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  1. Golden Raspberry Award
  2. 7 new gnomon dvds
  3. Framestore-CFC: Renault Espace: 'Hector's Life'
  4. War Of The Worlds Superbowl Trailer!!!
  5. PSP launch Date for US
  6. Funny Stuff...
  7. Sci-Fi London International Festival of Sci-fi & Fantastic Film
  8. Vfx supervisor Greg McMurry
  9. Animated Frog's Genitals Okay For TV?
  10. PD Pro - It's All About The Brushes
  12. Gran Turismo Website
  13. Interview - Caroline Delen
  14. Microsoft Develops Halo Film
  15. Robota Teaser IV - 2005
  16. DICE Summit: New game inferface tech that will blow you away.
  17. Bioware is to hold open auditions for people to become cast members for future games.
  18. D'Fusion Software - Augmented Virtual Reality
  19. Poser 6 Sneak Peek
  20. Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil Pics!
  21. seven new Gnomon DVD!!
  22. Create Models from Images. Pictomod3D V1 Released.
  23. Cursed
  24. Meet Brad Bird in LA (Wednesday, February 9)
  25. Batman Begins Superbowl Trailer!!!
  26. Interview of Patrick Beaulieu at 3dexcellence
  27. Constantine Superbowl Trailer
  28. New textures resource from creators of
  29. EXPOSE' 2 Second Edition - Shipping
  30. VRMesh 2.0 release
  31. Shapeshifters - Fantasy movie italian project
  32. Making of Superlópez !
  33. MAYA 6.5 Unleashed
  34. CGU - wants to market your project.
  35. Watch all the superbowl commercials here.
  36. CG-Char shorts DVD - anyone interested?
  37. Small interview with Kolby Jukes
  38. STI Cell unveiling today
  39. Interview - The vfx of 'The Life Aquatic'
  40. Exclusive Fantastic Four Video Game Pics/Info!!!
  41. Making of "The Aviator" Movie
  42. Evermotion Vray Lightmap Tutorial
  43. Steamboy at the Egyptian/LA
  44. And the "OMG" award goes to...
  45. Russian company picks hole in XP Service Pack 2
  46. Update on (SONY, IBM)CELL Processor
  47. Gigapxl Project (4 gigapixel images - single shot; film
  48. Discreet announces Combustion 4
  49. Halo 2 Mod for Halo PC
  50. XSI Los Angeles user group meeting on March 3rd
  51. Former Disney Animator Makes Film About Disney Animation
  52. FX Master Ray Harryhausen talks about the impact of CGI (and Kong too!)
  53. COLLADA - Open interchange file format for the 3D industry
  54. Hewlett-Packard Ousts CEO Carly Fiorina
  55. Disney Dissidents to Withhold Votes
  56. What's next: a Ph.D. in video gaming?
  57. FreeBSD is looking for a new logo, RIP Beastie
  58. New Captain Scarlet starts in the UK on Sat 12th!
  59. Article about Star Wars Revelations at 3dexcellence
  60. New Maya book is out
  61. Miyazaki to Receive Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at Venice Fest
  62. RE4 Development Screens
  63. Chuck Comisky - vfx supe on 'Aliens of the Deep'
  64. Hackers sued for tinkering with Xbox games
  65. EA Looking to Increase Stake in UbiSoft
  66. Eovia is looking for Betatesters for a new modeling software
  67. "Illusions of the Purest Mind" SOLO Art Exhibit
  68. Pixar Profits Up While Down on Disney Sequels
  69. NEW! DreamWorks Madagascar Trailer
  70. Ion Storm RIP
  71. Interview with Gino Vincelli of Softimage
  72. USATODAY:Microsoft probes spyware system attack
  73. First Look from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  74. TeamWorks Digital's David Allen at vfxblog
  75. Interview of Michael Sormann at 3Dexcellence
  76. 4 Hi-Res Episode III
  77. Studio Ghibli goes independent
  78. Apple to split stock 2-for-1
  79. DisneyWar starts early
  80. Animation Mentor opens its doors!
  81. Jobs Jabs at Eisner, Disney Again
  82. unfold3d
  83. Pillowman
  84. "Day After Tomorrow" wins Best Effects at BAFTA Awards
  85. New Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Pic!
  86. Madagascar Review
  87. Take Part in This Logo Design Contest; Prize: $500
