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  1. CGArena Magazine October Issue Released
  2. CNN: Mac attacks rare but may rise
  3. BBC: Sony to 'block PS3 Euro imports'
  4. Shakespeare coming to a virtual world (MMO)
  5. CG - call for submissions
  6. MS Could Make its Own CPU for Next Xbox
  7. Andy Serkis on Beowulf, motion-capture animation
  8. Editorial: Is Web 3D the next big thing?
  9. Audio Interview with Meats Meier
  10. Macbook Pros go core2duo
  11. Digital Anarchy Updates ReSizer 2.1
  12. AWN: Nine Open Season Diaries..
  13. Dreamworks Updates: KungFu Panda, Madagascar Spinoff
  14. Firefox 2 is out
  15. Gyar Post Production
  16. Spiderman 3 Producer gives an update on post-production
  17. EZ-Canvas Turns Monitors into Drawing Pads
  18. HOllywood Reporter: Update on Robert Zemeckis' BEOWULF
  19. SGI Sues ATI for Patent Infringement
  20. VFXWORLD: The Guardian’s Fluid VFX Secrets Revealed
  21. Gears of War Teaser Trailer
  22. Cornell presents "Conversation" with Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks)
  23. Autodesk presents EA and High Moon
  24. Blender beats DreamWorks and Sony in a CG/OSS Award
  25. Talking "300" The Movie with Frank Miller
  26. Red Vs Blue makes Green (Machimina becomes competitive )
  27. Ubuntu 6.10 - Edgy Released
  28. Software generates video news bulletins (Machimina)
  29. Artizen HDR 2.4.3 Now Available
  30. Eragon Trailer 2
  31. Live action short film, from the creator of Fity Percent Grey
  32. Dungeon Siege Second Trailer
  33. Interview with Happy Feet George Miller (and yes, he did Mad Max too!)`
  34. Bridge to Terabithia Trailer
  35. John Derry Signature & Matster Class Seminar in AUSTRALIA
  36. Filter Forge beta update 1.004
  37. Scientists study brain using video game (brain as a controller)
  38. AWN: Helping Hand in the Animation Boom — Asian Governments
  39. New ImagineFX Magazine's Website.
  40. An interview with Will Vinton
  41. Castlevania Cel Shaded Intro
  42. Masi Oka: Coder, Actor, Hero
  43. Pictures from the Fountain
  44. Meet the Robinsons One-Sheet & Pics!
  45. Romeo & Juliet: 2D feature film opens this weekend
  46. "On the Edge of Blade Runner". TV Documentary. Channel 4.
  48. Bridge to Terabithia Trailer
  49. Travelers Insurance Does Katamari
  50. video time warping- must watch, hard to explain
  51. July Films' "My Little World"
  52. BlastOff!
  53. mudbox available (turned out to be false)
  54. Attitude Studios (Renaissance) video interview.
  55. 3D Weather Data Visualization in Second Life
  56. Halo Movie Moving Forward: (why of course its Microsoft)
  57. Linda Tso - Artist Profile feature
  58. HollywoodReporter: Oddworld duo team with Vanguard for 'Siege'
  59. USATODAY: Brightcove to take Web video to next level
  60. DeathFight!: Halloween Challenge
  61. New Street Fighter Movie Planned
  62. Sony PS3 is a power hog
  63. XBox360 Fall Update
  64. Cook an Egg in an Xbox 360!!!
  65. Windows Media Player 11 Final Released
  66. Design Studios
  67. Windows Firewall Can Be Disabled
  68. Work on "Halo" film halted
  69. Invention: Throwable game-controllers
  70. NYPOST: Bob Iger one year later (Disney CEO)
  71. finalRender Stage-2 SP2 for CINEMA 4D Available Now!
  72. Oddworld Inhabitants partnering Vanguard Animation to make "mature" CG film...
  73. Japan to get Wii with DVD player
  74. Trick or Treat Sale
  75. Blur Studio to showcase film in L.A. Thursday
  76. Contest : Win A FineArt Reproduction of your artwork
  77. Blur Studio presents 'Gentlemen's Duel' at XSI Los Angeles user event
  78. Blizzard Art Contest 2006 Winners
  79. Gnomon Workshop Live Dec 2 and 3 Mullins, McCaig, Milligan, Finch,and more
  80. Pendulum Debuts Mark Antony Facial Motion-Capture Test
  81. Gnomon Workshop Live Dec 2 and 3
  82. Facial Rigging For Feature Animation Ships!
  83. 3D Shows and events in London..
