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  1. BOXX Offers Leasing Options for Workstations
  2. Awesome Interview!!:MOD EDIT R& H Supervising Animator John Goodman (NARNIA)
  3. SILENT HILL MOVIE Teaser Trailer
  4. James Cameron Casting Battle Angel
  6. XBOX 360 GAMES: the Good, Bad and the Ugly
  7. History of CG
  8. *NEW* ICE AGE 2 Trailer !
  9. Brief history of Hoodwinked (RED RIDING HOOD REDUX)
  10. Electronic Arts goes mobile( EA buys Jamdat Mobile)
  11. STUDY: Gaming 'Damages Inhibitions Against Violence'
  12. Paramount prepares DreamWorks bid - WSJ
  13. SONY is at it AGAIN with DRM troubles...
  14. Yankee Irving
  15. Cinematic Effects in Valve's Source Engine
  16. New Intel chip technology to use less power
  17. The Economist: Technology Quarterly
  18. Parmamount Buys Dreamworks in Billion-Dollar Deal.
  19. Macedonia luring Hollywood for 3D work
  20. Astrid Silverlock trailer
  21. Quake Wars:EnemyTerritory. Insane graphics
  22. Terragen 2 Technology Preview!
  23. Zen Vision: M
  24. More talk about possible live-action Evangelion (Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop)
  25. Great stereogram software!
  26. Macromedia no more..
  27. Live Q+A w. Narnia Animation Supe.
  28. New Free Artizen HDR Performance Update
  29. The Chronicles of Narnia at L.A. SIGGRAPH This Thursday
  30. Nintendo filing displacement mapping patents for revolution?
  31. Mission: Impossible 3 trailer
  32. lost plant 360 trailer
  33. New Free Lock05 CI Tone Mapping Plugin
  34. French PM promises tax breaks for developers
  36. Amazing christmas card from Framestore
  37. US Girl Has Seizure After 5 Hours Of Video Gaming
  38. Wow!....Pixar is hiring for a bunch of positions!!
  39. VFX of Narnia--December 15, 2005
  40. High profile european actors signed for voice acting on the Open Movie Project
  41. The Chronicles of Narnia This Thursday at L.A. SIGGRAPH
  42. Chronicles of Narnia.
  43. Teaser Dji vou veu volti
  44. Paramount to Purchase DreamWorks SKG for $1.6 Billion
  45. celestial motherlode (Resource)
