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  1. A Poser Exclusive!
  2. BBC: Sony wants an 'iTunes for movies'
  3. CG Challenge - Machineflesh Book Ships!
  4. Bionatics Release natFX 3 for Maya**
  5. vid
  6. Modeling your friend :)
  7. THE COMIC STRIP!: "Watch your back" (UPDATED April 23rd 2005)
  8. USATODAY:Tech turns average Joes into mini-Spielbergs
  9. TV Series "Friends" to Return Animated
  10. Nintendo responsible for turtle death?
  11. New DrQueue stable release supporting Windows
  12. King Kong April fools joke?
  13. Chronicles of Narnia: WETA Featurette
  14. Adobe CS Suite Launch Monday (Some new info and screenshots)
  15. Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Presents A Conversation with ROB COLEMAN
  16. HalfLife - CG Movie
  17. Lord of the Rings producer to set up animation studio in India ***
  18. Silo 1.4 Beta Released to Silo Users
  19. Sin City vfx by The Orphanage
  20. Transfomers to be directed by Michael Bay
  21. 50 GFLOPS co-processor
  22. Osborne to start VFX house in India
  23. Tekken: the movie
  24. Eurographics 2005 Animation Festival - Pixar Prize!
  25. 2 New Star Wars Trailers are Now Airing On TV
  26. Splinter Cell: The Movie?
  27. Final Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Poster
  28. Avid kick-offs the “SOFTIMAGE|XSI Mod Tool Lock & Load” Challenge
  29. DR WHO: Online VFX Doc
  30. ::lastchild:: HINOKIO
  31. DC_SIGGRAPH Demo Reel Night (An evening with Keith Huggins)
  32. NaturalMotion announces endorphin Rush !! ***
  33. "Tiny drives set for space boost" BBC
  34. Google Maps adds Satellite Images
  35. Quake IV Confirmed For QuakeCon
  36. Disney's Valiant disappointing
  37. DREAMWORKS Katzenberg: CGI Glut No Problem
  38. Nicktoons Film Festival
  39. OT: Peter Jennings lung cancer
  40. New Fantastic Four and Batman Begins Posters!
  41. Shrek Animators N Dermatologists Share Beauty Secret :)
  42. CA Scanline Production GmbH
  43. new PnP TerrainCreator Version released
  44. Saarcor/OpenRT Developer receives Nvidia Fellowship Award
  45. Lucas and Cameron tout new 3D - films !! ***
  46. Seward Street Animation Inspiration
  47. Beware unplanned SP2 downloads on April 12
  48. Star Wars Geeks line up at wrong theater
  49. Filmmakers Lucas, Cameron Tout New 3D Films
  50. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Site Live
  51. Dreamworks Madagascar Pics!
  52. Corel Painter IX Art Pen Brush Pack
  53. PD Pro Digital painter 3.1
  54. NEW Japanese Trailer For WAR OF THE WORLDS!
  55. Cardiff University developing a super-realistic animation system
  56. Micro Wave for Mental Ray & LightWave ***
  57. Gorillaz | New video UP !!
  58. Nightwatch Trailer
  59. CNN: Sneak peek at E3
  60. CNN: Connery back as 007 for Bond game
  61. Children's Hospital Partners with Virtools to make online games
  62. London FT: Mobiles to ‘replace TV as prime ad medium’
  63. Sony Patents Matrix-Like Game Technology
  64. Fancy a job on the new Star War TV series?
  65. NPR: Fresh Air Interview with Brad Bird
  66. Aussie scientists make animation splash
  67. NVIDIA MAXtreme 7 Boosts 3ds Max Performance 134%
  68. ArchVision Releases 3D Seated People Vol 2
  69. The Greatest Animator in History.
  70. GimpShop. a gimp with photoshop interface.
  71. 'Crest Animation Studio' won FICCI BAF'05 (Best Animated Frames) Awards ***
  72. 3D Systems announces a desktop-sized 3D printer
  73. Coppola Angry Over 'Godfather' Video Game
  74. New EOVIA Modeller
  75. Lenin Must Be Buried contest
  76. Guild Wars Cinematic is ONLINE
  77. Oh heavens there IS justice: SPAMMER -> Jail for 9 Years!
  78. New DVD Reviews
  79. Half-Life 2 expansion pack announced
  80. PRESS RELEASE: First CG Academy Texturing DVD Released Today
  81. Square Enix Release Final Fantasy VII Trailer
  82. AMD set for April 21 dual-core launch
  83. Motion Capture mockumentary: The Man Behind the Motion
  84. Scott Robertson @ VFS
