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  1. You don't need a PSP to try Loco Roco. LINK!
  2. evolver:- human app
  3. widescreen black bars ratio??
  4. New references of Military Vehicles published.
  5. UV Tools 1.0 for 3D Max 8 Release
  6. V-ray for Maya demo
  7. Transformers Writers reveal bot-cast
  8. Meet the Robinsons - Trailer
  9. Call for entries! DIGITAL SHOW
  10. Video Games and Aggression, Gamers Acknowledge Influence
  11. Happy Feet "Photos"
  12. AICN interviews TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie director, Kevin Munroe
  13. Writing For Animation
  14. Terrence walker : Anime genesis video podcast.
  15. BBC: Games Industry is failing women.
  16. BBC: Artificial muscles light up TVs
  17. Dreamwork's Mark Behm interview: Character Animator
  18. PS3 not in production yet
  19. finalRender Stage-2 for Maya Shipping
  20. The Area
  21. Latest ARTVPS software lights the way for architectural design
  22. Tom and Jerry smoking scenes banned in Britain
  23. The Iris Closes On SG-1 :(
  24. Cokes new Grand Theft Auto Cinema and TV Ad.
  25. CGArena August Ezine Issue Released
  26. Foundation Presents "2D or Not 2D" Animation Festival
  27. Spotlight of CG Snakes of SNAKES ON A PLANE
  28. Filter Forge Beta Updated Speed Increase, New Features and More
  29. new Wrahammer Cinematic by Blur Studio!!!(final version)
  30. the area website is up, but dissapointing
  31. Dungeon siege trailer!
  32. Wii for $170?
  33. Bryce 5.0 free download
  34. LGC: Metal Gear Solid 4 Teaser Roumours?
  35. New HD Unreal 2007 trailer
  36. More MGS4! from LGC 06
  37. EDITORIAL: Is the Console War Good for Gaming?
  38. BBC: Coverage of the Edinburgh games festival
  39. BLUE SKY's (Ice Age) Future Project: "The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs."
  40. Singapore Schools encouraged to teach animation
  41. OT: Russian to turn down million dollar prize for maths
  42. Stargate SG-1 Canceled
  43. Tony White on "Animation from Pencils to Pixels"
  44. National Cartoon Museum Picks Up $1.8M from NYC
  45. LucasArts Partners With Free Radical Design
  46. EXOTIQUE 2 Call for Entries
  47. Cornell researchers test carbon fiber to make tiny, cheap video displays
  48. Gameplay Footage of Team Fortress 2
  49. Google SketchUp
  50. Folding@Home on the PS3
  51. BodyPaint 3D on 'Doom' monsters
  52. BBC: Nintendo gives European Wii price
  53. Adobe Photoshop 9.0.2 update for Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows
  54. BSM3D LowPoly Plants Pack 1
  55. The Gnomon Workshop Website Updated
  56. fxphd - Killer 2nd Semester Intro Video
  57. Microsoft intentionally cripples 32bit Vista to not play HD content
  58. CNN: Apple recalls 1.8 million laptop batteries (Virgin Atlantic Bans Dell, Apple)
  59. The Area
  60. Narnia Sequel to Be Filmed in January
  61. 50% off all Lost Pencil training
  62. Shigeru Miyamoto Talks about the Wii
  63. Some new Spore videos!
  64. New Versions of Autodesk's Inferno, Flame, Flint, Fire, and Smoke Launched!!
  65. Rumour: EA buying Crytek?
  66. Online Material Database
  67. Bonus tools for Maya 8 ready
  68. Meats Meier Interview
  69. starwars versions what has changed form 1977 to 2004
  70. Bill Buxton publication, interesting reading.
  71. Fry Render - New Render engine
  72. Act3animation Studio Profile
  73. Philips Shows Light Emitting Clothing
  74. The Mantis Parable NOW AVAILABLE on iTUNES
  75. Blender People: Crowd Simulation!!
  76. cool 3D News
  77. Update on the state of indie 2D Animation
  78. Interview with Genndy Tartakovsky about his work on "Eating Fried Worms"
  79. EDITORAIL: The state of Parallel Raytracing (for realtime)
  80. Hi-res Everyone's Hero trailer - now online
  81. finalRender Stage-2 for Maya Videos!
  82. Let the PS3 games begin.
  83. Joystiq :Real crimes in virtual worlds
  84. Nintendo DS has 2 million online users, who played 70 million times in 9 months!
  85. 3d television?
