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  1. Dronez: Behind the scenes
  2. Peter Jackson next project! KING KONG
  3. IBM and Nvidia team up
  4. Photoshop Viewport - New GhostPainter 2 feature online
  5. Encore
  6. Eyeon Digital Fusion NAB Super Specials!!!!
  7. Pimps at Sea finally released
  8. XSI Linux EXP Available
  9. Run Mac OSX in a beige box? Maybe....
  10. Star Wars Galaxies Beta 3 today!
  11. Posting news: please read this first!
  12. Microsoft developing a version of windows to run on x86-64 chips?
  13. ATI ships radeon 9800 pro
  14. 800mhz FSB pentium chispet previewed
  15. Cowboy Bebop The Movie: Starts April 4th on the US!
  16. Project Animatrotters
  17. 12 Hot Women Site is Live!
  18. Digital Fusion for Linux
  19. Dollar Bank Project with Softimage|Behaviour
  20. Area 51 on Children of Dune
  21. The new trailer for the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean " premieres this Saturday!
  22. Battle of the 250gb hard drives
  23. Softimage|Behaviour v1.1 available
  24. Great interview with Seamus Blackley
  25. NewTek Europe interviews Daniel "Da_Duke" Renner
  26. New ANIMATRIX short is up: "Detective Story"
  27. AVI popcorn
  28. 3dsmax5.1 service pack 1 now available
  29. YafRay Gets Apple's Support
  30. Chuck Baker Profile
  31. Realtime HDRI
  32. The Mill creates CG Baby
  33. SF International Film Festival Starts Soon
  34. Linux and AMD renders The Core
  35. New Matrix Reloaded TV spot / trailer
  37. Shake 3, FCP 4, DVD Studio 2 Announced at NAB
  38. Maya 5 Announced.
  39. Blender Used By Hollywood?
  40. CGTalk Takes NAB By Storm!
  41. Tomb Raider 2 - Trailer
  42. Aw@nab
  43. 700+ tutorial database - 3ds max, maya, xsi, LW
  44. Softimage XSI 3.5
  45. New CGI Short from Sony to debut in May: "EARLY BLOOMER"
  46. Spanish Films
  47. Brazil Motion Blur Samples
  48. Short film "Lunch" gains distribution
  49. Desktop Images Offers In-Depth Character Training Series for LightWave 3D
  50. EXPOSÉ, the industry’s first art book celebrating the creative talents of digital art
  51. Interview with "The Matrix" VFX supervisor John Gaeta
  52. Gamers Come to LA SIGGRAPH's April Chapter Meeting
  53. Electronic Arts is Recruiting at LA SIGGRAPH
  54. NAB 2003 Pix- Cgfocus
  55. New Clear shot of "THE HULK"
  56. Motionbuilder 4 for free on digitmag cover CD
  57. Australian Effects and Animation Festival in Melbourne
  58. Interview with Tim Miller @ cgworks
  59. An interview with Weta Digital's David Gould
  60. EA will be recruiting at L.A. SIGGRAPH Meeting on April 15
  61. James Cameron possible return to the "Alien" franchise
  62. Released NEW
  63. New T3 trailer
  64. Gmask's trip to NAB and review of Maya 5
  65. Brand New MATRIX RELOADED TRAILER!!!!!!!
  66. Cebas releases FinalRender Stage-0 1.6
  67. Interview - Jean-Sébastien ROLHION
  68. New image of the Hulk dog
  69. Doom 3 engine level designer wanted!
  70. Interview with Jonn Gorden
  71. 3D BuZZ makes LOCAL NEWS!
  72. 3D Festival (and Ice Pond) mentioned on Animated Movies website
  73. July Films Mike Nguyen on his first Feature Length animated Film 'My Little World'
  74. Dreamscape
  75. 3D Buzz next Live Radio Show announced!
