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  1. Maxon and Adobe joining forces?
  2. Mass. tally finds thin return from film subsidies
  3. SIGGRAPH 2013: BOF Session will Discuss Current State of the industry
  4. CGI Weekend Madness
  5. Autodesk Maya and Softimage 2014 documentation online.
  6. Hard Surface Character Modelling returns to CGWorkshops
  7. Modo 701 new features tour, 701 is available right now.
  8. Mudbox 2014
  9. new Autodesk website (and logos)
  10. 3dsMax 2014
  11. Mindbomb releases Gfx Hotkeys for OS X - Hotkeys for 51 Vfx & Design apps
  12. Motionbuilder 2014 new features
  13. Video Copilot: Element 3D V1.6 & Optical Flares for Nuke
  14. Moi3D: Beta V3 Mar-17-2013
  15. One Man Animates CG Feature w Trailer
  16. Double Negative MD talks about its future and its film production arm
  17. VFX/Mograph Townhall In New York
  18. "Where do Babies come from" VFX
  19. CGWorkshops: Absolute Beginners
  20. THR: Warner Bros. Disputes That Its VFX Work Is Assumed in Rhythm & Hues Sale
  21. OctaneRender for Cinema 4D and for Daz out
  22. Xfrog Storewide Plants and Software 50 % until Monday
  23. XrayCat Survival Toolkit 1.0 is Released!!!
  24. Zombie Arm
  25. Mill TV closing
  26. Costume Contest Winners!
  27. Superfad Studios Closes Shop
  28. Motion Capture for Everyone
  29. Prana wins auction for Rhythm & Hues:UPDATE( Details on Prana)
  30. Tippett Studios Lays off 40% of Workforce
  31. The Foundry Presents MARI 2 and MODO 701 in Portland Oregon, April 18th
  32. B.C. urges Ontario to harmonize film tax credits
  33. Incredible system of Plugins for Sketchup!
  34. Netflix signs up The Matrix, Babylon 5 creators to develop a new sci-fi series: Sense
  35. Chinese Animation Studio Sues Apple
  36. B.C. film industry fades as Ontario jobs surge
  37. 50% Off until Monday 9 PM
  38. Moma adding support for using the modo renderer in Mari
  39. The nominees for the 2013 Hugo Awards have been announced!
  40. NYTIMES: Journey, an Indie Video Game, Wins Top Prizes
  41. THE WRAP: VFX House Pixomondo Shuts Shanghai Office, Will Move Away from Film
  42. NY Governor Expands NY Film & TV Post Production Tax Credit
  43. MGS V FOX Engine GDC Presentation
  44. ANOMALIA Short film "Booty Call" watch here
  45. Thief 4 Announcement Trailer
  46. New Mac Pro at NAB
  47. RappaTools3.1 - 3dsMax Advanced Toolset - AutoConnectBridge, SmartQuads, more...
  48. Learn 3D Environment Creation online with Paul McWilliams.
  49. RealFlow plugin update for Houdini!
  50. New DVD Release! UDK Modular Masterclass - Efficiently Creating and Entire Scene
  51. Disney shuts down Lucasarts
  52. lagoa Interactive 3d rendering on the cloud
  53. Sequel To "FINDING NEMO" announced!
  54. ILM layoffs
  55. New After Effects to come with integrated 3D functions from Maxon
  56. Superfad is closing its doors
  57. Mill TV to close following vfx downturn
  58. HDR Pack 011 Available - 30% Discount
  59. Omega Watches "Co-Axial world" (2013)
  60. REUTERS: Disney Will Lay Off People in the Animation Division
  61. Video: Brian Moriarty's 'Apology for Roger Ebert'
  62. EW: Peter Jackson and others weigh in on Hollywood's F/X crisis
  63. The Kerner Optical VFX Daily
