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  1. SIGGRAPH 2006 Keynote Announced
  2. Italian Directors Shoot Film With Cell
  3. A+E Interactive :Nintendo's Wii Controller: How does it work?
  4. OT: First Live Internet Talk Show
  5. Cars feature story on CGSociety
  6. New LCD Monitor - BETTER than CRT!
  7. Cars speeds up in ticket sells
  8. Sony to offer free online play, placing its online revenue hopes on e-Distribution
  9. Carnegie-Mellon creates program that generates 3d image from a single 2d photograph
  10. Gates to leave day to day ops at Msoft
  11. Free entertainment event in LA Tonight!
  12. VFXChallenge Call for Entries!
  13. Exclusive: Superman Returns (11 clips)
  14. VRMesh 3.0 beta2 and new tutorials available
  15. TDT3D Summer Cow 2006 contest
  16. More Open Season
  17. Flash cashing in on growth of Web video
  18. Jack Thompson's Violent Game Bill Signed Into Law
  19. The Future of Microsoft Gaming
  20. Crazy Frog is back in "We Are the Champion" Music Video
  21. Gamespot:PS3 bundle-pens with £549 ($1,000)-plus pack
  22. "Everyone's Hero" trailer is up
  23. MTV Codehunters
  24. South Korea game makers eye global expansion
  25. Sony Patents New Tech - Material That Can Change Shape (used for gaming?)
  26. MGS4 E3 HD Trailer ..
  27. gSculpt V0.99.24 - Free Linux/win32 Modeller
  28. Prey Demo on 22th of June! 5 levels for free
  29. The art of Gaming Magazine
  30. 'Cars' still firing on all cylinders..
  31. Dubai Animation City - Dreaming to relocate Hollywood to Dubai.
  32. Art of Rigging vol 3 released
  33. aniBoOm Awards 2006 - Online Animation Competition
  34. Independent short film finalized
  35. Newspaper cartoonists make inroads in 21st Century technology
  36. DC_SIGGRAPH's Demo Reel Night (June 21, 2006)
  37. Microsoft Halts Unauthorized Vista Downloads
  38. CNN: A new exhibit highlights the creativity behind Hollywood's mechanical creatures
  39. CGI Marlon Brando from Superman Returns
  40. Nike co-founder buys land for animation studio
  41. Researchers Say New Chip Breaks Speed Record
  42. XSI Foundation 5.11 Available For Download
  43. IBM develops speedier transistor
  44. SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre 2001 archive
  45. Shake fire sale
  46. Fantasy Lab Engine - *Realtime* Global Illumination and Subdivisions
  47. 20 years of Pixar headed to Japan (July 1-Aug. 27 )
  48. Record CCD image sensor has 111 million pixels
  49. The Rise and Fall of Sega
  50. Shake 4.1 released (and price crash)
  51. IBM breaks silicon speed barrier.
  52. Cinescore Software “Generates Fully Composed Music”
  53. EA To Acquire Mythic Entertainment
  54. Quraysh - New 3D real time strategy game
  55. Microsoft Sets Its Sights on Artificial Intelligence
  56. EA To Acquire Mythic Entertainment
  57. Physics may take video games to next level (PhysX computer chip)
  58. John Lasseter's 1979 CalArts piece
  59. Microsoft to Slash Xbox 360 Price Fall 2006
  60. Wii demo videos...
  61. Samsung contemplates hybrid player
  62. New 3D Challenge: Love
  63. CGArena Magazine June Issue
  64. Wired column: Secrecy Mustn't Crush Rule of Law
  65. OT: Sony BDP-S1 delayed again... until October 25
  66. Submit your work for the 2006 Adobe Customer Reel by June 30
  67. New 3D mouse, the Game O'
  68. EXPOSÉ 4 is now shipping worldwide
  69. Virtual-Reality Renaissance
  70. ADAPT2006 Conference/Master-Classes announce course outlines and more
  71. Aardman's duo made Commander of the Order of the British Empire
  72. Interview with William "Proton" Vaughan
  73. Assassin's Creed: Not So Exclusive?
  74. FXguide: United 93
  75. Previz Los Angeles Premier of Antics
  76. ITS OFFICIAL Comedy Central Revives 'Futurama'
  77. 3D-Equalizer personal learning edition released
  78. New Apple OS screenshots
  79. The Mantis Parable
  80. Jeff Greenfield to speak @ NATPE TV Bootcamp - July 27 - 28
  81. PLE of 3D-Equalizer
  82. Tutorial 44: Smokey Text Effects In Fusion 5
  83. Firefly Season Two on demand!
  84. Shake 4.1 will be the last version
  85. Transformers Casting Call: IGN
  86. PIXAR's Victor Navone: Live Chat on right NOW!
  87. Amateur Filmmakers!! Want Your Video Shown On NBC?
  88. Qunu - New "help desk" launched
  89. EDITORIAL: The Future of the American Workforce in the Global Creative Economy
  90. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Review!