  76. Apple mulls BUYING Universal Music
  77. Did everyone see the new maya5 it looks good here is link
  78. anounced great discount program
  79. Honda Accord 'Cog' ad - sweet Rube Golderg-esque sequence.
  80. Low cost solid models for the 3D community
  81. Matrix Reloaded 96mb Trailer
  82. Maya E=MC2 Student Promotion
  83. 3D Festival gets more mainstream exposure
  84. NEW concept paintings from "Van Helsing" movie
  85. News on CG animated movie "Valiant the War Pigeon"
  86. Exclusive Interview: Adam Valdez - the lord of the rings
  87. Cartoon Network Adds 2 CGI Series Weekday Mornings
  88. GIMP plugin to create normal maps
  89. Cascade SIGGRAPH and Oregon3D Host 3D Graphics Guru Mark Sylvester
  90. Great NAB Coverage of VT3
  91. DreamWorks & NBC Jump Back Into Primetime CG Animation
  92. Delgo behind the scenes
  93. Avid Virtual NAB 2003 videos
  94. P4 200Mhz FSB!!!
  95. EXPOSÉ Categories and Awards Announced!
  96. Blue Sky co-founder David Brown passes away
  97. Wired profile on DOOM creator John Carmack
  98. Big Idea kills it's in house animation department
  99. Terminator 3 International Trailer!
  100. Marvel VS. Sony
  101. Delgo Voices Announced
  102. NewTek Europe hosts user meeting at 3D Festival
  103. MTV movie awards best virtual performance
  104. New Finding Nemo Trailer.. dated 4.16
  105. Possible flaw forces Intel to delay latest Pentium 4 launch
  106. Pinocchio 3000 a full cg movie done in XSI
  107. charliesangelsfullthrottle trailer
  108. NewTek Europe interviews Elvis "Lewis" Blazencic
  109. formz 4 shipping
  110. Article on the differences between men and Women on 3d environments
  111. Real Life "Star Trek "Replicators
  112. Official Pirates of the Caribbean site online
  113. An Interview with Shynola
  114. Dreamworks - Sinbad Trailer
  115. Underworld Trailer
  116. A new depth to Old Masters
  117. Exploring Classic artworks in 3D
  118. NEW "Finding Nemo" Poster
  119. Will Vinton leaves Will Vinton Studios
  120. Paul Allen to open new Science Fiction Museum in Seattle!
  121. Digimation Contest
  122. Full specs of LOTR "The Two Towers" DVD
  123. NEW HULK International trailer!
  124. Science Fiction Fans: Will Get Sc/FI Museum
  125. Half Life 2 to be revealed @ E3
  126. Visual Effects Society (VES) Conference Preview
  127. CNN review of video game "Dark Cloud 2"
  128. Photoshop working in Linux!
  129. AMD Opteron Launch DAY!!
  130. Western State 3: Geoff McFetridge
  131. Half-Life 2 Screenshots
  132. new site and trailer for kaena the prophecy
  133. NEW "Finding Nemo" clip! Bruce the Shark!
  134. WHOA! Matrix Sequels Headed for IMAX Theaters!
  135. Pixar's "The Incredibles"
  136. Free render machine!
  137. Matrix Reloaded, Revolutions due on IMAX this year
  138. Southern California , 3DS MAX User Group
  139. Will Vinton? fired from Will Vinton?
  140. Finding Nemo character sheet.
  141. first french 3D movie...
  142. Wallace & Gromit episode free each week
  143. Ultimate Unwrap 3D v2.0 released
  144. Early registration opens for Macworld CreativePro Expo
  145. Alias|Wavefront Releases Maya 5
  146. X2 Newcomers clip (Nightcrawler + Colossus fans click now!)
  147. Summer tentpoles rush to wrap effects work .
  148. The Mighty Chewbacca to Appear in Star Wars Ep 3
  149. What people go through not to use CG
  150. 3D Buzz Radio - 4/27/03
  151. NewTek Europe interviews Leigh van der Byl
  152. New Scripted Operators Tutorials
  153. Lightwave 8 "Siggraph"
  154. See All 9 episodes of the Animatrix first
  155. Final Flight of the Osiris hits the big screen...
  156. Character Studio 4.1 Release
  157. CORE Digital Pictures hiring
  158. New Matrix Tv spot!
  159. Interview with Jean-Sébastien Rolhion aka .::STRIKE::.
  160. Protein Based Computers!
  161. CG Garfield Movie moved up to next year...
  162. CNN preview of Half Life 2! With screenshots!
  163. Video Game Ad deemed too bloody
  164. Round 6: 25 More Free 3D Character Models
  165. Remeber MOSAIC
  166. ILM panel on the creation of "THE HULK"
  167. contest on 3DM Community, “Car Of Your Dream”.
