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  1. NEW LightWave[8] Dynamics Training DVD - AVAILABLE NOW!
  2. Interview with Marc Weigert on 'Coronado'
  3. Lousiana Attempting to Attract Game Industry
  4. Intro to 3D Modeling Class
  5. AMD Chip Fraud Delays Release of New Chipset
  6. SF Artist Freas Dies
  7. American Dad premieres after Superbowl
  8. Rhino3D.se - a portal for swedish Rhinoceros users
  9. Rick Sands Named as DreamWorks SKG President and COO
  10. Will Eisner, RIP (1917-2005)
  11. Aaron Sims on vfxblog
  12. Ornatrix goes commercial
  13. OT:Comic book pioneer Will Eisner dies at 87
  14. Brad Bird Director of The Incredibles presentation in NY (Jan 9)
  15. 2005 Animated Short Oscar Shortlist....
  16. Speedy, South Africa's Township Hero!
  17. FED displays by 2006?
  18. Age of Empires III Announced
  19. ATI Radeon X800 Mac Edition released
  20. Launching CG4ME.com The Middle Eastern CG Portal
  21. CGI animated commercial for Disneyland's 50th
  22. 50 new free Hi Res textures, 3D excellence.com
  23. Microsoft cancels Windows XP for Itanium
  24. Guerrilla Effects II this weekend in San Fran
  25. CNN:Lawsuit filed to prohibit copyright protection of software
  26. pCharacter Import for Softimage XSI 4
  27. Inside Move: Acad heals 'Day' break for f/x house
  28. Incredibles shortlisted for Best Film award by the Producers Guild of America
  29. Alp Altiner interview
  30. Masagascar Website updated!
  31. Microsoft offers free security program
  33. Ray Harryhausen in Los Angeles, Jan 28, 7pm
  34. Resident Evil 4 reviews up
  35. Interview with Mitsunori Kataama of Studio Ghibli
  36. BlueSky's Robots website updated
  37. Polar Express Sets More Imax Records
  38. Sprint Launches New Toon Channels
  39. Tartakovsky Talks More Clone Wars
  40. Machinima at Sundance
  41. Microsoft to add space, 12,000 jobs
  42. Xbox 2: CNN Source
  43. Age of Empire III Screenshots
  44. CNN:Software makers lobby for copyright changes
  45. Interview with Adam Martinez
  46. Dragon Blade (Hong Kong CG Movie)
  47. IE6 exploit deletes system files
  48. Star Wars Empire At War - SW RTS Pics!!
  49. vfxblog talks to Kenneth A. Larson
  50. Help Us To Make Tips
  51. DIGI FX Studios is growing up!
  52. Shrek 2 WINNER of the people's choice award
  53. AFL & EA Enter Into Exclusive Agreement
  55. Hayao Miyazaki Interview in "New Yorker"
  56. World of Warcraft Shatters Sales Records
  57. FREE 350 models NOW are available!!!
  58. CGU - Exhanges words with Pisong
  59. James Cameron on Battle Angel!
  60. 3DQUAKERS: Interactive Vehicle Rigging released!