  91. TooL Drops CG House
  92. Outsourcing from USA?Where is the Industry in India?
  93. MONSTER HOUSE 3D, exclusive premieres on july 10th
  94. Media Studio Graz Releases VoluMedic™
  95. Tim Hildebrandt Passed Away June 11, 2006
  96. Snakes on a Plane TRAILER!
  97. US Supreme Court deny Pooh copyright appeal
  98. Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer!
  99. US SUPREME COURT to Rule on 'Obvious' Patents
  100. Animation Podcast Talks to Legendary Disney Animator Burny Mattinson
  101. Apple to Preview 'Leopard' at Developer Conference
  102. Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille" Site!
  103. Artizen HDR 2.3.901b Free Update
  104. PD Pro 3.7 released - new filters, colorpicker mode on stored images
  105. Spider Man 3 Trailer!!
  106. d'artiste: Concept Art - Soft Cover Edition Available
  107. George Hull Interview
  108. First Transformers Picture????
  109. Video games may save the world...
  110. LiquidMaya 1.8 Pre-Releases are Available!
  111. ThinkingParticles 2.5 released
  112. The People Behind DirectX 10—Part 1: Microsoft
  113. Google's Online Payment Service Due This Week
  114. Help getting to be a games artist
  115. Sandbox Symposium: an ACM SIGGRAPH conference on video games
  116. Superman Featured Chat- Adam Holmes Thursday
  117. Terabyte Data Storage
  118. bbc:Computers 'set to read our minds'