  64. Brand new CGWorkshop: Physics for Animators
  65. If you haven't taken Rob Chang's "Becoming a Better Artist" CGWorkshop....
  66. Anthony Wong from PIXAR is joining ANOMALIA to lead another short film
  67. 'TEN' Master Image :: Artist Profile
  68. New Animation News website from Jerry Beck (formerly of Cartoon Brew)
  69. NAB: Scott Ross, Scott Squires Headline VFX And Post Gathering (Video)
  70. The Consumerist: Electronic Arts named the worst company in America – again
  71. Owen Hurley Named Technicolor’s Animation and Games Creative Director
  72. OpenEXR 2.0 released
  73. DC ACM SIGGRAPH Meeting (Introduction to Unity 3d)
  74. Dream Defenders on BBC World
  75. Terrain Plugin for 3DS Max update, 2014 beta version released plus Unity scripts.
  76. Red9 Studio Pack v1.30 Released
  77. New Lagoa :: Technology Focus
  78. BBC: Long-distance 3D laser camera unveiled by Edinburgh team
  79. AminRig_V2 Released !
  80. Arnold Rendering Tutorial in Softimage !
  81. Arnold Rendering Tutorial in Maya !
  82. Correcting the colour display of imported AutoCAD drawings, when added into a Layer i
  83. FZD | Vehicle Concept Design Workshop June 2013
  84. Rhythm & Hues closes deal to be acquired by Prana Studios affiliate
  85. DreamWorks Buys Trolls from Dam Things
  86. China Daily: A clear vision for the visual effects industry
  87. 3D-Coat v4 Promo
  88. Project Messiah 6
  89. IKinema Opens its Doors to Quality Animation Tools with Online Platform, WebAnimate
  90. Demolition Master 1.5
  91. Joystick: Layoffs hit EA, company 'not disclosing specific teams impacted'
  92. Arnold for Maya Video Series
  93. Realistic Character Texturing Painting in Mari 2.0 with Justin Holt
  94. Nice spot with a good message!
  95. What do NASA and IKinema have in common? Games
  96. Digic Reel 2013
  97. Golaem Crowd speeds up stadium & concert crowds creation
  98. Photoshop Sneak Peek video
  99. BBC NEWS: UK games industry faces EU tax break investigation
  100. DAZ Studio implements OpenSubDiv
  101. CGWorkshops: Intro to FX Using Houdini
  102. Algodoo now free!
  103. Master UDK skills with Packt's new Book and eBook
  104. Interested in attending a RealFlow course this summer?
  105. Jon Landau's keynote from the NAB Technology Summit on Film (video)
  106. Richard Williams Releases “Animator’s Survival Kit” iPad App
  107. Storm Thorgerson, album artist for classic Pink Floyd and others, dead at 69
  108. AnimSchool Picker Released to the Public
  109. Vray promo - %26 off for freelancers
  110. free virtual set studio tv HD background
  111. Industrial Light & Magic To Pact With China's Base FX
  112. Howler 8.2 demo
  113. "Arnold for Production" CGWorkshop with Boaz Livny. Time limited student licenses
  114. GDC Conference: what it means to be a woman in games (Video)
  115. [Demoreel] 2013 ENODO
  116. "The Art of Moving Points" iBook is available on iTunes
  117. Render Higher resolution images with Render_autosave
  118. Don Seegmiller returns with Digital Figure Painting
  119. Houdini MOGRAPH cmivfx
  120. Awesome teaser and tutorials from The Mari Channel
  121. Creating 3D Props and Environments for Film
  122. J.J. Abrams art show (Bad Robot) at Gallery 1988 -LA
  123. 3ds Max 2014 cebas Arrivals and More!
