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  1. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predict film industry 'implosion'
  2. Orphan works e-petition response.
  3. Terragen 3 Professional announced
  4. Creating Old'N'Dirty materials with VRay
  5. SRW workshop with Scott Robertson, Neville Page, Sparth, and more
  6. Throw away your mouse: 3D sculpting with your hands is now real!
  7. Daz3D & Poser Morphs and automatic clothes wrapping
  8. 3D printer (Kickstarter) for $347
  9. Fresh from "The Last of Us" Dave Baldwin joins CGWorkshops
  10. US CBS News: Why is the movie industry changing? (Video)
  11. Variety: Trouble at Newbreed VFX Cementing Montreal’s Bad Rep
  12. New RealFlow 2013 training videos
  13. Disney Announces “Planes” Theatrical Sequel
  14. India's Prime Focus seeks buyer
  15. HR:Summer's Brutal Animation War
  16. 5 License Give away for Nvil
  17. ZYNC Render Pricing
  18. Becoming a Better Artist returns to CGWorkshops
  19. NYTimes: DreamWorks and Netflix in Deal for New TV Shows
  20. Simlab Composer 2014
  21. Article on the Remastering of the CG effects of ST DS9
  22. SD: ILM’s Hal Hickel sees tough times ahead for VFX sector
  23. SD:Studios: the UK's capacity crunch
  24. CGWorkshop: Nuke Compositing for 3D Artists
  25. Unfold3D Generation 8 unfolds one million triangles mesh
  26. iAnimate Pixel Challenge - Animation Master Class Streaming
  27. BI: Adobe May Be Rethinking Cloud Apps Pricing Options After Customer Backlash(Rumor)
  28. CONFIRMED: Microsoft To Drop Used Game Restrictions, Online Requirements
  29. CGWorkshop: Realflow 2013: Splashes to Oceans
  30. Prime Focus will open a new office in Beijing
  31. Qubicle Voxelizer!
  32. Houdini @ SIGGRAPH 2013
  33. Autodesk no show at Siggraph 2013?
  34. Thea Render Presto Edition 1.2
  35. Introducing Creation: Splice for Maya (and other applications)
  36. Slate: Why Do Animated Films Cost So Much to Make?
  37. Behind the scenes: FAST & FURIOUS 6: David Vickery – Overall VFX Supervisor – DN
  38. THR: VFX Firm Prime Focus Gets $53 Million Investment
  39. the Great Gatsby - Chris Godfrey/Animal Logic breakdown
  40. Sony and Disney begin streaming movies still in theaters in a move against piracy
  41. Environmental Texturing with Leigh Van Der Byl
  42. RealFlow 2013 Graphs videos
  43. The Making of Defiance Event at the DMALA
  44. ZBrush 4r6
  45. New Intro to 2D Environment Design CGWorkshop
  46. CGWorkshop: Quadruped Rigging
  47. WSJ:How Neill Blomkamp Created Two Worlds in ‘Elysium’
  48. iAnimate podcast with Lead Cinematic Animator on 'The Last of Us'
