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  1. Madagascar tops Billboard DVD sales of 2006
  2. Chicago Motion Graphics Festival 2007
  3. Surf’s Up site now online
  4. VES Award Nominations
  5. NEW References and Textures site !! REF-BASE
  6. Animadness 2007
  7. Animation Floyd Norman talks about the Toy Story II Production
  8. Iwao Takamoto passed away.
  9. Weta hired to create James Camreon's AVATAR
  10. Advanced BLENDER Fluid Dynamics DVD
  11. Chicago Motion Graphics Festival 2007
  12. IGN description of spiderman3 fight scene
  13. Muscle Tutorial Videos
  14. Press Release: NewTek Announces Universal Version of LightWave v9 for Mac OS X
  15. Google Sketchup 6 & Pro 6...
  16. Own your own 3D Printer for only $2,400
  17. Apple introduces the iPhone
  18. Stop-Motion and CG animator "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow has died
  19. Arthur & the Invisibles clips
  20. Part Five: fRee finalRender training videos for 3ds Max
  21. AWN: Poducer John H. Williams talks about Happily N'ever After
  22. GATCHAMAN (battle of the planets) movie in the works
  23. The Foundry's Furnace Wins ACADEMY AWARD®
  24. Shrek the Third Japanese teasers
  25. Part 1: fRee Training for CINEMA 4D Shader Tree
  26. Article on James Cameron's Avatar!
  27. PLF Superman Returns Showreel
  28. Interview with Ralf Stumpf
  29. Gez Fry:: Artist Profile
  30. Carmack questions games for Vista
  31. The Venice Project: New TV delivery
  32. ILM Awarded Scientific and Technical Academy Awards
  33. Vista (the final insult)
  34. RODEO FX opens its doors in Montreal
  35. To all current and former messiah users...
  36. Interview about Valle Paraíso short film
  37. Maya 8.5
  38. Stitcher Unlimited Wins Hot One Award
  39. Spiderman 3 Venom designs
  40. Artizen HDR 2.4.10 Now Available
  41. Game Employment/Education Conference - Seattle/Bellevue
  42. Yamaha Cars... free 3d models, where?
  43. finalists announce at animation competition!
  44. IMAGIN3D - Architecture & Urban Planning Tool Using CryENGINE 2
  45. OT: Mueck & Leibovitz Exhibit Brooklyn
  46. Redenbacher Revived for TV Spots
  47. VFS or Escape Studios?
  48. 'Cars' Takes First Golden Globe for Animated Feature
  49. NEW Maya 8.5 Bonus Tools on AREA
  50. NUKE 4.6 released
  51. new 300 trailer 2 enjoy!!!
  52. Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE trailer online
  53. Demo version of PD Pro Digital Painter v4
  54. New Vray Maya beta build available
  55. First image from Pixar's next feature "WALL• E" revealed
  56. 2D Animation Contest: GLOBAL WARMING
  57. TMNT trailer in HD
  58. Stripgenerator 1.01
  59. Superman Returns Previsualization Reel
  60. MonsterBones Mega Pak From TrueBones.Com, Over 1,000 High Quality Motion Captures
  61. The Sphere Project gets a facelift!
  62. Beta version Of Moi 18 Janv
  63. Part 6: fRee finalRender training videos for 3ds Max
  64. Gentleman’s Duel Trailer In Blur Site
  65. Live Action Ghost in the Shell Movie Planned
  66. Autodesk targets Rhino with a new app.
  67. sunflow renderer
  68. gSculpt v0.99.36 + video tutorials (free open source modeller)
  69. DAZ 3D slashing prices again!
  70. Sony Pictures Imageworks Press Release and new logo
  71. Interview with creatros of Valle Paraíso short film
  72. The Plausible Impossible Normality and Reality now free!
  73. Interview with Raphael Lacoste, Art Director Ubisoft
  74. fRee CINEMA 4D Shader Tree videos (Brushed Metals)