  46. Turtle 2.1 for Maya 7
  47. Xbox 360 Gets a Soft Start in Japan
  48. Details on Ghibli's Next Movie - Ursula K Le Guin's Earthsea
  49. Reality Bytes: Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked
  50. Genetica 2.5 Seamless Texture Editor Announced
  51. Poseidon trailer
  52. New CG TV shows to star Dreamworks Animation's characters
  53. Electric Image releases 6.5r2 w/FBX Support
  54. UT2007 (screens)
  55. Videotutorial : modeling Electric Stove (start in 3ds max - novice)
  56. Interactive 3D Christmas card
  57. Interview with Andrew Skworonski, SDK Team Lead Softimage
  58. Bauhaus Mirage Holiday Specials
  59. NY Film Critics Circle Names "Howl's" Best Animated Film of 2005
  60. Disney product would let you WATCH entertainment with MEAL
  61. DreamWorks Sold
  62. IGDA SF: The Convergence of Games and Film
  63. Egghunt online debut
  64. Microsoft Expression Acrylic Graphic Designer Free*
  65. Tutorial: “Seat Leon II” by David Melchor Diaz
  66. Midway shuts down Ratbag Games
  67. New 23 minute Blast Code video tutorial at
  68. Realscan 3D Announces a New process for digital assets
  69. Holiday gift from Alias to Platinum/Silver Members
  70. Google, Microsoft to Fund New Internet Lab
  71. OT:Orwell rolls in his grave...
  72. 3D presentation in Kansas City Dec 22
  73. Miss World 2005 in CG
  74. Facial Rigging DVD from CG Academy Preview
  75. Jamdat (Game Developer) Investor Sues EA
  76. Settlement in Marvel vs. NCSoft Lawsuit(City of Heroes)
  77. CNN A look at Nintendo's Revolution
  78. Huge World of Warcraft Machinima Contest
  79. Publishers plan crackdown on Pre-Owned sales. (Games Radar)
  80. NEW over the hedge trailer.
  81. Unfold 4 released!
  82. Marvel Comics Enters The Digital Age With A Thwip
  83. LW special deal!!!
  84. Metal Gear Solid 4. Interview with Character Artist of Konami
  85. Realtime MGS4 off PS3 Devkit Movie - Check this out!
  86. Ubisoft blunder
  87. Christmas CG Academy DVD Prize Draw!!
  88. SLATE:Will digital effects ruin Hollywood?
  89. Rumors resurface of Disney buying Pixar
  90. NEw Da VInci Trailer!
  91. Judge Allows GTA Civil Suit to Proceed
  92. V for Vendetta trailer 2
  93. Vue xStream available for pre-orders!!!
  94. 7 finalists for the 2005 VFX Oscar
  95. LightWave 9 feature demo videos
  96. New Da Vinci Code trailer
  97. Wired: Cops Dig Anti-Game Crusader (and its NOT even about Jack Thompson
  98. Its Not a Game
  99. Solid Snake on silver screen
  100. COMING SOON FO THE DSF: MOVIE Pre-Production Art!
  101. STORYTELLING:Do we miss the forest for the trees? (Do we OVERCOMPLICATE the process?)
  102. Pixel software
  103. MAXWELL RENDER - gentle warning
  104. Blast Code Megaton ON SALE $995.00
  105. Ars: "Analog Hole" Legislation Introduced
  106. Another choice in HDTV technology... SEDs
  107. CG & VFX Training - Lost Boys Learning
  108. VLOG: New video craze hits Internet (NICHE MARKETS)
  109. Microsoft kills Internet Explorer (Mac)
  110. Gender Gap in Computer Science Growing
  111. IGN Interviews the Weta Workshop Design Team
  112. Stan Winston Wins Tesla Award
  113. Lemog & 3dTextures WebSite
  114. CGW: The Armies of Narnia
  115. BBC: A TOY STORY ( Follow the creation of a new toy, from Design to Store)
  116. Machinima LIVE! pod cast available now!
  117. Tutorial: Making studio for car rendering
  118. Ghost Rider revealed
  119. SCIFI Channel new Promo IDs....(You got to watch the Dog in Man Suit)
  120. Create your own lip-synch cartoon
  121. New U2 video, "Original of the Species"
  122. Artist Appeals Against ‘Ice Age’ Lawsuit
  123. Golden Polygon award announced
  124. Google Buys 5% of AOL
  125. Uwe Boll's BLOODRAYNE FULL Movie Trailer
  126. Disney's FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION Oscar website
  127. 3D Images Give New Life to Old Shipwrecks
  128. 3D Images Give New Life to Old Shipwrecks
  129. renaissance teaser
  130. Seagate to buy Maxtor for $1.9B in stock
  131. BBC:Mobile games pay off for Ubisoft
  132. NEXT GEN: The Best Japanese Games of 2005
  133. Time Magazine says darth Vader Mattered in 2005
  134. Preview of Mark Andrew's Colossus (Comic from Pixar Animator)
  135. BBC: Rare and Early Disney Animation Found in Japan
  136. Miami Vice Trailer
  137. Study finds animation most profitable genre in recent years
  138. Microsoft may face daily EU fine
  139. College Launches Cell Phone Film Contest
  140. Blender 2.40 released
  141. Humber college student works
  142. R+H Narnia work interview...
  143. Unreal 2007 Heads For PS3
  144. Xbox Photos X-pensive on eBay!
  145. "300" - New Frank Miller adaptation!
