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  1. Collaborating on a web series for fun
  2. Looking to Collaborate
  3. 3D animation & sound design videos
  4. LF 3d artist for cars game
  5. The Cyberstone Project
  6. Small team looking for new talented members
  7. 3D Superman Fan Film
  8. Animator: dance steps
  9. Seeking 3D Artists for a horror-adventure game
  10. Join the New Worlds Project Graphics Design Team
  11. Equilibrium MMORPG Seeking Scripters/Artists for Eventual Kickstarter
  12. (Non-Paid) Animator Needed for UDK Project C.O.J.F: Awakening Ep 1
  13. Music/Sound design for your art?
  14. CG Past Challenges (Archives)
  15. Recruiting for multiplayer combat game; Pirate themed.
  16. Project Coexistence looking for team members
  17. 3D Artist needed for MMORPG Project
  18. THE DRIFT needs Texture Artists!
  19. Looking for 2D artist (cartoon) for Multiplayer game that allready in beta.
  20. Breakdown: Awakening - Non-Profit 2D Fighting Game
  21. Terry Pratchett's TROLL BRIDGE needs YOU!
  22. SANEA; The 1000 days Saga.
  23. looking to start a project
  24. 2D character animator for "A Poison Green"
  25. Indie fighting game
  26. [UE4] Need Character + Environment Artists
  27. Looking for 3d modeller
  28. Looking for 2D Concept artist(Anime)
  29. Concept-Artist for Animation Short
  30. experimental animation needs rigger & general help
  31. VFX Generalist/Anmation Needed
  32. DeadByte Studios looking for new members
  33. Maya Artists Needed For Collaboration
  34. Looking for 2D Concept artist(Anime)
  35. Imagine Cup Games Competition: Looking for additional team members
  36. PostPanic shout out for SUNDAYS
  37. Iron Cloud - short SF film looking for experienced 3d artist
  38. Short Film collaboration - Flash Artists
  39. Starcraft: Shrouded in Darkness Short movie
  40. Zombiehagen short film looking for roto, compers and more
  41. Waterbending In Real Life - Short Film
  42. Looking for 3d modeler/character artist!
  43. Medieval Fantasy Game Looking for Artists!
  44. Looking for design teams for 6 Separate Game Projects
  45. Hella Games Entertainment Looking For Animator/Concept Artist/Medieval Weapon's Artis
  46. Looking For A Team for A Multi-Genre Shooter
  47. Can you do Dan Glass but with VFX?
  48. Looking for Artists to collaborate on Visual Novel style game
  49. Final Test: Indie game project
  50. Christian game seeking concept artist
  51. Indie game in unity (Sci-fi) looking for artists and modelers
  52. Motion graphics help for live action scene
  53. Jack & Daniel - Full CG Short film
  54. Seeking creative collaborator for a Web based project.
  55. Sidescrolling 2D Zombie Apocalyptic Truck Delivery Game - Looking for 2D artist.
  56. "Alone" - Sci fi live action short film
  57. ElementalShards- A Trading Card Game Looking for art
  58. How To Find Local Help For A 2-D Animated Short Film
  59. Looking For A Team for A Multi-Genre Shooter
  60. Help with character motion
  61. Futuristic racing game
  62. Zero Day - Sci-Fi Short Film
  63. [Post Launch Compensation] The Final Stand looking for 3D Animator!
  64. "Star Fox 64" like Music Video for kid's song
  65. :: Lost Survivor ::
