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  1. Digital Delivery Discussion
  2. LXG Trailer
  3. 4Horseman - Pestilence Revealed
  4. DVD XCOPY: Testing out a New Software to back up DVD's 321 Studios
  5. Free iBook with purchase of EI Universe 5
  6. Film gimp scores at year another movie studio
  7. New production art from Van Helsing movie
  8. 2004 gpu timeline
  9. Blu-Ray aims to take over from DVD
  10. finalrender state-1 new feature: dispersion
  11. Interview with Balda
  12. New 3D contest.
  13. The origins of our creativity revealed!
  14. Vue d' Esprit 4.12 update
  15. Happy Digital HD Instance v1.1 Plugin For LightWave7.5
  16. Chroma Software IRFilm v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop
  17. mentalRay for Maya v1.5.1!
  18. 3D Festival/CGTalk Gallery Launched
  19. ILM adopts Softimage|XSI
  20. Gollum not nominated for an Oscar? tough luck
  21. X2
  22. MR for Maya OS X Final Release
  23. Leigh van der Byl on Auto Character Setup 4 for Lightwave 7.xx
  24. ArtDaily - Daily Artwork, by a Variety of Artists
  25. Learn to animate from a living legend.
  26. An interview with Ice Pond Studio's Floyd Bishop
  27. Wonderful Days
  28. HDRI Editor
  29. Hypnotic - catalog of independent shorts
  30. XSI Character Rigging Seminar Videos
  31. Wonderful Days ANIME
  32. WANTED: SW EP III CREW(Now Hiring)
  33. universe 5 ships with free ibook?
  34. Free Rig:
  35. Disney's *Final* 2D Animated Features?
  36. Enter the Matrix
  37. Clone Wars Animated Show announced
  38. SFSIG Event: ILM Bakeoff - Feb 24, 2003
  39. JJ Palomo Interview
  40. The Ultimate Human videos online
  41. 500gig external firewire anyone?