  61. Godzilla Retires After 50 Years.
  62. Roto artist Amit Dhawal talks to vfxblog
  63. Challenge CGGUB - running! - in portuguese
  64. New Concept from BMW
  65. Mini Mac Officially Announced
  66. Interview with Mark Cotta Vaz
  67. Project Zero
  68. EA continues sports assault with exclusive AFL deal
  69. Ladder 49 visual effects - Interview with Mark Freund
  70. Video Effects Society award nominations announced
  71. IGN:Exclusive "Appleseed" Clips Online
  72. Dream on Silly Dreamer: A documentary about the death of traditional Disney Animation
  73. Realtime fluids/particles
  74. AMD's dual-core plans...
  75. Interiew with Christoph Schinko of Cinesite
  76. Bob Iger on Disney's future
  77. Interview of Andy Yamkovoy at 3DExcellence
  78. CGFilm torrents...
  79. Disney Remaking Tron
  80. Matte painter Kent Matheson
  81. Imagina 2005 - interview with Laurent Puons
  82. Pinnochio 3000 poster...
  83. IGN:The Future of Game Design
  84. Rupert Murdoch Considers Entry to Gaming Industry
  85. Preview of the Fantastic 4 Trailer
  86. Linux Security Patches Released
  87. BusinessWeek:How Intel Ruined AMD's Happy New Year
  88. The Last Unicorn getting a remake
  89. IESB: New Cars Image!
  90. VFXTalk EXCLUSIVE!! - Iridas to offer Sequence Browser Application
  91. Interview of Sven Daennart at 3DExcellence
  92. VES Nominees...
  93. Gnomon Approved to Give Student Visas
  94. Tekken 5 CG Intro
  95. SW ROTS Production Artwork
  96. Star Wars Clone Wars Artwork
  97. Animatronics in 'Racing Stripes'
  98. 3D Tutorial will not produce more tutorials
  99. EA Takeover Moves and Countermoves
  100. First Next Gen Screenshots ?
  101. Interview Juan Siquier
  102. Game Developers Conference 2005
  103. Interview with Stephen Elson on 'Hotel Rwanda'
  104. New Speed modelling challenge
  105. The Sims TV Show
  106. Electronic Arts, ESPN hook up in exclusive 15-year deal
  107. Racing Stripes visual effects
  108. Tutorial: High polygon realistic character creation
  109. PlanIT 3D Interviews Larry Weinburg, Creator of Poser
  110. Sundance Animation Program... anyone?
  111. The Aqsis Team Releases Stable 1.0
  112. New Animation festival open for entries!
  113. New Weekly Modeling Sessions
  114. Disney has selected a script for Toy Story 3...
  115. USATODAY:'Incredibles' DVD tells Jack-Jack's story
  116. Peter Jackson to make "The Lovely Bones"
  117. 3 test renders from EAs next-gen Engine
  118. LightWave [8] Feature Update - Version 8.2 Released
  119. Wired" Honors Toon Makers (Rave Awards)
  120. modo 102 released!
  121. Fanstastic Four Trailer...
  122. Steve Chapman of Gentle Giant Studios
  123. Reader Project - Mountains, Maciej Kuciara
  124. The Chronicles Of Narnia Production Art
  125. Interview of Ralph Manis at 3dexcellence.com
  126. Interview with founders of CG Soup
  127. OT:Marvel Ordered to Pay Spider-Man Creator
  128. Take Two seeking Mayor League Baseball exclusive deal
  129. Rumour: N-Gage to quietly dis-Ngage?
  130. Square Enix unveils new map for FFXI
  131. New Oddworld Game Released!!
  132. VES Awards - interview with Jeff Okun
  133. Armies of Exigo cinematics by Digic Pictures
  134. AICN:Harryhausen talks about Kong and a new Sinbad!
  135. Valiant Int Trailer
  136. TEKKEN5 characters
  137. SCO wins a round against IBM
  138. Spaceballs Animated Series Coming
  139. Incredibles Official DVD Content
  140. Beowulf getting Bigscreened!
  141. Corpse Bride trailer
  142. Sony to open up PSP's UMD format
  143. Titans Surface - It's Orange
  144. NEW FXWARS Challenge!: Volcano in the City
  145. Advertising on DesignContest.net is avaliable
  146. 'Halo 2' Video Game Sales Hit 6.4 Mln Units
  147. Jeff Wolverton at vfxblog
  148. The Cell: PS3's upcoming processor
  149. Article: All your efforts will pay off
  150. PlanIT 3D's "All You Need Is Love" Competition
  151. Sony slashes FY2005 profit forecast
  152. Fallen Art Interview
  153. Digital Dimension's vfx for Racing Stripes
  154. New 3D SA Forum
  155. "Polar Express" Passes $40 Million on IMAX Screens
  156. Goodbye, Onyx
  157. 2005 Architectural Visualization Competition
  158. :: - Movies Movies Movies - Come Watch Them - ::
