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  1. Xara Xxtreme.
  2. Weta Digital buys 250 more IBM Blade servers
  3. TDT3D : WireFusion and 3ds max Build realtime world basic
  4. Autodesk discontinued GMax
  5. "Fraidy Cat" Causes Longtime WDFA Creators to Quit
  6. Interview with Don Shay of Cinefex!
  7. LIVE Q+A ON NOW! Pixar's Cameron Miyasaki
  8. Exorcism of Emily Rose visual effects
  9. Microsoft pays RealNetworks $761m
  10. Open Source Xara Xtreme
  11. Apple Income Surges, Revenue Falls Short
  12. IBM White paper: 3D graphics for Java mobile devices
  13. Charlotte's Web Poster...
  14. USATODAY: Sharp foresees shortage of LCD TV panels
  15. STEVEN SPIELBERG has invented technology he calls "the future of cinema"
  16. Apple's "One More Thing..."
  17. Pixar Short Films now on iTunes!
  18. Ghibli shorts and Howls Moving Castle avliable on dvd (soon)
  19. The New ipods
  20. Game Addiction in Korea
  21. NYtimes: Modern Kids Skip Toys, Go Tech
  22. Software Pirate Made To Pay Up....
  23. "Elias - The Little Rescue Boat" - Trailer
  24. After Doom; ID planning to turn Quake into Movie as well?
  25. Nightmare at LA's El Capitan Theatre Oct. 20-31
  26. Euler angles to Quaternions Converter
  27. Reminder TOmrUG Meeting -- October 19th!
  28. AWN: European Student Films Raise the Bar
  29. Blender 2.40 Alpha release
  30. Elizabethtown effects and 'Freddie' main titles
  31. You Can Tour Ancient Rome _ Virtually
  32. USATODAY: How Does the Apple Video I-Pod Works?
  33. "Chewie" moves to the US
  34. King Kong making of DVD to be released before movie
  35. Serenity miniature effects
  36. StockPhotos-7 cents per photo-super hi-res
  37. Halo's Master Chief to appear in Dead or Alive 4?
  38. RUMOR: Disney close to renegotiating deal with Pixar? (JHM): MOD EDIT
  39. House of Secrets finishes fx shots for MTV Asian Screen promo...
  40. UPDATE!: ePaper To Be Used For Newspapers and Magazines
  41. Spielberg, EA Team Up to Make Video Games
  42. MTV buys iFilm
  43. Planet Digital Education Opportunity :)
  44. Jack Thompson criticised by pro-family group
  45. Apple to hold special press conference Oct. 19
  46. NEw James Bond Revealed
  47. 'The Fog' vfx by Hydraulx
  48. PGR3 developer lied about polygon count
  49. 2D Animation - Mirage on Sale
  50. Real-Time 3D modeling collaboration.
  51. Double Negative's Pride & Prejudice vfx
  52. Big Fish and Dead Ducks An Editorial
  53. Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Anim Contest
  54. VRAY 1.5 Technology Preview
  55. Australia - Reel Anime!
  56. Interactive Maya Training Launch
  57. NBC/Universal makes new offer for DreamWorks
  58. Version 2.1 of PolyBoost for 3ds max released!
  59. Contest: D&D - Voting Week
  60. Gates to donate $15M to computer museum
  61. CG movie Happy Feet Poster...
  62. Penny Arcade makes 10k donation in Jack's name
  63. Streetrace Competition
  64. IMDb Turns 15
  65. All you wanted to know about the NITENDO REVOLUTION
  66. AMD bests Intel for Sept. processor sales
  67. EA hires Steven Speilberg
  68. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) reviews are in, general acclaim
