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  1. Sky High Trailer!
  2. USATODAY UPDATE: Actor Unions might strike over video game profits
  3. ::playstation To Be As Pwerful As The Human Brain::
  4. Gameboy Micro Hands on
  5. Activision acquires Beenox Studios, Ubisoft's Quebec Studio delayed
  6. PD Pro animation software update
  7. - New Site Soon
  8. New CG Academy Advanced Modelling DVD underway!!
  9. [Drifting] INITIAL D the movie
  10. Another Star Wars Prequel?
  11. New Website for Will Wrights Spore
  12. Rhythm & Hues Doing Superman F/X: MOD EDIT: (R&H will be ONE of the many vendors)
  13. Final Trailer of Charlie And The Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
  14. AsileFX 25% Off Memorial Day Sale
  15. Gimp 2.3 Development series
  16. final theatrical trailer for "War of the Worlds"!
  17. new Star Wars pc's from Alienware
  18. Celebrating Pixar's 20th Anniversary
  19. Intel Launches Dual-Core Chips for PCs
  20. Michael Comet interview
  21. NewTek Profile: Shane Felux, Director, Star Wars: Revelations
  22. CNN:International College students collaborate on WEB video game
  23. History of Pixar book
  24. Maya Step Up Promo
  25. PS3 GPU not yet finished
  26. Spring ’07 launch for PAL Revolution
  27. Sin City 2 on the horizon
  28. PolyBoost 1.5 for 3ds max released
  29. Sin City 2 Coming Summer 2006
  30. Screenshots from Sony's CG movie Open Season
  31. New Island Trailer
  32. Ashley Wood's "Popbot" short
  33. 64 bit Mental Ray on Alias's site?
  34. RUMOR: Fox Mulling MORE "Futurama"
  35. Japan State Bans 'Grand Theft Auto' Sales (Kanagawa prefecture)
  36. IGN: Best of E3 2005
  37. Blender 2.37 released
  38. Amsterdam 2 day 3ds Max 7 Seminar by 3d-Palace (Maxterdam)
  39. The Daily Sketch Forum ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
  40. New "Mac Mini" from Intel
  41. Ben Burtt (SW Sound designer) Joins PIXAR!
  42. EU to Decide on Fines Against Microsoft
  43. Cool Sony demo(not PS3)
  44. OT:Miyazaki to Attend NY Opening of "Howl's Moving Castle"
  45. XBOX360 Designed to be military asset to China
  46. New Free Video Tutorial on 3d cammera data...
  47. AMD Unveils Dual-Core Chips for Desktops
  48. Metal Gear Solid creator prefers XBOX 360
  49. ATI's dual graphics card technology: CROSSFIRE
  50. Quad GPU SLI?
  51. Aeon Flux Videogame Cinematic Trailer
  52. ArtRage for Mac released!
  54. "Mainstream" 8 way opteron.