  42. Nokia N-Gage Game Pad?
  43. S4 Studios Profile
  44. Mcfarlane toys T3 series, Terminator TX endoskeleton
  45. CG Human Anatomy Textbook
  46. VARIETY: 'Towers' looms over F/X nods
  47. Great FX Info Online
  48. Zoic Studios and Eden FX Win at 1st Annual VES Awards!
  49. LOTR Congrats at the BAFTA's
  50. Apple Going Out of Business?
  51. new game texture editions at
  52. Canada Begins Use of HD Technology
  53. British Academ Awards Winners List
  54. World's first consumer HD camcorder!
  55. * Computer Made from DNA and Enzyme
  56. Sun blade servers to use AMD chips
  57. FFX2 latest trailer
  58. ANN: Aqsis 0.7.4 released
  59. Garfield CGI Movie Tabbed For December
  60. Eden FX Races To Deliver Daytona 500 Project
  61. Cathedral - exclusive clip!!!
  62. Flash Animation For Linux for $99 US
  63. Eovia announces Amapi v7
  64. Another amazing commercial from Framestore CFC
  65. SFSIG Event: Defining New Worlds of Gaming - March 7
  66. PIXAR teams up with MIYAZAKI
  67. Pingu's day short CG movie trailer
  68. Kids can now make they own Cartoons
  69. Call for entries for the Animago CG awards!
  70. FFX2 trailor again!!
  71. pixie v1.0.1 - new free renderman renderengine
  72. Cinebench 2003 Released
  73. Nvidia looses MSI to ATI
  74. Cinesite VFX LA goes under
  75. NewTek's Lightwave 3D at Game Developers Conference Next Week
  76. Intel To Overhaul PC With "Grantsdale" Chipset
  77. The Cg Tutorial: The Definitive Guide to Programmable Real-Time Graphics
  78. SplutterFish Upgrade Promotion Offers 30% Off
  79. Learn to animate with Jeff Lew
  80. Filmgimp becomes CinePaint
  81. L.A. SIGGRAPH Will Jump Start Your Career
  82. Round 5: 20 More Free 3D Character Models
  83. New Windows Longhorn Preview!!
  84. Interview: Benedict Campbell
  85. Sony's Blue Ray Player To be released in April in Japan...
  86. New LEGO's Bionicle movie trailer and site:
  87. Microsofts Dark Future.
  88. TOONTRACK Software leaves beta
  89. Pics from live action Looney Tunes Movie.
  90. No Career Center and Job Fair at Siggraph 03
  91. MechWarrior Movie!
  92. clips from TUBA Animation
  93. whats happened to cgchat
  94. NYC XSI user group
  95. Anti-Piracy trailer coming to a screen near you
  96. Splutterfish gallery major update
  97. New World of Warcraft Gameplay Trailer
  98. Animatrix Episode 2
  99. Interview - Pablo Zapico
  100. Softimage GDC Reel 2003
  101. Interview with Darryl Lajeunesse
  102. Training DVD Set is now shipping for 3DS Max 5
  103. Final Flight of the Osiris FOOTAGE!!!
  104. Daredevil trailers by ImaginaryForces
  105. Discreet lowers price on max?
  106. Softimage supports Direct X .X format
  107. Dual Xeon motherboard roundup
  108. QuadroFX 2000 review
  109. New FBX content community at TurboSquid !
  110. Softimage Tools for Playstation2
  111. John Dykstra talks about the Fx of Spiderman!
  112. The first R-rated computer animated feature.
  113. Travel and Animate!
  114. New 3D/CG education in Sweden!
  115. FREE stock moves from Turbo Squid and Kaydara!
  116. NewTek LightWave 7.5B - with Linux Renderer!
  117. Samus is selected to promote Maya at the big industry event
  118. Veggietales now on DVD
  119. Microsoft quits Open GL Board
  120. Toy Story Voted #1 on Top 100 Animated Features of All Time By the OFCS
  121. Starship Troopers for Real!(Or how VFX designers are now designing real equipment)
  122. ACT 1.6 Modeling Tool Set Released
  123. Internet speed record SMASHED
  124. Microsoft to acquire Bioware?
  125. Article about the industry
  126. 3dsmax 5.1 and directx 9
  127. ATI releases 3 new graphics cards
  128. Rhythm and hues Dead?
  129. Universal file format
  130. Moho 4.1 Released
  131. "photorealistic animated series"
  132. Jean Reno in Onimusha 3
  133. Bring Your Demo Reels to LA SIGGRAPH
  134. SEGA developing Animanium
  135. Interview with Christian Bloch from EdenFX
  136. Yafray's Added HDRI
  137. Interview with Nikos Gatos
  138. UPN Buys CG Animated Pilot for Primetime
  139. Tudyk To Play I, Robot
  140. Softimage march gallery now up!
  141. Playstation 3 to ship by the end of the year!!!!!!
  142. Blizzard Cinematics Interview - New Images!
  143. FINALLY updated!!
  144. 3d glasses are back?