  124. RealFlow at FMX - latest RealFlow 2013 preview videos
  125. Vray Rendering Tutorial in Maya Released !
  126. EA is cutting jobs (Estimated to be as much as 10% of the workforce)
  127. LA Times: L.A.'s entertainment job market shows new strength
  128. Rigging the Body with Mauro Giacomazzo
  129. BBC: UK passes Orphan Works Act (This is a Big Deal)
  130. The Wrap: Pixomondo Closes Berlin Office
  131. Terragen 2.5 becomes free for non-commercial!
  132. Dynamic3dFusion is coming
  133. New Service Pack for finalRender 3.5!
  134. Creation: Horde and Maya, Softimage
  135. CGWorkshops: Look Dev & Lighting Based Fundamentals
  136. 3delight fur/hair shaders
  137. Skin Shading in Modo tutorial
  138. RenderPal V2 2.8.0 released
  139. SJMN: ILM might open shop in the UK
  140. Reuters: DreamWorks Animation SKG reports better-than-expected quarterly results
  141. WSJ: Hollywood Pushes Back Against New China Tax
  142. Pixar Artists' Masterclass - New York
  143. Blaster X HD by 2GMG (2 Guys Making Games)
  144. H.R Giger Grand Master EXPOSÉ 8 :: Feature interview
  145. Coden plugin development framework
  146. Method Studios opens new UK FX facility
  147. Kotaku Editorial: The Film Industry Sure Sounds A Lot Like The Game Industry
  148. Realtime Markerless Facial Motion Capture
  149. 3D Portraits Derived From the DNA in Hair and Gum Found in Public Places
  150. Free CGWorkshops live webinars next week
  151. Tutorial of Sink FX in Maya!
  152. ILM's Instant Facial Performance Capture System
  153. Handling 32M Point Cloud on Sparta
  154. Caustic Visualizer for Maya now with batch rendering
  155. Iron Man modeller Josh Herman live CGWorkshop webinar tomorrow
  156. The Guardian: World War Z: the most expensive disaster of all time (400 M!)
  157. For the 1st time ever panoramic 360 degree digital painting technique
  158. BBC: Bollywood eyes visual effects future(Video)
  159. Forbes:Why Microsoft's Next Xbox Will Likely Come With a Monthly Subscription
  160. Tom Sito "Moving Innovation"
  161. Houdini CloudFX tutorial
  162. Adobe Discontinues Standalone Applications, Moves to Subscription Only Model
  163. Photoreal Matte Painting with Blizzard's David Luong
  164. Adobe kills Fireworks
  165. RIP Ray Harryhausen
  166. 3D Artist CG Student Awards - 6 days to go!
  167. Blender 2.67 released by Blender Foundation
  168. New CGWorkshop: Matchmove in 3DEqualizer
  169. CGWorkshops: Polysculpting
  170. IRON MAN 3 :: Production Focus
  171. joystick:EA lays off 900 employees worldwide in 'organizational restructuring'
  172. Rhythm & Hues has sold its El Segundo HQ for $25 million
  173. Paul McWilliams 3D Environment Creation Webinar
  174. The Plant Factory - new (procedural) plant modeler by E-on
  175. LAGOA – First Human Visualization on the cloud
  176. Blizzard's Becca Baldwin returns with Creating and Styling CGHair
  177. Automotive Design in ZBrush (watch videos)
  178. RealFlow 2013 Roadshow
  179. CGWorkshops: The Style and History of Manga
  180. CGWorkshops: Video Game Animation
  181. Kon-Tiki :: Production Focus
  182. DC ACM SIGGRAPH- Demo Reel/Portfolio Night (June 6)
  183. Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Art Using Excel (Wait, Excel?)