  84. Flushed Away Clip & Interviews:
  85. Rappers get real as gaming, music firms partner
  86. Shrek 4 Coming to Theaters in 2010
  87. FUSION 5 Crowd Replication DVD
  88. Interview with "Thinking Animation" co-author Angie Jones
  89. Freedesign 1.1 beta
  90. New Fantasy art web site...
  91. ezMark - small tool for animators (BETA)
  92. XNA Game Studio Express Beta 2 Available for Download
  93. vue6 pre release available as of now
  94. New Zelda Trailers
  95. Makehuman 0.9.0
  96. Pixar's "Mater and the Ghostlight" pics
  97. The Wii's brains finally exposed?
  98. Happily N'ever After Trailer
  99. Creating Particle Based Grass In Fusion 5
  100. Dragon-Slayer New Short!!
  101. Microsoft backtracks on Vista transfer limits
  102. MSNBC: Talking Animal Movies are Ruining My Life
  103. Microsoft & Linux Joining forces ?
  104. Cecropia - Production Focus
  105. Aperture Testdrive & v1.5.1 update
  106. Blast Code version 1.5 for Maya 8 Now Available!
  107. Dreamworks Seinfeld Bee Movie trailer
  108. New Super Smash Bros Trailer
  109. Nokia mobile gaming info
  110. Intel Launches Quad Core Processors
  111. New Meet the Robinsons trailer
  112. Microsoft to Change Vista Licensing
  113. Jason Steele - Spatula Madness
  114. New VMware Fusion running on MacIntel
  115. Academy unveils animated film finalists
  116. Computer Graphics Brazil CG Brazil
  117. CGJobs is Coming Soon
  118. Shane Acker's "9" feature article
  119. Aartform Releases Curvy 3D 1.5
  120. HP Acquires VoodooPC
  121. GeForce 8800GTX Benchmarked
  122. 'Shrek the Third' Poster
  123. DreamWorks/Aardman's Flushed Away makes 19 mil opening!
  124. Interactive Online Spirograph
  125. Leonard Teo joins Softimage
  126. Gentlemen's Duel
  127. Pixar's RATATOUILLE One-Sheet!!!
  128. 3Delight 6.0 and 3Delight For Maya 2.0 released
  129. Shrek Xmas special on Disney's ABC
  130. Win RealViz Softwares : Vtour, Stitcher Pro Or Express 2
  131. Microsoft maps ups the ante Google chase
  132. XSI Montreal Meeting on 15 November 2006 - Not to be missed!
  133. The Montreal Gazette features Softimage
  134. London VFX shop "The Mill" To Open In Santa Monica
  135. African Animated Series to Teach Teens About Environment
  136. Roboblitz Ue3
  137. 3D Model Kits
  138. DS Guitar.
  139. AWN: In a Flash: Animation Production in Flash Growing
  140. Peter Lord’ talks about Aardman Adventures in CG
  141. RealViz Releases VTour for the Macintosh Platform
  142. VR?? display Helmet
  143. CG Cinematography Article: Flushed Away
  144. New Maya to Maxwell plugin workflow movie
  145. Softimage announces upcoming Asia Tour
  146. XNA Video Montage
  147. JoBlo visits Pixar, interviews John Lasseter
  148. NVIDIA's 680i SLI Chipset Ready for Primetime
  149. Next Gen: ‘New E3’ Officially Goes Public
  150. Incredible Hulk to hit theaters in June 27, 2008
  151. NYC Siggraph Presents Rhythm & Hues Nov 13
  152. finalRender Stage-2 CINEMA 4D DEMO Video!
  153. Audio interview: Tom Warburton ("Codename: Kids Next Door" creator)
  154. link: All feature film visual effects articles online
  155. Latest spiderman trailer
  156. GPUs the future of mathematical computation?
  157. 9 Days 'Till PS3 Launch. People lining up already!
  158. Paul Hormis - Heavy Duty Rigger
  159. Softimage turns 20 today (Nov 10th)
  160. Update on 300
  161. announces Free Photorealistic Texture Pack!
  162. Editorial: Procedural Textures The Future of Games?
  163. Alienware Announces High-Performance Desktops with Nvidia's New GeForce 8800 GTX GPUs
  164. Happy Feet scenes online
  165. IBM accelerates push into 3D virtual worlds
  166. Free Jimmy Trailer and Clips
  167. Honda Tron Commercial
  168. New Sexy search engine
  169. The Area presents 3December 06
  170. V-Ray 1.5 new feature videos
  172. NEW SPIDER-MAN 3 Trailer v.rough cut
  173. French version of MoI
  174. VFXTalk Meets The Guardian of The Waves. Lightwave vfx.
  175. Disney Reports $782M Profit for 4Q 2006
  176. MMTechnologies
  177. CintiQ DIY
  178. 1 Week To Go!