  55. Studio Ghibli's Latest
  56. New PURE card boosts Maya ray-tracing speeds
  57. The quality of life discussion
  58. Nokia 21" Monitor - $59.99
  59. Right Hemisphere Deep Paint now as free download!
  60. New Hardware RAY-TRACING Technology
  61. Dreamworks sued
  62. XBox 360 to sport 48 unified graphics pipelines
  63. Zygote Media Group and e frontier Launch Open Source 3D Human Models
  64. Deep Paint 2.0 for free...
  65. Howl's Moving Castle Clip!
  66. Free Fusion Dvd Training
  67. 16.6. Blender-Veranstaltung in Berlin
  68. New Charlie and the chocolate factory Trailer
  69. Sanford Kennedy Passes On
  70. Open Source 3D Models
  71. Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips
  72. WIRED: Spotlight on DreamWorks Animation and Jeffrey Katzenberg
  73. Nintendo vice president speaks about "REVOLUTION"
  74. First reviews for Michael Bay's The Island
  75. Rhythm & Hues' vfx for The Longest Yard
  76. Laptops Outsell Desktops for First Time
  77. DS outsells both PSP and PS2 combined in first week of Nintendogs release
  78. Prey Trailer
  79. CNET:Xbox 360 and PS3: death to PC gaming?
  80. CNN:Nintendo: Innovation is dying
  81. Face visualization tool- 3D FXs
  82. Madagascar #1 its second weekend
  83. Platige Image interview
  84. Tax Breaks (or current lack-thereof) affecting London
  85. Lightstorm3d: ready or not? (maya6.5)
  86. SF SIGGRAPH PDI/DreamWorks Madagascar Screening and Annual SF SIGGRAPH Election
  87. Maya Complete to Unlimited Upgrade 1/2 Off Regular Price
  88. Sony's Open Season Trailer
  89. - Apple Goes to Intel -
  90. Quicktime7 For Windows Preview is Out
  91. Quicktime 7 now for Windows, with H.264
  92. Video-game industry mulls over the future beyond shoot-'em-ups
  93. Video-game industry mulls over the future beyond shoot-'em-ups
  94. Deep Paint Released for FREE
  95. List of nintendo games available for download on the revolution
  96. CSM:Video-game industry mulls over the future beyond shoot-'em-ups
  97. Looney Tunes 2.0 (New "Loonatics" Designs )
  98. Students Art
  99. Project offset
  100. Independent Animation Channel
  101. Quad core in Q1 2006
  102. Electric Image announces v6 & v6.5
  103. Interview with Jason Chan
  104. The Dreamland Chronicles!
  105. Fileformat for Color Look Up Tables
  106. Gorillaz are back and animated as ever
  107. Roy Disney to sue Disney Board of Directors on Charges of Fraud
  108. Microsoft warns of possible Xbox 360 shortages
  109. film : strings
  110. IBM to Reveal Details of New Cell Chips
  111. Stranglehold Trailer selected top 10 at E3!
  112. Maxon to support Intel Macs
  113. McD's deal to end due to Disney flops
  114. Online gamer gets life for cyber-sabre stabbing
  115. Halo Movie coming spring of 06
  116. Gnomon Workshop - Harald Belker and Nick Pugh DVDs
  117. ::Alternate reality::
  118. Actors avoid video games strike
  119. Interesting Screenshot
  120. Interview with Le Sanchez, Senior Modeler in 'valiant'
  121. New Jersey Maya User Group meeting
  122. Sanford Kennedy is not among us anymore
  123. Only 10 days left! :-)
  124. G4:The Phantom strikes back!
  125. Voice Actors Reach Video Game Deal
  126. An illustration app from Microsoft (beta)
  127. Duel. An Animated Adventure from Anzovin Studio
  128. Playstation 3 to run Linux?
  129. Maya Fundamentals class at!
  130. Sony's new revolutionary idea... Minority Report?
  131. Battlefield 2 Demo Out Now!!!
  132. New Digital Painting Technology
  133. CNN:'Grand Theft' maker settles with SEC
  134. Rex Grignon on NPR
  135. Game Coders Want Fatter Paychecks, Too
  136. First Shot of "The Host" (Korean Horror Flick)
  137. India Establishing Two Animation Colleges
  138. XSI Toronto user group meeting- June 14
  139. OT: USATODAY Off-duty behavior can affect job
  140. USATODAY: GEORGE LUCAS gets AFI Life Achievement Award
  141. HELP!! (mark of kri/rise of the kasai related)
  142. Micheal Jackson Is Innocent!!
  143. Hayao Miyazaki Profiled at NY Times
  144. Peter Jackson multimillion-dollar Korean post-production deal
  145. Siggraph 2005 papers on the web
  146. How Gamers Can Help Cure Cancer
  147. VRMesh 2.5 release – innovative and affordable 3d mesh modeler
  148. 3d-Palace Releases new commerical download tutorial set.
  149. Technical Case Study
  150. Rockfish the movie
  151. Le Building - watch this now! [brief nudity]
  152. DragonFellow Teaser Trailer
  153. Terry Gilliam's Brothers Grim TRAILER!
  154. Apple applies for 'MacTel' trademark
  155. [Rumour]Vin Diesel starring Hitman?
