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  1. SCIFI 3D needs animators/artists
  2. Recruiting Modelers for a small Game Dev team
  3. concept / 2d artist needed for slugs and steel project.
  4. we need a sound designer...
  5. Hl2 Modification - Artists Needed
  6. SHORT FILM BUYERS - who are they?
  7. Animated Short: Fantasy: Need Modeler
  8. Organized Crime models, we need help!
  9. Experience with History/Discovery Channel?
  10. Quantum Cowboys Mod (unreal engine)
  11. Short Film: HyperNET AV: Concept Artists
  12. Broken Attitude Studios seeks talented CG artists
  13. Need 2D Pixel Artist
  14. Next-gen game project looking for level designer
  15. Half-Life 2: Border Patrol
  16. Half-Life 2: Project Safan
  17. [learning] wishing to join a project
  18. Game projects: A team needs more artists
  19. cyberpunk done right
  20. Armed Forces Project
  21. Matrix FanFilm Looking for CG artists and Animators
  22. 2d designers required for a very interesting project
  23. director looking for fantasy concept artist
  24. 3ds MAX, Combustion Artist needed for a serious project!!!
  25. SAVAGE: Battle for Newerth - MOD
  26. Stephen King's : The Dark Tower Series
  27. WGMGA: java real time strategy game (kinda starcraft)
  28. Volunteer designers needed for short film project set in the SW universe.
  29. Licence for freeworkers?
  30. Red Planet: Concept Artists Wanted
  31. Original Game: Metal Assault
  33. Flash racing in futuristic cityscape racetrack
  34. Game: Dawn of Fantasy - Artists wanted
  35. Original Game: Power-up Racing Game needs 2d/3d artist
  36. VideoGame-Tales of a Thousand Moons
  37. Digital Backlot Seeks-Concept Theater Challenge
  38. Original Game: Rift - Looking for 1 animator and 1 texture artist
  39. Music Video
  40. short film in london story boarder needed
  41. SCIFI 3D - looking for modellers/texturers/animators
  42. Artists for onlineRPG needed.
  43. Live-Action/CG Rotoscoping Project
  44. Shirow fan clip?
  45. "But what I'd really like to do is direct..."
  46. Battlefield 1942 Mod: The Lost Battalion
  47. compositor, grader, editor needed
  48. Alabama Concept artists
  49. flash game project
  50. Short Film: Front Line
  51. Browsergame UI-Designer
  52. Looking for 3D/2D artists and skinners
  53. Unreal Runtime Engine (AVAILABLE!!!)
  54. Looking for a music composer to your project?
  55. Half-Life Mod: Nightwatch
  56. Game Mod (UT2003): Domain.
  57. Organized Crime: RECRUITING
  58. The Matrix Unplugged(Jedi Academy(Quake3 engine))
  59. does anybody want to texture a robot for me ?
