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  1. George Miller talks about Happy Feet:
  2. AWN:Independence Day: The Growth of Indie Animated Features
  3. AMD Close to metal Technology
  4. SWAY visual effects Studio Alters History for U2 and Green Day Video “The Saints are
  5. GroBoto™ 2.0 Released !!
  6. The Fountain: VFX in a Petri Dish
  7. Realscan Delivers High Quality Digital Doubles for Tony Scott's Deja Vu
  8. Soa Lee - Artist Profile
  9. Interview with Khalid Al Muharraqi, Skan Srisuwan, Jake Banks (Stardust Studios) ....
  10. Hellgate:London - new cinematic
  11. New 3d company in the works for Disney
  12. Elias and the Royal Yatch
  13. (old news) My Name is Earl: Robbed a Stoner Blind
  14. Bruce Lee to be Resurrected digitally for film
  15. Exploit Code Published for Apple OS X Glitch
  16. AWN:Hot Bollywood Director Moves into Animation
  17. ZScanner 700- First Self Positioning, Real Time Surfacing, 3d Laser Scanner
  18. cg animated show Iron Kid
  19. Aion The Tower of Eternity
  20. AWN: Happy Feet Dances to Record IMAX Animated Opening
  21. AWN: Peter Levinsohn New President Of Fox Interactive Media
  22. Sybex Blender character animation book available for pre-order
  23. New Theseis Game site
  24. Terragen 2 Release Date Announced
  25. Nick Park video interview
  26. Rising Sun Pictures - new website!
  27. Wallace & Gromit honored with children's BAFTA
  28. Mockup of Pixar's cars
  29. Sony may pick 51% stake in Indiai-based animation co
  30. AWN Editorial: Who Will Win the Animation Oscar Race This Year?
  31. Kuala Lumpur - free anatomy seminar tomorrow!
  32. IGDA/DC_SIGGRAPH meeting Nov. 30
  33. Intelligent Creatures - 'The Fountain'
  34. A new alternative render engine that use the GPU power for render
  35. OT: What are you playing right now?
  36. Vagalume Animation Studios
  37. TDT3D - 3D Realtime contest !
  38. Wall Street Journal - A Wii Workout
  39. CNN: Study - Violent video game effects linger in brain
  40. Call for Entry - Chicago Motion Graphics Festival 2007
  41. George Miller talks about Happy Feet / Career
  42. Giant Killer Robots invade Vancouver
  43. Interview with Marco Di Lucca, Senior Modeler Weta Digital
  44. releases Free Photorealistic Texture Pack!
