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  1. CG Toolkit to release "The Art of Rigging" Book + DVD
  2. Seven Swords (CTHD;Hero;THOFD lookalike)
  3. Chiron
  4. Visual effects in Herbie: Fully Loaded
  5. King Kong trailer is out
  6. Transmariners | Another transformer CG animation
  7. Benjamin Brosdau Interview
  8. Lucas: Hollywood needs to face up to digital age
  9. AMD sues Intel
  10. zantis misfits...
  11. Lawsuit of the Rings
  12. The Softimage .FX Add-on
  13. Google Unveils Video Viewing Software (BIG DEAL: MICRO MARKETS FOR ARTISTS!)
  14. Disney to Convert 'Chicken Little' Into 3-D
  15. Apple to save the movie industry?
  16. VFXJobs website launch - A new CG/VFX Jobs website for Australia & New
  17. KING KONG trailer
  18. OT:BBC: France to host experimental fusion reactor
  19. Webcuts - Internet Film Fest Berlin 04+05
  20. Next-Gen Console CPUs Not Up to Hype
  21. Ultraviolent – The Movie!
  22. Luxology is ready to impress us!
  23. New T-shirts from
  24. New Software to render 3D for Flash
  25. Microsoft Might License Xbox Software
  26. Games Industry $26 Billion In 2006
  27. BBC Motion Gallery
  28. The Techniques of Dylan Cole DVD's at Gnomon Workshop
  29. CGTalk Exclusive: Ice Age 2 Trailer Info!
  30. Major Raid on Internet Piracy Crackdown
  31. "Dungeon Siege" cast announced... Dr. Uwe Boll strikes again
  32. NEW Neil Gaiman's MIRRORMASK Clip Online
  33. Pixar Cuts Second Quarter Financial Outlook
  34. Six finger artists
  35. Shake 4 now shipping...
  36. Bewitched visual effects
  37. IGN interview with Dennis Muren on WotW
  38. haloPictures
  39. LCD WriteScreen LPM150 Tablet monitor
  40. Ktoon- Opensource 2D animation software.
  41. new PnP TerrainCreator release
  42. mental ray standalone 3.4 64-bit
  43. New Summer Contest
  44. 9000x4500 HDRI at Sachform Technology
  45. Interview of Craig Dauterive at
  46. Archipacked 1 up
  47. RenderPal 2004 Client - Linux version released
  48. nine inch nails - only (video)
  49. Intro to 3D Modeling Class - July 10th
  50. Longhorn will have 3D built into the GUI, permitting 3D GUI in other apps as well
  51. TMNT CGI Film ??
  52. AQUA Party
  53. d'artiste: Matte Painting Released
  54. XSI,Maya and Houdini users:Get Modo for 299$
  55. Ensign Releases Exotic Dancing Game
  56. holographic gaming?