  119. IK/FK in Macromedia/Adobe Flash
  120. Video game designers try to help save the world
  121. GNOMON releases new Maya Cloth DVD!
  122. Call for Entries : 'Architectural Wonder II' Contest
  123. Plastic Animation Paper got much cheaper
  124. Interview - Sajan Skaria, Character TD - Pixar
  125. Dell probes exploding laptop incident (Sony lithium Batt. looked): UPDATE! Aug 16
  126. Video interview with Interview With John Romero (DOOM)
  127. Disney Picks John Pepper to Succeed Sen. Mitchell as Chairman
  128. AWN: ITV Taps Ricky Gervais for Toon
  129. Realflow 4 released today!
  130. Take Two Investigated by New York Grand Jury
  131. ZOOM Trailer...
  132. Transformers Trailer! (Q& A with writers)
  133. IGN:Kojima's Legacy
  134. RUMORS:James Cameron Avatar (WETA involved?)
  135. Sony's Hirai Comments On PS3 Game Prices
  136. GAMEFEST SEATTLE: 2006 August 14 - 15,
  137. James Cameron: 3-d Can Save Cinema...
  138. New commercial done by Psyop
  139. 3D-PALACE releases new Game Character Dev DVD set
  140. Houdini and Superman Returns
  141. Prey Demo Finally on XBOX Live (U.S.)
  142. Vue 6 Teaser
  143. e-on unveils Vue 6
  144. New MilkBone Motions
  145. Jobs won't be paid at Disney
  146. Vista's WPF & XAML - The future of application interfaces?
  147. AWN EDITORIAL: New Opportunities for independent animators
  148. Harryhausen unproduced works may find life
  149. Super CG!
  150. Shave and a Haircut 4 released today
  151. Array Modifier Demo Video Released for Blender
  152. Nice article on the HDVD - Blue Ray madness
  153. Lineage II Chronicle 5 Cinematic
  154. Transformers, robots in a Camaro...
  155. Maxwell Render 1.1 released
  156. Worm Masquerades as Microsoft Antipiracy Program
  157. French Law Affects Copyright, DRM
  158. Live Chat With Mark Soderwall
  159. The Rebirth Of The U.S. Arcade?
  160. CNN: Wii to have Early launch?
  161. EA may revamp stock options to keep employees
  162. OT: Microsoft to take on iPod by Christmas
  163. Andrew Jones - Concept Art
  164. RENAISSANCE Trailer!
  165. Gnomon releases 2 new DVDs (Character Creation)
  166. DC SIGGRAPH July 11 meeting reminder
  167. Apple to Unveil New Leopard OS in August
  168. Gamasutra: Sony Talks PS3 E-Distribution Initiative
  169. CG Academy at Siggraph 2006
  170. What it's Like to be Alone
  171. Nintendo gives Pres. Bush an B-Day present!
  172. Dynamic Painting.
  173. Michael Bay addresses the Transformer trailer
  174. 'The Journey Begins' Challenge winners announced
  175. BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype
  176. Fist of the North Star CG Animation Preview
  177. PS3 Game port Cancelled Due To High Cost (Theseis) MOD EDIT
  178. Syd Mead Interview Podcast
  179. Houdini 8.1 Released
  180. Employee Exodus at Rockstar Games?
  181. Newsday on Rotoscoping and "A Scanner Darkly"
  182. interview with Pixar director
  183. Pirates of the Caribbea BIGGEST OPEN IN HOLLYWOOD HISTORY!
  184. Melbourne International Film Festival 2006
  185. Gamespot:The depth of uncanny valley
  186. US: PBS to air "TINTIN AND I" documentary
  187. FORBES: AMD admits to slower sales
  188. "Monster House" VES Festival screening
  189. Ravensbourn CVA and BA animation degree show
  190. Ricoh laser head reads/writes HD DVD and Blu-ray discs
  191. Dreamworks Jason Schleifer interview
  192. d'artiste:Character Modeling 2 Call for Entries
  193. Night at the Museum Trailer!
  194. US District Court: Axing sex, swearing from films violates copyright
  195. Ricoh develops componet that can read/write ALL formats (Blu-ray,HD-DVD,DVD & CD)
  196. Night at the Museum INT Trailer
  197. Article on Disney's new animated logo (as seen in Pirates...)
  198. Production Solutions and Tips 2 Volume 3 Released
  199. Magnetic Memory Chip
  200. so. i saw superman returns tonight/ spoiler
  201. SEC Launches Take-Two Investigation (Stock Manipulation Allegations)
  202. Autodesk AliasStudio 13 Personal Learning Edition
  203. AMD already purchased ATI
  204. Geomerics unveils realtime radiosity (100FPS)
  205. Fluid Mask Spotlight + free competition
  206. My movie airs on Sci-Fi Channel tonight!!! (July 11)
  207. GAMASUTRA: Nintendo Claims DS Dominance In Europe
  208. RUMOR: Hellgate: London Source Code Stolen?
  209. CNN:'Universal' memory chip ready for market
  210. BBC: Video game legend criticises Sony (Jeff Minter )
  211. Interview with Laurent M. Abecassis
  212. Transformers: The NEW Optimus Prime
  213. Avatar:Fury of Aang Trailer
  214. Rocky Balboa
  215. Midway's CEO reaction to BluRay and PS3
  216. Sony pulls racist PSP ad
  217. 2 Day Amsterdam 3ds Max Seminar Aug 24/25
  218. RUMOR:Apple uses Woodcrest Xeons for new Mac Pro Desktops
  219. stop frame animation masterclass
  220. OT: Scientist developing a 50 Terabyte DVD. (wow!)
  221. Mouse to cut back on pix, personnel
  222. The most popular web browsers (world statistics)
  223. Zelda Artwork
  224. Problem with online piracy :( MOD EDIT: (Message from Director CG Academy UK)
  225. PS3 Cell Yields very low (Mod EDIT)
  226. Captain Scarlet Series 2 on Finally on DVD
  227. Games That Never Age: The potential of Procedural Synthesis
  228. BBC: The risks of serializing games...
  229. EW: 'Pirates': How FX folks made Davy Jones amazing
  230. Makoto Shinkai reveals next film: Byousoku 5 Centimeter
  231. LightWave v9 Now Available
  232. Mass Effect E3 Trailer
  233. Disney film releases cut from 18 to 8
  234. GAMASUTRA: Electronic Arts Confirms Major Wii Support
  235. FORBES: Intel To Lay Off 1000 Managers
  236. Exclusive: 24 Minutes of A Scanner Darkly
  237. Adobe acquires Pixmantec (RawShooter)
  238. Pit and the Pendulum
  239. WEB SHORT: THE AMAZING SCREW ON HEAD! (From the creator of HELLBOY!) Added Interview!
  240. DRAM manufactures sued for price fixing (Accused of inflating cost of PCs)
  241. The Game Animator's Guide to Maya released!
  242. Team Fortress 2...characters imge
  243. Blender 2.42 Released!
  244. Renderman skin shader for Makehuman Released.
  245. IGN:Wii Controllers: Unlocking the Secrets
  246. Cool Making of Superman throwing the Shuttle Bit! (Sony Imageworks)
  247. Aisle 700 will be rockin' the Comicon!!!
  248. Stardust Reel 2006 - really cool
  249. MAGIC SQUARE Animation Studio Shanghai : WARNING TO ALL
  250. Monster House Clips