  156. New War of the World TV Spot
  157. Todd Vaziri - ILM compositor
  158. New 64 bit Raytracing Technology - RENDERDRIVE
  159. New Pixar short - "One man band" - first pics
  160. The Mantis Parable Short-Film
  161. Why is CG artist subject matter so dark?
  162. DivX 6 Released
  163. SLATE:Lucas vs. Spielberg :The worst best friends in Hollywood.
  164. DivX - HDTV
  165. Maxwell 1.2.0 beta released
  166. Sony creating a (minority report) tecnologi ???
  167. Sony creating a (minority report) tecnhologie ???
  168. Interview of Till Nowak at
  169. New Fantastic Four Trailer
  170. DISNEY RECRUITMENT DRIVE: (5 new projects in the pipeline)
  171. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride website
  172. SciFi Picks Up 'Firefly'
  173. Mr and Mrs Smith visual effects
  174. Modo ready for Mactel
  175. Amazing Painting Software - MoXi(Must See)
  176. HDR in videogames (amazing new Half Life 2 Screenshots & Article)
  177. Cafè FX adds XSI to the pipeline
  178. Interview with Carey Chico, Art Director at Pandemic Studios
  179. PACMAN Turns 25
  180. USATODAY: Major sites (Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL ) turn into Broadcasters
  181. New 3d Display from Perspecta
  182. Siggraph 2005 - Animation Theatre Trailer
  183. Richard Hubby speaks up about XBOX360
  184. Xenos: XBOX 360 Graphics Demystified
  185. USA TODAY:DIGITAL PRINTING: Copyright-worried labs reject some digital printing jobs
  186. "Teleporting" over the Internet
  187. The Fall of Lara Croft
  188. war of the worlds site update and 5th trailer
  189. Perfect Dark Zero website live
  190. 3D Buzz openGL VTMs
  191. 3ds max 6 light tracer
  192. All Xbox Games will be Backwards Compatible
  193. GAMASUTRA:Blizzard vs. BnetD Case Continues In Appeal Court
  194. Elite Cars competiton - VOTING
  195. UPDATE:Actors Reach Deal Over Video Game Profits (June 20,05)
  196. KCAGA June meeting: 3ds max 7.5 show at Glenwood Arts
  197. Clearspeed Co-processor
  198. Wash DC SIGGRAPH Meeting:California Dreamin’ (June 28)
  199. Patent '690. An attack on the video game industry
  200. Raven Moon to compete with Pixar
  201. Solar Sail Satellite Set To Launch
  202. XBOX 360 - Playstation Portable?
  203. Sun releases Solaris code as alternative to Linux
  204. Alias SketchBook Pro 2 released
  205. New Pixar Short!
  206. Family Guy Movie gets Release Date
  207. Releases new video tutorial on painting with Photoshop (r)
  208. Fantastic 4 behind the scenes
  209. Monolith Layoffs In Wake of Matrix Online Deal
  210. Divided Hollywood actors union rejects video deal
  211. New Jobs and Resumes/CVs resource
  212. New Dreamworks movie posters (over the hedge, kung fu panda, etc...)
  213. AFI's top 100 movie quotes
  214. 3DNY.ORG free seminar in NYC.(Alias Motionbuilder,Maya|Multi-Pass, Syflex, and more.)
  215. Toy Story 3 set for summer '08
  216. First King Kong Footage!
  217. California Report: Working conditions in the video game industry
  218. Actors guild vetoes deal for video games
  219. Immersive Cinema - Workshop
  220. PD Pro Digital Painter v3.2 realtime
  221. Vray for Maya?
  222. Supreman Returns Production Art
  223. Microchip Pioneer Jack Kilby Dies at 81
  224. Afro Samurai - Anime
  225. X-CAD software giveaway, no BS.
  226. MAXON releases special software bundle for CAx sector
  227. Chemical Brothers - Believe , music vid
  228. The Human Motion Show
  229. Press Feeding Frenzy Over Violent Game
  230. GAMESINDUSTRY.BIZ: New research shows that parents ignore game age ratings
  231. KING KONG Production Diary - A Visit to WETA
  232. XBOX 360 and PS3 comparison article
  233. Nintendo REvolution Controller details revealed?
  234. Making of Land of the Dead
  235. Compositing Sky Replacements
  236. MEL Scripting for Maya Animators, 2nd Edition
  237. Annecy - "Open Book"
  238. Interview with Daniel Martin Peixe, Animator in 'Valiant'
  239. UK:Diana Wynne Jones at "Howl" Screening in Cambridge
  240. Lucasfilm-New Home
  241. New automated software for facial modeling and animation poised to hurt CG jobs?
  242. Photozoom Pro reviewed
  243. Peter Jackson sues over Lord of The Rings profits
  244. CG Challenge XVII: Master and Servant Winners Announced
  245. KING KONG TRAILER LIVE 28th at 2.44am CET...
  246. US SUPREME COURT: File-Sharing Services May Be Sued
  247. CGTalk Exclusive: Info on Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Full Trailer
  248. The voice of Tigger has been silenced..... :(
  249. Fantastic Four Japanese Trailer
  250. First Image of King Kong Image!!