  146. RUMOR: Micr0$Oft ate Opera? MOD EDIT
  147. Mist Walker Studio's Blue Dragon commercials now online
  148. frank millers 300 site online
  149. Virtual Humanoid Project
  150. Front Mission 5 trailer, impressive real-time PS2 footage
  151. US Judge Blocks Law Against Violent Games
  152. GAMESPOT: Innovation: does size matter?
  153. Animating on the nintendo ds
  154. EDITORIAL: Xbox 360 launch marking a downturn for gaming? MOD EDIT
  155. LumiLCD Displays: New tech, better colour.
  156. Aardman Holding Animation Master Classes
  157. OT:apocalypto hidden frame with mel gibson
  158. UPDATE: Disney/Pixar’s new agreement a "done deal"? UPDATE! Jan 05, 06
  159. Three Clips from Hoodwinked
  160. NICHE MARKETS: BBC: New era heralded for mobile TV
  161. CG Top 20 - CG Retrospective 2005
  162. Fate of high-def DVD may lie with Microsoft?
  163. Unreal 3.0 Engine Demo -- Intel Only.
  164. Computer Visionary Diebold Dies at 79
  165. Jupitermedia Acquires Animation Factory
  166. ATI´s nextgen GPU to be presented end of january
  167. 'King Kong' Falling Short of Blockbuster Status
  168. Nissan and Microsoft Create Video Game Car
  169. Mike Young targeting new animation studio for Wales
  170. "Toy Story" Added to US National Film Registry
  171. Trailer Brera
  172. CNN: 19 percent of computer and video game players are 50 years old or older
  173. Xbox 360 Costs $715 to Make!
  174. The Infinium Phantom Lives On... Through Typing!
  175. Very serious new Virus... one of the craziest ones I have ever seen. UPDATE!
  176. Maya 7.0.1 now Available from Alias
  177. Pokemon online?
  178. Sondheims 'Sunday in the Park'
  179. Nintendo Revolution to be priced UNDER $299
  180. 2005 Year in Review... so what was the biggest event in CG???
  181. PONG the movie
  182. Disable the WMF virus now!
  183. New Animation Studio Launches in Malaysia
  184. Computer Animation Studio Opens in Ontario
  185. Dear Anne
  186. Gnomon Workshop Live - 18-19 February 2006
  187. Tired of your widescreen monitor?
  188. Photoshop plug-ins and creative imaging apps directory
  189. Play as a deer
  190. Woodbury U: Urban Environments for Architects and Animators
  191. III Digital Contest (Brazil)
  192. BBC News opens archives to public
  193. Speculation: Will Google release a PC?
  194. Interview with Gavin Goulden on freelancing and Building a demoreel.
  195. Audio tour of Pixar: 20 Years of Animation
  196. Uwe Boll Talks about BloodRayne Sequel Ideas (Vampire Western?)
  197. Nitendo DS sales hit 10 million worldwide
  198. ultimate avengers movie
  199. id's new IP
  200. First Houdini Book Published
  201. In-dash Xbox could make for wild ride
  202. Guillermo Del Toro's "PAN'S LABYRINTH" Teaser
  203. New software : Quidam
  204. Intro to 3D Modeling Class - Jan. 8, 2006
  205. Steven Stahlberg Online Workshop - Modeling the Female Form - Few Spaces Left!
  206. 2 Imaging Tech Inventors to Share Prize (Digital Cameras)
  207. A VR Revolution?
  208. New Digital Brush Makes the World Your Palette
  209. New Alias Maya Downloadable DVD available
  210. Windows Vista Unveiled
  211. New Nintendo Gba Revealed
  212. Slovenian 3D Competition "Avto Vizija"
  213. US:Turner Classics’ Miyazaki Thursdays! Begin Tonight!! (Jan 05!)
  214. WSJ:Google to offer new video download service - UPDATE!
  215. BBC: Microsoft acts on Xbox shortages
  216. Nintendo Floor Vision
  217. Studios Announce Initial Blu-ray DVDs for Spring
  218. BSM3D WireFusion Web3D courses (videos & projects)
  219. Electric Image on Sale This month
  220. Jon Stewart to Host Oscars
  221. Free Real Flow Tutorials from KURV studios
  222. Phillips Entertainment table
  223. New Blast Code Video Tutorial at
  224. SEQUENTIAL ART Tutorial!
  225. NVIDIA and Dell Bring Quad SLI Power to Life
  226. Intel Launches Viiv Entertainment PC
  227. New Gnomon Matchmover DVD
  228. Microsoft to Offer HD-DVD Drive for the Xbox 360
  229. USATODAY: Gates looks to Vista, Xbox 360 success (Gates on Microsoft Future)
  230. Define your search with drawings
  231. Skills shortage hits growth of animation industry (INDIA)
  232. Sir Richard Branson to launch Virgin Animation
  233. GAMASUTRA: The Art of the Game Logo
  234. mental ray training for artists
  235. Open Season Trailer
  236. 5 days of fear
  237. Star Wars: Driod War Teaser Fall 2006
  238. CG Cast - Ballistic Pub Book Reviews (Video!)
  239. Take-Two takes financial hit, delays games
  240. Google Video to sell content from Broadcasters to Independent Producers UPDATE!
  241. Japanese Trailer "V - For Vendetta"
  242. Renaissance - Frank Miller style French 3d movie
  243. OT: Ars: Bubble Bobble to reinvent itself on the PSP
  244. Disney's "The Wild" trailer
  245. Adobe Lightroom Beta - Adobe aiming at Apple Aperture
  246. OT:New fanless, oil-cooled PC!
  247. VES 2005 Awards nominations:
  248. Wacom launches Intuos3 12X12 and 12X19
  249. Aopen presents 3d Mouse at CES Las Vegas
  250. It's illegal to annoy