  145. ILM Chooses Softimage|XSI
  146. Halo 2 not coming out in 2003
  147. TRON 2.0 release date announced
  148. Cinesite Recreates Victorian London For Shanghai Knights
  149. ICARUS goes fully commercial :(
  150. Interview Adel Adili
  151. Making Elven Armor
  152. Mystical Lighting from Auto FX
  153. Cinema 4D 8.1 arrives
  154. Two Towers - Behind the scenes videos
  155. Use Of Actors' CGI Image In Films/Games A Growing Concern
  156. Roddenberry's Space Tales Get 'Toon Up
  157. CinePaint/Film Gimp ported to windows
  158. Interview with Istvan Pely
  159. CGChallenge January/February 2003 Awards announced!
  160. International CGChallenge March/April 2003 Challenges announced!
  161. Interview with Magnetic Dreams
  162. Nikos Gatos Interview
  163. Adel Adili Interview
  164. Animation Expo - Please Read :)
  165. CG Channel hacked?
  166. Red Hat Announces Enterprise Linux
  167. Brazil r/s used in 60 shots in The Core
  168. DreamWorks Ready to Roll a CGI Rocker
  169. Interview with Kaydara President, Michel Besner
  170. NewTek Europe interviews Dino Mascitelli
  171. woman references for 3D modeling
  172. Machinima
  173. Watch the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts on the big screen! DC listing!
  174. Greatest compositing work of all time
  175. Mattepainting tutorial
  176. Mental Ray for Maya Training DVD
  177. Children of Dune Trailer
  178. Final Fantasy X 2 Into online
  179. Sw Galaxies Delayed:
  180. Interesting and expensive Poser "substitute"...
  181. Proffesional 3d card roundup
  182. Phong lighting article up at delphi3d
  183. Video Toaster [3] at NAB
  184. Stunning 2d Shareware Animation App
  185. NewTek announces Video Toaster [3]
  186. More News About Video Toaster [3]
  187. Animatrix- trailer for Final Flight of the Osiris
  188. The Two Towers: Face to Face With Gollum
  189. The Definitive Desktop Environment Comparison
  190. WETA to do VFX for Narnia Live-Action Movies
  191. Spiderman has back troubles?
  192. 3D flat screens, coming your way
  193. Hypercube trailers now online
  194. Softimage announces Game Dev Tools for XBoX
  195. Apple pulls plug on original iMac
  196. Steven Stahlberg - Interview
  197. animation: Aeon Flux finds a director
  198. Hellboy Production news
  199. Ghost Rider movie: Dear, sweet, merciful lord!
  200. Silver Surfer movie in the works
  201. Microsoft Warns Windows Users About Flaw
  202. Former US Vice President Al Gore joins Apple's board
  203. Astroboy - TV series trailer
  204. Maguire to return to "Spider Man" afterall
  205. MORE Animatrix!!!!!
  206. Maya muscles its way into Hollywood film awards(USA TODAY article)
  207. Animatrix USA TODAY article
  208. Virtual actor seeks actual credit for performances
  209. Nice ShowReel from Gouryella
  210. Press release: Musculo-skeleton-based 3D Human Modeling System
  211. Cisco Buys Linksys
  212. 20" OLED coming your way!
  213. NewTek Europe interviews Olivier Michon
  214. Studio Ghibli Selects Softimage|xsi
  215. A few cool user profiles
  216. Starcraft: Ghost Cinematics Team interview
  217. The Cathedral !!
  218. Caustic Generator
  219. new animatrix trailer
  220. Next version of OS X will be unveiled at WWDC 2003
  221. CG Mickey Mouse at the Oscars
  222. Spirited Away wins Oscar
  223. Chubb Chubbs WIN!
  224. MAYA wins an Oscar?
  225. Oscar Winner: Visual Effects --THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS
  226. 3D Visualisation of the Development of Linux.
  227. Windows XP SP-1 slow-down
  228. New online multiplayer game: Wish
  229. Red Hat 9 Announced
  230. Hi-Res Character Photo References Site
  231. An Insider's Look at Apple's Digital Video Strategy
  232. Dan Ablan Gets interviewed
  233. GhostPainter 2.0 announced
  234. Interview With Anthony Rossano
  235. Shotgun Interview with Steffen [Neox] Unger
  236. Get your free Matrix Reloaded 3D Screensaver!
  237. Spirited Away Returns To Theaters
  238. Good Production Resource
  239. Interview with Lead artist of Starcraft: Ghost
  240. Interview - Alexander Hupperich
  241. ANN: Luxology Press Release
  242. IBM to manufacture Nvidia chips
  243. CGNetworks official Store is now online!
  244. NewTek Europe interviews Phil Lunt
  245. Interview with Phil Lunt
  246. 3D Buzz Live Radio Show with Jason Schleifer
  247. Interview with Pascal Blanche
  248. New Matrix Footage? [Possible spoilers]
  249. First public release of GRender now available!
  250. Toy Story 1 & 2 are going "back into the vault" on May 1st