev - Half-Life 2 Engine - Animator Positions Avalible!
  128. Exchange Of Services
  129. Knight Shift: Character animator wanted
  130. Help
  131. Any Needed For Help?
  132. Wanted 2D Animator - Flash (Dragons Lair Quality)
  133. looking for artists
  134. Feature Film: Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses
  135. Origional Game Demo: The Deep Blue - A Tactical Space Game
  136. Looking for all areas
  137. ANSARI X PRIZE race to space news website design contest
  138. Open
  139. Need Voice Actors In Chicago
  140. Aegis:2375 - A Collaborative Science Fiction Project
  141. Red Orchestra Mod is Recruiting
  142. submit!
  143. needed animators and texturers for amateur game dev
  144. Students Video Game Project, 2D comic artist / concept artist
  145. "A Hard Life" team needs help (unpaid)
  146. Panda Evil
  147. 3D Fighting Game
  148. Feature Film - Polyradah - 3D/2D Needed for very special project - No pay - just love
  149. looking for modeler
  150. Adventure Game : Sealed Lips (Working Title)
  151. Texture-artists and uvwmappers wanted
  152. Sci-fi Short Seeks Effects Artist
  153. Game MOD: Point of Existence
  154. Science Fiction Project
  155. Game MOD: NeoShock (HL2)
  156. Game Tech - Visualization Research
  157. Concept artist for high-profile game project needed
  158. Free 3D job - german airplanes
  159. Final Fantasy 7
  160. Project Raven - Looking for texture artists
  161. Make a fun project
  162. SoundDesigner is looking for short animation to do SFX for free !!!
  163. Texture Artist Wanted - Dracten (Half Life 2 mod)
  164. Convert Studios Open Areas
  165. Final Fantasy VI Animation Project
  166. Need animators and texture 3d artists mostly
  167. Damn Dirty Apes
  168. Help needed for a live action film
  169. ABC WAR ROBOT -From Judge Dredd Motion Picture-
  170. Splintered Kingdoms RPG Looking for Artists
  171. Need help whit concept car.
  172. Character modeler needed
  173. Animators / Texture artists mostly
  174. New Dev Team: Modeler Needed
  175. Tears of liberty
  176. Montreal area newbies need only apply
  177. Indie Game Developer Seeking Artists
  178. 3D RPG: SCENE modeler needed. Come & See :)
  179. Half Life 2 needs a new website
  180. New Collaboration Project (tim burton style)
  181. Minas Tirith Project || Part 2
  182. Looking for 3D / Modelers for PC Pitfall Clone
  183. Need help creating a new World (machinima project needs concept art help)
  184. Navy Seals : Covert Operations for Quake 3
  185. Original Game: EclipseGL
  186. Artists Needed for Next-Gen Game (website/screenshots)
  187. What If Meteors Prevail - Animator and Texture/Skin Artist Needed
  188. Original Game: Black Chaos (Wipeout style racing game)
  189. POWERSTRUGLE Animation Composition Project
  190. HEAVY WEIGHT - short: animator needed!
  191. Character artist needed for 3D engine tech demo
  192. Game MOD:
  193. TotR: Tournament of the Ring
  194. Batman film needs help in cgi
  195. EOTP- Science Fiction Project
  196. Maya Group Preparing For A Project
  197. GAME: Creature concept artists
  198. Gatekeepers: Maya action/fantasy project
  199. Artist looking for a project
  200. Punk Rock Video - looking for team
  201. Video Game: Project Raven Chronicles
  202. Need Programmers
  203. Low Poly Glory
  204. collaboration: need talented Fur Artist
  205. Game MOD: Archaic Abbey Calling for Artists
  206. Short Films: SciFi Themed. Artists needed.
  207. Model & Texture Artists for high-end machinima film
  208. 3D Website Interface help!
  209. 3d: Relaycompetition
  210. Eternal Silence Hiring
  211. Looking for partner(s) for scholarship project
  212. Game Mod: "BlackShadows: Cold War" for UT2004/UnrealEngine
  213. Secret of Mana - Total conversion
  214. "YarrCry" - A pirates MOD for FarCry recruiting!
  215. Looking for help!!
  216. Dark Blood: Apocalypse Tomorrow (DoomIII)
  217. looking for 2d/3d artists as well as programmers c++, tcl/tk
  218. Game Mod: Dracten Project (half life 2) - 3d modelers wanted
  219. Project GalaxyXQ - First Light
  220. Unpaid CG work on short film for credit
  221. Kingdom Lost: Fantasy/Medieval mod seeking 3D artists
  222. Battle Field 2 Realism Mod
  223. 3D animation for Social Change!
  224. Navy Seals: Preemptive Operations (Far Cry mod) are looking for more talented people.
  225. 3D Artist(s) Required For a Virtual Ecosystem Simulation With Advanced AI
  226. need gasmask modeler
  227. "FATAL BREED" - Futeristic RPG (Collaboration)
  228. High-Poly models for an AI Project
  229. Game Project
  230. Shirt Film - Animator(s) needed
  231. Help wanted on UT2K4 Mod.
  232. collaborative demo
  233. colab project. please lets do this! i got a good idea
  234. Need Voice Actors (Chicago)
  235. What would be your work schedule for a 1- 2mn short due on March of 2005
  236. 2D co-productions and Open Canvas WPEs
  237. CG Artists Wanted
  238. Battery-Operated: short film
  239. Short film: War of the worlds
  240. Way off
  241. Original Game Project: Beyond the anceints gates
  242. FPS with RPG elements
  243. Game Mod: Defense Command.
  244. // Articles, Downloadables, Artwork, Community
  245. Game Mod: The Agents (Max Payne 2).
  246. Game: Archon super-mega-ultra
  248. (Need Character modelers)
  249. Epidemic (Doom 3)
  250. Game MOD: Reinstatement