  69. DC SIGGRAPH: SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater (Nov. 1 )
  70. Industry Groups Sue to Overturn Game Sales Restrictions in California
  71. ELF/ZATHURA Director to do Cg at SONY (Neanderthals)
  72. stubbs the zombie-Raveonettes music clip
  73. "The Wild" preview on Tarzan SE DVD
  74. Elephant Dream Teaser
  75. World´s first real HDR monitor
  76. jack thompsons email posted on vgcats
  77. New Animated Feature from Sony - NEANDERTHALS
  78. Hayao Miyazaki and Nick Park to Talk at Tokyo Film Festival
  79. Moves towards a standardised Linux Desktop
  80. Artizen HDR 2.3.895 (RC4) Released
  81. Apple Releases New Powerbooks
  82. Apple releases new PowerMacs + QuadroFX 4500
  83. Hexagon 1.2 Free Update Now Available!
  84. Business Week: Big Opportunities for Indie games! (NICHE MARKETS)
  85. Orphanage to Start Animation Studio
  86. Imageworks vfx for 'Prize Winner'
  87. Aperture, new apple app.
  88. Ubisoft POP Comicbook
  89. OT:Batman Begins DVD released!
  90. WSJ: Video iPod Screen Test
  91. They Hunger: Lost Souls announced!
  92. Jack Thompson under investigation!
  94. CNN:Gizmondo, a new handheld gaming device, hopes to take on the PSP and Game Boy.
  95. Houdini 8 Roadshow tonight at CineSpace in LA
  96. why bill gates hates blu ray
  97. Kojima Working on New Title that is not MGS
  98. Siggraph DVD - George Lucas
  99. MPC's cg effects for Wallace & Gromit
  100. Jak X Intro Trailer
  101. Time Magazine: N Revolution: Will blow your mind
  102. TDT3D : Mirage 4 video training + final render
  103. Warner Bros. Joins Blu-ray Disc Association
  104. New Lord of the Rings DVD Set comming!
  105. George Lucas donates $1M for MLK memorial
  106. Free Reinhard Tone Mapping Plugin
  107. 2 Free Dynamic Range Tone Mapping Plugins
  108. Paramount abandons bid for Dreamworks
  109. ZBrush: 32 Bit Displacement Maps
  110. new "Chronicles of Narnia" trailer, images, and info
  111. An Interview with Christopher Nolan
  112. Chicken Little: Behind the Scenes Video
  113. Company Claims Patent Over XML
  114. 39 Megapixel cameras by Eastman Kodak
  115. d'artiste: Character Modeling 2nd Edition
  116. PD Pro 3.5 now available for existing users.
  117. Bobby Beck interview online
  118. Nintendo releasing ds paint to include 3d modeling for revolution?
  119. Underworld Evolution Trailer
  120. Pixar shares rise ~ lawfirm sues Pixar!
  121. Harry Porter GOF: A Scene and a New TV spot
  122. NerdTV interview with Dan Drake - AutoDesk Co-Founder
  123. NEPA CG Group October meeting
  124. Electric Image releases v6.5r1
  125. 'Stealth' VFX - Interview with Joel Hynek (VFX Supervisor)
  126. TDT3D Interview of Brendan McCaffrey
  127. IGN Talks Game Industry Salaries
  128. Final Credits for Narnia???
  129. Archmodels v14
  130. 2005 Halo Machinima Award Winners
  131. 2005 Suzanne Awards - Blender Excellence
  132. interview - Kent Matheson mattepainter of Matrix: Revolution, Star Wars Episode II