  60. Collab Poster
  61. Original Game: Fields of War
  62. short film: Colorado residents_prefered: need 3d composite artists
  63. Opportunities For Work Experience
  64. All Out Fairy Tale - Starting Mod looking for Help
  65. Short: "Dark Sky Above" - ANIMATORS needed ASAP
  66. Teaser Project...
  67. SQ7 project
  68. Original Game: The Rift
  69. Short-Film: SCI-FI
  70. Game MOD (HL2) : The Matrix² TC
  71. Original Game: Journey's End
  72. original game: kyls the dawn age
  73. UT2k3 mapper needed! Retail Game
  74. Website: Want to take part in running a CG site?
  75. SCAD student looking to collaborate on a project
  76. The Neverhood sequel HELP NEEDED!!!
  77. FATHOM rts project
  78. Original Game: Friend or Foe
  79. Short Film Proposal: Revelations
  80. Original 2d gmud
  81. CGI Series/Movies: Star Trek: The Breen War (HELP NEEDED)
  82. PROJECT: Children's 3D Animated Pilot
  83. I'm looking for an animator to collaberate with
  84. 3D Modellers/Animators Needed for VibeForce
  85. HL2 Mod: Eternal Silence
  86. NEW Project: Need 3D Modellers & Animators
  87. HL2 mod "OSP" modellers, animators, skinners wanted.
  88. Script writing proposal
  89. UT2003/4 Mod: Rising Sun
  90. Short Film: HyperNET AV: Modellers and/or texture artists needed
  91. film in turkey
  92. 3D Modeller/Animator Sought for Classic Adventure
  93. Herculean Effort looking for 3d Animator
  94. Texture Artists for "The Otherworld"
  95. Finding willing participants for team projects
  96. Need 3D modeller/animator for original fighting game
  97. Need Team
  98. Original game: 2d/3d artists -> racing game
  99. Timespin - Need team members
  100. Game mod: Neoshock
  101. MOD Project: Hostile Freedom
  102. "VibeForce": Anime MMORPG for Sony Playtation and PC (S3D-Atlanta)
  103. Project Raven Chronicles
  104. .fbx?
  105. Original Game: Enilno
  106. [LawDogs Project] Positions Available
  107. 2 models looking for an animator
  108. Game MOD: Perseverance
  109. Live action movie: Elise (need photoshop guy)
  110. Game Modification - Blind Goblin Games
  111. 2D/3D Artists Needed for HL2 Mod
  112. Lets start some projects for our portfolios since...
  113. Short Film: "Avatar II : Torment" Modelers and artists needed
  114. Original Game: The Rift (tent.)
  115. Original Game: Looking for Collaborators
  116. Shirow Fan Clip- Mission#2 recruitment
  117. Short film : Isolated revenge
  118. I need help
  119. PLEASE help us texture
  120. Game MOD: X-Men 3 Advertisement (UT2k3)
  121. Hiring 3d modelers for "Netherstorm" project
  122. ShirowProject M1 animation> props help needed
  123. Game Mod: Warriors of the Apocalypse
  124. Shwurl Design - Various Projects
  125. Short film : Isolated revenge (again)
  126. Original Game Demo: "Fable"
  127. A viking project needs a character designer
  128. Need music for your animation?
  129. Game Mod: Neoshock - looking for animators and modelers for cinematics
  130. 3d movie need animators/modellers/texturers
  131. Parable Studios
  132. Game - POC [Screenshots Included]
  133. need chararcter for a motion capture martial art animation !
  134. Writer
  135. Artists Wanted for Mutual Portfolio
  136. I need a
  137. Game MOD: Warriors of the Apocalypse
  138. Short Film to be seen by Studios
  139. Help wanted Sky Terror Development Team
  140. Game MOD: Wyndrax - Wizards and Sorcerers mod for UT2k3/UT2k4
  141. Entrepreneurial spirited 3D Character Modeler for Independent Animated Feature NYC
  142. I need artist for my book
  143. Character Animator Needed for Retail Title
  144. Lets's boost our portfolio
  145. 3D modeler/skinner/animator wanted
  146. Game MOD: UT2003/2004 Real Racing
  147. Battlefield1942 Mod looking for Skinners
  148. battlefield modification jedi wars!. whanne join?
  149. Operation Flashpoint MOD: ITALIAN WW2
  150. Shirow Project Book#3 Side-Mission
  151. Shirow Project Mission#2
  152. Half-Life 2 MOD: Chaos OPS animator(s) wanted.
  153. Interview with Ken Wong: Tarot Card Project Organizer
  154. NEW IDEA for Collaborative World Challenge
  155. who can tell me about animation in college?