  86. New nurbs modeler ! MoI3D
  87. imageSynth available as stand-alone Photoshop plug-in
  88. New broadcast TV syndication package for TOS
  89. Article about Black and White CG movie "RENAISSANCE"
  90. Article about DreamWorks' Animated short "First Flight"
  91. Flyboys movie Air Battle Sequence!
  92. Renaissance painters might have used lenses
  93. Microsoft: Releases XNA Game Studio Express Beta
  94. Subsurface Scattering - Free Tutorial from Gnomon
  95. Zviz: ILM Goes Interactive with Previs
  96. Star Trek the original series Special Editions (TRAILER!)
  97. Amazing VFX short
  98. Wired: Can the PS3 Save Sony
  99. Does Max hair and fur work with Mental Ray/Backburner?
  100. Pan's LabyrinthTeaser
  101. Madden video game posts record sales
  102. MTV.COM: Article about the development challenges for Nitendo's Wii
  103. Electronic Arts cuts deals to put ads in video games
  104. One day seminar with Thomas Otto (DreamWorks) in Bern (Swiss)
  105. Richard Williams Commercials
  106. Poser 5 for FREE limited time!
  107. Edge: Nintendo DS dominant Software
  108. SMILE now on iTunes!
  109. Poser 5 free for download last day!
  110. Vista RC1 released, last Friday (ZDNet)
  111. [OT] Steve Irwin!
  112. The most beautiful CG girls #3 - finished
  113. BBC: interactive cg human
  114. UVMapper Forums back online
  115. Amazing Transformer Video Sequence, Really :-)
  116. CGPortfolio Animations Now Live
  117. Sony to cut PS2 price in Japan ahead of PS3 launch
  118. Panasonic notebook batteries recalled
  119. IGN: Narnia II Caspian CG work to be done by London companies.
  120. Disney's "Meet the Robinsons" Artwork
  121. George Miller talks about 'Happy Feet'
  122. NY TIMES: Online Game, Made in U.S., Seizes the Globe (World of Warcraft)
  123. Intel to Cut 10,500 Jobs
  124. "This Is Living" PS3 site up with vids.