  168. Korosawa's Seven Samurai is now a game.
  169. LucasArts Seeking Staff..
  170. 'Star Wars ' TV Show Premiering in November 2003
  171. VES Holds Career Event in Hollywood
  172. Disney Ends Traditional Animation?
  174. Darkmonth Studios announce Damn Dirty Apes! for PC
  175. Looks like Big Idea's eatin canned veggies...
  176. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston consultants on Icepond Studio's "Bass Hole"
  177. This month challenges nearing end
  178. Blender 2.27 out soon!
  179. ImageForm v1.8 has been released (complex modeling tool)
  180. Josh Tsui Interview- Studio Gigante
  181. Business patents frames in browsers
  182. Digital Maniputalion Lawsuit: Mr. T sues Electronic Chain...
  183. Lou Gossett Jr. Joins Delgo?
  184. Id Software book: Masters of DOOM
  185. Spiral Graphics Holding Seamless Texture Beta
  186. Spy Hunter Movie car desings.....
  187. SIGGRAPH 2001 Electronic Theatre available for Download!
  188. VES Offers Job Hunting Panels
  189. HOT: Sega's "Animanium CE" at E3!
  190. Buzz's 3D Studio Max 5 VTM #5 is out!!!
  191. Disney`s CGI RAPUNZEL
  192. Microsoft announces massive online multiplayer game
  193. Tim Burton & Vinton to make stop motion "CORPSE BRIDE" in UK
  194. "Polar Express" CG movie news
  195. Newest HULK Trailer...
  196. Sammy = win
  197. March/April 2003 CGChallenges voting now opened!
  198. NewTek Europe profiles Eki Halkka
  199. NEW Matrix Reloaded pics!
  200. NEW PIXAR's "Finding Nemo" Theatrical Trailer#2
  201. Nominees Announced for the 1st Annual International 3D Awards
  202. Softimage and Avid|DNA Tour
  203. New Wonderful Days Trailer
  205. Filmax Animation: Nocturna
  206. Softimage May gallery now up
  207. NEW PIXAR's "Finding Nemo" Theatrical Trailer#2 IN QUICKTIME!
  208. It's definitely hiring season
  209. "undo." a new traier from platige
  210. "Ultima-X" for Ultima fan
  211. PennWell coverstory on 'finding nemo'
  212. XSI Base Robot Contest: cast your vote
  213. 8 new Gnomon DVD's on the Gnomon website
  214. Jason Schleifer from Weta Digital to Host Short Films Category at the 3D Awards
  215. Spiral Graphics Holds Seamless Texture Beta Test
  216. CNN article: Meet the man who INVENTED video games
  217. Keana: The Prophecy
  218. Animatrix: The Second Renaissance Part 2 Officially
  219. Impressive PowerPC 970 benchmarks now available
  220. Indiana Jones on DVD... FINALLY!
  221. Concept Art Design VTMs
  222. Victor Navone from Pixar to Host at 1st Annual International 3D Awards
  223. ANIMATRIX short to be televised?
  224. Microsoft 's MYTHICA trailer now online
  225. Rhythm & Hues case study Film Gimp
  226. BCC interview with Ray Harryhausen
  227. DreamWorks working on Sharkslayer
  228. Year of milestones (AW)
  229. News from the Ninjai crew
  230. French Short 3d Animation
  231. PIXAR - wonderful interview with Stanton and Unkrich
  232. New LXG trailer
  233. out now the animatrix second renassance part 2....
  234. Matrix Music Video
  235. Animatrix shorts to be shown on the big screen
  236. Div-X now available for MAC OS
  237. Disney's Multiplayer 3D Online Game To Launch June 2003
  238. Disney & Pixar...Patching things up?
  239. Palladium is out of the gate
  240. Liquid Motion - realtime character animation
  241. X-2 Effects: R&H, Cinesite, Houdini
  242. The going-ons @ 3D Festival
  243. Paper-thin screen created
  244. Boy Wonder VFX Builds Dream Team
  245. NewTek and TVPaint Announce New Alliance
  246. Sega's dire situation
  247. Red Eye's R/C Rally at NAB
  248. discreets particle flow
  249. THE MATRIX: Two new articles about the FX of the movie
  250. Houdini 6 Shipping