  88. Animated Video: Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me!
  89. Grand Space Opera Winners and Book Announced!
  90. Before and afters from 'The Aviator'
  91. Fierri's Virtual Models To Revolutionize Fashion
  92. GIGANTO/TETSUJIN28!! Full Length Trailer
  93. Nokia to put Microsoft's music player on handsets
  94. C4D goes to R9.1
  95. new wacom cintiq 21"
  96. Game Programming. Org is back
  97. Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow at XSI L.A. user group
  98. Max 7.5
  99. New Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Pic!!
  100. IGDA/DC_SIGGRAPH Mixer (February 24,2005)
  101. Ubisoft and Quebec to Create GameDev Courses
  102. Unreal Engine 3.0 Sneak Peak - oh damm
  103. Saturn Award Nominations Announced
  104. China: Sales of online game hits US$298m in 2004
  105. New vfx studio Evil Eye Pictures
  106. New Chronicles of Narnia Concept Art!!
  107. ACM Vancouver SIGGRAPH--Bulging Muscles and Sliding Skin
  108. Mojok Contest
  109. Former ILM artist Louis Katz - interview
  110. Microsoft plans new browser version. Internet Explorer 7
  111. The Novint Falcon ~ haptic interface device
  112. Hitchhicker's Guide Trailer
  113. Ubisoft, EA hold preliminary talks
  114. Poser 6 Sneak Peak #2 and...
  115. Finding Nemo... who's story is it? lawsuit pending
  116. Blue Sky's Robots Clips
  117. Tech Oscars Awarded
  118. DVD TUTORIAL - Modeling4ever Vol. 1 "Car modeling"
  119. Making of Window Tutorial
  120. VES Awards Winners Announced!
  121. Fully Full-on HHGTTG trailer!
  122. Apple shows interest for CELL technology
  123. Disney to do full cg Peter Pan
  124. Interview of Andreas Hebel at 3Dexcellence
  125. VFXpro Article: Pixar's Incredibles Pipeline.
  126. Interview with The Creature Shop's Mike Pryor
  127. Maestro has been released! (Character rigging and animation plugin for Lightwave)
  128. Bryce 5.5 - new features announced
  129. Fantastic Four INT Trailer
  130. Wallace & Gromit the MOVIE site up!
  131. "Loonatics" VIDEO PREVIEW ! Details of Bugs Bunny 2.0 (Looney Toones Remake) UPDATE!
  132. NEW Blue Sky's ROBOTS 6 Minutes online
  133. Stealth Trailer Online
  134. Lego Star Wars Game Trailer
  135. Spoonman Trailer and website
  136. Xbox’s Successors system specs leaked…
  137. A Scanner Darkly Trailer
  138. I don't wish to brag.. but i will anyway!
  139. CG Auctions - a new FREE auction for computer graphics industry
  140. Introducting CG Auction (
  141. Will the PSP be a 'make or break' product for Sony? (Observer)
  142. 3DM Video tutorial - MR Car render
  143. RIP: Hunter S. Thompson
  144. new: Poser 6
  145. EA Hit By Second Employee Lawsuit
  146. War of the Worlds Japanese Trailer!
  147. Vray - volume effect in Vray - 3dmax tutirial
  148. [Trailer] A Scanner Darkly
  149. Z.Beksinski murdered...
  150. "Alter Egos" Landreth/Larkin documentary on Canadian TV
  151. High Dimension Texture
  152. New Tetsujin (GIGANTOR) Japanese Trailer
  153. Interview with Lucas Ives ('The Incredibles')
  154. Press Forum Invitation: Tippett Lead Compositors for Constantine
  155. Interview with Stephan Martiniere on CGNetworks
  156. Maya character demo on G4TV's The Screen Savers
  157. Sony Admits to PSP Button Flaws
  158. Interview of Daniel Ruiz and Santiago Hurtado at 3Dexcellence
  159. Dell to Release 24" Flat Panel @ $1199
  160. More Gnomon DVDs (23 Feb)
  161. Chronicles of Narnia: Behind the Scenes II
  162. Apple unveils more iPods
  163. The Firefox Bomb from Microsoft
  164. Discreet annouces max 7.5 for subscribers!
  165. ATI to Demo World’s First Gaming Graphics Cards with 512MB Memory
  166. Eidos insiders confirm News Corp deal is imminent
  167. NewTek Releases Seventh Free Texture Collection
  168. 8 NEW Gnomon DVD's
  169. Cebas stage-2 for maya page online
  170. finalRender Stage-2 for Maya [Preview]