  66. Currently working on a 2.5D fighting game Ascension X
  67. Looking For 2 Teams For 2 New Games
  68. Looking for a 3D artist for an online free game
  69. Halo: Humanity Fan Film
  70. Volunteers needed for animated short film
  71. Help needed to realise this previs
  72. Character Modeler/Sculptor for animated short
  73. Looking For 2 Teams For 2 New Games
  74. Recruiting for multiplayer combat game; Pirate themed.
  75. Need help with creating modular buildings pack - Revenue shared.
  76. Animator and Unity Programmers needed for inde Sci-fi RPG (rev share)
  77. Short 3d animation
  78. LF pixel artists for 2D, Isometric/Top down, Fantasy RPG.
  79. looking to collaborate with designers on graffiti/hip hop themed game
  80. Looking for a 3D/2D artist and animator for our platformer game, set in space
  81. Seeking for 3D modeler/environment
  82. Can anyone help me finish my film?
  83. Looking for 3D Modellers for Unreal Engine 4 Game
  84. Looking For A Team For A Roguelike, Hack & Slash RPG
  85. Experienced Team with titles is looking for a 3D Artist
  86. Looking for Lightwave Artists - Fantasy project
  87. Programmer looking for artists for collaboration (illustrations, textures, models)
  88. The Telerian Chronicles
  89. [unpaid] Programmer looking for vector artist for ui elements
  90. Game Idea, looking for collaboration
  91. 2D Artist needed for Sci-fi RPG
  92. 3D Artist/Animator needed for Point & Click Jam (two weeks)
  93. Code-ready project in search for any type artists
  94. (Unpaid)Animator required for new show production
  95. Need help with Camera Tracking for short
  96. Need Animators With Experience For Project
  97. Remake of Riven: The Sequel to MYST -- Looking for artists!
  98. Command&Conquer Tiberium Secreets Seeking Artists & Animators
  99. Looking for creative partner
  100. Looking For A Team for A Vertical Scrolling Shooter
  101. 3d Modelers needed to complete powerful RPG demo
  102. Looking for Designer for no-budget League of Legends short Film
  103. A NEW indie Project - "DARK PASSAGE-terrors of the legend"
  104. Animator and Unity Coder needed for Sci-fi RPG, Rev share.
  105. Struggling Indie Dev looking for Artists
  106. Looking for 3D PROGRAMMER as partner on innovative 3D tools [C/C++]
  107. 3D artist needed (Smash Bros animation)
  108. Haunted Carnival Assets Needed for Third Person Five Nights at Freddy's fan game
  109. Artists for Unique Game needed
  110. Ascension X 2.5 D fighting game in development
  111. [Profit sharing]Project near public demo launch looking for multiple talents!
  112. Looking for some Help
  113. 3D Artists & Animators Wanted @ Command& Conquer RTS
  114. Writer Looking for Animation Collaborator
  115. Rpg Game looking for Help
  116. short movie like old nintendo style need help
  117. Animator/Artist Needed
  118. Samus Awesome!
  119. Get involved! | "Hades Revisited" - WIP
  120. Join the Team - Forebearance the 3D Fighter!
  121. Looking for animators - 30 minutes animated project
  122. 2D/3D Artists &3D animators Wanted @Tiberium Secrets RTS
  123. [ROYALTY SHARE] 2D Artists
  124. LF 2D Pixel Artist (Side Scroller RPG)
  125. Converting MAX model
  126. 3D Dragon Ball Z project with industry pros
  127. [PROFIT SHARE] Hunter X Hunter Game
  128. "Good Morning, Uprising!" - (AKA The GMU Project) An animated movie that needs help!
  129. 2D Fighting Game Looking for Help
  130. Animation series looking for artists
  131. Riders, a community based race game
  132. Character Artist at Fenrir Studios Dark Storm
  133. Concept/Texture artists for indie game project.
  134. [2D texture artists, 3D Artists & Animators] Wanted Sci Fi RTS
  135. 3D animator for a unique MMO game (In progress))
  136. Searching for artists for critically acclaimed MTW2 mod Europa Barbarorum
  137. 3D modeller is looking for texture artist to collaborate on asset store packs
  138. [Royalty] UE4 - Them & Us - horror video game - looking UE4 developers
  139. NINJA VAULT Looking for LOW POLY 3D MODELERS for a 3D Action RPG!
  140. Short films for practice- Setting up a squad
  141. [WIP] - Realtime Video Texture, need UV Specialist to be a part of the team
  142. Online animated series project!
  143. Anathon [Alpha Phase]
  144. Updates for a test movie being made, called "The Offering"
  145. [Rev-share] Character Modeler needed for indie Sci-fi RPG
  146. Full Scale Student Game Project in colloboration with USC Engineers
  147. Looking for 3D Character and Animation Designer SWORDS ARENA Multiplayer Project
  148. Atlas - MOBA
  149. [3D Animators] wanted @ Tiberium Secrets RTS
  150. test123, btttno1 (2D')
  151. Looking for someone to help with a personal project
  152. PENDULUM - Short Film [WIP]
  153. Looking for 3D artist to collaborate on making modular buildings pack-ALMOST FINISHED
  154. Rise of Mordor mod team is looking for artists
  155. 2d Illustrator/Artist for a personal project (for a social cause)
  156. Seeking texturers, modelers, and animators for charity project
  157. Looking for Artists - WarArm - Online FPS
  158. Looking for artists
  159. [3D Animators] wanted for SciFi RTS
  160. Looking For [Texturer/2D texture artist][3D Modeller][Concept artist][Animator]
  161. Idea
  162. Rigger Needed
  163. Extended invitation !!!
  164. [Looking for 3D Game Artists] The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order
  165. Animation Team Needed
  166. Obama Cameron Thoring Selfie
  167. Rigger looking for Modeler to Collaborate with
  168. Looking for Character Modelers and Environmental Concept Artist
  169. Winter music video "Snowflakes all around"
  170. [3D Animators] wanted for SciFi RTS
  171. how ro limit resolution when upload a new project
  172. Chibi Brawl 3d modeler character replacement needed
  173. 3D or 2D animator needed for The Walking Dead fan project.