  156. Looking for a colorist
  157. War of the Worlds.
  158. Feature Film: LVJ -
  159. Looking for GBA programmer/artist in Austin, TX area
  160. Project Raven; Chronicles
  161. JungleWarfare:GO Looking for Weapons Modelers and Mappers.
  162. Original Game: Immersive Realms
  163. Mod for RS3:RavenShield ... need player modeler
  164. idea for cg film (10 to 15 minutes)
  165. Shazam project
  166. Short Film: BUNCHIES
  167. need a car for my 3D short
  168. Astro Boy collaborative demo reel.
  169. I need a chicken coup!!
  170. Need 3D modeled cars for Short Film Sequel
  171. Serious MMORTS seeking 2d/3d artists-SS’s and video included
  172. Game Mod: Project Safan
  173. Futeristic RPG needs modelers :)
  174. DaM : Operation Power Pack HL2 Mod
  175. My Head Hurts...[:]P
  176. Battlefield 1942 Mod: Tides of Darkness
  177. Modellers, animators, skinners, coders, ... for a big Belgian movie
  178. movie: DEMON IDOL
  180. Texture Artist (work experince)
  181. Concept Artist (work experince)
  182. Mod for RS3:RavenShield ... need player modeler
  183. SK Illuminati Teaser Animation
  184. Vampire project
  185. Neoshock Seeks CG Director
  186. Looking for a colorist to build a portfolio with
  187. concept / storyboard artist needed
  188. Dinosaur modelers & animators wanted for fan film
  189. Timespin Studios seeking members
  190. Who wants to make a videoclip?
  191. Wizard Short
  192. Have an idea for a short movie
  193. Iware- a game developing team.
  194. Live Action Short: The Curse of Eleanor Crabtree
  195. Car: Looking for Partner!
  196. RPG project....
  197. Day of Days : Operation Overlord (Looking for lots of help, plenty of screenshots ins
  198. Gang War - Necromunda in HL2?
  199. a project ,maybe for demo reel(shared)
  200. Would anyone like to collaborate?
  201. Citizen-132
  202. Neoshock: Recruiting Animators, Texture Artists
  203. GBA Game Project: Programmer needed.
  204. Assembling team
  205. Help Wanted!
  206. AnImAtIoN CoLlaBoRaTiOn
  207. thesis on collaborative 3d projects
  208. Wallace And Grommit
  209. Tides Of Darkness recruiting
  210. Logo: Small Animation.
  211. Community: Genx Creations
  212. Speacial Force
  213. 3D and Textures Artists
  214. Looking for 2D/3D Artists
  215. Audio Manipulator
  216. HL2 Mod: Eternal Silence Hiring
  217. Online Browser RPG needs a cool logo
  218. How to produce an effects film... online... with volunteers...!
  219. 3d artists needed for mod project
  220. -Who Needs Top Notch Audio Production For Free??-
  221. project Drac-ten the new type of gaming
  222. A Stargate Modellers Dream ! HEHE
  223. MMO: DominusOnline
  224. OREIGON - an online browser roleplaying game
  225. RPG Project -> Prophet's Dream (Possible Pay)
  226. Looking for CGI artist and MAX texture/animator
  227. Defense Command is looking for a skinner.
  228. BMW motorcycle: looking for a texture artist
  229. Minas Tirith
  230. HL2 Mod: Killzone (temp name)
  231. Live action short ->PLAGUE :looking for help
  232. Original Game: The Rift. Need Artists
  233. Free exposure across Toronto
  234. Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 mod (organized crime)
  235. Pre-September 11th Movie (VFX)
  236. Collaboration in MN or FL -- Short Film -- Tripp 1251
  237. Kinetic Studios is looking for an Animator
  238. ut2004 mod
  239. im looking forward to making a 2d game !!
  240. Helping with modeling
  241. Want to make a Gang related game?
  242. Help wanted Sky Terror Development Team
  243. Neoshock: Looking for Animators and Texture Artists
  244. 3d Artist or Designer for small MORPG?
  245. Help wanted for -=-MegaTokyo ADP-=- UT2k3 Engine
  246. MOD: Tears of Liberty
  247. Final Fantasy type game!
  248. history Channel
  249. Last chance to join Project Raven Team?