  159. Interview of Philip Straub at 3dexcellence
  160. The Lost 1984 Mac Video
  161. RUMOUR: Details about NINTENDO's next platform...
  162. Constantine Pics!!!
  163. The Animation Show 2005 Dates
  164. Machineflesh Book Announced!
  165. American Dad Pics!
  166. Sega Sports is no more!!
  167. THE OSCARS: Nominations Announced
  168. Turbo Squid & face2face Announce New 3D Toons for Mobile Phones
  169. HUGE changes are happening at 3d buzz...
  170. Interview - Alessandro Bonora
  171. Softimage training promos
  172. Brazil gets "boosted", lol
  173. Digital Illusions Sells to EA
  174. That crazy Ken Kutaragi!!
  175. Ninjai Chapter 11!
  176. Visual effects artist Tim Ketzer
  177. Beowulf CG animated film!
  178. New Robots Pics!
  179. Sega sells Visual Concepts for $24M, leaves sports business.
  180. Batman Begins trailer...
  181. REMBUS is back to kick some ass!!
  182. 3d Palace releases 80hr video training set for 3d max
  183. Midsummer Dream Trailer
  184. KING KONG Production Art (Video Diary: Day 73)
  185. Layoffs and Restructuring at EA LA
  186. CG Academy Released Third DVD in Pflow Fundamentals Series
  187. The Annoying Thing
  188. Blurs Gopher Broke Teaser
  189. Fox News Report on Toy Story 3
  190. Learn Flame and Wings3D Kit at cmi
  191. Hot News: New cmiVFX DVD set. The ultimate set, indeed.
  192. SCANNER DARKLY Images & Job Openings
  193. "SHORTS!" - Tuesday, Feb 22nd
  194. PSP button flaw is intentional
  195. NEW GADGET for pitch shift and time stretch: CHRONOStream
  196. FFVII Advent Children New Trailor
  197. Buffalo TeraStation 1TeraByte Network Storage
  198. Game Software Sales Reach $7.3B in 2004
  199. EA calls Take-Two's MLB deal "stupid money"
  200. Incredibles 2 disk DVD -March 15
  201. Free Video Tutorial 28: Compound Masks in Shake 3.5
  202. Star Wars EP III Opening Crawl Revealed
  203. Animex 2005 event - interview with director
  204. New MATTE WARS! Treehouse !
  205. New Charlie and the Chocalate Factory Images!!
  206. The Magic of DMR and 3D
  207. Game - New EP 3 Info * Trailer*
  208. "The Difference" - Industry veterans discuss film and digital capture
  209. New Golf GTI Commercial!
  210. RenderPal 2004 Server V1.40 - Network rendering how it should be
  211. Maya 6.5 on the horizon
  212. Oliver Hotz - vfx artist on 'The Aviator'
  213. wavgen plugin
  214. DONT PANIC! Vogons spotted! (H2G2 news!)
  215. Polyphony GT4 Intro Cinematic
  216. 'The Incredibles' sweeps the Annie Awards
  217. Ubisoft Partners with Sony Pictures Animation
  218. Suicide Girls interview Ray Harryhousen
  219. CG short 'The Tooth'
  220. Nemo Creator Dies
  221. Interview of Brad Peebler, President of Luxology at 3dexcellence.com
  222. Maxwell renderer information resource
  223. Project Dogwaffle 3
  224. Animation...
  225. Interview : Richard Marchand
  226. ANNIE Awards
  227. [UweBoll] Bloodrayne Trailer
  228. free MAYA 6.5 video tutorial from alias
  229. New Russian Feature Film Trailer
  230. EnhanceDT Textures For Darktree
  231. Jackdeth -> one of Wired's "FX Gods"
  232. Disney may have stolen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie concepts
  233. FF4 trailer
  234. HP Labs breakthrough: Alternative to Transistors
  235. Kung Fu Hustle
  236. RYAN- SE DVD Releases in March!
  237. 'Godfather' game to use Brando, Duvall voices
  238. USATODAY: Animated voyages of Harryhausen
  239. EA's fate in the baseball sealed :Take-Two Cements MLB Rights
  240. The effects of the Aviator: Web site takes apart the effects of the movie
  241. Lots of Robots - Andy Murdock
  242. Disney creating unit to make Pixar sequels
  243. Troika Games closing its doors?
  244. Animex 2005!
  245. A Note from Curious Labs
  246. 1000 jobs in MTL with Ubi
  247. Canada to Give Ubisoft Grants
  248. Louis Morin interview on 'Aviator' fx
  249. Out Freeking standing animation with Gene Kelly!
  250. New Model Rendered in The Unreal Engine 3!!