  57. World of Warcraft iCoke commercial!!!
  58. Europe Parliament Nixes Software Patent Law
  59. modo for $299 for XSI, Maya, and Houdini users
  60. LightWave [8]/Vue 5 Infinite Bundle Offer
  61. "HOSTAGE"the movie- full 3d title
  62. Microsoft Upgrades Digital-Photo Software
  63. Immortel movie
  64. Jim Henson's Creature Shop Closes
  65. Nintendo ON creator speaks
  66. Full trailer for "The Corpse Bride"
  67. mental ray Shader Writing Training Classes
  68. The art of Gear of War VIDEO GAME
  69. Adobe Warns of Security Flaw to Software (UNIX Systems)
  70. 'Incredibles' shortfall sinks Pixar
  71. Batman Begins vfx by Double Negative
  72. Dallas Animators Seminar - Industry Giants - A Bunch of Short Guys
  73. IBM Officially Unveils Dual-core PowerPC Chips
  74. Yafray 0.0.8 Released
  75. Snow White and the Seven Kung Fu Monks
  76. Press Release: KURV studios releases Get into Silo: The Definitive Guide
  77. soho's vfx for Fantastic Four
  78. Sex scenes unlocked in GTA
  79. Disney's Summertime Blues
  80. CG Cars Group is online
  81. Interview of Vitaly S. Alexius at
  82. 'Fantastic Four' snaps Hollywood slump
  83. Gorillaz: Dare - New Vid
  84. DreamWorks sees qtly loss, says SEC launches probe
  85. Sunglasses-style wearable video screen for mobile phones and more
  86. Rising Sun's vfx for Batman Begins
  87. Pre-DVD release movies and Morgan Freeman
  88. TRansformer characters revealed
  89. battle of the comic book babes
  90. Dept Justice Wants Info on Adobe Acquisition
  91. NEXT GEN: How Id (DOOM) Lost its Crown
  92. "Ice Age 2" trailer online
  93. New Disks to hold 1TB of data!
  94. Highlander anime
  95. Siggraph 2005 Job Fair
  96. Eight more CG Academy make the Autodesk DCLM grade!
  97. Bendable Electronic Paper in "Vivid Color"
  98. 12 new gnomon DVD's
  99. TDT3D updated & Vue Infinite 5 French review
  100. Analyst sees growth, but not from next-gen consoles
  101. UK:Cartoon Network Donates Studio to Charity
  102. GAMESPOT:Electronic Arts developing next-gen console game in Japan
  103. Interview with Dylan Cole on Ballistic Publishing
  104. Will the U.N. run the Internet?
  105. Gamespot:EA leads game stock rally
  106. Keys that change (keyboard)
  107. Interview with Andres Puente, Senior Animator in 'Valiant'
  108. Apple Shares Surge After Record Quarter
  109. Softimage at SIGGRAPH, AMAZING!
  110. The True Adaptation of H. G. Wells WotW.(WATCH TRAILER)
  111. UK Post Houses launch new 7-month VFX course
  112. EMMY Nominatios:(TV)
  113. SIGGRAPH 2005: Artists from leading CG Feature Studios -- afternoon of presentations
  114. Happily never after trailer
  115. he just wanted to make Movies "and technology Exploded"
  116. 'Gon' for the Big Screen
  117. BV 01 short movie
  118. would maya7.0 come out in 2005? or 2006?