  125. PS3 Delayed in Europe until March 2007
  126. Microsoft: Vista will cost same as XP
  127. New Pixologic release addresses common interface complaint
  128. Big Huge Games: From Concept to Game (Game Art Show ) Baltimore, 09/14/06 -10/08/06
  129. GAMASUTRA: Schilling, McFarlane, Salvatore Team For Green Monster Games
  130. New Apple iMac's... including a 24" model...
  131. New chip promises better AI performance in games
  132. SGI Announces MIPS and IRIX End of Production
  133. Free Seamless Texture Pack
  134. Photorealistic (extremely close) skin shader: a spectral approach
  135. Orlando Sentinel: What happened to the "'Tugger" Film?
  136. Everyone's Hero Stills
  137. Windows Vista RC1 Impresses Critics
  138. Dealing With Clients
  139. e-frontier releases Anime Studio 5
  140. Gamasutra:Nintendo Reconfirms Wii Units As Peripherals Revealed
  141. is promising 1 Million PS3 units in North America
  142. Big next-gen story tonight says Joystiq, Kotaku
  143. Casino Royale Full Trailer
  144. WORLD OF WARCRAFT hits $1 billion in revenue in 2006
  145. CNN: Supercomputer aiming for petaflop
  146. BBC:Possible Delays for Vista in Europe
  147. Citeria The Movie
  148. New Neon Genesis Evangelion Movies
  149. Photobucket - Bigger images, bigger bucks
  150. Kaos War Tech Demo Video revealed
  152. Open Season Images...
  153. Dell founder sees gaming in PC industry future
  154. Meats Meier, Chet Zarr, Alex Gey & TOOL
  155. Resistance: BluRay of Man(blog entry)
  156. RED Camera tested at IBC Amsterdam
  157. New Contest - Great Prizes!
  158. POTC: Dead Man's Chest has hit the billion mark!
  159. MGS4, extended GC06 trailer
  160. 'The Deaths of Ian' production blog
  161. Guard your Game Boys kids, here comes Grandma!
  162. Newsweek:Living a Virtual Life
  163. Making Maybach* by ALI
  164. US Federal Prosecutors Launch Probe of Dell
  165. Artizen HDR 2.4.0 beta 2
  166. Prints of Neil Blevins' Artwork now available
  167. Gamasutra: The Current State of the PC Game Business
  168. MGM to Produce "The Hobbit"
  169. Irix fading into history
  170. Realflow-Forum
  171. Luc Besson says "Arthur et les Minimoys," is his last film
  172. Will Wright's Spore to be PC Only, For Now
  173. Peter Jackson options Temeraire (fantasy books)
  174. Happy Feet Trailers & Posters
  175. Interview: Nate Wragg, Pixar character designer
  176. Microsoft to sell cheaper Xbox in Japan
  177. PC to Xbox Link Details
  178. Epson Settlement
  179. Multiverse opens doors for indie game designers
  180. Kutaragi: Sony hardware "in decline"
  181. 2006 Houdini Roadshow
  182. CGWiki - Now Live
  183. Dell Opts for AMD Chips in New Desktops
  184. New Houdini Training Program at Aula Tematica
  185. Streamline Studios - Amsterdam
  186. New great version of RenderPal server 2004
  187. CNN:HP chairwoman to step down
  188. Diamond Multimedia Unveils Three New Viper Graphics Cards with Radeon X1950 Chip
  189. LATimes:Sony Pictures Takes an Animated Leap
  190. Monster House DVD details
  191. Xbox 360 with built-in HD-DVD drive in 2007
  192. Nintendo International Press Event (new Info promised)
  193. 8 cores test in Mac Pro
  194. Nintendo Wii - Nov 19th - $250
  195. Dell paints a sunny, customizable future
  196. Super Prize Draw
  197. 3DS Max Loft Modeling DVD review plus free comp
  198. MacOS and Windows Dual boot without the restart
  199. SEMAFX Guest Speaker Alex Lindsay
  200. Peter Jackson talks HALO
  201. Washington DC SIGGRAPH Field trip! Big HugeGames exhibit in Baltimore (Sun, Sep. 24)
  202. Over 800 leaf textures just published
  203. Microsoft launches 'Zune'
  204. "Everyone's Hero" holds to reeves' vision
  205. Astro Boy film set for 2009
  206. The Ark Shortfilm Site & Trailer
  207. Adobe Systems 3Q profit down, tops views
  208. First images from Bluesky's Horton Hears a Who
  209. NY Animation Block Party (September 19, 2006)
  210. Nintendo Wii Euro relese, December 8th 2006 for 179
  211. GeForce 7950 GT Launches With Passive Cooling
  212. Making Of Sony Ericsson T610
  213. Microsoft Zune Website
  214. Interview with Florian Witzel of PSYOP
  215. Dreamworks Mr. Peabody & Sherman CG FILM Press release
  216. Microsoft Sued over Xbox Live
  217. Clip from RENAISSANCE
  218. 2D Drawing To 3D Object Tool
  219. Virgin Atlantic Bans Dell, Apple Laptops
  220. Biofeedback system to guarantee gaming thrills
  221. KATU:Will wii help bring Nintendo back?
  222. Render Man for XSI!!!
  223. Your money is no good for GameStop reservation?
  224. photoshop cs3 preview: UB, launching spring 2k7
  225. Use your PS3 to solve medical mysteries!
  226. Cool Nissan cg-beast spot
  227. 3D Challenge Impressive Texturing
  228. IGN: World Exclusive Guyver Episode (brand New)
  229. Teddy, draw 2d. create 3d shapes.
  230. Variety: Lasseter to be honored
  231. Everyone's Hero opens in third place (25% higher than projected. )
  232. Bradford International Animation Day Pays Tribute to Miyazaki
  233. Editorial: Wii: Failure Is Not An Option
  234. Interview with Richard Lico, Monolith Productions
  235. Ghost Painter 2 Video!
  236. Tutorial 47: Creating Popular Television Commercial Effects In Shake
  237. Toshiba to Exchange 340,000 Laptop Batteries (Made by SONY)
  238. GDC Floor To Double in Size for 2007 (The next E3?)
  239. George Lucas Donates 175 Million USC's Largest Single Gift
  240. Mac OS Market share starts to fall
  241. Butch Hartman(Jimmy Neutron,Fairly Odd Parents) talks @ Brooks College Today! (9/20)
  242. Washington DC SIGGRAPH Field Trip (24th 1:30PM) New Time! & Regular Meeting (25th)
  243. The most beautiful CG girl #2 Magazine
  244. ATI plans to present Stream Computing
  245. The Mantis Parable Special Edition DVD NOW AVAILABLE!
  246. Jericho Trailer (tv show)
  247. Interview with Lucasarts producer David Perkinson (LEGO STAR WARS 2)
  248. Microsoft to boost Xbox 360 high-definition video ability
  249. Ottawa International Animation Festival opens today(September 20, 2006)
  250. Interview With Bobby Chiu, Eric Zimmermann, Rebecca Kimmel... IT'S ART Magazine6 Out