  45. New finalRender Tutorials from Digital-Tutors
  46. Houdini 9 Sneak Peek
  47. Managing Digital Workflow - Seminar, Dec 2nd.
  48. Don Waller (Weta Senior Animator) Interview
  49. Director Carlos Saldanha talks about Ice Age 2
  50. SpaceNavigator drops to 59$
  51. New DMCA Exemptions Granted by Library of Congress
  52. AMD Launches Four-Core '4x4' Motherboard
  53. AMD unveils processors for "power" computer users
  54. Apple Prototypes: 5 Products We Never Saw
  55. Art Lebedev's $1,200 keyboard (ZDNet)
  56. First look: (Fantastic 4 movie)Fantasticar flows onto film
  57. First look at Halo 3 CG trailer airing monday!!
  58. Cheap(er) Wacom's at
  59. Peter Sanitra :: Artist Profile
  60. Understanding the Layout Process: 2D & 3D
  61. Square-Enix Announces... Destiny's Child Game?
  62. Science : 3dxrays
  63. EA brand "tarnished" according to analyst
  64. 'Ultraman' TV series director Akio Jissoji dies at 69
  65. Youkai Daisenso - The Great Yokai War English Trailer
  66. Disney to cut 160 workers in animation
  67. New Building for Free download
  68. 3December online is now LIVE
  69. AMD Signs on as Cornerstone Sponsor of OpenFPGA
  71. Happy Feet #1 for 3rd weekend in a row (US)
  72. Low Cost and World Wide Supercomputer available to everybody
  73. Next StarWars to be all CG?
  74. Men O' War Animated short & Website...
  75. parallel's "coherency" blurs line between windows and OSX
  76. Hollywood Reporter: Rhythm & Hues Richard Hollander moves to Pixar
  77. 2007 Annie Award Nominations
  78. The Making of Game Art: Destroyer and Battleship, An interview with Moritz Füllgrabe
  79. Pixar's Ratatouille Characters Revealed!
  80. Nokia trying it again... N-Gage 2?
  81. DC SIGGRAPH (A Night with Jeff Meeker, December 7)
  82. Shave and a Haircut 4
  83. Interview with Simon Pickard, Animal Logic on HAPPY FEET
  84. New Maxwell render plug-ins now available
  85. SIGGRAPH Encore (Browse over 800 conference presentations )
  86. AMD rolls out new power-saving processors
  87. New CG Academy DVD titles due for release soon!!
  88. Interview with Olivier Ozoux, Animal Logic on HAPPY FEET
  89. new DVD from Marvel cover artist Marko Djurdjevic
  90. Meet The Artist: "Diego García" - Blur Senior Pipeline & Tools Developer
  91. Will Wright on the Colbert Report
  92. Softimage XSI 6 Announced
  93. Awarded 3D short film "Valle Paraiso" now ON-LINE!
  94. Luc Besson might be back for ‘Arthur and the Minimoys’ sequel
  95. CNN article on the status of Supercomputers
  96. fRee finalRender Training Videos (3dsmax)
  97. Animation Show Year 3
  98. mudbox back online...
  99. Mental Ray Video Training for Max Users
  100. Mudbox website updated
  101. 1 Man, 2 years, 90 minutes Going to Sundance
  102. PR: NewTek Announces Free Trial of Latest Version of LightWave 3D
  103. Audio interview with character designer Shane Glines
  104. New 300 Trailer!!!
  105. New TMNT Trailer
  106. Another competition for people with too much time (Web3D)
  107. Joss Whedon's Firefly MMORPG planned
  108. AWN:Growing Animation Industry in North Korea
  109. George Lucas to get special San Francisco film award
  110. A Terabyte of Data on a Regular DVD?
  111. Luxology show the upcoming sculpt tools inside Modo
  112. The Fly Pentop Computer
  113. Blizzard's New Cinematic
  114. Spike TV VGA Winners List
  115. Interview With Dylan Cole In CG-Node
  116. NZ loses Narnia
  117. Photorealistic Textures Pack by has been released.
  118. Animassauro Studios
  119. ambientLight 50% Holiday Special off all our Texture Sets!!