  49. Variety: Small Vfx Shops Rewrite Rules
  50. WIRED: Weta explains how they made Man of Steel's Kryptonian VFX(video)
  51. Pixar Chief: Studio To Scale Back Sequels, Aim For One Original Film A Year
  52. San Diego - Story & Animation Masterclass
  53. V-Ray 3.0 sneak peek presentation at EUE 2013
  54. CartoonBrew: Uli Meyer’s Quest to Produce an Independent Animated Feature
  55. Why Hollywood Is Setting Movie Release Dates 5 Years in Advance
  56. The Last Of Us™ | Naughty Dog Studio Tour (video)
  57. SIGGRAPH 2013 Unveils Computer Animation Festival Preview Video
  58. George Lucas Explains His Museum Proposal (video)
  59. Rhythm & Hues Has Cut L.A. Staff By 71% Since Oscar Win
  60. Laika's The BoxTrolls - Theatrical Teaser
  61. Free 3Dsmax and Vray Interior Scene
  62. Computer mouse inventor Doug Engelbart dies at 88
  63. Adobe’s Creative Cloud “cloud” service scans for copyrighted material..
  64. Robert Rodriguez's 'Sin City 2' Brings Prime Focus on Board as Investor
  65. BBC 3D programming 'on hold' indefinitely
  66. FREE Demo Reel Workshop in Los Angeles on July 17
  67. MF: Zynga's Gain Is Microsoft's Pain.
  68. Actuated 3-D Display with Haptic Feedback
  69. free 1h15 mn of octane for maya workflow video
  70. Real-time rendering in Maya with Creation
  71. Master Classes with Paul Neale
  72. World War Z :: Production Focus
  73. Next-gen web-based 3D content creation platform
  74. FluidRay RT 0.9.2 real-time renderer
  75. Masterclass and more
  76. Cartoon Brew:Once and For All, Al Pacino Proves the Worthlessness of Celebrity Voice
  77. Announcing the Houdini Engine with experimental Maya and Unity Plug-ins
  78. 'Charlie Brown' to Become Animated 3D Movie From Fox
  79. Iron Sky 2 taps into crowd funding
  80. BlackInk now has layers!
  81. Real-time rendering with Creation inside 3DSMax
  82. MODO 48 Hour Sale - Starts July 16
  83. Katon Callaway from Sony returns with a brand new character CGWorkshop
  84. 3DCreative: Sci-Fi Concepts
  85. XrayCat ST 1.5 Sneak Peek video
  86. RealFlow 2013 Patch
  87. Brekel Kinect Pro Body v1.20
  88. Terragen 3 release date, pricing, and version comparison
  89. fxguide The State of Rendering article
  90. RealFlow & Maxwell Render @ SIGGRAPH
  91. Meet Jonah Austin, iAnimate Rigging instructor
  92. Justin Holt returns with Mari 2.0 - free student licenses and texture scans
  93. 2013 Houdini Demo Reel
  94. Blender 2.68 is available
  95. Alt key for Viewing in Houdini
  96. Cinefex Classic Collection for iPad. (Kickstarter)
  97. 2013 Houdini Student Reel
  98. RealFlow and Maxwell Render - free iBook to download
  99. MAXON Announces CINEMA 4D R15
  100. Madden creator awarded $11 million in suit against EA
  101. CB: The View from Wall Street: Weak “Turbo” Opening Highlights DreamWorks problems
  102. Gridus - A Perspective Grid Drawing Tool
  103. India’s largest animation firm is on brink of collapse (Crest Animation)
  104. Ed Ulbrich Steps Down as CEO of Digital Domain 3.0
  105. THR:Reflections On Siggraph: 'The Only Ones Making Money Are For-Profit Universities'
  106. Autodesk's Fix for Slumping Special Effects Industry ("standardize")
  107. Hong Kong-Based Sun Innovation New Owners Of Digital Domain
  108. Digital Domain's New CEO on Exporting Hollywood VFX to China
  109. SIGGRAPH 2013 - Keynote Presentation : Marc Davis Lecture Series
  110. HR: Hollywood Studios Haven't Been Paid by China in Months
  111. Variety: Mysterious Billionaires and Back-Door Deals: Inside the Sale of DD
  112. Red9 Studio Pack v1.33 Released
  113. Check out this year's RealFlow Showreels!
  114. RealFlow - 3ds Max plugin update!
  115. Tom Hudson proposes Autodesk!
  116. 'Despicable Me 2' is Universal Studios Most Profitable Film Ever
  117. Howler 9 pre-orders and open beta
  118. CGWorkshops: Fundamentals in Game Assest Creation
  119. CGWorkshops: Maya Dynamics - Breaking Ground
  120. Somthing MODO this way comes...
  121. BBC: Why filmmakers may return to old-school special effects
  122. Moi3D : V3 Beta 7 : 08 - 01 - 2013
  123. Arnold for Production with Boaz Livny
  124. Free webinar with Simon Scales on Weds 7th Aug at 6.15 pm PDT
  125. New patch available for RealFlow 2013!
  126. Washington DC SIGGRAPH Re-cap and Social Event
  127. BBC: Meet CG animator Paulo Machado, the man who has lived in hospital for 45 years
  128. Animation Mag: Melbuorne to Host "Art of Dreamworks" Exhibit in 2014
  129. CGWorkshops: Animation Made Simple
  130. Krrish 3 trailer (indian Superhero Film)
  131. Maxwell for SketchUp 2013 is out now!
  132. Empire: Cinema's Greatest Effects Shots Picked By Hollywood's Top VFX Specialists
  133. Cartoon Network Profiles Its “Next Generation” of Creators
  134. Josh Herman is back with Hard Surface Character Modelling
  135. Want to learn RealFlow?
  136. ID Software's Carmack joins Oculus VR team as CTO
  137. Playblast/Reference viewer for Maya (animators watch this video)
  138. CB: Amazon Studios Announces Four Animated Kids’ Pilots
  139. Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan Doc Screening ( With Dennis Muren!)
  140. Autodesk Releases Extensions For Maya,3ds Max and Mudbox
  141. Basefount Miarmy Crowd 2.5 Released with Demo 7
  142. Red9 MetaData - complete video series finally done!!
  143. XrayCat ST 1.5 Official trailer
  144. Splice for Softimage from Fabric Engine
  145. Animation Masterclass
  146. An Inspirational Story of a Paralyzed Video Game Designer .
  147. IGF removes Technical Excellence category, details other changes
  148. Cochise from Falling Skies - Facial animation manipulation + FX Makeup
  149. Disney Announces New Animated CG Pic “Zootopia”
  150. Paint your Perfect Pin-Up!
  151. Prime Focus International Film VFX Reel
  152. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire International Trailer
  153. THR :German VFX Company CinePostproduction Files for Bankruptcy
  154. CGWorkshops: Rapid Character Dev. for Online Games
  155. LATimes: DreamWorks Animation earnings jump 73% in the second quarter
  156. In-depth Elysium VFX article
  157. FluidRay RT 0.9.3 Released
  158. 3DTotal release an entire 10 part tutorial series for FREE!