  179. New Simpsons Trailer on Apple
  180. Cars DVD sells 5 million copies in first two days
  181. space.nk advert
  182. NVidia unleashes Cuda-enabled GeForce 8800
  183. free 3d scanner software
  184. MoI - German version + forum
  185. Iron Man ANIMATED Trailer
  186. INSOMANIA: Concept Art Workshop, Dec 15-17 (San Francisco)
  187. AF: 2d animation Contest (DANCE OFF)
  188. $200 off modo 202
  189. Procedural Textures Gaming's Future
  190. Nvidia Corporation and Adrianne Curry Team to Produce First Real-time Virtual Celebri
  191. ACM SIGGRAPH Seeks Volunteers for SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego
  192. Microsoft warns of 5 "critical" security holes
  193. VR Cures Amputees' Phantom Limb Pain
  194. AMD Stream processor
  195. Andy Hickinbottom - Artist Profile
  196. VIDEO tutorial: Making ASANTI wheels by photo
  197. Softimage|XSI 6.0 announced
  198. new topology software..check it out
  199. AFI DALLAS Call for Entries - Animation Competition
  200. Halo 5 year anniversary! Plus major news!
  201. Artizen HDR 2.4.6 Now Available
  202. AMD Signs on as Cornerstone Sponsor of OpenFPGA
  203. CG Retrospective 2006 - suggestion call.
  204. MeshLab 0.8 a large-mesh editing/cleaning system released
  205. Simplygon (Polygon Repair and reduction)
  206. Canada to invest in local video game business
  207. "2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival (November 17th thru 19th 2006, Wash State)
  208. Dell to Open Virtual Store in Second Life
  209. Rumor: AMD-based Apple notebook in the works
  210. Dreamworks drops Aardman
  211. "The Very First Noel" new site
  212. Activision faces delisting from Nasdaq
  213. ConceptArt School
  214. 3DM have launched new big competition - The Lost World
  215. Symantec's report on "The Mac OSX Security Threats"
  216. CGW: Nvidia Announces Digital Bollywood Initiative
  217. Report: Chinese Animation Industry Exceeds Film Industry
  218. Ballmer: Linux Infringes Microsoft’s Intellectual Property
  219. Blur Studio, Interview with Diego Garcia
  220. 3D & CGI Movies - the blog with more than 300 cg shorts
  221. War of the Worlds
  222. A Scanner Darkly and the art of rotoscoping
  223. Kerkythea: another (free) rendering engine
  224. 3D CGI TV Pilot production 'Moonridge 5' article
  225. Can silicon come to the rescue for Blu-ray?
  226. Jumpcut - Online Video Editor!!
  227. Hayao Miyazaki featured in Time magazine
  228. Happy Feet Opens #1 in the US? ($42 MIL est)
  229. Forget high-definition, the future is in high-def 3D
  230. AMD introduces world’s first dedicated ENTERPRISE stream processor
  231. Development of game industry in Iran & Middle East!
  232. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Teaser Trailer Online!
  233. The Mechanics of Motion Sensing
  234. Effects supervisor Jim Rygiel visits Academy of Art University
  235. Warner Brothers taps DeFaria to run animation, visual effects dept.
  236. 11-21-06: New Gnomon Release - Houdini Rigid Body Dynamics
  237. San Francisco Society of Illustrators presents Pixar Under the Hood (December 1st)
  238. "Paths of Hate" Trailer from makers of "The Cathedral" & "Fallen Art"
  239. Mudbox review from
  240. ACT-3D Released QUEST3D 3.6
  241. Channel Frederator Awards - Please Vote
  242. Need for Speed: Carbon
  243. The Sphere Project @
  244. Free, open source realistic 3D planetarium on your computer
  245. A new Beta CG Site is Online with a lot of Freestuff
  246. Eiko Tanaka Interview: Making Taiyo Matsumoto’s “Tekkon Kinkreet”
  247. NASA Playing With Unreal Engine For Virtual World
  248. Sony Vaio UX280P
  249. Gears of War spins a million worldwide: MS and Epic Hinting Trilogy
  250. NY TIMES: Happy Feet Anatomy of a scene