  119. Download Files Via Flesh
  120. Roy Disney and Walt Disney Co. Resolve Differences
  121. New Shake Training DVD ( Sky Replacements in Shake 4 )
  122. finalRender Stage-2 for CINEMA 4D
  123. Side Effects Software Launches New Website
  124. Shark Boy and Lava Girl vfx
  125. EA delays 'Godfather' video game
  126. The Maya 7 feature list was removed because...
  127. NVIDIA's Lead Scientist Interviewed
  129. Hilarious Nike Making Of
  130. WIRED:Tools Give Video Freaks the Power
  131. AICN:Comic-Con: Seven minutes of THE CORPSE BRIDE was shown! Details here!
  132. Superman Trailer at Comic con
  133. Seven Swords Trailer!
  134. POTC 2: Davey Jones Artwork!
  135. Titles and flip book in 'House of D'
  136. Impressive Next Gen Physics API
  137. Ballistic Publishing Releases d’artiste: Character Modeling
  138. - cool
  139. Hope for Doom3 Movie adaption?
  140. Music Videos May Be Coming to iPods (BIG DEAL for CG ARTISTS)
  141. cool interview
  142. Ottawa International Animation Festival announces selections for 2005
  143. Barnyard:The Movie Teaser Trailer
  144. Stubbs the Zombie-Cinema Trailer
  145. The Day Died
  146. Avid to Demonstrate Computer Graphics Technology at SIGGRAPH 2005
  147. Video Game Sex Hack Puts Focus on Ratings
  148. Verizon, Sprint to sell Electronic Arts games
  149. EA to distribute Half-Life 2
  150. Info on Sony Imageworks MONSTER HOUSE "Performance Capture" CG FILM
  151. ID software needs an Artist.
  152. Vinton Studios announcement
  153. Henry Selick goes CG!
  154. Smurfy News from Paramount
  155. "ET" To Phone Home...Again
  156. International Serenity trailer released
  157. Microsoft Courts Hollywood Allies
  158. Group urges recall of video game 'GTA'
  159. 50 times faster than broadband
  160. Resident evil 5 shots (next gen)
  161. Tactapad - an input device for 2 hands, rrrr....
  162. New Grand Theft Auto gets 'adults only' tag
  163. SIGGRAPH To Host Full-Dome Video Projection
  164. Transformer movie official movie site goes live
  165. First Annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival
  166. Nike's Knight moving into feature animation (founder of athletic footware company )
  167. Dungeon Siege & Uwe Boll = Why you ask?
  168. Barnyard: The Movie OFFICIAL Trailer
  169. Factor 5 announces its first PS3 Game - (in game footage)
  170. resident evil 5 trailer
  171. CNN: Microsoft names new operating system
  172. DivX MVWire Music Video Contest
  173. A Short film: 'Hold the Line' by Sem Assink
  174. Shane Acker's "9" - Short Film
  175. Xbox: How do you define success?
  176. New TMNT CG Movies
  177. Windows Vista
  178. Superman Returns Final Logo Artwork
  179. THE COMIC STRIP: (Latest Comic Thread!)
  180. ff7 Crisis Core trailer
  181. V for Vendetta trailer
  182. AP Video Games Need Female Touch (GTA FALLOUT)
  183. DreamWorks Animation Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit (Shrek 2 DVD Sales Fallout)
  184. AICN:CG Short "9" Being made into a feature
  185. miyamatu answers some questions about the revolution
  186. Stealth - Comic Con Trailer
  187. great interview
  188. CG Academy DCLM DVDs Reviews!!
  189. LUCASFILM HIRING BOOM: About 300 digital artists
  190. DC SIGGRAPH: Forensic Animation Presentation (July 26, 2005)
  191. WSJ: Full-Motion Ads Come to Videogames
  193. Movie box office seen rising after slack summer
  194. New Short Film / New Studio
  195. DisneyToon Studio's Australia to be closed
  196. NewTek Announced LightWave 8.5
  197. GAMESPOT: So you want to be a game Designer?
  198. TDT3D : Mini review of SubDo 1.2
  199. Sony chief warns PS3 will be "expensive"
  200. Microsoft Begins New Piracy Restrictions
  201. New ZATHURA trailer (Kids, Flying house,Robots and Lizard-Men!)
  202. Di-O-Matic Announced Facial Studio for Windows 1.5
  203. Voltron coming to big screen
  204. TDT3D : WireFusion French FAQ
  205. House backs federal investigation of Rockstar Games
  206. The NY 3D Market: Top Shops Speak Out
  207. doom movie trailer
  208. Behind The Magic of Narnia: The Story
  209. DOOM Teaser Trailer!
  210. Pixar teleconference to review second quarter 2005 earnings results
  211. Microsoft Vista May Face Trademark Trouble
  212. LA Times on Technology's Role in Animation
  213. gallery
  214. Japanese boffins create lifelike female android
  215. Japanese trailer for "Chicken Little"
  216. ILM Creatures Supervisor and Animator on the CG creatures of 'Episode III'
  217. DreamWorks & McDonald's partner up
  218. CNN: US FTC to probe 'Grand Theft' maker
  219. Syflex Announces SYFLEX 3.5 for Maya
  220. Houdini 8 Public Beta
  221. SO CAL - 3ds max Event! Register here!
  222. Apple Motion 2.0 and Shake 4.0 Trial versions now available.
  223. GNOMON releases 12 DVDs! - Zbrush, Shake, Houdini, Nuke, Maya, Max, Vray
  224. Info on FPrime 2.0
  225. Studios agree on digital cinema specs
  226. LA Times: Hillary vs. the Xbox
  227. Reports: Universal in talks to buy DreamWorks
  228. Blender News : Heading towards 2.40
  229. CNN: 'Sims 2' content criticized (GTA Fallout)
  230. new handheld
  231. another handheld bites the dust
  232. Ghost Recon 3 - Trailer
  233. Microsoft Windows update security already cracked
  234. Sony's Surfs Up...first image
  235. XSIMan Beta Released
  236. Pixar Releases RAT 6.5!!!
  237. Sorbetto - new interactive lighting tool
  238. Mainframe Animation Outlines New Projects
  239. SIGGRAPH 2005 Winner Shane Acker Interview...
  240. SOFTIMAGE Siggraph teaser trailer!
  241. fantastic interview with ...
  242. CG Academy at Siggraph!!
  243. Ghost Rider Trailer
  244. Australia outlaws 'Grand Theft Auto' game (GTA Fallout)
  245. 3d Compositing In Shake 4
  246. Lord of War Trailer!! Woo hooo
  247. 20th Century Fox backs Blu-Ray
  248. New Turbo Training DVDs now available
  249. New Turbo Training DVDs Released
  250. High-speed (super slow motion) Video Clips