  85. Feel, smell, taste games and movies in future?
  86. Lastchild::Prey Alone
  87. Vfx of 'Fever Pitch'
  88. Matrox Parhelia II announcement spotted
  89. Distraught/Confused College Student
  90. "Bambi" & "Bubba" Sequel News
  91. New Czech Forum on Profi CG Graphics
  92. WOW See "How Ampex Squeezes Out Cash"
  93. New animation studio: Crew972
  94. Microsoft Unveiling Xbox 2/360 on May 12th (MTV)!
  95. Revenge of the Sith Rating Unveiled and TV Show Update!
  96. Robot Camel Jockies
  97. EA Signs College Football License Deal
  98. Interview with TMNT director
  99. 'The Jacket' visual effects
  100. The Ghost Rider Hell Cycle!
  101. Yokai-Movie Trailer... (Boy that was weird)
  102. Star Wars: Revenge of the Bricks Mini Movie!!
  103. Hayao Miyazaki in 2005 TIME Magazine 100 most INFLUENTIAL People in the World
  104. VALIANT American Poster
  105. Digital Domain Enhances Pipeline with Luxology modo
  106. Ubisoft Opens New Studio In Quebec City
  107. Apple Gaming Division
  108. Tokyo scientists create a 3D display with an image depth of several meters !!!
  109. BOXX Adds $13K+ Tarari Board to Ultimate Swag Bag Promo
  110. Matte artist Ron Crabb
  111. Mac OS X Tiger. Apple official announcement
  112. EA at it again.
  113. Eidos Unveils First Details Of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
  114. Jackson relieved Kong was rejected in 1996
  115. Wiki3Dpedia
  116. Digic Pictures - 'Armies of Exigo' cinematics
  117. Analysts: 3 million Xbox 360s shipped by Xmas
  118. News - New modeller HEXAGON
  119. CafeFX Relies on NewTek's LightWave 3D for Sin City VFX
  120. Wachowskis Talk Matrix Online
  121. Playstation 3 Pre-E3 Unveiling
  122. NewTek provided 3D elements for blockbuster film Sin City
  123. Turbo Squid Releases Zygote Male 3D Human Anatomy Collection
  124. GenArts Announces Free Sapphire Plug-Ins Tutorial
  125. fmx/05 preview
  126. Google Readies Platform for Video Distribution (NEW INDIE FILMMAKERS MARKET)
  127. USATODAY: MOORE'S LAW Turns 40
  128. new animation mag launched this week.
  129. Masters Of Doom movie
  130. EGGHUNT teaser trailer
  131. Star Wars "Revenge of The Sith" Gets PG-13 Rating
  132. Harryhausen back in the world of Sinbad
  133. Hollywood to Bay Area: Love Ya, Baby...for Now
  134. SAG strike against the video game industry
  135. WATCH A SCENE: Douglas Adam's H2G2
  136. CNN:Europe's new supercomputer booted up
  137. AICN: PerJackson's KING KONG & Brian Singer's SUPERMAN Crossover!
  138. Bluetooth Wacom Tablet now for US
  139. Tutorial "How create a simple crowd"
  140. Sin City animatics
  141. Gnomon releases Meats Meier and Feng Zhu Posters
  142. ANIMATION NOW - DreamWorks Animation SKG unveils a detailed behind-the-scenes
  143. Psp to get 50% more power?
  144. [New] Kingdom of Heaven Trailer
  145. Virtual-Reality Movies
  146. First shots of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent (Superman Returns)
  147. Animation Nation | 18 April-2 May | BBC4
  148. Apple Final Cut Studio info
  149. Shake 4 and Motion 2 announced
  150. An end of an era for Oddworld Inhabitants
  151. Adobe to acquire Macromedia
  152. DREAMWORK'S Over the Hedge: Cast Announced (CG Movie)
  153. Mainframe Net Falls as Revenues Rise
  154. Three New LightWave Press Releases for Your Reading Pleasure
  155. Review of the new dual core Pentium EE
  156. New SGI workstation
  157. Cool Behind the Scenes Making of Star Wars ROTS Space Battle and Bad Guy
  158. Adobe to acquire Macromedia - Reaction to Apple?
  159. from PopSci "Dangerous Terms"
  160. New Howl's Moving Castle Poster!
  161. NewTek Release Free Feature Update to LightWave 3D
  162. Three new REVENGE OF THE SITH Spots
  163. VRMesh 2.5 is being readied for beta testing
  164. CGWorkshops Launched
  165. Unreal 3 engine to use PPU
  166. Star Wars Revelations Released!
  167. Interview with Mike Fink, VFX Supervisor of Constantine
  168. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest Poster!!