  75. OSCAR NOMINATIONS now online
  76. Fluid - First Spot using the Phantom HD Camera
  77. CGWORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Character Rigging with Biped II with Paul Hormis
  78. Intel discrete graphics chips confirmed
  79. Free Animation Magazine - January Issue
  80. Daniel Dociu :: Artist Profile
  81. mental ray training, Feb in LA, March in London
  82. The Strucutre of Man - 227 Anatomy Videos - 43 Hours
  83. Disney's "turn off your cellphone" animation to play before movies.
  84. Softimage XSI 6 Launch Tour -LA
  85. Clip from Pixar's "Lifted" Online
  86. nand -- faster read-write hard drives
  87. Training Series: finalRender Stage-1 for 3ds Max (Includes brand new Part 7)
  88. Pixar: Interview with Gordon Cameron
  89. Look Effects Lends Visual Effects Expertise to Two Sundance Films
  90. George Miller talks Happy feet Sequel.
  91. Marc & Sylvia blow up at Pixologic! :)
  92. Intel breaks the nano-barrier..
  93. DreamWorks talks about its life after 'Shrek'
  94. Softimage Develops New 3D Game Pipeline with EA Chicago
  95. NEX for Maya released!
  96. IGDA Chicago Chapter Meeting
  97. Vray Maya beta Build 0.84.24 available for download
  98. Submarine Channel - New Title Sequence Archive
  99. Set Visit: TMNT
  100. Houdini Technical Director's Blog
  101. NYC screening of SIGGRAPH 2006 Electronic Theater
  102. Lucas to speak at the Museum of Television & Radio’s William S. Paley Festival (LA)
  103. Silo 2.0 Public Beta 5a
  104. Wanting to attend GDC?
  105. Digital Anarchy Releases PlasmaFX 1.0
  106. New Photography Book
  107. Upcoming events: Train the Trainers: Tips and Tricks on teaching SOFTIMAGE|XSI
  108. SP2 for finalRender® Stage-2 for Maya
  109. 3D morphable model face animation by Volker Blanz
  110. upcoming event: Animation Open House - Vancouver Film School
  111. 'Miss Potter'