  171. UK: Friday 25 February "Work your proper hours day".
  172. Troika Confirms Company Closure
  173. PolyBoost 1.0 for 3ds max released
  174. Microsoft Hires Hironobu Sakaguchi, `Final Fantasy' Creator
  175. Final Fantasy Creator Sakaguchi Joins Microsoft
  176. Pixar does 2D: Mr. Incredible & Pals
  178. Watch full versions of a few Oscar Nominated shorts!
  179. Jim Henson Introduces Real-Time Animation
  180. New 3D Magazin "Polygon 3" online
  181. Havok prepares to unveil next generation of middleware at GDC
  182. Epic Shows Unreal Engine 3 Features at GDC
  183. 3D Animations Embedded into PDFs
  184. The Amityville Horror Remake Trailer
  185. In-Game Advertising Coming to Anarchy Online
  186. The Orphanage's Jonathan Rothbart on TDAT
  187. The President of Lucasarts Talks!
  188. Yeah! Bonus Trailer Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy out now!
  189. Emily and the Babayaga
  190. Next Challenge
  191. 100 Greatest Cartoons - UK TV, Tonight!
  192. Sketcher - new tool for collaborative 2D art
  193. Guaranteed Oscar for Alias
  194. Apple Macintosh creator, Jef Raskin, dies
  195. New High Resolution Robots Images
  196. Congratulations Oscar winners
  197. New HitchHiker's trailer
  198. Interview with Alan Barillaro - The Incredibles
  199. is hosting an art contest, "Conquest of Science" $8,000.00 in prizes
  201. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: BRITISH TRAILER!
  202. THE COMIC STRIP!: "Sins of the Past" (UPDATED March 31th 2005)
  203. New free texture collection
  204. CGProShop Launched
  205. Interview with Eric Hanson on CGNetworks
  206. Robots feature at AnimWatch
  207. NEW The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion SCREENSHOTS
  208. APB: the next gta, and this time it'll be online!
  209. NewTek Announces New Competitive Upgrade Offer
  210. France's Ubisoft buys some Microsoft games
  211. Brad Bird on an Incredibles Sequel AND PIXAR's view on doing hand-drawn features
  212. CNN:Next-gen Game Boy to Hit Stores This Year?
  213. Ubisoft to Enter the Sports Gaming Market
  214. Wallace & Gromit International trailer!
  215. Watch Blur's "In the rough" (full lenght)
  216. Your Chance to Interview 'Constantine' Lead Compositors
  217. Animation show comes to san francisco - march 4th
  218. ZBrush user group meeting video summaries posted
  219. 21.3" LaCie 321 - Major contender for #1 LCD?
  220. pCharacter Import for 3dsmax - animate Daz characters in max
  221. D'artiste Character Modeling Call for entries
  222. Cg Toolkit launches Muscle TK Gallery
  223. Adobe Unveils Open Source Library
  224. Avid to Showcase Game Content Creation and Asset Management Solutions at GDC 2005
  225. VFX Community Helps School Kids in Iraq
  226. Electronic Arts Expands Turf with 'Godfather' Saga
  227. Rez & Resident Evil Luminaries Developing For Xbox 2 (Yoshiki Okamoto and Tetsuya)
  228. Lastchild ::holographic projection system unveiled
  229. Framestore CFC chooses Bodypaint 3D !
  230. Intel shows off Mac Mini-like concept PC
  231. US Video Game Ratings System Adds New Category
  232. Get animated
  233. New Update for LightWave [8]
  235. Orc Babies (German Film School) pilot release
  236. TV show to find latest 'Artstar'
  237. George Lucas to be Keynote Speaker at SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference !
  238. ASSEMBLING "ROBOTS" Special (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX Friday, March 4th
  239. Heads-up Dragons?
  240. IBM Software Performs 'Blue Screen Of Death' Rescues
  241. Interview of Karl Ludwig and Mike Eringis of Blue Sky Studios at
  242. The TRAILER of the TRAILER: Star Wars Episode III
  243. THE INCREDIBLES DVD: Check out Images of deleted scenes...
  244. British Government Considers Tax on Computers
  245. Nokia: N-Gage ain’t not going nowhere
  246. Intro to 3D Modeling Class - starting now
  247. New York Public Library Digital Gallery Open to Public
  248. New manual for Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro
  249. Augmented Reality
  250. Turtle 1.1 for Maya 6.5 Final