  184. Learn Arnold for Production with Boaz Livny
  185. Halo 4 Spartan Ops
  186. "Implicit Skinning" Real-Time Skin Deformation with Contact Modeling
  187. NewYorker: How Michael Crichton’s “Westworld” Pioneered Modern Special Effects
  188. ZBrush@SIGGRAPH 2013: Artist & Studio Lineup/Schedule
  189. Caustic Visualizer to the Rescue
  190. Creatures interview with Animators Cameron Fielding and David Hubert
  191. Sketchfab and integration into polycount boards
  192. Bryan Wynia returns with 3D Creature Sculpting
  193. The end of uncanny valley
  194. Unity's mobile licenses are now free
  195. Houdini @ Collider in NYC
  196. Scot Ross discusses the State of the VFX Industry at NAB (Video)
  197. CGWorkshops: Introduction to PyQt
  198. Physics for Animators with Michele Bousquet (with sample video)
  199. Unity Offers Subscription Model
  200. Meet me far - Step by step
  201. John Knoll Named Chief Creative Officer of ILM
  202. MPC to open in Montréal
  203. Monkey Light Pro Allows Bike Riders to Screen Animation on Their Wheels
  204. Harald Belker's Star Trek Into Darkness & Oblivion. Concept Art
  205. Webinar with Victor Vinyals
  206. Collider NY: VFX Town Hall Meeting
  207. UK Gov Consultation: Should the Gov support the VFX Industry?
  208. FREE Webinar with Bryan Wynia 9.30 pm PDT Thursday 30 May
  209. Following Behance buy, Adobe acquires mobile app design firm Thumb Labs
  210. Bloomberg: Hollywood CA Losing Blockbusters as ‘Iron Man’ Seeks Tax Subsidies
  211. Disney Research: DuctTake: Seam-based Compositing (video)
  212. Rhythm & Hues Malaysia to fly solo under new identity
  213. Former LA Noire devs establish a new indie game studio
  214. Former THQ exec details working for developer 4A Games & Metro: Last Light
  215. Amazon Greenlights Five Original Series(2 Animated shows)
  216. Good clean fun in the industry.
  217. Wings3D forum
  218. 3D Coat v4 released
  219. WSJ: Adobe Considering Cloud Changes in Response to Critics.
  220. EXOTIQUE 8 :: Call for Entries
  221. Free Tutorial Series: Character Creation For Games with Antony Ward!
  222. Dr George Miller is selling off his autralian animation studio Dr D
  223. Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor- 60 cores on PCI card?
  224. Lynx 3D Camera
  225. Zynga Posts Record High Lay-Offs; More to Come
  226. Poser10/PoserPro2014 released
  227. iAnimate Pixel Challenge Quebec - Animation Master Class Presentation
  228. Did you miss Bryan Wynia's free webinar? Here's a recording
  229. DA: Adobe VP says Creative Cloud is 'a big bet', but allows for better tools
  230. Free webinar with Michele Bousquet on Physics for Animators
  231. MASH 2.0: Procedural animation kit for Maya
  232. RealFlow brand new resources site now live!
  233. Houdini Intern Project - Collapsing Bridge
  234. 3d Artist Cg Student Awards - Winners Announced
  235. CGWorkshops: Concepting Vehicles & Mechs using Photoshop and sketchup
  236. Gamasutra: Amazon launches dedicated indie games storefront
  237. Microsoft Confirms Gamers' Fears Over Xbox One(Yes they went with Cloud Subscription)
  238. CB:Say Goodbye to Storyboard Artists, Hello Amazon Storyteller
  239. Undead Labs' "State of Decay" comes out of nowhere and breaks records
  240. 50% off ALL RealFlow products - today ONLY
  241. The Great Gatsby: Prime Focus Making of Video
  242. FXGuide:VFX in Los Angeles – 100 hour weeks & homeless (Artist Cautionary Tale)
  243. CG Protege Animation School presents Concept Art Master Series
  244. Apple Reveals new Mac Pro at WWDC 2013
  245. Mari coming the Mac later this year
  246. Pros Forecast The Future Of VFX, Post-Rhythm & Hues
  247. PlayStation 4 hardware unveiled, priced at $399 ( No Cloud Subscription Req*)
  248. TreeSketch 3.0 - Free Interactive Tree Modeller for the iPad
  249. After Effects templates and stock music - video production bundle
  250. CGWorkshops: Drawing for Comics