  113. 3D World Houdini Contest Winners
  114. Craft Animations Launches "Craft Missile"
  115. Video of Softimage MoCap shoot at House of Moves - Jan 25th
  116. DVD Empire is done selling videogames (save 20%!)
  117. maxVR.qt for 3ds Max Update
  118. AARDMAN discusses future plans of Wallace and Gromit
  119. PIXAR and DREAMWORKS studio tours on the auction block
  120. Interview with John Knoll of ILM
  121. Zombie Zombie Zombie
  122. FREE FumeFX and TP Videos!
  123. In Depth Interview with Meats Meier - ITS ART Magazine 8 - free Download
  124. Mixomation- New Animation Show
  125. Interview with Eric Pinkel (Npower Software)
  126. Meet the Robinsons Super Bowl TV spot
  127. Dan Akyroyd confirms CGI GHOSTBUSTERS movie
  128. SHREK - the full trailer - now online
  129. Lbrush released for 3dsmax [demo available]
  130. ppModeler is now Albatross 3D
  131. 2 New DVDs released by CG Academy
  132. Disney to Make Pirates of the Carribean MMPORPG Free
  133. Paint .NET v3.0
  134. Zemeckis/Disney MOCAP Film Enterprise
  135. GE Imagination Theater: Samurai
  136. Boomer Labs Releases MAX2AE v2.0
  137. DirectX 10 & the Future of Gaming
  138. Ventuz Realtime 3D - Personal Learning Edition
  139. XP performance VS. Vista
  140. USATODAY Article about all three VFX Oscar Nominations
  141. The Strucutre of Man - 227 Anatomy Videos - 43 Hours
  142. The Youtube of the Objects 3D
  143. Kodak "revolutionizes" inkjet market with cheap ink
  144. Autodesk, Adobe VISTA perspectives
  145. Corel Painter X Announced
  146. MD Offers Low-Power Opteron Processors
  147. Winners of 2007 Imagina Awards Revealed
  148. Ninjai Gang Presents KarmaKula trailer 2
  149. VFX Oscar nominations: Special Feature
  150. New interface for Jeff Han's multi-touch display
  151. Baja 2.5 - free game engine that integrates with XSI
  152. 3D STAR WARS Animation Update + Interview
  153. Bridge to Terabitha featurette (WETA VFX)
  154. Emile's Magic Trick
  155. The New free Kerkythea render !
  156. VRMesh 3.5 ships for scan data processing
  157. Online Event
  158. TOY STORY 3 - In 2009 from Little Miss Sunshine writer
  159. Article on the creation of 24's <<SPOLIER>> Cloud
  160. Grome Landscape Editor
  161. New Maya Roadkill LSCM unwrapper
  162. FUSION Common Particle Libraries
  163. Dynamic painting
  164. ubisoft to expand into cg films fisrt short of assasins creed
  165. New Beta version Feb-9-2007 of MoI
  166. Terragen 2 (Landscape creation & rendering) TechPrev. (FW)
  167. Michael DeLuca and Hideo Kojima to Produce 'Metal Gear Solid' Movie
  168. Nvidia Adds Site To Address Vista Driver Bugs
  169. 3Delight 6.5 with new '3Delight For Maya' is out
  170. Current state of MoXi
  171. BAFTA winners: Pan's Labyrinth, Happy Feet, POTC...
  172. MORAV: new scifi robot project
  173. How a Gold Farm Works
  174. VES Awards Winners
  175. Annie Awards
  176. VRWAY Selects REALVIZ® Stitcher® Unlimited for Arounder Magazine
  177. zbrush 2-64bit executable
  178. TurnToolbox 3.1 -Realtime 3D online
  179. For architecture visualization : New TextureKit Collections : Branches Layers
  180. Join the International 3D Challenge "The Face Of Evil"!
  181. Underdog teaser
  182. Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time - Calendar Contest
  183. VES awards 2007 - Photos
  184. Atmosphere Visual Effects Joins Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Mission
  185. Call for Artists: Spring TOP 30 Juried Competition. Divishow Studio & Gallery
  186. Nevercenter SILO 2.0 Mac Beta released
  187. Skymatter Announces Free Trial of Mudbox 1.0.4
  188. DC_SIGGRAPH upcoming meetings
  189. max come you never hear the news straight from Autodesk ?
  190. Interview With Andre Kutscherauer
  191. PhotoModeler 6 is Now Available
  192. ATI builds the biggest 3D graphics card ever
  193. Pan's Labyrinth
  194. ImagineFX Magazine features 'The Structure of Man' Anatomy Training
  195. Tutorial 53: Using Set Driven Key And the HUD In Cinema 4D
  196. James Cameron's Avatar Update (Feb 13th)
  197. John Lasseter Does AM Radio Interview...
  198. Free Motion Capture Sequences from TrueBones.Com
  199. Redviewer 1.4 Open Beta Stage (including VRay support)
  200. New Trailer Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie
  201. Pixar's Lifted Webpage
  202. The Art of ReBoot Premieres at the New York Comic Con!
  203. Pixie 2.01 released
  204. NVidia CUDA publicly available
  205. Ryan Larkin died at 63
  206. IBM claims breakthrough in memory circuitry
  207. Frank Miller 300 Clips
  208. 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster...New Feature Highlights !!!
  209. 32nd Annual Bostin Science Fiction Festival
  210. It is official. Blender 2.43 released!
  211. Silo 3d - PC Beta 6b available
  212. Brand New Crazy/Lazy Bones Motion Capture Combo Pak
  213. Interview with Andre Kutscherauer
  214. D&D's Dragonlance Being Made Into Movie!
  215. Adobe LIGHTROOM begins shipping
  216. Bioshock Intro Cinematic - Blur
  217. Making of Johnny Walker "Android" commercial - the mill
  218. new simpsons trailer
  219. BRAD BIRD - 53 minute interview/webcast
  220. Vray Maya beta Build 0.84.27 available for download
  221. V-RAY Studio Lighting Explained
  222. Sony Pictures Imageworks picks up equity in FrameFlow
  223. Synthe FX announces DashRender 1.1
  224. NewTek TriCaster PRO™ adds Mac support
  225. Interview with co-director of Scrat's Oscar nominated "No Time for Nuts" short
  226. NEW Ratatouille Clips....
  227. Article on the art of photo manipulating a performance (Blood Diamond )
  228. Digital Tutors Two Free Mudbox Tutorials
  229. Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer
  230. Free Animation Magazine February Issue
  231. Interview: Dr. Ed Catmull of Pixar
  232. ToonBreak
  233. Introducing Character Animation with Blender is out!
  234. Online Event at EAA
  235. DC Independent Film Festival (Animation Panel Sat, March 10th.)
  236. Ghost Rider
  237. Taron DVD!!! The Gnomon Workshop
  238. Images from Redviewer 1.4 in action
  239. JAPAN Media Arts Festival WINNERS
  240. Press Release: LightWave Training Bundle Offer
  241. Oscar nominated shorts 2007 now on iTunes...
  242. Final Cut Pro 6 to be unveiled at NAB
  243. Article on the creation of the CG show Skyland
  244. Phillip K Dick NEXT Trailer Online
  245. New Sony's Surf's Up pics!
  246. MAYA master Classes At SIGGRAPH 2007!!!??
  247. Fantastic Four Animated Series Preview
  248. Project Overlord Public Beta release happening soon
  249. Developing Maya Nucleus
  250. Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi Interview