  174. Groups For Competitions
  175. Riggers and Animators! Wanna collab on my Dragon Shot?
  176. [Royalty]Artists for Indie Sci-fi RPG
  177. [Looking For All] Show Production (Unpaid)
  178. Deputy Art Lead, Animators, Texturers] Wanted for SCiFi RTS
  179. Dark Storm Team looking for Concept artists
  180. Qubeware - We need you!
  181. [Rev-share]Artists for Indie Sci-fi RPG
  182. Animator looking for collaboration
  183. Group of students working on Fantasy/Sci-FI animated short
  184. Looking for Art Director for Greenlit title [part-paid]
  185. Established team looking for Artists and Coders
  186. Short film looking for texture/shading/lighting and fx artists
  187. Calling all 3D modelers, animators, and riggers! Come join the SWARM!
  188. [Looking For All] Show Production (Unpaid)
  189. Animator at Fenrir Studios [Royalty]
  190. Need a Team for a Small Action Game
  191. Collaboration on a Gran Turismo/Forza/ProjectCars -wannabe
  192. Looking for 3d Modeler for mobile game
  193. 2-3 Seconds of Animation for Music Vid
  194. Join forces with us
  195. Need Artist for Online Board Game!
  196. Texas Area Opportunity
  197. [MOD] - Skywind, looking or 3D artists and animators
  198. Searching for collaborators for short movie.
  199. Deputy Art Lead, Animators, Texturers] Wanted for SCiFi RTS
  200. [Concept & 3D Artists]Daes'Ark - a multiplayers & cooperative RTS
  201. Looking for a 3d studio max animator
  202. [Rev-Share] looking to start a team for Life+Farming simulation game
  203. We need help to bring a concept art to life!
  204. Character Modelers at Fenrir Studios (Dark Storm)
  205. Need a Team for a Small Third Person Tower Defense Game
  206. CGI music video
  207. Work with us
  208. Sci-Fi RPG team looking for 3D artists
  209. [Rev-share] Experienced Team LF Sr./Lead 3D/2D Artists and more
  210. Opening Graphic For Fallout Series
  211. [ROYALTY] UE4 SWORDS ARENA Multiplayer Game Project Looking for New TEAM MATES !
  212. Mad Monkey needs you
  213. Sound Designer / Composer
  214. Looking for Programmer and Level Designer ASAP
  215. Music/Sound/Voiceover for your projects! Experienced, Versatile, and Professional
  216. Unpaid Low poly fantasy models
  217. Toonbox - An Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking for New Members
  218. Launching MOBA-like Arena based Mobile App Game, looking for more concept/3D modeler
  219. LF Programmer, character and environment modeler/s animator and Pr & marketing.
  220. [Lead Artist, Animators, Texturers, PR+ more] Wanted for SciFi RTS
  221. Looking for 3d Modellers for Charity Game
  222. Looking for Arnold shader/lighter
  223. Interlight Studio is LFM Programmers and Pr & marketing
  224. [(paid) Kead Animator & 3D Animator wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha
  225. Bugz
  226. [Rev-share] Team lf Web developer and PR
  227. Need colleague for augmented reality projects
  228. 3d artist hiperrealists outdoor furniture renders
  229. Triple Smash are recruiting!
  230. sci-fi creature model to my new rigging reel
  231. Need 2D digital Illustrators, Writers, Programmers and aDigital Marketer
  232. [Rev-Share] Illustrators, Writers, Programmers and a Marketer
  233. [Rev-Share Team] Searching for Serious & Dedicated individuals
  234. Collaborative Help for an Indie Sci Fi Trailer - Look Inside
  235. [EXCHANGE] Matchmove and 3D Creature Needed
  236. Participate in the creation of a 2 frame animation
  237. 2D Environment Concept Artist
  238. [Rev-Share] 2D Character Concept Artist
  239. [Promotional Artist +more] Wanted for SciFi RTS Summer Alpha
  240. [rev share]Code Breaker Games - looking for video game artist
  241. [Rev-Share Team] Searching for Serious & Dedicated individuals
  242. Film Project with mulitple opportunities
  243. A toy product for children
  244. Artists needed for Puzzle Platformer (From Light)
  245. Looking for Pixel Art artist to finish a FTL like game.
  246. Project Codename: The Game We Love​
  247. Competition
  248. Make Animation to Help My Friend Whose Life Was Destroyed
  249. The Journey of the Waterbear
  250. Looking for hard surface concept modelers for a 10 minute short