  133. Thompson goes federal with Penny Arcade feud
  134. male and female anatomy resuorces
  135. Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Awards
  136. SIN CITY: The TV Show (Variety)
  137. Guy creates version of revolution control
  138. lineage episode1,2 teaser
  139. Patrick Kenney passed away..
  140. MakeHuman Project -- On the Move!
  141. Free Ward97 Tone Mapping Plugin
  142. Free MeanValue & Exponential Tone Mapping Plugin
  143. Depth Of Field Generator PRO Support Forum
  144. Aperture, new apple app.
  145. Dreamlines (paints your dreams related on Keywords)
  146. Chicken Little clips and slideshows; New international trailer
  147. AP: New Xbox Processor Offers Powerful Speeds
  148. USATODAY: New Game Interface Tracks Player's Head Movement
  149. Free Schlick Tone Mapping Plugin
  150. Eovia Announces Carrara 5
  152. Uwe Boll is Going POSTAL
  153. Eovia announces Carrara 5!
  154. Gamer buys virtual space station!
  155. Call of Duty 2 out today!!
  156. WireFusion videos & projects Training
  157. Free Lock05 Tone Mapping Plugin
  158. Ballistic Publishing Releases EXOTIQUE
  159. Amazing short film by Cube
  160. Spike TV Announces Award Nominees, Presenters
  161. Update on Foodfight! CG film..
  162. Reported PhotoShop killer.
  163. Negadon ... 1960's style Giant Monster Movie (made by 1 guy)
  164. Disney Digital... so what is the scoop on this new technology?
  165. Condemned site goes live.
  166. King Kong $207 mil - 3 Hours Long
  167. Hollywood is afraid of YOU
  168. CNN: iPods Used for Medical Images
  169. GAMASUTRA: Allegations that GIZMONDO Handheld was Funded By the Mob
  170. Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Officially Opens
  171. NextLimits new product - XFlow
  172. Shrek SuperSlam reviews "Not your average licensed game"
  173. Awesome Clips!
  174. Dungeons and Dragons Winners!!
  175. Epic VP slams Nintendo, EA, Activision
  176. Magnificent Desolation (IMAX) - Digital Dimension fx
  177. Behind the Scenes the next BIG Fantasy Movie: ERAGON (Dragon)
  178. Rockstar's BULLY might be Banned in the UK
  179. China cracks down on online play
  180. In Memory of Keith Parkinson
  181. Half Life 2 : Lost Coast available now !
  182. Spike Jonze to direct "Where the Wild things are" movie
  183. NYTIMES: Peter Jackson Not Pleased EA Experience
  184. Mandela Launches Series of Comic Books
  185. Lucasfilm opens in Singapore...
  186. Free Lock05 Tone Mapping Plugin Prototype Update
  187. MakeHuman Demo Release Date Changed
  188. OT:Will batman ever die
  189. Cartoons on your iPod or PSP
  190. Supercomputer doubles own record...
  191. Startup Looks for Profits in Online Video
  192. Startup Looks for Profits in Online Video
  193. Chicken Little 3D - Theater Locations
  194. Digital Photography: IF-Camera
  195. Meet the Animated Cast of Meet the Robinsons
  196. New King Kong poster
  197. King Kong First Look at Regal Cinemas
  198. Jobs Considers Selling Pixar - To Disney?
  199. Nintendo Europe reveal more....
  200. Oblivion Delayed
  201. Apple sells a million videos in new service
  202. King Kong - Behind the Scenes! Oh My God!
  203. 1st Annual Houdini Hacker Contest
  204. LightWave Artists Win Emmys
  205. A Look Inside the Monster House
  206. Recording Video soon to be illigal ?
  207. AOL co-founder leaves Time Warner
  208. New Ds Game Allows You To Play A Manga Artist!!
  209. The Making of Oculus Medicus
  210. *RUMOR* Nintendo Futurna?!
  211. Japanese animators earn less than US animators
  212. BOXX Double Rewards Points for November
  213. BBC: Owner of Virtual Space Station plans to turn it into Nightclub(Project Entropia)
  214. SGI off the stock exchange
  215. Zathura doing well with Critics!
  216. After Effects 7 Sneak Peak
  217. PIXAR's John Lasseter to recieve VES Lifetime Achievement Honor
  218. IBM develops a chip that can slow down light
  219. NASA: View the Moon in 3D on Your Desktop (World Wind 1.3)
  220. Bioware and Pandemic join forces to build new game studio
  221. Gnomon Workshop Sample Clips
  222. Gorillaz at the European MTV Awards
  223. Did Dindal (Chicken Little Director) really fly Disney's coop?
  224. Orlando Siggraph Focus on Technology Event
  225. Chicken Little Interviews on IGN
  226. Ant Bully Teaser
  227. NEW King Kong Trailer!
  228. Final Destination 3 trailer
  229. MakeHuman v0.8 Pre-Alpha Demo [Released]
  230. BusinessWeek:Interview with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto
  231. San Francisco SIGGRAPH - Electronic Theater Screening
  232. Disney Digital 3D experience (Chicken Little)
  233. WireFusion 3.2 free with Computer Arts
  234. Disney's "Rapunzel Unbraided" gets retooled
  235. Carlton Draught - No Explanations (advert 2)
  236. Wacom unveils wide-format tablet
  237. ATTENTION All 3D Users in Colorado & Bordering States! 3DECEMBER is Coming to Denver
  238. Next-Gen MakeHuman Forums Open
  239. CG Cast Episode 8 - Interview with Leo (CGTalk Founder)
  240. Chicken Little makes $40M opening weekend
  241. 34min free footage - Learning 3D Character Animation
  242. Hometown Photography Competition
  243. CGPrints - Bergkvist, Blanché, Stahlberg prints available
  244. First peak at HALO-Movie script?
  245. Cool new Sony ad
  246. McDonald's and Nintendo in Wi-Fi Deal
  247. "Call of Duty 2" Postmortem (interesting read)
  248. Calling all animators, Budding and Pro's alike
  249. Advertisements to Invade Online Games (UPDATE)
  250. Grokster Downloading Service Shuts Down