  169. Shocking ROTS Pictures: Why its PG-13 [SPOILER]
  170. Sin City Interview
  171. New Madagascar Posters/Images
  172. Take 2 Pencil tester returns as Take 5
  173. revenge of the sith amazing event 16th May. London baby!!
  174. New HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE Trailer!!
  175. Apple Debuts Latest Video, Film Editing Software
  176. WETA Workshop Official website
  177. Finding Nemo claimant guilty of fraud
  178. john k (spumco) upcoming projects.
  179. World Exclusive Rome Total War Expansion Pack Info and Pics!
  180. Comet Muscle System
  181. Adobe afraid MS would buy Macromedia first?
  182. NYC 3d Modeling Deathmatch. This Monday.
  183. Gnomon - New Fluids and Paint Effects DVDs!
  184. Hey American! Hong Kong show time!!!
  185. MOVE motion design conference
  186. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD announcement to be made
  187. Chris Harvey Joins CG Academy Instructor Team
  188. Bring Me the head of Charlie Brown
  189. Some solid info on Transformers: The movie
  190. Blender Development Digest #5
  191. Interview to Matt Johnson, vfx supervisor from Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy
  192. Superman Revealed - Picture of Supersuit
  193. Real Xbox 2/360 Images!!
  194. FINALLY: A Picture of the New XBox 360
  195. adobe is shipping CS 2
  196. Art of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
  197. Final Fantasy VII movie...awesome
  198. Disney and Pixar talks could end their quarrel
  199. Prey Alone - Amazing Short Film
  200. Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book online
  201. Jack Jack attack From
  202. 2 New LightWave 3D Press Releases
  203. George Lucas confirms 2 new Sar Wars TV Shows...
  204. Avid to Preview 64-bit SOFTIMAGE|XSI Software at Microsoft Conference
  205. NewTek Produces First 64-bit 3D Animation for Microsoft
  206. UVPHACTORY Creates Liquid Metal Environments For VOOM
  207. Microsoft Gives Details on Windows Release
  208. CGSociety - the evolution of CGTalk
  209. POV Competition is finished: $10,000 prize winner:
  210. zelda screen shots and info
  211. CGSociety Advisory board members
  212. Computer games / VFX companies in Vienna/Austria?
  213. Finding Nemo Lawsuit UPDATE (claimant guilty of fraud)
  214. (SPOILERS) Episode III Spectacular vid from Celebration III.
  215. Sachform Technology announces the release of SNOWbase and SPRINGbase
  216. Wacom "screen" tablet, 21"
  217. Modo New York Demo videos ONLINE!!!
  218. Orion´s 96 cpu desktop
  219. Hybride compositors talk SIN CITY
  220. "Disney's presence in India today is well poised for growth,"
  221. Interview with Paul Campion, Matte Painter in 'Constantine' and 'Sin City'
  222. MJ-12 7550a Query...
  223. USATODAY: "Cosmic Blobs" 3-D modeling & Animation Program for KIDS
  224. PD Pro Demo
  225. SIGGRAPH 2005 Announces Best of Show Award and Jury Honors for the Animation Festival
  226. New dual Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5 by apple
  227. OT: 'The Simpsons' hit 350th episode milestone
  228. SERENITY - Trailer finally hits
  229. New Facial animation software released - FaceFX
  230. ::lastchild:: New Bat Man Begins Trailer
  231. Batman Begins Trailer (NEW FINAL TRAILER)
  232. An invitation VRMesh 2.5 beta testers wanted
  233. First Prince of Persia 3 details
  234. Apple store update: New G5s
  235. Bishop Animation is open for business
  236. Kevin Smith RAVES about Star Wars Episode III (REVIEW!)
  237. Intro to 3D Modeling Class
  238. OT - 'Superjumbo' A380 takes off
  239. Matte painter Laurent Ben-Mimoun
  240. Chris Cunningham's Rubber Johnny
  241. New MTV Exclusive Batman Begins trailer
  242. Software V-Chip for PC Games?
  243. Steve Jobs enraged by unauthorized biography
  244. ::lastchild:: New Zelda Artwork
  245. It is the world's worst secret that online games like Sony's EverQuest ....
  246. OT: New Panasonic HD video camera
  247. For those who Like Zombies
  248. Silent Hill The Movie
  249. Elixir Studios to close
  250. New Citroen Robot Commercial!