  120. Afi Awards 2006 (tv & Movies)
  121. National Board of Review pics Pixar's Cars as 'Best Animated Feature'
  122. Memory chip breakthrough for electronic devices ("phase-change")
  123. Meet the Robinsons New Musical Trailer ...
  124. Digital Fusion 5.1 released
  125. Microsoft Releases XNA Game Studio Express and Launches XNA Creators Club
  126. LA SIGGRAPH to Hold Fashion Show for CG Hair & Fur
  127. Intel Speeds Up Intro of Quad-core Server Chips (2 months ahead of schedule )
  128. Ghost Rider Transformation Video
  129. Adobe CS3 beta available Friday
  130. New VLC media player available (free)
  131. XSI v6 feature list and new video
  132. New Trailer at TMNT.COM
  133. Live Action/CG short film starring Keir Dullea (2001, A Space Odyssey)
  134. TVP Animation Pro is available !
  135. NY Times: Nickelodeon consider animation its bedrock
  136. Where The Wild Things Are - Early DISNEY CG Animation Test by John Lasseter
  137. fRee Training Series from cebas: Part Two
  138. Rythym and Hues President Joins Pixar as Producer
  139. New Wow Trailer Now Online!!
  140. 6 new Gnomon DVD's - 12/14/06
  141. Entity FX Opens Vancouver Studio
  142. Shrek The Third Teaser Trailer
  143. George Miller Talks Babe 3 (To be all CG?)
  144. The First Version of Orient Game Trailer!
  145. Nike football spoof =)
  146. Photoshop cs3 beta is out now! UB available
  147. Mudbox now available for purchase.
  148. .blue the book
  149. Robert Zemeckis's Beowolf Production Art
  150. Interview with Brett Feeney, CG Supervisor on HAPPY FEET
  151. Live Free or Die Hard Trailer - Compositing Galore
  152. Pirates 2 "The Show" website now online
  153. Nintendo to replace 3.2 million Wii straps
  154. 3dbuzz holiday special discount traiing dvd's
  155. Happily N'Ever After clip
  156. SpeedEDIT Review by Timothy Albee
  157. Silo 2.0 Public Beta 4a available for download
  158. Artizen HDR 2.4.8 available for download
  159. 3ds max9 demo out now
  160. BLACK SHEEP news, photos, and WETA Concept Art
  161. "ParticleGen": New 3D graphic tool published
  162. Consolidation sweeps through chipmaking industry
  163. cmiVFX Releases Brand New Houdini DVD
  164. Wash Post:Rule on Simulators Could Change How Pilots Are Trained (Flight Sims)
  165. David Revoy's Interview
  166. Director Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stich) fired from Disney's CG Film American Dog
  167. The Art Institute Reveals Visually Wired Festival Winners
  168. Joe Barbera passses away at 95. RIP MY friend!
  169. Interview with Rod Seffen
  170. 'Eragon' viewpainter
  171. The Art of ReBoot
  172. PART THREE!!! 30 minute fRee training videos for 3ds Max
  173. Autodesk faces delisting from Nasdaq
  174. Disney MIGHT go back to 2D
  175. TRANSFORMERS Trailer From Japan!
  176. NASA, Google Team to Bring Space Data to Us
  177. Autodesk Suing to Keep Format Closed (Cease & Desist order against Opendwg)
  178. Win GDC Passes, New Computer, Games and More
  179. NEW Halo 3 Vid Doc! (cool animations)
  180. FumeFX v1 Released!
  181. Behind the Scenes: Ghost in in the Shell solid state society
  182. CGArena: Free Animation Magazine
  183. ShaderFX version 1.0
  184. "Robots could demand legal rights" - British Government Study / BBC
  185. Fusion 5.1 For Linux released
  186. The Digital Eye: Sony's Future with 3D Environments and Acting
  187. Researchers to publish security vulnerabilities in Apple's products
  188. USATODAY: Slow to return, teen Turtles are back!
  189. Brand New Icy Bones Motion Captures from trueBones.Com
  190. GRINDHOUSE Trailer - Rodriques & Tarantino
  191. XSI 6 now available for Download
  192. Blur Studio - Gentlemen's Duel - 3 Video Interviews
  193. Christophe Hery
  194. CGJobs open for business
  195. USATODAY: CG Silver Surfer surfaces in 'Fantastic Four' sequel
  196. Sun's Looking Glass 3D Desktop Released
  197. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poster and Stills
  198. New 3D laser scanner --- and it's FREEWARE!
  199. James Cameron's AVATAR - INTERVIEW
  200. Animation Short "Hold the Line" finally online
  201. 2006Retrospect
  202. VMware beta: Run Windows apps on a Mac
  203. Pan's Laybrinth wins big
  204. SIGGRAPH 2007 Announces New IP Marketplace
  205. Fantastic Four 2 Teaser Trailer
  206. Wash Post: The Tap Dancing Motion Capture of Happy Feet
  207. The Real Cost of Vista
  208. VFXWorld: Curse of the Golden Flower: The Sweet Smell of Epic VFX
  209. PART Four! 40 minute fRee training videos for 3ds Max
  210. TMNT 162 high res. stills
  211. Khalid Al Muharraqi Interview in English and French
  212. launches its pre-registration site to the public
  213. Lucas and Spielberg to shoot next ‘Indiana Jones’ in 2007
  214. Disney ends 2006 with $3.26 billion box office
  215. Google's SketchUP Pro 5.0 Reviewed
  216. "From Inside" Trailer
  217. Successful Launch...
  218. Gamasutra: Intel team develops flying game on Google Earth
  219. Details of AMD's next generation Radeon hit the web
  220. Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE effects/filmmaking clips
  221. Jay Russel's WATER HORSE storyboards/behind the scenes
  222. Free Edition of RTSquare 1.3
  223. Pixar being investigated
  224. Hellboy Animated - Blood & Iron - trailer
  225. Animal Logic's 'Happy Feet'
  226. Blender RC1 : Multires sculpt, retopolgy, renderpasses and more
  227. Interview of the founder of Spiral Graphics
  228. "Tinker Bell" trailer
  229. Nemetschek AG acquires acquires a 54.3% stake in Graphisoft
  230. SPIDER-MAN 3 TV Spot (From Japan)
  231. Happily N'Ever After Clips
  232. Producers Guild Awards Nominees Unveiled
  233. Premier back on Mac
  234. Object Painter for Photoshop is 50% off
  235. Final Fantasy Tactics PSP - Great Cel Shading!
  236. Warner Bros. TOTAL HD DISK: Blu-ray/HD Hybrid
  237. Café FX & Everett Burrell handling CG Effects on THE MIST
  238. Endorphine for free
  239. psd-manager™ 2.0 for 3ds Max 32 & 64 bit!
  240. New Full Length 3D Tracking Video Now Online
  241. M.I.T. to offer all current courses free online
  242. Jan 10 - Maya & 3ds Max "Night at the Museum" Movie Event
  243. HIS DARK MATERIALS: The Golden Compass STILLS
  244. $399 Terabyte Hard Drive
  245. ActiveRendering issue #6/06 is online
  246. ALIEN/PREDATOR 2 behind the scenes with GREG/COLIN STRAUSE
  247. non-Apple Mac tablet to be unveiled at MacWorld
  248. finalRender Stage-2 SP1 for Maya Shipping Now!
  249. ScalpelMAX for 3ds Max 9 Available Now!
  250. Coming soon: Gnomon Workshop RealFlow DVD!