  159. RealFlow RenderKit 2013 plugin updates!
  160. Making of : “BREWMASTER’S INSPIRATION”- Painterly 3D animation TVC for blue moon Camp
  161. Our new video
  162. LIVE Meet-the-artist webinar with Cris De Lara today 3pm PDT
  163. SpinVFX Game of Thrones season 3 VFX (video)
  164. Faceshift Markerless mocap Siggraph Demo
  165. Editorial:Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups
  166. Cubify Sculpt
  167. Square Enix shuts down sale of 3D-printed Final Fantasy 7 figures
  168. Cinema 4d R15 Release date
  169. Cycles Render Engine Relicensed to Apache 2.0 License
  170. Mauro Giacomazzo from Dreamworks returns with "Rigging The Body
  171. BUF 2013 demo reel
  172. Check out the new video Katon Callaway made for his Game Character CGWorkshop
  173. Wacom New Mobile Tablet will cost you an arm and a leg
  174. "Becoming a Better Artist" needs no introduction
  175. Dead Rising 3 Trailer
  176. Last 2 weeks of RealFlow Summer Splash Competition
  177. Dateline: EMMYS: TV Visual Effects Biz Finds Stability In Predictability And Quick Tu
  178. SPI:The Smurfs 2 - The Naughties Shot Build .
  179. Disney Launches Disney Infinity, An Interactive Game/Toy Franchise
  180. LATIMES:Are Hollywood studios cranking out too many animated films?
  181. Houdini and OpenVDB in DreamWorks Animation's Turbo
  182. CopperCube 4.2 released
  183. Disney and Pixar Will Release 15 Features Over Next 6 Years
  184. Procedural Animation Webinar
  185. Crytek announces new version of Cryengine
  186. How'd they do those de-ageing shots at the end of The Wolverine (spoilers!)
  187. New build for nVidia Quadro drivers
  188. Terragen 3 final released with bundled content, free render credits
  189. 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Best VFX Nominees
  190. Pixomondo and payments
  191. autodesk to start new business model in october
  192. Procedural Game Art in Unity
  193. ProfessorPoly - 3D Education Website
  194. Autodesk Releases Maya LT For Indie Game Developers
  195. Variety: Foreign Incentives Help Crush Once-Booming F/X Biz in U.S.
  196. CGWorkshops: Absolute Beginners
  197. The making of the Honda Hands commercial
  198. Free Live Webinar at Game Character Academy this Friday!
  199. Unity adds 2D toolset
  200. Hard Surface auto retopology in 3d-coat?
  201. GStar "Destroy to Construct"
  202. Blender to Maya animators
  203. DIY portable display (save money on the cintiq Companion/Hybrid)
  204. ZBrush Bledshapes in Unity using MegaFiers
  205. LATIMES: Pixar Animation yanks director Bob Peterson off 'The Good Dinosaur'
  206. 3DMotive 50% off Labor Day Sale!
  207. Simon Scales returns with an Advanced Environment Design CGWorkshop.
  208. RealFlow and OpenVDB
  209. Sony releasing VR headset for PS4 (similar to Occulus Rift)
  210. Continuum Season 2 Visual Effects Reel
  211. CB: Will Vinton Set to Direct CGI Film “The Quest”
  212. zPipeMaker Script For Maya.
  213. New ZBrush DVD Release! Cyborg Design - Concept Art Production Techniques
  214. HR: Summer Box Office Fallout: Studios' New Fear of the $200 Million Tentpole
  215. FIVE free tickets up for grabs to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Festival!
  216. Washington DC ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival screening Sept 26
  217. F.C.S. For modo
  218. XrayCat ST 1.5 Released!!!
  219. BFX International VFX and Animation Festival -
  220. Howler 9 released today
  221. Ephere Lab 1.0 for 3ds Max Released
  222. Autodesk software rental license plans
  223. Dave Baldwin returns with "Environment Modelling for Games."
  224. iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad!
  225. Miyazaki retiring: "This time I'm quite serious"
  226. Bifrost Article
  227. FZD | Graduation Show October For 2013
  228. AWN: Hollywood Film Awards to Honor Monsters University, Pacific Rim
  229. interview with Acting Professor Ed
  230. BBC: UK games developer Blitz Games Studios shuts down
  231. nuke 8.0
  232. StockCG added New sales & Profit control panel to track your sales and total revenues
  233. Happy Friday the 13th
  234. MPC Wrath of the Titans VFX breakdown
  235. SideFX Houdini 13 is coming
  236. Matchmove in 3D Equalizer CGWorkshop
  237. FluidRay RT adds Light Path Expressions
  238. Max Cookie Human skin tutorial
  239. free octane tutorial on youtube
  240. Free Advanced Toon Shading Tutorial
  241. Essential tips & tricks for Vray and mental ray
  242. CGWorkshops: Intro to PyQt in Maya
  243. 2 New ZBrush Character Production DVD Releases by Michael Pavlovich!
  244. PD Artist 9 released today
  245. The story behind Pixar's OpenSubdiv
  246. Softimage Creatives London user group
  247. White House Down VFX
  248. DesignSpark Mechanical for free
  249. Recommendation for 2D cut-out people for Arch Viz - New Release
  250. TIME :Pixar’s will not produce new movies until 2015